Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pt 2- Turkey's "Keystone Coup": A Failure to Project Power

  Turkey's Coup- Pt1: Contradictory Claims and Egypt's role

Perception: How an event is perceived can make the difference between success and failure.

I do not sit in the camp of the Mockingbird media, msm and alternative.  Those who are busying themselves with common appeals to ridicule and other mind games.  1- “keystone coup” to manage the readers perception.2-  The big boys at WSJ "Keystone Coup

1-“Following the ill-prepared and executed keystone cops’ coup I believe NYT’s used this term also.
2- "All of Turkey’s opposition parties joined Mr. Erdogan in denouncing the Keystone coup"

The use of ridicule is highly suggestive that the coup was western/nato backed. It failed. Necessitating the use of one of the most obvious propaganda tools- the use of ridicule, in order to distance one self from their mistake. 

But I think there is a bit more then just ridicule going on. Particularly with the use of  the term Keystone Coup! I mean why not a 'Police Academy coup'- LOL Or how about a "Car 54 where are you?" Everyone would have got the ridicule aspect- hahaha- Keystone Kops- is certainly not a phrase everyone would understand Considering the Keystone Kops were popular nearly 100 years ago!

Digression: Keystone: Interesting and relevant
 With ridicule on the most superficial level addressed, embedded within the use of the term keystone coup are two even more intriguing connotations: I’m going to list them both, they are acknowledgements of western involvement, that is flying over the heads of the gullible masses.

Let's talk about the use of the word KEYSTONE as in a Keystone Coup

Fettulah Gulen resides in Pennsylvania- The Keystone State

An obfuscated  acknowledgement that Gulen was behind the coup? 

Let's take the use of the word keystone just a bit further

“keystone" comes from architecture and refers to the central, wedge-shaped stone in an arch, which holds all the other stones in place

The central stone which holds all the others in place.  

Like a central agency? Like the Central Intelligence Agency? Ah boys and girls, I think the powers that shouldn’t be are having an inside joke at the expense of the masses. Both acknowledging their involvement and yet distancing themselves from their failed coup-  
By using one word with multiples of meaning..   We've talked about this on a number of occasions... “Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings”

Brief but relevant digression ended-

  In the short time the coup attempt lasted nearly 300 people were killed- There seemed to be no lack of violence in those few hours. Obviously the whole country was not locked down and it was never going to be. Just not possible to secure every city, every airport, every bus and train station And it’s not realistic to expect that to happen.

What the coup plotters need was to project power- Plain and Simple. And they didn’t! 
Where did they fail?

1- They could not grab Erdogan:  There is evidence to suggest this was attempted and failed

2- The second failure came as a consequence of the first failure-  Once Erdogan was able to get a message out to the people- the coup plotters attempt to project power was a fail!

Not enough of the populace believed the coup plotters had the power- perception being the crucial necessity for a coup to succeed-  the people poured into the streets and it was pretty much over!

It is as straightforward and as obvious as that!

It seems sensible that Erdogan had foreknowledge of the coup plot. Had the Russians tipped him off? The Iranians? Had they all worked together?  The Russians surely had much to gain by tipping off Erdogan Pulling the rug from under Kerry and his dangling carrots aka offers. Quashing the Black Sea NATO base- Covered here.

And something mentioned by Wiz Oz - A shared mutual distrust of Mr Gulen
Did the Russians provide intelligence? You bet they did! They knew much about Gulen since the 90s. 'Shuffling' through the press of 2014:

"Paradoxically, what today promotes the rapprochement between Russia and Turkey is Moscow’s extremely negative attitude toward the activities and ideas of Fethullah Gulen.
Common enemies surely make good friends

hattip rouge k aka karin :)
Have to read comments in the morning but wanted to drop this off in case you hadn't read it yet
 "As over-excited former CIA ops were blaring on US networks – and they do know a thing or two about regime change — rule number one in a coup is to aim at, and isolate, the head of the snake. Yet the wily Turkish snake, in this case, was nowhere to be seen"
 Meanwhile, Erdogan’s Gulfstream 4, flight number TK8456, took off from Bodrum’s airport at 1:43 A.M. and flew for hours over Turkey’s northwest
Why just over the northwest of Turkey? Other then knowing it was safe? What was going on in the rest of the Turkish skies that made them unsafe?
And yet the two key armies positioned in the Syrian and Iranian borders remained on “wait and see” mode. And then, at 2 A.M., the command of the also key 7th army based in Diyarbakir – in charge of fighting the PKK guerrillas – proclaimed his loyalty to Erdogan. That was the exact, crucial moment when Prime Minister Binali Yildırım announced a no-fly zone over Ankara.
That meant Erdogan controlled the skies. And the game was over
 So the number one eyebrow-raising possibility is a go; Erdogan’s intel services knew a coup was brewing; and the wily Sultan let it happen knowing it would fail as the plotters had very limited support.
 If there is an Empire of Chaos hidden hand in the coup – no smoking gun yet — that certainly comes from the Beltway neocon/CIA axis

hattip rouge k aka karin, again:

