Saturday, July 30, 2016

U.S. worries Russian humanitarian operation in Syria may be 'ruse'

So the headline reads....Is the US really concerned the humanitarian operation may be a ruse ?
Or does the concern lie with the fact that if the control of the portion of Aleppo, which has been occupied by US/Israeli backed thugs, swings back into the arms of Syria, the NATO backed destabilization of Syria is a fail! Is the US additionally concerned at the possibility of their thug/terrorist/killer inventory being reduced? One way or another?

The importance of the battle for Aleppo was written about here on January 16/2016 : Syrian Endgame Could Begin in Aleppo- Who Would Block This Pivotal Win? If you didn't read that post then, please, read it now. 

It's an interesting read particularly in light of the coup attempt in Turkey.

By that I mean, Turkey had impeded the flow of NATO's jihadis, they built a wall at the border, and were making it difficult for the thugs to flow through. Contrary to main stream and alt media lies.
From January's post "
Ask yourself what group or organization would want only to deny Syria’s combined allied forces from taking back Aleppo?  The answer is NATO"
Continuing:  "NATO occupied Turkey will play their role, but, not the civilian government which is increasingly left out of military decisions"

There is a recounting of a meeting between General Dunford etc.,  My own commentary written in January regarding that meeting as follows: "Which means the conversation was something like ..... we’ll claim you guys requested this help, but, it's really all part of the plan to prevent Syria from retaking Aleppo which would be the beginning of the end and that just can't happen"

Did the US and company, including Gulen followers, undertake the coup attempt in order to remove the obstacle of the uncooperative civilian government?

As of this moment the US/NATO terror army cannot count on support from Turkey's controlled military.  The US/NATO terror army cannot count on cooperation from the civilian government in Turkey. Recall from the other day? General Votel Admits Allies Jailed in Turkey Amid Coup Backlash This lack of cooperation, and loss of allies, will make it difficult to counter Russia and Syria's move to take Aleppo. And isn't that really what the US is worried about? Of course it is! Still think the US wasn't involved in the coup?

 The United States is trying to determine whether a Russian plan for a humanitarian operation in Syria is sincere, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Friday, adding that if it proves a "ruse" it could ruin cooperation between Moscow and Washington

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government and its Russian allies declared a joint humanitarian operation for the besieged area on Thursday, bombarding it with leaflets telling fighters to surrender and civilians to leave.
U.S. officials have suggested the plan may be an attempt to depopulate the city so that the Syrian army can seize it.
 "depopulate the city so that the Syrian army can seize it" YAH, they want to depopulate the portion of the city containing NATO's thugs! That's why the amnesty was offered. 
Aleppo, Syria's biggest city before the war, has been divided since 2012 into government and rebel sectors. Retaking it would be the biggest victory for Assad in five years of fighting, and demonstrate the dramatic shift of fortunes in his favor since Moscow joined the war on his side last year.
As stated Syria has had control of a good portion of it's city for years now- It only needs to clear the terrorist held side.
This would also be an embarrassment for Kerry, who has led a diplomatic initiative with Moscow aiming to let the Cold War superpower foes cooperate against Islamist militants
An embarrassment for Kerry. For the US. For NATO- Still think the US wasn't involved in the Turkish coup attempt? It was obvious the move on Turkey would affect the whole area. This is surely the reason that Russia and Iran had to have supported Turkey including warning the civilian government of the coup plot. Recall?  Turkey’s Thwarted Coup: No Popular Support for Coup. Dead Erdogan desired? Did Russia Provide Intelligence?

Asked about the Russian operation, Kerry said Washington was still unsure of Moscow's intent: "It has the risk, if it is a ruse, of completely breaking apart the level of cooperation."
"On the other hand, if we’re able to work it out today and have a complete understanding of what is happening and then agreement on the way forward, it could actually open up some possibilities," he added, saying he had spoken with Moscow twice in the past 24 hours to try to clarify what Russian intentions.

The White House also voiced its doubts. "Given their record on this, we're skeptical, to say the least," White House spokesman Eric Schultz said at a news briefing.


