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Turkish Leader Brings Military Under More Civilian Authority

Turkish leader brings military more under civilian authority

I'll cut to the chase:
* Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a new presidential decree Sunday that introduced sweeping changes to Turkey's military in the wake of a July 15 failed coup, bringing the armed forces further under civilian authority

* The decree gives the president and prime minister the authority to issue direct orders to the commanders of the army, air force and navy.

* It also announces the discharge of 1,389 military personnel, including Erdogan's chief military adviser, who had been arrested days after the attempted coup, the Chief of General Staff's charge d'affaires and the defense minister's chief secretary.

1,389 military personnel discharged- Turkey's military is how big? Roughly 640,000 regular personnel and about 340, 000 reserves. If Wikipedia's stats are accurate?
* The decree" puts the military commands directly under the defense ministry, puts all military hospitals under the authority of the health ministry instead of the military, and also expands the Supreme Military Council - the body that makes decisions on military affairs and appointments - to include Turkey's deputy prime ministers and its justice, foreign and interior ministers"

  * The document, published in the official gazette Sunday, also shuts down all military schools, academies and non-commissioned officer training institutes and establishes a new national defense university to train officers.

Figuring this takes Gulen schools out of the picture- Possibly any US training schools
Curiously enough it appears as if Gulen schools operate, or will be, on US military bases?
The above article is an interesting read, by the way.
"The most immediate threat is in Nevada, where Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas (CASLV) is currently negotiating with the United States Air Force to locate a charter school at Nellis Air Force Base, with classes starting this fall."
*AP-Erdogan launched a sweeping crackdown on those believed linked to the movement of U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, whom he accuses of instigating the coup. Gulen, who lives in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania, denies any knowledge of the coup.
 Fethullah Gulen left Turkey and self imposed his own exile in the KEYSTONE State (Keystone Coup) of Pennsylvania- With the help of the CIA's Graham Fuller. I've got an interesting oped regarding Graham Fuller & Co ,you really should read. It'll be at the bottom of this post!
* In an interview Saturday with private A Haber television, Erdogan said he also wanted to put the country's MIT intelligence agency and the chief of general staff's headquarters under the presidency. "If we can pass this small constitution package with (the opposition parties), then the chief of general staff and MIT will be tied to the president," Erdogan told A Haber.
There is something off about that quotation- It just seemed not quite right.. So I went looking. Due diligence etc.  That quoted statement , AP's version is slightly different then what is quoted here:(Armenian source)
 "We are going to introduce a small constitutional package which, if approved, will bring the National Intelligence Organisation (MIT) and chief of staff under the control of the presidency," President Erdogan told Turkey's A Haber television on Saturday.
So AP presents the changes as being tied to the implied dictatorship of Erdogan 
From the Armenia media coverage we get "under the control of the presidency" 
"Under the control of presidency" , means the office of President, rather then the implied dictator Erdogan, "tied to the president"- So AP omitted a portion of the quotation to push a specific meme
* The package would need to be brought to parliament for a vote.
 All in all it appears that the national government of Turkey is bringing the military under the leadership of the civilian government. Or as my hubby says- "They are transitioning the control of the military to the civilian government , the one elected by the people." - This would put Turkey's military on similar footing with Syria's military. Where al Assad is the commander in chief. So now we can expect the western media to call the Turkish National Army- "Erdogan's army" in the same way we've been duly informed by the warmongering media that the Syrian National Army is "Assad's Army" Just wait for the spin to happen. Cause it will! Oh yes, it will!

 Graham E. Fuller is a former vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council at the CIA, a former senior political scientist at RAND, and a current adjunct professor of history at Simon Fraser University.

