Friday, August 19, 2016

Did the US Transfer Their *Illegaly Hosted at Incirlik,Turkey, Nukes* to Romania?

Based on the available information, and, there isn't much information to go on.  It seems that claim is both definitely unverifiable and quite likely false.

But the ongoing narrative and meme implantation / perception management simply can’t be missed! What might happen as these nukes are transferred? Could one go missing? That would be convenient for scare mongering! And war making. Same as always...

*Story originates with Euractiv. Using two anonymous sources and that's it!

*Romania denies Receiving US Nuclear Weapons

*Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament points out that sending the nukes to Romania is illegal, CND also points out that under the nuclear non proliferation treaty illegally 'hosting' these nukes in Turkey is another example of American criminality!

CND: After reports by the EurActiv news web site that the United States has begun the transfer of nuclear weapons stationed in Turkey to the Deveselu air base in Romania, campaigners have condemned the decision and said such a move is illegal under international law.

Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:

"Let's be clear, if reports are true, this move is both illegal and very dangerous.
"Article one of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) specifically prohibits the transfer of nuclear weapons to non-nuclear-weapon states. So what the United States government has sanctioned is illegal, and article two of the NPT makes clear that it would be illegal for Romania to accept these weapons.

"Riding rough shod over international law when the NPT has been the best international tool for preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons is remarkably dangerous. It signals to the world that the nuclear powers are not serious about disarmament and makes proliferation far more likely.

"If the US is concerned about the safety of its nuclear weapons, illegally hosted in Turkey, it should use this opportunity to remove all its nuclear weapons from Europe. That would be a step towards fulfilling its international obligations."
Romania Denies - The Romanian Foreign Ministry yesterday denied reports claiming the United States has moved its nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania.

Russia Today news channel cited an earlier report by EurActiv online news site claiming the United States has started transferring 20 nuclear warheads stationed in Turkey to Romania, against the background of worsening relations between Washington and Ankara.

According to the site, Washington was transporting its nuclear weapons to the US base at Deveselu near the city of Caracal.

During the failed coup attempt last month, Turkey banned US jets from flying to and from Incirlik Air Base which raised questions about the extent of Washington’s ability to keep these weapons in the event of a prolonged internal conflict.

A Euractiv exclusive?  Two independent sources told that the US has started transferring nuclear weapons stationed in Turkey to Romania, against the background of worsening relations between Washington and Ankara.

According to one of the sources, the transfer has been very challenging in technical and political terms.

“It’s not easy to move 20+ nukes,” said the source, on conditions of anonymity.
Another source told that the US-Turkey relations had deteriorated so much following the coup that Washington no longer trusted Ankara to host the weapons. The American weapons are being moved to the Deveselu air base in Romania, the source said.

Deveselu, near the city of Caracal, is the new home of the US missile shield, which has infuriated Russia.

EurActiv has asked the US State Department, and the Turkish and the Romanian foreign ministries, to comment. American and Turkish officials both promised to answer. After several hours, the State Department said the issue should be referred to the Department of Defense. EurActiv will publish the DoD reaction as soon as it is received.

In the meantime, NATO sent EurActiv a diplomatically worded comment which implies that allies must make sure that US nuclear weapons deployed in Europe remain “safe”.

“On your question, please check the Communiqué of the NATO Warsaw Summit (published on 9 July 2016), paragraph 53: “NATO’s nuclear deterrence posture also relies, in part, on United States’ nuclear weapons forward-deployed in Europe and on capabilities and infrastructure provided by Allies concerned. These Allies will ensure that all components of NATO’s nuclear deterrent remain safe, secure, and effective,” a NATO spokesperson wrote to EurActiv.
The Romanian foreign ministry strongly denied the information that the country has become home of US nukes. “In response to your request, Romanian MFA firmly dismisses the information you referred to,”  a spokesperson wrote.
 Previously mentioned concerns about being set up for the next lie, propaganda narrative, meme to justify increasing the anxiety and advancing the war agenda. News of the move coming hot on the heels of the Stimson report- This meme has worked well previously..

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Destabilizing Turkey:"Roll of the Dice” to Have US Nukes at Incirlik


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  1. I've no idea which of all these posts to put this
    Thousands pay tribute to Azerbaijani mafia boss killed in Istanbul

    Caniyev’s death has caused a stir in both Azerbaijan and Russia, as he is known to be the main suspect responsible for the 2013 assassination of Kurdish-origin Russian kingpin Aslan Usoyan, also known as “Ded Hasan.”

    1. karin will read tomorrow, thanks, hectic kind of a day today.. :)


      Dav just took credit for the shootdown indirectly weeks ago suggesting he gave the .mil the autonomy to shoot during border incidents. Those Turkish .mil still in greece as Sweden also opposes extradition.

    3. I saw that news about the Gulen connection.. I should actually put it in the latest Turkey post!


    Something fishy about this "coalition claim"? Doesn't sit well with me. Appears much more as an excuse for escalation. Something I've been preaching about for weeks. The rescued child, left unattended for reasons uncomprehensible, blamed on Russian and/or Syrian airstrikes. The ramped up attacks by the turds on Turkey. Now Syrian air strikes too close to US special ops forces and the turds they are allied with; resulting in scrambling of US air forces and placing all on high alert. A pretense for?

  3. I concur. Lots of action in Aleppo. And this continuing attempt by the kurds to annex Syrian territory.

    Then there's Turkey's decision to seek better relations with the zionists. Sorry, but I personally would have absolutely no trust for the puppet Erdogan. My opinion is his strings are pulled still by the anglo-zionist criminals. The empire and the zionists do exactly as they wish, without any sort of unacceptable losses, without committing significant forces on the ground and with very limited equipment. They haven't been forced to expose any new weapons systems or technology to achieve their goal of a permanently disfunctional ME. Imagine, if all hostilities were to cease tomorrow, the legnth of time that would be needed to rebuild infrastructure to levels common more than a few decades ago?

    1. early n week rebels bombed the biggest power plant.

    2. "The empire and the zionists do exactly as they wish, without any sort of unacceptable losses, without committing significant forces on the ground and with very limited equipment. They haven't been forced to expose any new weapons systems or technology to achieve their goal of a permanently disfunctional......"

      One reason why the MSM has been deliberately turned into pablum is to condition us unconsciously to no real news. I cannot yet work out the date, 2020 would be just about correct to allow the RCE/TA alignment with RCE/BS to not cause too much of a fuss, hence Trump, and the UK weird investment in huge warships to be completed, but a complete comerccomms blackout in the area and satellite take down would be on the cards very soon. It makes sense of the ABM chain through Poland, Rumania and RCE/TA. The move to much higher orbits for milsats also fits with the new commercialblackout age.

      So yes Charles, the kreepzoids have yet to make their miltech move and I fear that the move will be as part of a massive world wide final integrative strategy.

      UKplc is nothing but a great big spy base now and will be locked down soon.

    3. which power plant was this? anonymous?
      missed it!

    4. incoming you've lost me a bit

      ABM: Ballistic Missiles?

    5. Rothschild Corporate Entity.

      TA Tel Aviv
      BS Beijing/Shanghai
      OK Osaka
      LC London City
      BR Brasilia

      As I remarked to my chum yesterday the conflict is rolling nicely Eastwards to the main crucible in S/SE Asia.

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