Friday, July 29, 2016

Turkey's "Traitors Cemetery" Just Another Staged Photo/Psyop

Did someone place a sign, take a picture which the lying media, alt and msm, then promoted as real? It appears so.


Man covering his face in front of sign- Is he crying? You're supposed to believe that. I don't
Let's read the news together:

Captain Mehmet Karabekir reportedly killed a local headman during the power grab attempt, and his body was rejected by his family and relatives.
There is no gravestone on his tomb but just a pile of soil. Next to his, three more empty graves have been dug.
‘Can’t rest in peace’
“The dead body was carried in an ambulance, with no sirens. He was laid to rest by a handful of people and then it was over,” one witness told AFP.
One unnamed witness- One witness

The rest of the article revolves around talk of such a cemetery, but, nothing concrete regarding it's existence or creation. With plenty of out of context quotes.

We're supposed to believe this 'low wall was hastily constructed'

Funny thing is this alleged cemetery looks like a construction site- And that new low wall doesn't look new- Other images I've seen if this new wall remind me of an old foundation- the building razed and used as fill...

Looks like an old foundation to me-

 And here's why it looks like a construction site....
 The location has been chosen with the apparent intention to offer the minimum glory in burial -- just near a construction site where a project to build a shelter for street animals is under way.
Istanbul being a large city, with stray animals , undoubtedly requiring a large animal shelter.
 The article above quotes the lone unnamed witness- If you believe this story, you've been psyoped!

In my opinion this traitors cemetery story is bogus. And is being promoted through the perception managing media- Alt and MSM. 

If anyone has something of substance to prove this is anything but a hoax feel free to leave your info- I did read plenty of news items regarding this today and it's all the same nonsense. 

An additional thought: Fetullah Gulen has many construction companies in his business 'flock' 


  1. "Aircraft like that Russian Su-24 bomber are not that easy to just shoot out of the sky. You need to take aim, and you can only do that with AWACS aircraft."

  2. I saw that headline this morning. I didn't read it, just assumed it's a lie and knew you would cover it. :)

    And yes, a construction site. Plus, that sign really looks photoshopped in.

    1. Hi Gwen:
      didn't seem a credible news story to me- good for you knowing it was a lie- savvy!

      Wish everyone was- sigh

  3. Penny, there was a sign saying 'Traitors' Cemetry', however, the Mayor of Istanbul, Religious Leader of Turkey, AKP government and people were syaing that this was wrong because everyone has the right to a decent burial, despite what they've done. So all the coup plotters will get the same burial as everyone else and will also be buried in the same places as others. So the Istanbul Mayor has removed it and they will be buried :)

    1. It was just a sign put up by some stupid people

    2. Hi Ally:
      "It was just a sign put up by some stupid people"

      That was obvious enough and yet the media has run with it- Main stream and alternative

      And the lone unnamed witness claimed someone was already buried in the construction site..

      And the man with his face covered is pictured in front of the sign

      Media lies

      None of that news was credible..

    3. I know, they haven't even buried anyone there, so what is he doing crying there? Where do the media even find these Turks to stage these fake shows?

    4. Another PKK attack:

    5. HI Ally:

      NATO backed PKK have regrouped- I had mentioned the other day their thugs seemed to have become temporarily quiet-

      The tried to storm a base also- this must have been after the checkpoint attack? Or at the same time?
      I'm not sure

      "Turkey’s army foiled a Kurdish attempt to storm a base in the southeastern Hakkari province early on Saturday, killing 35 militants, military officials said.

      The militants attempted to take the base in three different groups, but were spotted by aerial reconnaissance. An air operation was launched, killing 23 of them, the officials said.

      Four more were then killed in a ground operation, they said.

      The remaining eight were killed hours before in clashes in Hakkari’s Cukurca between soldiers and militants from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), the officials said."

    6. Hey Ally:

      "Where do the media even find these Turks to stage these fake shows?"

      They probably pay them. Then take the picture- And then the global media alt and main stream runs with the psychological operation

      Lots of that always going on

  4. 35 PKK militants killed after trying to storm base, Turkish military says

  5. Pointing out it appeared to be a construction site was spot on. As Erdogan looks eastward the propaganda war against him will intensify.

  6. Pointing out it appeared to be a construction site was spot on. As Erdogan looks eastward the propaganda war against him will intensify.