Image from Mr. Fuller's site

Sadik Unay @ Daily Sabah

I'm going to post the entire oped. It's only 5 paragraphs but it covers a lot of ground.
Over the course of the last fortnight, the mainstream international media channels were bombarded by a full-scale misinformation campaign trying to discredit the brave, popular reaction that thwarted the July 15 coup in Turkey perpetrated by the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ). In the early hours of the coup, NBC claimed that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan tried to escape and demanded asylum in Germany, which was rejected by Berlin. The New York Times degraded the people's heroic resistance against the coup plotters as "herd behavior" and both The New York Times and Washington Post tried to discredit post-coup security measures by accusing Erdoğan of utilizing the coup to justify oppression against all opposition groups. The Financial Times was busy publishing the hypocritical message of Gülen denouncing the coup that he himself masterminded, while the BBC was looking for analysts who could criticize the government's democratic stance via open invitation. The Guardian and Independent chose not to criticize the coup plotters who killed and wounded thousands, but the extraordinary measures taken under the constitutional state of emergency. Le Monde and Der Spiegel, as ever, demonized Erdoğan, who was only 15 minutes away from being assassinated by the Gülenists, with charges of Middle Eastern-style authoritarianism against the coup plotting junta. International media outlets seemed committed to not mentioning the role of the FETÖ and its pathological indoctrination of military officers in the bloody coup, but cry of democratic weakening in Turkey, as if the coup happened all by itself.
 While the misinformation campaign was proceeding with full-force, unsurprising support to the mastermind of the coup Fetullah Gülen came from former CIA Vice Chair Graham Fuller. Fuller, known for his organizing role in the secretive Gladio organization of the Cold War years and the Green Belt project supporting pro-Western Islamic movements, has been no foreigner to Gülenists since the 1970s.
He extended personal protection for Gülen using the old language of "moderate, peaceful cleric," trying to weaken the legal case for his extradition. Fuller's claim that "the Gülen Movement is not a cult, but represents one of the most encouraging faces of Islam," is truly outrageous in the face of all factual evidence that links this terrorist organization to multiple military and judicial coup attempts. Fuller tries to manipulate global perceptions by reflecting the process in Turkey as a case of normal political competition and equating the incumbent Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and the FETÖ as "two moderate Islamic movements." Although the AK Party is the legitimate political representative of "conservative-democratic" social forces and its founding leader, Erdoğan, is the democratically elected president, FETÖ is a secretive, cultish terrorist organization. This organization systematically used illegal means, such as stealing questions for centrally managed exams, blackmailing and wiretapping, to form a massive web of human cells in the higher echelons of the security establishment, intelligence institutions, judiciary, bureaucracy, academia and business circles. FETÖ operatives in the special forces of the army and the police force committed high-level assassinations, details of which are still being investigated.

We must categorically reject stereotyping that tries to portray Erdoğan as a typical Middle Eastern autocrat and Gülen as a progressive Muslim leader. Gülen was not exiled to Pennsylvania, but escaped to avoid prosecution due to his illegal activities in Turkey, most of which were perpetrated under the knowledge of U.S. authorities. Therefore, it would not be wrong to describe Gülen as an innocent cleric but in the same manner with Fuller, a murky and secretive agent acting as part of a wider intelligence network supporting American interests. Another myth concerning the FETÖ is that the movement is strictly apolitical. For years, adherents of the cult tried to invade strategic political and bureaucratic posts by getting involved in various conspiracies. They tried to maximize their power base by supporting military coups and collaborating with juntas; never defending the fundamental rights and liberties of those suffering under repression.

Turkey is a crucial NATO ally for the United States, and if Washington is committed to avoiding an existential crisis in bilateral relations Gülen would have to be extradited to Turkey to face trial. Despite the international media frenzy distorting the realities on the ground, the strong commitment of Turkish society to democracy and rule of law requires that FETÖ faces legal prosecution for all the crimes that its members have perpetrated. The truth has a bad habit of emerging sooner or later.

hattip:   AnonymousJuly 31, 2016 at 2:35 PM
Dear Penny
 Hoping everyone gives that letter a read?


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  1. Here's the link:

  2. Dear Penny

    What do you think of this? Do you believe these senators are just brainwashed regarding the "secular, democratic, peace loving" kurds or are they in on the plan for Israel 2.0?

    I doubt they actually believe what they state regarding Turkey as being "radical", but rather they are annoyed Erdogan is starting to value Turkey's own interests over those of the US.

    And regarding Fethullah Gulen. For a long time everyone has been aware that he sought power in Turkey and wanted to take over the Turkish state. But I can't understand why he would work towards the partition and destruction of his own country. Is he just a pawn being deceived or do you believe he is in on the plan to partition and destroy his own nation?

    "Besides, we strongly urge you to adjust US foreign policy towards Turkey and exert ANY available leverage to get the country back on the path..." aka regime change please and this is the guy we want to de facto run the country.

    "...the force which may in future evolve into a new regional power loyal to the United states and eager to promote and defend democracy in post-war Syria". This part sends chills down my spine.

    1. Hello Anonymous

      "What do you think of this? Do you believe these senators are just brainwashed regarding the "secular, democratic, peace loving" kurds or are they in on the plan for Israel 2.0?"

      It's highly doubtful that those Senators are brainwashed and much more likely they are in for the Israel 2.0

      "I doubt they actually believe what they state regarding Turkey as being "radical", but rather they are annoyed Erdogan is starting to value Turkey's own interests over those of the US."

      I would agree with your thoughts on that.

      re: Fethullah Gulen-

      "But I can't understand why he would work towards the partition and destruction of his own country. Is he just a pawn being deceived or do you believe he is in on the plan to partition and destroy his own nation?"

