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The Puzzle of the US Multi-Base Deal with Iraq's Kurds- One On Iran’s Border


It’s not a puzzle! None of the news contained below will come as a surprise to my readers- All of whom already know the US did not view Iraq’s territorial integrity as sacrosanct (above or beyond criticism, change, or interference).  Any more then it views Syria’s or Turkey’s territorial integrity as beyond interference. All of my readers already know the destabilization of Iran has begun with the Kurds having launched multiple attacks in Iran

Flashback: November 14/2014: Kurdistan. NATO’s new Southern Flank?
If all goes well for NATO, Israel and the Kurds.  Turkey will be supplanted as NATO’s Southern Flank. It seems to be just a matter of time.....I hold the opinion that Turkish leadership has become aware of what looks to be it’s impending betrayal
Sibel Edmonds 'eat my dust' ! (no offense intended to Sibel)- All my attackers and detractors, ditto (offense intended) All these new bases in Iraq, along with the annexed territory, and multiple bases in Syria, makes very obvious what was stated here, by me, nearly 2 years ago was correct.

Flashback ended! 
 In a surprise move, the United States last week signed a military agreement with the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) in northern Iraq which would allow Washington to establish close military and security ties with the region which is seeking independence from Iraq.

The pact, signed by Elissa Slotkin, US acting assistant secretary of defence for international security affairs and the KRG’s interior minister, is unprecedented and breaks new ground in US relations with the Iraqi Kurds.

By and large, the little-publicised but critical partnership deal will have far-reaching implications for Iraq’s fragile ties with its self-ruled Kurdish community.

It is the first time the government of Iraq’s northern autonomous enclave has signed a political, military and financial cooperation pact with a foreign country bypassing the central government in Baghdad.
The pact is a clear violation of Iraq’s 2005 Constitution, ironically drafted under the supervision of the US Occupying Authority. The constitution gives the central government the exclusive power to sign agreements with foreign countries.
The deal is also in breach of the 2008 US-Iraq Agreement which paved the way for the United States to pull its troops out from Iraq and set the terms for future bilateral relations.
As has been stated repeatedly here- The US don't care about Iraq's constitution or territorial integrity
Sykes Picot 2- Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0
Announcing the deal on 12 July, a spokesman for the KRG said the agreement would allow the United States to provide the Iraqi Kurds with further military and financial support in the fight against the Islamic State (IS) group.
Omid Sabah said the main purpose of the agreement was to shore up Kurdish Peshmerga capabilities in preparation for the long-awaited offensive to retake Iraq’s second-largest city of Mosul from IS militants.

Iraqi security forces have launched an operation against IS in Mosul and succeeded in retaking some villages south of the city. The US expects Kurdish Peshmergas to take part in the assault by opening another front east and north of Mosul.
Neither the KRG nor the Pentagon released details about the military agreement, but Kurdish officials hailed it as a historic breakthrough for the Iraqi Kurds.

It is “a recognition and appreciation of the value of the Peshmergas’ sacrifices and a contribution to stability and the defense of liberty, democracy and humanity,” KRG spokesman Safeen Dizayee was quoted as saying by ARA News. - blah, blah, blah..

Fishar News, an outlet close to Masoud Barzani, the de facto leader of the KRG, reported that under the agreement the US army would establish five military bases in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Fishar News reported that one US air base would be built in Harir some 70 km north of Erbil, the KRG provincial capital. The base would be used to host American jet fighters and helicopters as well as military advisers.

Another military base will be established in Alton Kopri south of Erbil and will be used to store light weapons, while two other bases will be built in KRG-controlled areas in Mosul, the media outlet said.

A stunning surprise is that the US will be allowed to build the fifth military base in Halabja on the border with neighbouring Iran, according to the Fishar News report.
Stunning because that's PKK turf! Stunning because the US will reprise it's support to the 'beleagured kurds' yet again.  Surprise the US has been supporting terrorists. Always
The outlet said the deal had a term of 20 years and could be renewed upon agreement by the two parties., a Kurdish-language television network owned by the KRG, said Kurdistan would receive some $450 million in financial assistance in addition to unspecified military assistance from the US.

The Iraqi government has remained tight-lipped on the controversial deal which came on the heels of a previously unannounced visit by US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to Baghdad.

