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Jerusalem Post: Support the Kurds- Cause it's very moral...?????

 hattip to hubby and ally both of them pointing this gem out to me
Thanks to both of you!

I’ll highlight the interesting bits and address the relevant points. If you don't already you should understand Israel and their Kurdish partners are thick as thieves. And have been for a very long time

"First, the Kurds and Israel have common enemies. The peshmerga fighters belonging to the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq have proven to be the most effective power against the onslaught of Islamic State"
"The Kurds organized under the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) are one of the few opposition forces effectively opposing the Revolutionary Guards. In the last several months the PDKI has renewed attacks, killing dozens of Iranian soldiers"
Israel just loves that the Kurds are attacking Iran. Obviously it serves Israel's agenda. I've discussed the Kurdish attacks on Iran on a number of occasions.

May 5 2016: Kurds on the Attack in Iran- As Predicted .....
April 17 2016 : Iran's Forgotten Kurds Step Up the Struggle- So The Media Promotion Begins
August 07/2015: P5+1 is a distraction. Early Seeds of Iranian destabilization cross the Turkish border
Working with the Kurds is also part of the “peripheral strategy,” begun by David Ben-Gurion, in which Israel seeks out diverse allies in the region
"Diverse Allies"- That means not the Arabs- explaining all the Arab ethnic cleansing engaged in by both the Israelis and the Kurds. Cause facts are facts. David Ben Gurion: First  PM of Israel 1955-1963- Which tells us all the ties between Israel and their Kurdish partner are long and steadfast.
"The creation of a Kurdish-ruled autonomous region in Iraq is part of a larger phenomenon of the rise of sub-state groups in the region 
 In Iran they are loosely organized under the aegis of the Congress of Nationalities for a Federal Iran. 
In Syria, Kurds are carving out their own areas from what was, but probably will never again be, a unitary Arab state.
Creation of another non-Arab autonomous area in the Middle East would help preserve the lives and rights of minority groups"
Hardee har har what a bunch of nonsense- creating Kurdistan would do nothing to preserve the rights of minority groups- we’ve all witnessed via the media the oppression and displacement of Arabs, Assyrians, Christians, Shiites, etc.  Creating Kurdistan empowers Israel as intended
" It would also make Israel’s situation less anomalous"
Anomalous:deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected. Of course it would, since Israel is firmly behind/supportive of all the displacement and ethnic cleansing, making the Jews of Israel less anomalous in a region of Arabs. A win win for Israel, wouldn’t you say?

"Indeed, anti-Israel voices in the region have in the past referred derogatorily to Kurds’ aspiration for a state by calling it a “second Israel.”
Kurdish aspirations- I laugh. Israeli aspirations is the reality. Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 Oh my bad for writing about Israel 2.0! It’s not derogatory to state the truth or facts. JP is telling us very plainly that Israel has fostered ties between themselves and the kurds for at more then half a century.
“SUPPORTING THE Kurdistan Regional Government and Iranian Kurdish rights is the moral thing to do.”
The moral thing to do. Rolling my eyes. This is a nauseating bit of propaganda. Propaganda: “information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view” Yes, it was and is very moral to kill and displace 100,000's of thousands of people. Millions of people. Especially Arabs (ethnicity) and Christians (religion). All very moral
"The Kurds, who are mostly Muslim, see Israel as an ally"
Sunni Muslim to be exact. A point that's repeatedly been made here. Israel as an ally? Well some of them may see it that way. I’m sure the ones being displaced to create Israel 2.0 don’t
“Kurdish society is freer and more tolerant than most neighboring societies. Women’s rights are respected – women are even integrated into the Kurdish armed forces as they are in Israel’s.’
That paragraph is enough to make me puke up my supper and it was dam delicious!  Forced military service is only synonymous with freedom if one is a degenerate expansionist war making state

Of course Jerusalem Post glossed right over the fact that the Kurds force children to fight!



Never mind the fact that Israel is a freakin' theocracy masquerading as a tolerant, free state
“The reporting of The Jerusalem Post’s Op-Ed Editor Seth Frantzman and Magazine Editor Laura Kelly from the front lines against ISIS in Iraq has revealed the Kurds’ strong affinity with Israel. Mustafa Hijri, the 71-year-old leader of the PDKI, said, “We [Israel and the Kurds] have common enemies, but more countries support Israel.”