AEI- Neocon Central- March 21/2016: Could there be a coup in Turkey
 "So if the Turkish military moves to oust Erdoğan and place his inner circle behind bars, could they get away with it? In the realm of analysis rather than advocacy, the answer is yes.
At this point in election season, it is doubtful that the Obama administration would do more than castigate any coup leaders, especially if they immediately laid out a clear path to the restoration of democracy.
 Turkey’s NATO membership is no deterrent to action"
Turkey's NATO membership was never a deterrent to a coup, or destabilizing Turkey via stay behind proxies the PKKOf course the coup plotters ,who have not been castigated by Obama, did state they were going to restore democracy.

Coincidentally Pepe is speaking my language "His order of the day is to prevent by all means an autonomous state entity in northeast Syria – a "Kurdistan" set up like a second Israel supported by the US."

Yup! How long has that been stated here? Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0

 Gallier raised the LIHOP scenario, in a comment from a few days ago:
Same as I had mentioned on Saturday- 

In a comment on E&R where they presented a scenario compatible with yours, there floated an idea that I found interesting. They noticed that the coup attempt was quite ill conceived and poorly implemented, a lot of people conclude (wrongly imho) from it that Erdogan has done on purpose (false flagging). I tend more to think that it was more a lihop operation (probably with Russian inteligence as you noted). The original idea of that comment was that the announcement of warming relations between Russia and Turkey last week that had us all puzzled, was in fact the bait that forced the hand of USrael/NATO to handle, and handle quickly or else they would lose completely the momentum.
 And we're back to the Turkish/Russian relations warm up- Did this move force the hand of CIA/NATO? It's entirely possible. This was mentioned in Saturday's post. In my opinion the LIHOP aspect is further bolstered when Putin phones Erdogan immediately after the coup attempt

*President Putin Calls President Erdogan Immediately After Coup Attempt

Iran was openly supportive of the coup take down. Long time readers are aware that Turkey and Iran have good relations, thanks again to a common enemy.

Many of the images that had been passed around on Saturday have been shown to be misleading- I had a link here to another article, but, can't find it as of yet.

And finally from Ally- Sibel Edmonds and James Corbett:

Before I get to the most recent video I want to relink the post from 2015 which contained Sibel Edmonds commentary about the possibility of a coup & my statement at that time! ( of course the video is mia) Sibel Edmonds Explains the Erdogan Takedown
 Most important points: Erdogan is under the Gun. As has been mentioned here for well over a year now!  The Alt media is indeed singing from the same playbook as NATO- I've made note of that on any number of occasions- 
"We talk about the hypocritical and nearly-unanimous coverage of Erdogan’s abuses and how and why this narrative is converging now to finish the US/NATO task of removing him from office to usher in a more pliable puppet"

James and Sibel lament the lack of diverse coverage regarding the obvious and impending destruction of Turkey- Obviously they don't read my blog! Since I started talking this up and finally writing about it over a year ago! All the while taking a ton of flak for this theory.
The signs were there to be seen, quite openly placed too. I wrote about the destruction of Turkey November 2014:


  1. Sadly I have more information, but, rather then do another post on this failed coup- Later I will put the links in the above post-

    1. Certainly makes on rethink whether that leak about the Russians using Incirlik was intentional.

      , Foreign Minister ... Denies signaling Turkey may let Russia Use Incirlik air base


      Happy July 4th.

  2. Hi Penny:

    You've provided some valuable background. Re Erdogan/Russia LIHOP. It's hard to stop a coup until someone from the coup-side makes a publicly aggressive move...otherwise...they can just sit back and claim "Crazy Erdogan...saying we were going to have a coup! He's paranoid!

    Erdogan had to allow it to become clear to everyone that there was an organized rebellion. So in that regard, it's not like the charge of LIHOP re 9/11.

    It is now clear that

    1. Erdogan knew something was in the hopper
    2. He had help from Russia and perhaps Iran
    3. Washington/CIA lost big time in this effort
    4. It's not over.

    1. Not over by a long shot IMO
      These people have been planning this ( WWIII) far longer than most people could imagine. This is a temporary set back and act 2 is already prepared, I'm sorry to say.

      As Sibel says, this was the first coup
      They will demonise Erdogan and his government harder than they were before. The economy will go down, his 'luck' will change.
      They built Turkey up and made her rich, and they will now tear it down in his name.

      At least for now, Russia still has rights to go through the Bospheros. That's to big defeats the US / + are harboring now. Crimea and Turkey and throw in Syria also.
      They aren't happy campers.