Baghdad’s silence has prompted speculation about pressure being put on it by Washington, which is helping the Iraqi security forces and the Kurdish Peshmergas to retake Mosul from IS.
But the deal drew criticism from Iraqi Shia lawmakers who said it violated Iraq’s sovereignty and constitution. “Our government is [functioning like] a scarecrow that is not respected by either Kurdistan or America,” said Shia MP Hanan Al-Fatlawi in a statement.
Another Shia lawmaker, Iskandar Witwit, said an agreement that was not endorsed by the government and the parliament was “in clear breach of the constitution”.

While this could provide a summary of the thinking behind the US mission in Iraq, the question remains of how the US-KRG deal could affect the larger picture, including Kurdish aspirations to leave Iraq.

Ultimately, the move will put Washington’s mark on the struggle between the KRG and the Baghdad government, and it highlights how Washington is siding with the Kurds in a long-simmering dispute.
Thus, a primary reason for concern about Washington’s motives behind the deal is its detrimental effect on the central Iraqi government’s authority and the balance of power between Baghdad and Erbil enshrined in the constitution.

Iraq’s Constitution makes it clear that “the federal government shall have exclusive authority” in “formulating foreign policy and diplomatic representation; negotiating, signing and ratifying international treaties and agreements; negotiating, signing and ratifying debt policies; and formulating foreign sovereign economic and trade policy.”

The greatest irony is that Washington has infringed on the same document it signed to ensure its respect of Iraq’s integrity and unity following its exit from the country.

Under the 2008 “Strategic Framework Agreement for a Relationship of Friendship and Cooperation between the United States of America and the Republic of Iraq,” Washington pledged “full respect for the sovereignty of Iraq”.

The United States also undertook that it “shall not use Iraqi land, sea and air as a launching or transit point for attacks against other countries; nor seek or request permanent bases or a permanent military presence in Iraq.”
Washington may argue that the military deal does not translate into backing for Kurdish independence from Iraq, yet it could certainly spell trouble for efforts to keep the country together.
Washington lies. Ok. Washington LIES

Barzani has been seeking to secede from Iraq, and he has declared his intention to hold a referendum on separation “before the US elections” in November.
Getting it out of the way for Hillary- nice

While the United States has supported Kurdish autonomy within a unified Iraq, it has refrained from expressing public support for Kurdistan’s statehood.

Last month, the US reiterated its support for “a whole [and] unified Iraq”. “We believe that a strong, pluralistic, unified Iraq is good for the region,” State Department Spokesman John Kirby said in response to Barzani’s independence plans.

But Washington’s military agreement with the KRG has cast doubt, if not eliminated, that commitment altogether. With this deal, the political influence of Baghdad in Kurdistan is now expected to wane in favour of increasing Kurdish separatist tendencies.
 Yup, Kurdistan in Iraq can connect up with Rojova and.... well, you guys all know where I'm going with this


  1. Hi Penny.
    These bases are a response to the Turkish situation - the dispute with Erdogan. They are an alternative supply route to Turkey.

    The first thing the US will have to achieve is to stop the closing of the Turkish/Syrian border, regardless. Not only is it the supply route for the jihadhis but the closure is almost certainly a prerequisite for resuming diplomatic and trade relations with Russia - which, of course, the US must hinder at all costs.

    The terror attacks in Turkey will be escalated. The new proposed US bases in Kurdistan - oops, northern Iraq, will be the transit points for materiel flown in and distributed to the headchoppers going under whatever nom de jour. They are going to try in earnest to turn Turkey into Syria.

    A military coup is still a possibility but only if and when the Turkish population is so terror stricken from multiple terror attacks because Erdogan, as a defender of democratic govt, is receiving widespread support from the populace.

    Besides, Erdogan has finally started to resume relations with Russia which is a popular move and well overdue as far as the people are concerned. They don't want anything to so with the US. They loath the US far more than they dislike Erdogan.

    If the US can't get their second coup, they will try and make Turkey ungovernable (standard SOP) and split off Kurdistan as a humanitarian exercise - to save lives, don't ya know

    1. I read Turkey news every morning after I read Tass. Those PKK attacks are nearly a daily event and have been for months. Approximately 10 police are killed there every week. Like the dripping of a faucet.. 2-3 each day or so.

      Like UknowWho does to the Palestinians.

