Thursday, August 11, 2016

Holocaust Museum Produces Propaganda/Perception Management Video " to help Aleppo"

I will not include the video in this post.  I will not post any of the imagery associated with the video.  You can view the video at the link provided. This one sided agenda pushing campaign by the holocaust museum, exemplifies the blogs subheading perfectly " Truth exists; only lies are invented" The real cause of all the suffering, death and destruction, the truth, is not addressed in the video. An abundance of lies, in fact, an entire false narrative has been invented.  I have read and written about the reality of the situation in Syrian,to the best of my ability, for more then 5 years now. This is not it!

Holocaust Museum Wades Into Syria Debate With Calls To Help Aleppo
 Taking on a more activist role in response to the growing death toll in eastern Aleppo, the United States Holocaust Museum is using a new video filmed inside the besieged city to bolster its calls for the international community to take immediate steps to protect civilians from mass atrocities there.

 The central characters are Syrian-American doctors who narrate their struggles to save the grievously wounded. The film also contains harrowing scenes from the frontlines there, including a massive barrel bomb explosion and footage showing a child who was killed by flying shrapnel.
The "central characters" ? "Narrate their struggles" 

 “What can the international community do?” Dr. Mohammed Sahloul, the former president of the Syrian American Medical Society, said during an on camera interview in the film. “No fly-zones or safe zones, and also maintaining access to areas under siege.”
Calls for a no-fly zone, which would require U.S. pilots to patrol Syrian skies and potentially destroy Syrian air defenses and shoot down Russian planes, have been rejected by the Obama administration due to concerns about escalating the U.S. role in the conflict and an array of logistical and diplomatic considerations.
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has supported a no-fly zone, but said she would do so after gaining Russian support for the operation. When asked about a no fly zone, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said he prefers a “safe zone” that could harbor displaced people without forcing them to migrate to other countries. He has also said he would like to work with Russian President Vladimir Putin to defeat the Islamic State in Syria. 
“The world is facing another Srebrenica moment,” said Hudson. “There can be no greater priority right now than guaranteeing humanitarian access, protecting civilian populations and preventing a massive, imminent loss of life.”
I'm sickened by the lying. 

 The post that started it all March 24/2011:
There are more then 1,000 posts here at the blog, covering every aspect of the Syrian destabilization to the best of my ability by NATO/Israel. 

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  1. I won't watch the video tonight. I'll never get to sleep if I do.
    To say 'the collective they' are getting worried / scared is putting it lightly. Pulling out all the stops. A potentially risky move if not handled right too. Of course, 'their people' are the media, sooo

    1. hey rougek
      I couldn't get through it entirely so if your able to stomache it all... share your insights.
      Vent your anger.
      Maybe I'll force myself to watch it all today?

    2. I finally watched it yesterday. It wasn't as bad as I feared anger wise.

      That link went to a FP junk blog I noticed. Have always felt they were tribe inside and out, this cinches it for me.
      The 'doctors' were from Chicago, which is, 'little nyc' in my view as the futures market is there, AND countless other observances I've reflected on having grown up 160 +/- miles south of there

      Like I said, risky to me that 'the holocau$t museum' would put themselves in the Syria issue, but of course, they can spin it any way they like

      Made very little splash on twitter I noticed and finally tweeted TO the hashtag group what a FAIL it was and that aid dropped out of planes to civilians were not barrel bombs.

      'tony' at Land Destroyer made an idle comment in his most recent (today I think) article on Aleppo. Other than that, I've not seen anything else, but the response to my couple of tweets to the link brought negative results of 'jewish' antics from people I do not 'know' on twitter.
      Almost as if, people are catching on and speaking up, even if they are in Europe, in subtle ways.. such as

      'If I would say something , the police would come to my house'
      type response

      as for quality? That blood smeared on that little girl at the end was so obviously fake it was glaring. Seen too many pictures and videos of bombed areas and people to note right off she was too clean to have been 'bombed'.
      I was really expecting much worse considering the source. As always, good catch by you. :)

  2. Hi Pen,
    You might like this quote as it competely supports what you say-
    "What is a lie? It is to say what is real is not real. It is to deny the existence of what exists.
    Peter Nivio Zarlenga"

    Zarlenga also says something that resonates with me and I'm sure with yourself as well-

    "No authority is higher than reality"

    1. hey james I do like that saying because that is exactly what a lie is- denying the existence of what exists

      I also like the second saying!

      The sad, sad, truth is much of our existence is based in believing in lies..

      I think that's what annoys me about the Pokemon Go insanity- more unreality

  3. Setting the stage for the next Israeli VP of North America, Hillary to please her Yid masters and satiate her boundless blood lust.

    1. Oh yah, Hillary is the shoe in!
      I still shudder when I watch her talk about the killing of Gaddafi- a sick, sick woman


    More territory annexed by the KurdIShIS terrorists.

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  6. Many stories surfacing about the yazidis. It was holocaust musuem who declared the genocide early. Then the state department followed. Someone called for a home for the assyrians a few days ago.

  7. Sorry, Penny. I can't help. I merely read the title and was immediately REPULSED and headed for the toilet.

    I just had to let you know.

  8. I forgot to say, Penny: Thank you for your service.

    Whatever award that comes with, I'm behind it.

  9. Penny, just saw this, about kurds vacating area West of Euphrates after they won it from Daesh

    be back to tell you my impression of that video soon.

    1. hey karin

      they haven't gone yet, but, that's interesting..
      and worth keeping an eye on