      Hasn't he already been working towards the destruction of Turkey? He's been involved with some questionable stuff that can't be good for Turkey at all. Besides if successfully partitioned some form of Turkey would continue to exist

      And he lives in the US, for quite some time now, one wonders how much he considers Turkey his own country?
      I can't see him as a pawn. He's really been a player for a long time now.

      That's a first for me to see that letter

      I especially liked this part:

      "exert any available leverage to get the country back on the path of mutually beneficial cooperation"

    2. Anonymous: I'm going to add that letter into the post above- It's an interesting read- thanks for leaving it

    3. You're welcome.

      You may also find this interesting. It clearly shows that Western media decides the narrative first, then seeks evidence for the predetermined narrative.

      Did they purposefully go after a half-Turk (making the assumption based on first name and Turkish surname) with the hope that he would be more likely to follow their narrative? This was shared on social media as proof regarding the international conspiracy many Turks and alt-media people believe that is currently being targeted towards Turkey atm.

      Turns out Liam was a patriot after all and distributed the letter to the relevant people to expose the BBC :))

    4. Isn't that amazing?! Truly that is.
      So BBC finds supportive Turks but can't find any unsupportive ones, so please find us some so we can skew perceptions- I knew the media was manipulative (i pointed out the out of context quote) but it's just amazing to see and read how far they will take their manipulations
      Thanks for that and I do hope other readers will take a look at that!

    5. LOL, Liam reminds me of myself. Just done some research about him and he is very clever. He has been on the news for achieving the highest school grades in the country and is now studying Medicine at a top university. Good guy for staying true to his roots and the truth :)

    6. Hello anonymous,
      Where did you find this letter? Is it genuine, can you provide a link to a website.
      I think this is a hugely important letter, a smooking gun.

    7. Hi Rescue
      Yes it is genuine and I posted it. All the signatories have vioced strong support for the Kurds, just do a quick google search. Time Kaine is Clinton running mate and Clinton-Gulen relationship have surfaced. Rand Paul: Give the Kurds a country (

      I guess your whole world came crashing down huh? Yes I've seen your posts trying to take shots at Erdogan and calling people who got disemboweled confronting tanks for democracy 'jihadi fanatics'.

      I guess you're still mad Erdogan tore you and your ilk a new one during the CIA backed attempted colour revolution in 2013 that started in Gezi Park.

    8. Hello,
      Thank you for confirming the genuinity of the letter.
      No need to be so hostile.
      I was wrong to call those who defied the coup plotters fanatics, I was influenced by the MSM narrative.
      Also, I was against the ridiculous Gezi Park hysteria, seeing clearly that it was a smear campaign against Erdogan, and I defended him in different forums.
      I'm not anti-Erdogan but I think he has made some huge mistakes, which has exposed Turkey to danger. The reason all this has happened has been because of his collusion with the US in Syria.
      However, I hope that this new alliance with Russia, will allow Turkey to crush the YPG terrorists in Syria.

    9. Sorry if I overreacted but it is really frustrating when people, especially well meaning people who stand up for Turkey are tricked into believing the propaganda of the Empire. We are used to people being overtly hostile to Turkey, but when good people meaning well are deceived, it is even more frustrating.

      Yes Erdogan's earlier actions led to the mess the country is currently stuck in. The Al Nusra which was trained and equipped in Turkey and Jordan was a formidable fighting force which forced Assad to withdraw from Northern Syria and lose ground until Russia stepped in.

      One needs to ask though how much Erdogan was responsible for this decision. Ever since the Syrian civil war started Erdogan has been busy identifying and purging Gulen/NATO from the military and state machinery. DESPITE this, a CIA military coup in Turkey nearly succeeded. The MSM had treated the whole thing as a success (even claiming Erdogan had fled to Germany) until they realized it failed. 5 minutes after this realization we started hearing stories of how it was a false flag and drawing similarities between Erdogan and Nazi Germany. So one needs to think carefully that if Erdogan had defied Empire foreign policy at the beginning of the civil war, that the chance of a coup being successful would have been much much higher and Erdogan would have probably known this. There is also the fact that defying the Empire is outright dangerous, look at the Istanbul bombing that took place after Erdogan hinted he would be willing to work with the Syrian government and refrain from supporting the 'Syrian' opposition.

      I'm not trying to whitewash Erdogan, there is also the possibility he was defied by the Empire into believing they would allow him to turn Syria into a sort of 'Ottoman province'. This Ottoman grand dream, lust and greed might have also been the reason for his previous foreign policy mistakes.

      He has obviously realized the intentions of the Empire for some time. Erdogan quote from June:
      “Right now, there is a serious project, a plan being implemented in northern Syria. And on this project and plan lay the insidious aims of those who appear as 'friends'. This is very clear, so I need to make clear statements,”

      Now he is confident he can openly defy the Empire after purging NATO from the ranks of the military and state, he has rapidly improved relations with Russia and has a channel communicating with the Syrian government. And Erdogan has never received so much public support as he does now, the Empire truly messed up miscalculating the political unity of the Turkish people when their sovereignty and territorial integrity are under direct and immediate threat.

