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Erdogan's Waterloo: Turkey Invades And Occupies Syria

huffingtonpost:  David L. Phillips- CFR, Senior Adviser to the U.S. Department of State, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council and so much more.... He's presenting the elitist agenda
Quite a work of perception management- a bit of truth liberally salted with lies
The Obama administration has assiduously avoided U.S. military engagement in Syria. President Barack Obama is wary of the pottery barn rule: "You break it, you own it." Supporting Turkey's invasion and occupation of Syria would be a strategic mistake, making the United States a protagonist in Syria's civil war. (Rubbish about the US avoiding military interference and yes the US is already a protagonist in Syria's destabilization)
 The  US was caught unaware and the heavy handed narrative creation is getting ever more absurd
Vice President Joe Biden went to Ankara last week on a mission to repair U.S.-Turkey relations. Upon arrival, Biden learned that Turkish Special Forces, tanks, and fighters with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) were invading Syria, targeting Jarablus near the Turkish border.

Biden endorsed Turkey's "Operation Euphrates Shield." He also claimed that the U.S. provided air power. However, eye witnesses say no bombs were actually dropped on Jarablus.
The US did not provide air power. Not from anything I've read
Slipping into Syria's quagmire is not in America's interest. Nor is being played by Turkey. Operation Euphrates Shield violates Syria's sovereignty. (Can you believe that claim? Since when has the US been concerned with Syria's sovereignty? ) Supporting Turkey would make the U.S. complicit in Turkey's land grab.( Completely ignoring the fact the US is heavily complicit in both the ISIS/Kurds land grabs, providing no proof of a Turkish land grab)
Turkey wants a seat at the table of the Geneva peace process. (It already had one, so that baloney!) It seeks equal standing with Russia and the United States.
Given Turkey's sordid history supporting Islamists, ( No mention of the US involvement in training the Islamists in bases on Turkish territory, no US sordid involvment. How about Israeli involvment????)  it will be more difficult to negotiate an end to Syria's conflict with Turkish troops on-the-ground.
 It will be more difficult to negotiate the settlement the US/NATO/Israeli axis want!! But it shouldn't be anymore difficult then it's already been. After all this is the FSA. A recognized partner at Geneva?
 Turkey In Syria, FSA & The Upcoming Quarrel Over Syria's New (UN Mandated) Constitution
The Obama administration has been giving weapons and air support to the People's Protection Forces (YPG), Syrian Kurdish forces numbering 40,000. The PYG is America's most reliable ally against ISIS. Washington will continue to support the YPG if it fights ISIS east of the Euphrates.(Lie. Washington has supported YPG/PKK west of the Euphrates)
Erdogan abhors U.S. cooperation with the YPG, which he calls a terror group. Erdogan wants the U.S. to make a choice between Turkey and the YPG, but was repeatedly rebuffed. (Erdogan? Promoting the cult of personality- knee jerk emotional response desired. The US has long betrayed Turkey)
The Obama administration must be steely-eyed about Turkey's intentions. Erdogan says the primary purpose of Operation Euphrates Shield is to fight ISIS. This is patently false.
Erdogan's hostility towards the Kurds is no secret. He insists that the YPG and PKK are the same, even though the U.S. Government says they are distinct.(Appeal to authority- logical fallacy/not proof! The US Gov says.... so what? Lots of information available that the YPG/PKK are one and the same- A ton of it is posted here)
It was predictable that Turkey would drop the pretense of fighting ISIS and focus its operation on the PYG. The Obama administration knows what's going on.
A senior Pentagon official told CNN: "The Turks never cared about Jarablus until the Kurds wanted to get there." Special Envoy Brett McGurk called Turkey's targeting of the PYD "unacceptable and a source of deep concern".
U.S.-Turkish relations were already on the rocks because of Turkey's wholesale crackdown on oppositionists after the failed coup of July 15.(Oh, really?! US Turkish relations were on the rocks long before the failed coup and they worsened after the thwarted coup)
The relationship is further challenged by Turkey's decision to go after America's allies in Syria.( Turkey is no longer an American ally. That's clear)

Turks are increasingly restless. They welcomed Operation Euphrates Shield, which restored the military's credibility after the coup. They were told the operation targeted their two nemesis - ISIS and the YPG/PKK. Now Turks are growing concerned about the end game. How long will Turkish troops stay in Syria and what will they accomplish?

 Obama must guard against manipulation. Providing military and diplomatic support to Turkey's invasion and occupation creates a conundrum, vexing his successor.
Syria will be Erdogan's Waterloo. The U.S. Government must not be tethered to Turkey's sinking ship.
Obama must 'guard' against manipulation?  Syria is supposed to be Russia's sinking ship too. 

From earlier today:  Wow. ISIS Attacks Turkish Backed Rebels- Lucky for the Kurds, eh?

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