      Just my opinion, mind you :)

    2. greencrow and rouge k

      It's not over. Not by a long shot

  3. Penny,
    thanks and as always glad to give you a hand. We are on the same side. :)

    That Keystone thing !! I had not seen it but when was reading your post, I got down to the licence plate Bam of course.. Gulen is in Pennsylvania !!
    Oh they are really having fun with their word play :/

    1. Isn't it an interesting bit of word magic?
      It took me right back to supernatural magic and spelling
      Jose Berrara

      And Keystone was the spelling
      It really was a Keystone coup

    2. I still thank my lucky stars I watched those Jose Berrara video's way back when , I was also lucky enough to find your blog.
      Taught me so much.. need to watch again probably
      fresh view :)

  4. Oh and thanks to everyone who left very good information
    I appreciate it, always

  5. Car 54 where are you coup! LMAO! Watch out, you are dating yourself. ;)..
    If this does not validate your premise that two Turkeys exist, Turkey and NATO Occupied Turkey, nothing else will.
    As for closing the Straight to Russian maritime/naval ships, I say good luck. The act will cause an escalation, that word again, no one in their right mind wants to witness. However, when it comes to the Empire and their zionist neo-con nut rolls, Israel, NATO, EU lap dogs and their various proxies there are no right or sound minds to be found. Indeed this game is far from over. It has just begun. Guards cannot be let down among those who wish for a multi-polar world.

  6. Car 54 where are you coup! LMAO! Watch out, you are dating yourself. ;)..
    If this does not validate your premise that two Turkeys exist, Turkey and NATO Occupied Turkey, nothing else will.
    As for closing the Straight to Russian maritime/naval ships, I say good luck. The act will cause an escalation, that word again, no one in their right mind wants to witness. However, when it comes to the Empire and their zionist neo-con nut rolls, Israel, NATO, EU lap dogs and their various proxies there are no right or sound minds to be found. Indeed this game is far from over. It has just begun. Guards cannot be let down among those who wish for a multi-polar world.

    1. Exactly, sad that innocent civilians in America and abroad have to pay the price for the actions of the state. The state works against the will of its people, but the people are too passive to find out about what its state is doing...

  7. I forget where I found this a few days ago, but I bookmarked it and just saw it so started reading, and bingo a thought hit me.
    Weapons of mass destruction :/

    This is the transcript in the AZORES of all places ( you know there are gobs of old international laws they all must / or should follow ) , where Bush, Blair, Barroso, and Prime Minister Aznar met in 2003.
    I wasn't politicial much back in those days and had not a clue about this meeting.

    I don't read much US news as you know.. I get so mad :)) but I have seen in countless places this big stir about the NUKES in Turkey.
    aka weapons of mass destruction. Will this be the main thing they harp on while degrading Erdogan, the Turkish people, and constantly grinding on and on about how unstable he is, and he's got those nuclear weapons ? They really don't have time for the long game now, got to be fast on their feet so to speak.

    Oh and Penny, I really like Imran Hoisen and I've gained a lot of information about the Middle East and ancient history.. Rome etc from listening to his videos.
    His take on Coup (not very long ) but there is a reason I'm sending the link

    That list he has down on the bottom under his view of the coup.
    See what I mean about building up Turkey and Erdogan, and then Erdogan refuses to bend as much as they would like. on immigration and kurds +++ we probably have no idea what all.

    You see how they can favor a country and lavish wealth . Britain and EU are all party to this.. they made money too.
    Erdogan has been around for far longer than I knew and I bet he smelled this coming some time ago along with his intelligence people.
    Anyhow.. I just thought that list might be useful to you in a post or just for your knowledge. Quite a feat under his rule.

    1. I am rather weary of the apocalyptic ravings of the Hodja Nastratin (aka, Imran Hossein), the Gog-Magog, the Malhama, the manipulation of "Islamic eschatology" stuff. It smacks of 'Gulenism' more than it meets the eyes. But I would not exclude the variant that he is a Russian agent of influence in the Muslim world. His dealings with Dugin would suggest it.

    2. His dealings with Dugin would suggest it.

      WizOz, it sounds like you are accepting that Dugin is a spook - like it's common knowledge in the village. Perhaps I'm behind the play but it had never occurred to me until I saw this video of his-

      I used it in my latest post because it made sense to me but i was left wondering how he had access to the people he mentioned and the information he had without being some sort of (part-time?) spook.

      Karin, I too have enjoyed watching Hossein's videos and find him thought provoking. But I'm also aware that his thinking must necessarily be partly based on religious dogma which he has to accept as true on its own authority.