  2. Yes, no puzzle. It shows again what the real stake was for the whole politics of USrael since 1945 at least (the proclamation of the first Republic of Kurdistan and founding of the KDP and Peshmerga - where the Barzani clan played a central role). If it look like a puzzle it is because of the really puzzling situation on the ground, the myriad of conflicting interests characteristic to tribal societies. Kurds are spread between four states that had to be smashed to create the conditions, thing that proved to be harder on the ground than on the planners papers. But the plans once adopted must be carried on to the end.

  3. Didn't I read somewhere within the last few days that the Iraqi president (or Prime Minister)said that if the US sent soldiers into Iraq they would be shot?

  4. Lavrov West acts like a bull in a china shop in the Middle east

    More Russian troops in Syria

  5. I updated the post because as I read this news to my hubby he said, so it's exactly like you said- Kurdistan- NATO's new southern flank- NATO terror state-

    I went doh! I'm relinking that post from November 2014 about just that- And there it is relinked above


      US has been building out the bases for quite some time as you know. What is very clear is the pace of operations in and around Iran seems to be consistent with Rouhani stalled efforts to drive through promised reforms. Russia just delivered the S300s missiles which may or may not be relevant at this stage as compared to the Caspian developments. The US simply can not allow another Balkan like North South Corridor (Serbian Rojava in the north?) to develop which the Azeri-Iran-Russia discussions hint at (alongside the latest outbreak of Yerevan building takeovers). Note the German propsoed funding of the Russian HSR link to Kazan alongside the Nord Stream II build out. Bulgaria back on board for a Burgas pipe after declining tthe invite to the NATO Black Sea fleet (Sea Breeze ongoing). It would appear the economic front is running into drag (TTIP).

    2. And Fidan finally surfaces..
      Also interesting Fidan being called out amidst the Kremlin intel denials yesterday? Erdogan couldn't reach him?

    3. incidentally Erdogan blamed Israel for the Wiki dump.

      And FOB Endurance cant be thrilled about the resumption of PKK airstrikes in Iraq

    4. Snipers

  6. Article I ran across Rudaw article linked.
    The implications of a US-Russia alliance against Nusra in Syria

    wondered who SecDevGroup was ( gotten 2b habit )
    they are in Canada
    let me guess.. tribe? Rafal Rohozinski (his wike page has no past information or family etc )

    They have a Foundation too (big hint.. tribe are the originators of foundation-think)

    look where that 1st project was... Syria (Dawlty Syria )

    sorry, bad storms here and wifi is up and down.. can't pull that link up / typing while off line. You will see it.. I think it said 2011 or 2012? it started in Syria
    They are in other countries too I saw.
    Penny, there are hundreds of these type operations all over the World. I and my Polish friend run into these things often. He's back up close to his family in Poland area, but we have both been taking a break as we've neglected our own lives and who do you expose them to ? the few people who understand ?? because the other 99.99999 don't seem to care or they have concentrated their anger elsewhere on one of the ISMs or a compilation of ISMs. Divide and conquer never gets old and it works like a charm every time. :(
    I have to find a place up closer to where Ron's job is (for several reasons )and we want to be in a safer place. Been looking in SW Virginia mountains or Tenn (far eastern part)
    They said over 100 years ago it would take 3 World Wars for them to conquer and rule the world . I firmly believe that is their plan and my plan is on surviving it if possible.
    besides that, I'm a damn yankee who misses snow if you can believe it :D

    ok.. done blabbing. I have Wifi again so I can post this.

    1. for some reason karin, I think the secdevgroup has been mentioned here previously and don't worry about blabbing- I'm good with that :)

  7. Penny,
    seeing increasing number of positive SDF (kurds) events like this

    bolsters their image and I suspect some are set up just for that purpose


    Andrew K. article fro Oriental Review concerning the New Kurdistan state. Has he been reading your blog? :)

    1. Hi Charles: I read that piece and yah,it looks as if he could have been reading here...

    2. "Andrew Korybko is a political analyst, journalist and a regular contributor to several online journals, as well as a member of the expert council for the Institute of Strategic Studies and Predictions at the People’s Friendship University of Russia. He specializes in Russian affairs and geopolitics, specifically the US strategy in Eurasia. His other areas of focus include tactics of regime change, color revolutions and unconventional warfare used across the world. His book, “Hybrid Wars: The Indirect Adaptive Approach To Regime Change”, extensively analyzes the situations in Syria and Ukraine and claims to prove that they represent a new model of strategic warfare being waged by the US."

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