Wonder why that is? Blackmail, mostly I would figure. Cause it sure can’t be morality!
"Hijri was hinting that the Kurds – at least those organized in the PDKI and in the KRG – need Israeli support"

Like I said some Kurds see allies in Israel, but, not all of them.
“The KRG recognizes in Israel its best supporter in the West for the project of a Kurdish state. Former president Shimon Peres raised the issue with US President Barack Obama in a June 2014 meeting. Strong support from Jewish and Israeli opinion leaders is of great importance.
The Kurds prefer that this networking take place behind the scenes as much as possible. Seeking statehood while having hostile neighbors makes the leaders of the KRG cautious about publicizing anything that has to do with their relations with Israel. Nevertheless the KRG has taken steps in the last year to acknowledge Jewish heritage in the Kurdish region.”

In my opinion, you’d have to be willfully and intentionally blind to not see and understand the depth and breadth of ties between Israel and it’s affiliated Kurdish coterie  
Coterie: a small group of people with shared interests or tastes, especially one that is exclusive of other people.
“Financially, Israel can help the Kurds by buying Kurdish oil when other countries are less willing to do so.”

Israel has been helping the Kurds already buying Kurdish oil from Iraq and stolen KurdIShIS oil from Syria, smuggled through to Turkey..I covered that extensively in two posts from last year, likely more, but there is enough in these two to connect Israel to smuggled oil to aid their KurdIShIS terror clan

November 26/2015: Carving Turkey After a NATO Roasting- Claims vs Reality
Where clear and concise connections were made between Kurdish/ISIS oil smuggling and NATO allies (Yes, that includes Israel) And this post December 1/2015: Israel buys most oil smuggled from ISIS territory - report

Israeli relations with the Kurds will of necessity remain complicated and largely clandestine.

So Israel can obfuscate their connections- I am not buying into the nonsense that follows after the above sentence from the propaganda editorial, so it's not included. You can read it at the opening link! 
“Clandestine because the Kurds often cannot afford to be seen as maintaining overtly close relations with the Jewish state”

Yah cause that would make the Israel 2.0 agenda that much more obvious!

But fostering ties with the Kurds not only serves Israeli interests, it is a rare opportunity for moral clarity. Supporting Kurdish national self-determination is to choose good over evil.

Really? Does anyone believe that Israel is a champion of the national right to self determination?
Seriously? Does anyone anywhere believe such garbage?!


  1. Penny, I am doing a lot of reading right now about Syria. Why is it only Kurdish women being championed in the media? There are many other armies in the region that include women. The Syrian Army has thousands, more than the Kurds:
    There is also mounting evidence showing that some Kurdish nationalists have been editing pictures of women in the Syrian Army and tossing them around on FB, saying it's their 'Lions of Rojava'.

    1. The Empire propaganda machine is out in full force and firing on all cylinders. Kobani was one of many hundreds of villages being captured by ISIS yet it was portrayed in the MSM like the Siege on Minas Tirith in Lord of the Rings.

      Now I'd like to remind you that the US was trying to push Turkey into invading Syria recently. Well check this out.

      PKK response regarding Kobane/Kobani: If Turkey does not help the embattled Kurdish forces in Kobani, commanders say, they will break off peace talks and resume their guerrilla war within Turkey, plunging yet another country in the region into armed conflict.

      The PKK leader had actually given the Turkish state an ultimatum where Turkey was supposed to invade Syria. Then they assasinated two police officers which led to the ending of the armed conflict. Yet the MSM kept reporting on how Erdogan ended the 'peace' process to win the elections.

      Back to the MSM, I remember very briefly the media reported on the Amnesty report regarding Kurds ethnically cleansing the area. It was quickly hushed and we were back to the brave Kurdish female fighters.

    2. I know, even the NYT report states that Erdogan got support from the Kurds. The msm media talk about the Kurds as if they are a BLOB-just an ethnic minority. They don't realise how many Kurds vote for Erdogan and that his biggest supporters in Turkey are the Kurds, they just don't show it as much. They also don't realise all the factionalism that exists within the Kurdish people. It is good that you are 1 of the few people in the world who know the truth.