The fate of Aleppo in the coming weeks has the potential to be a turning point in a seemingly endless, multi-sided civil war that has killed hundreds of thousands of people, driven millions from their homes and drawn in most world and regional powers.
 Digression, from January's post:" There is no more appropriate city to begin Syria’s healing. A Syrian government victory in Aleppo will make it harder to rationalize Western backing for jihadi groups who want to keep up the fight against long odds in the rest of the country"

So the keystone coup, really was "Keystone" in more ways then I had even entertained!: Pt 2- Turkey's "Keystone Coup": A Failure to Project Power

Back to Reuters 
Pro-government forces with Russian backing have advanced in the three months since the ceasefire collapsed, and imposed a siege on the rebel-held sector of Aleppo since early July when they closed the main road out of the city.
 So far, the safe zones have not been used. Syrian state television accused the rebels of preventing civilians from leaving, which rebels deny. A state TV reporter in Aleppo said reception centers with health and food supplies had been set up around Aleppo to receive civilians, but so far few had come through because rebel fighters were threatening them.
 I've no doubt the rebels are threatening the civilians- After all they need dead civilians for the cameras- They need human shields. This is why NATO's thugs move into civilian areas. This is why the PKK took their destabilization to the cities of Turkey. They want dead bodies for the camera- 
Privately, U.S. officials fear the Russian proposal masks the real intent of its Syrian ally, to separate boys and men from the rest of the population, claim they are terrorists and either imprison or execute them.
The US worries about a reduction in their terrorist/thug inventory... hard to recruit more when  your terrorists end up dead or incarcerated, right?

Yet another question: Does this put the planned creation of Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 in jeopardy. We're going to have to see how this plays out! 

UPDATE #1: The agenda pushing, war promoting, NATO loving Guardian- stop this battle cause it will just ruin all of our elitist/NATO plans- furled brows and hands a wringin'

 The Guardian view on the battle for Aleppo: stop it now
 This battle is an urgent humanitarian catastrophe which could end all hope of a negotiated peace

Typical warmongering NATO media- they don't give a hoot about a humanitarian catastrophe, because it has been NATO, supported by the main stream media, that has created the entirety of this humanitarian catastrophe!  

The Guardian is fretting because Assad may not be outed. Overthrown or killed. Syria may not be split apart and Israel 2.0 may not get created- That's all there is to their concern!

Red Ice Radio just so happened to make available an extremely timely interview:

Turkey’s Failed Coup, Rise of Nationalism & Mammonism



  1. I have some news which I think is good for Syria: Turkey has agreed with Russia to halt all weaponry into Syria and has instituted a 15 day 'special security zone' on the Syrian border in anticipation of terrorists fleeing. No comment from Ankara about SAA terrorists purge. What will this mean for Turkey? Attack could increase.

  2. Ally: can you leave some links to read? I'd appreciate it. Haven't seen anything like that myself.

    Also, give a listen to that interview and tell me what you think about it?

    Gilad was shocked at the anti Turk sentiment expressed on his facebook, by his regular readers.

    When he said that I was .... say to myself outloud and to my husband.. I'm not surprised that the media propaganda had worked very efficiently to perception manage the masses.
    I saw it every where and I mean everywhere I went.

    How do you think I earned the label 'erdogan lover'?
    Or on 'Erdogan's payroll'? At Syper and Saker's especially.
    Or when I claimed Turkey was fighting for it's very survival I was immediately informed of how wrong I was, not a moment to even consider the remaking of the ME very obviously requires Turkey to be torn apart. ( MOA)

    Then of course I was called a 'kurd hater'- I was going through some of my olders posts and saw one mentioning the use of adhominem against my person.

    Only thing was, I was seeing through the spin and others were not.

    ty in advance for the link!

  3. I don't have any links at the minute because a Syrian man posted it as a status but said there is no link. Just watched the interview, apart from the 'erms, erms' it was great. Gilad really knows about Turkey. And it is true - the anti-coup people have been labelled as 'Islamists' even though all opposition parties, including HDP organised rallies both against the coup and Erodgan. Selahattin Demirtas sad that in past coups in Turkey it was mainly the Socialists/leftists that have suffered. And since the HDP is communist, they stood against it. Demirtas for once was right-all coups in Turkey have always been pro-American, supported by the CIA against pro-Russian and socialist leaders. The leader of Turkey in 1971 was a socialist, concerned about social life, and just like Allende, the CIA got rid of him. The coup in 1971 was the same as the Chilean coup in 1973.
    There has been much anti-Erdoganism going around in Europe. Lots of people are talking about Erdogan specifically. I am quite shocked that people have actually fallen for this when it is right in front of their faces. But what is even more shocking is that many people actually claim that the West is supporting Erdogan/Turkey because they are not condemning his actions and the EU is giving him money (turns out they haven't given a single penny yet, liars). They even say that the Western media doesn't report on the actions of Turkey because they are a NATO ally. They have been completely brainwashed. The whole mainstream/alt media is complaining about Erdogan. Although, I think that the alt media is slowly clogging on
    if the Syrian man posts a link or I find it, I'll post it��

    1. Hi Ally:

      The West isn't condemning his actions? Do the people read the western media? .. Mouthpiece for western leadership- Erdogan is a dictator (which he was before the coup attempt)

      G&M "Turkey culls 1400 from the military"- culling the herd always associated with killing to reduce numbers

      Plus that silly "Traitors Cemetery" story

      Plus "Turkey's going to send in migrants and flood Europe"- Hello people, the migrants have been flooding in through Italy for some time now

      How about "Turkey turns Gulag"- Boston Herald

      What makes it confusing, IMO, is that Turkey is a NATO ally- But the core of NATO has never had any real allegiance to Turkey- a relationship of convenience more then anything

      I'm really of the mind the propaganda campaign has been so big against Turkey and Erdogan because, as has been stated, NATO is going to betray an ally.
      Most people believe NATO is about allegiances- they think friends/partners/equals.

      Allegiances can however be convenient or inconvenient. Turkey has now become an inconvenient ally. Especially because Israel wants a Kurdistan or Israel 2.0.
      And there is a push to destroy Europe as part of the globalist agenda of destroying cultural and societal cohesion- As was discussed by Gilad and Henrik in that interview

  4. Penny,

    I did say from day one that the arrest of 10,000 people in just three days presupposes necessarily prior knowledge.

    "Turkey intercepted Gulen followers' encrypted messages: official"@
    Ankara (AFP) - Turkey intercepted encrypted messages sent by followers of US-based Fethullah Gulen well before the July 15 coup attempt, giving Ankara names of tens of thousands within the preacher's network, a senior official said on Saturday...
    Turkish Energy Minister Berat Albayrak said this week that Ankara had already prepared lists of suspected Gulenists in major institutions before the coup and had been planning a major purge this summer.
    Analysts had said the speed of the crackdown after the coup -- which has seen some 18,000 people detained -- suggests the authorities were preparing a swoop and knew who to target.

    1. Hi WizOz: Yes you did say that there had to have been some prior knowledge in order to round up the coup plotters!
      Interesting read- I notice at the end of the article Hakan Fidan is mentioned... their head of intelligence
      I've something saved for a post about him, if I can ever get it done

      ty wizoz

  5. Interesting information on Gulen 'movement' and just how Huge it really is.( $50 Billion?) Many facts and author is perplexed by US / UK failure to support Turkey.
    mentions kurds early on, also Graham Fuller connection and gives 11 points on background

    I saw at Tass earlier that Turkey's Woman defense min has announced NATO to join coalition ? Italy to have second largest presence ? Gives October date vaguely

    1. Graham Fuller- Gulen's sponsor
      NATO to join coalition? In the ME?
      October date? Italy has a fairly good size presence in Iraq already- location Mosul Dam for sure, likely others, and have had a presence for quite some time now

    2. I tried to find the article at Tass ( Italy) but had to go back to my tweet to find it

      Also, why wait till October?? for crying out loud !
      Iraq says ISIL has sold their belongings and fled Mosul ?

      Iraq Minister Says ISIL Leaders, Families Flee Mosul

      US / NATO back stories across the board are being shattered. They get more dangerous the more that happens I believe.
      And unpredictable :/

  6. Erodgan doubling down as us dispatches joint chief

    US general is on side of coup plotters: Erdo─čan

  7. Heads Up
    I just noticed when I went to close the page that they must have translated the rest of the statement after I saw it..
    I would have noticed this little tidbit

    "By end of October, 1,400 servicemen will be at different fronts - from the base in Kuwait, where the Italians are responsible for logistics support for the coalition’s bombers, to the contingent, involved in training of the Iraqi police and guarding the dam in Mosul."

    a date ? in October?