    10. Firstly, I want to say that I love Turkey. I go there every year and was there in early july, just begore the coup attemp.
      I think it's quite clear that Erdogan was promised Idlib and Aleppo by the US, there have been reporst on this. At that time he wanted to expand Turkish influence and the US played to his vanity and ambition.
      However, I think Erdogan should have halted this policy at the latest in autumn 2014, when the MSM was running their pro-Kurdish PR blitz. It should have been clear what the US was up to by then.
      Now, he needs to immediately halt all support for the "rebels" and root out all jihadi cells in Turkey. Then Turkey one by one, should throw out NATO tropps from their territory. Start with those countries that openly support the PKK and fly their flag: France, Germany, Belgium, my country Denmark etc. That will be easy to justify. Then ban the US millitary from aiding PKK terror hordes from Turkish bases, force the US to remove their nukes from Incirlik, as ground us being laid for that to be used as justification for future NATO agression against Turkey. "Crazy islamist dictator stealing our nukes", you see it already in comment sections and the MSM everywhere.
      You Turks need to play their cards right if they want to get out of this intact.
      Greetings from Denmark. :-)

    11. Kemalist, a question: do you think the Gülen/CIA network could be succesful in another coup attempt?
      I agree that the enpire miscalculated the situation in Turkey badly and that they have suffered a setback.
      My assesment is that neither Islamists, Kemslists nor nationalists will accept a CIA /Gülen goverment, and will fight it. Am I right?

    12. They will all fight it as long as they are aware it is a Gulen/CIA action. Hence the attempts at trying to plant the seeds of disunity and divisiveness. The MSM is out in full force, disinformation agents and assets out in full force on social media.

      Do not be underestimate how far they will go. They have already succeeded in the international scene. This coup really was a 'gift from god' :p It kinds of proved what Erdogan had been saying for years to the people. The MSM kept calling him a conspiracy theorist.

    13. Kemalist Teyze: I'm of the opinion there will not be another coup attempt- I'd watch for R2P to save the Kurds... (that would be the lie)

      Many of whom support and voted for the AKP & who've been abused by the PKK

      R2P= Responsibility 2 Protect or Humanitarian Intervention..

  3. Thank you for your objective approach. I'm a Turk and I was born in İstanbul and I'm 19 now. I just want to say that, We love our country. And We are fighting with a lot of enemy in the world. Look that! ISIS, PKK, DHKP-C, ASSAD are fighting with us. They are fighting with us as a clear but EU and USA say "You are our ally!" but you think? is it true? I don't want to generalize. There are many good people in EU-USA. I love them. Christian or Jaw doesn't matter. It's not a question of that. I am a religious person. I love my Religion. I love my Prophet but I respect you because I know We belive same god. There is only one god. I have to say that, My country is beautiful. Probably most beautiful country in the world. Our people are so hospitable. We can share our bread everyone. We don't distungish anyone. We have a word from Yunus Emre -Islamic scholar- He says, "love the created for the creator's sake"

    I know I have said too much but You know It is bad situation for me. I can death in 15 july. I was there. I have head off Tanks and One of them has driven on me. Jets have dropped flares. Some fucking terrorist have fired. If I hadn't been so lucky, Probably I would have become death.
    I have only one claim. Please share this documents with Media. I know ur fucking media isn't objective but I belive that there are some innocent people. Thank you

  4. wow! I missed this entire exchange.. but glad to have stumbled on it today!!! :)

    Kadir Dogan: Not sure if your thanking me for being objective. If so, you're welcome!
    I try to be as objective as possible.
    You were there in the thick of the coup attempt?!
    That must have been extremely frightening. Ally who comments here has Turkish roots and was in a panic
    I know I was in a panic.. more because I had seriously entertained the possibility of this occurring. And was gobsmacked when it actually happened

    Kadir: If you would like to share anything with my readers and myself about that day, please do write something up and leave it here? I'll check back for it if you want to.
    I would love that! Certainly others would find it interesting.

    Where were you when you realized the coup was taking place?
    What occurred with the tank and the jets, where did it happen? location in Turkey- stuff like that??

    Our media is not objective that's for sure and I'm glad you understand there are good people in the US/EU and Canada who wish the Turkish people no harm.

    I've not been to Turkey, only images via the internet, and it does look to be a very beautiful nation.

    All countries have their unique beautiful aspects including the people who inhabit that bit of geography, always shaped and influenced by that piece of earth.

    Stay safe, always- and as I said if you want to write anything up about that day.. please do

    thanks :)
    PS: If you don't want to that's ok too!