  2. Penny,

    Don't you remember that once upon a time the Kingdom of Adiabene was a Jewish state? Let me refresh your memory (with the help of

    "A very close and friendly relationship developed between the Jewish people and the foreign state ruled by Helena and Monobaz. Not only were they personally very pious and observant followers of the Torah and its commands, but they influenced many of their own people to follow their example and embrace Judaism.
    The royal house of Adiabene helped the Jewish state in many ways. Many a time they sent large sums of money to Jerusalem, either to provide for the needs of the Beit Hamikdash or to help the poor. Once, a very serious famine ravished the Jewish land, and soon there was no money left to buy food from other countries. Queen Helena and her son used a large portion of their own state treasury to buy grain in Alexandria and dried fruits in Cyprus, and have all this lifesaving food shipped to Jerusalem.
    In the Mishnah we are told of many gifts which Queen Helena and her son gave to the Beit Hamikdash, for which they are remembered for all time. For instance, she had a golden candelabra placed above the entrance to the Beit Hamikdash, which not only had its own light, but early in the morning it reflected the sun’s first rays. Thus, when the priests wanted to know whether it was already time to say the Shema in the morning, they had only to look at Queen Helena’s candelabra.
    Another gift of Queen Helena was a tablet of gold, on which she had a certain portion of the Torah inscribed, which was of special interest to women. In addition, King Monobaz and his mother donated golden handles to be attached to all vessels used in the Beit Hamikdash on Yom Kippur.
    Once, on a visit to Jerusalem, Queen Helena built a beautiful mausoleum where she and her sons were to be buried after their death. Its door had an ingenious mechanism that opened it once a year at a certain hour and closed itself again, to stay closed for another twelve months. Even now, parts of this beautiful tomb, called the Tombs of the Kings, are still left.
    Before her death, Queen Helena traveled to Jerusalem to spend there the last years of her life in prayer and good deeds. According to tradition, she lived as a nezirah (nazirite) for fourteen years, to keep a vow she had made for her son and for herself.
    Even after the death of Queen Helena and King Monobaz II, the royal house and the people of Adiabene maintained their friendship with the Jewish people for many years."
    If you would have the patience to study the history of the wars between Rome and Persia you will find many strange moves of the Jews in the region.
    You can still admire the sarcophagus of Queen Helena in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem and the ruins of her palace just to the south of the 'Temple Mount'.

  3. Penny,
    Kurds refuse to shut down Gulen schools in " kurdish
    government' - Iraq

    seems to be a constant flow of Threats by FETO of further coup on Aug 14

    You have probably realized ( possibly before I did ) that 'Gulen' is a kabal construct , as are the kurds

  4. I just wanted to post this. Sums up the US very nicely

    1. Rouge K, strange how the KRG doesn't want to shut down the Gulen schools when Gulen didn't like the Kurds. When Erdogan was doing peace talks with the PKK a couple of years back, Gulen told Erdogan not to. The Gulenists also exposed Hakan Fidan (leader of MIT) secretly meeting up with Abdullah Ocalan to negotiate a peace process and the Gulenists in their media accused Erdogan of supporting the PKK. Not just that but they have also said that they were going to jail Erdogan for supporting the Kurdish militants.

    2. Ally, there was an old comedy sketch in vaudeville, and later in an old movie called
      Whose On First

      None of the plans are concrete, the script changes possibly on a daily basis, but the main nucleus and goal stay intact and all the collateral damage means nothing.

      The goal is centuries old, and all the filthy deeds done to attain the finished product were/ and are, in the words of Madeline Albright,
      Worth It

      An ally can change in the blink of an eye. There is no one outside the tribe ( even within the tribe at times ) who will stand in the way of the original goal.

      Like nesting dolls, it's a puzzle within a puzzle and all else it meant to disguise the Goal.

      I think :)

    3. Great comment, RK! You are so right concerning the "Goal".

    4. thanks, Charles
      Hundreds of hours of reading, some of which is very laborious, but necessary and I'm still searching and reading for more.

  5. The garbage spewed by the western CMSM and the zionists news organizations about the hyper effectiveness of the various kurdish terrorists induces one to vomit. If I were to rate which forces fighting daesh were most effective the kurds wouldn't make the top five. In fact, as you, Penny, have stated again and again, the kurds are cooperating with the takfiri organizations more so than they are fighting against them in their
    ethnic cleansing operations.

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    Kirkuk, lots of oil to share amongst the KurdIShIS allied groups? The continuing ethnic/population cleansing operation? Where are the US Coalition forces supposedly helping the Iraqi government combat ISIL, ISIS terrorists when such events take or are taking place? ISIS terrorists, kurdish oil smugglers and dead fleeing populace, perfect together.

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