      Mind you,I don't trust Erdogan and I'm sure the Russians trust him even less. Erdogan and Turkey have a long history of playing the West off against Russia but he had better go with one or the other as he is about to get squashed in the middle.

      If events turn out the way Hossein predicts it will be because Erdogan continued to dance between both sides and the Russians fell for it. While I can countenance Erdogan being stupid enough to continue to play Russia off against the US, I doubt very much that the Russians will be taken in by his fast footwork.

      The Russians, as usual, are giving him a chance to play with a straight bat. He had better take that opportunity otherwise they will leave him to his fate

    3. You probably didn't miss that:

      "Putin's advisor: Ties with Turkey will be better than before": http://www.dailysabah.com/diplomacy/2016/07/16/putins-advisor-ties-with-turkey-will-be-better-than-before

      "Russian President Vladimir Putin's foreign policy consultant Alexander Dugin visited Ankara after being invited to a meeting held by the nongovernmental organization Eurasian Union of Local Governments. Speaking on Thursday, Dugin said that a new era is about to dawn in relations between Russia and Turkey that might even surpass the previous state of ties. At the meeting, which former Justice and Development Party (AK Party) deputies and ministers attended, Dugin said he expected fundamental changes for the better...
      Regarding the Middle East, Dugin said he foresees a significant change in the policies of both Russia and Turkey. He said that the U.S. is advocating the establishment of an independent Kurdish state in the region, which contradicts Russia's strategies and beliefs. "If Russia and Turkey can reach consensus on Syria, I believe we can also resolve the issues regarding a Kurdish state in the region," Dugin said.
      A Turkish delegation led by Ministry Deputy Secretary Ali Kemal Aydın also held a meeting separately with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksey Meshkov. The ministry said that Aydın and Meshkov talked about the normalization of relations along with gradual revitalization of Turkish-Russian cooperation in economy and trade."

      Notice the reference to the Kurdish state.

    4. @WizOz +
      I agree on Imran Hosein and the dogma, etc etc. I'm not a 'faithful' (double meaning) follower or listener, but as stated I learned some ancient Middle East things from him. My formal education ended at 12th grade and ancient history was not big on Indiana school curriculum back in 1950's 60's. We goy were supposed to trot off to GM or Chrysler factories or go out and raise soy beans or corn after graduation, and be dutiful little workers.. no history needed.
      For the record, I study UknowWho's beliefs also and have several books now and gobs of PDF's.
      What they believe has much to do with their MO as you both know. :)

      @james gosh it's good to see you again. I failed last attempt to follow you're blog, but think I figured out what I was doing wrong.
      My tech ability never fails to be a source of mirth, even for myself at times. :)

      I watched the video of Hosein in Moscow in w/ Dugin and couple of other people awhile back. I got very angry at Dugin over Donbas but I'm warming up a bit on him again. His ego and that 'look' of his, I can't get past fully.
      I have some info on the/his Eurasian movement, but will have to look it up to get to you. Has to do with Orthodox Christianity also and (gasp) Nationalism. :)

    5. I am happy when I can shed some of my lights, however dim, and seem to be well received.
      Yes, Dugin is worth studying. I personally know much about Eurasianism, Orthodoxy (even more) and Nationalism. And of course, about Dugin for longer than you can know. It is a vast subject, enormous actually and tackling it requires advanced studies. Thank you all the same.

  8. Keystone is also the name of the crude oil pipeline project that appears to have stalled or been cancelled. And due to its part in architecture the Keystone has its symbolic 'twin' in Freemasonry:

    'In masonic lore, Hiram is the inventor of the keystone, and its significance is lost upon his assassination. The ritual narrative centered around this stone recalls the biblical “stone the builders refused,” as the uninitiated, not knowing the purpose of the oddly-shaped stone, consign it to the rubbish heap. It is only rediscovered when King Solomon inquires after its whereabouts.

    The letters inscribed are short for the coded phrase: “Hiram The Widows Son Sent to King Solomon,” an obvious cipher, the meaning of which is likely lost."


  9. http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2016/07/20/476070/US-Syria-Manbij-Aleppo-Kerry-Lavrov

    This is what is considered fighting terrorism in Syria by the French and US, their assorted lap dogs and proxies.
    Israel is also attacking pro-Syrian and Syrian forces in the Golan. Hezzbollah their favored target.
    I cannot feel for french victims of so called terrorist attacks while they involve themselves in this Syrian genocide.

  10. To whom
    I found this just now at a small anti-US site in Macedonia that I check couple times a week or so.
    It's revealing of some more background on Turkey's lastest drama.

    Erdogan owes his life to Moscow who prevented US led Coup

    possibly Russian translated as they favor Russia far more than US

    1. Karin,
      Thanks for the link to the site above; it's a very interesting one for sure. One I was not aware of. The article was great. I will surely make it a site I visit in the future.