Monday, August 22, 2016

John Kerry No Show In Turkey? Will Biden Make The Trip? August 24th?

Can't find any news regarding John Kerry actually making it to Turkey?
John Kerry to Turkey August 21? Turkish Parliament Approves Deal with Israel
Speaks volumes about parties behind the coup.. If anyone else did catch news of Kerry's visit, please let me know?

 Joe Biden is supposed to visit? According to CNN's latest reporting" Joe Biden to visit Turkey: Exiled cleric will be 'top of agenda'

 When US Vice President Joe Biden visits Turkey on August 24, he'll no doubt have plenty to discuss with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Biden is an interesting choice for a visit to Turkey, because last time he showed up in Turkey he was very hostile and provocative. Kerry doesn't visit, at all, after the coup attempt and hostile Joe Biden is going?  Let's take a trip down memory lane and recall Biden's last visit to Turkey: January 23/2016

 ***Biden shows "loyalty" to NATO ally Turkey- If your idea of loyalty is back stabbing duplicity!  As I've informed my readers here, for well over a year now, Turkey is being targeted by it's NATO "friends"  inc. the PKK.  There are numerous posts on that subject here!
"Biden went on to meet with President Tayyip Erdogan, but an expected joint statement was not issued.
  Biden: "He criticized the Turkish state for intimidating media, curtailing Internet freedom and accusing academics of treason" (Biden has chutzpah considering the state of the US media, internet and freedom in general)
Biden: "Last week, he denounced as "dark, nefarious and brutal" security forces briefly detaining 27 academics of more than 1,000 signatories of a declaration that criticized Turkish military action in the southeast"
"More recently, reforms have faltered and Erdogan has adopted a more authoritarian style of rule" (I've read those same memes "authoritarian/dictator/Hitler wrt Assad, Hussein, Gaddafi, etc)
"In an apparent rebuke, Erdogan told Biden on Saturday that he expected sensitivity from Turkey's allies and that they should avoid statements which may equate to support for those trying to hamper Turkish efforts to fight terror, presidential sources said"
Since Biden is sending a message of support to NATO's PKK terrorists he made no effort to avoid these multiple and very provocative statements! He wants his terror crew to know, the US has your back!
 I'll wager the visit will be both insightful and inciting 

From earlier today-

Early Monday AM: Kurdish Terrorist Militias Violate Truce in Hasakah, Syria


  1. Turkey commented the other day that it was amping up involvement in Syria specifically to halt any sectarian split of country. This echoes Dugan comments in his interview post coup. And the Iran Syria and turkey coordination is being ventilated in places like Van. French jest just hit Syrian targets following the nusra rebrand hitting the power plant. Sadr continues to do his part in Iraq with yet more protests calls. Iran picked off a few more ISIS \ other days ago on the Iraq border. Rojava has already declared and stated quite plainly they will not be returning any land but for a federalist structure. There is zero chance of coordination. Straight up land grab but got to be able to defend it...

    1. The latest kurd wedding bombing following the kurdi like events has the bears resemblance to the afghanistan playbook: msf bombings (Yemen msf pullout along with us pulling Yemen war planning advisor from Saudi following the bin Laden franchise making a comeback in the form of OBL son threats against the monarch which dovetail with CIA chief commenting on the imminent threat inside the kingdom), wedding bombings (us drones), video statements, fractioning of the rebels (latests us drone strikes and the partitioning of the taliban), Chinese troops allegedly guarding north south corridor Pakistan (China latest train and equips for assad troops) and rojava to Syria what baluchistan to afghanistan.

    2. apologies for not getting this out of spam sooner- not sure why it went there- I thank you for leaving it and will read it- I did indeed notice the son of bin laden making threats and wondered if AQ was going to be rebooted..

  2. Russia is meeting w/ Saudi's on ME policy

    meanwhile Houthi leader
    z'ready to grant Moscow access to air and naval bases"
    Ex-Yemen Leader Ready to Work with Russia to ‘Fight Terrorism’

  3. Kerry was supposed to visit Turkey on August 24th. If he doesn't go and Biden does then that means, IMO, that there is no deal on Incirlik. Biden will just go and blow off steam...he's not a negotiator like Kerry. Knowing the perps...they don't give up...they just hide in the weeds, waiting for another "opportunity".

  4. Anyone want to bet that Erdogan is talking with the EU on the side, telling them if they let Turkey into the EU now, he'll be a good boy? Oh and BTW, toss in a few billion euros.

    1. It would certainly be in character for Erdogan to do that, Greg, but it will be his (and Turkey's) undoing if he does.

      The Russians are being very cautious in negotiations and will not move on Turkstream until thy have a cast iron contract. Russia wipe him if he makes any moves towards EU/US

  5. I agree, James. Russia pretty well owns Erdogan now that they saved his @$$. Turkey would be very foolish to let the US off the hook re the failed coup. If they allow NATO to remain in Turkey it is only a matter of time before another coup. They have to absolutely leave NATO and align with BRICS/Russia and I'm sure Putin has made that clear.

    I would like to post but the Gulf Island Marina's WIFI only allow a few moments on line and no downloading (whatever that means insofar as links/photos/information for posts is concerned. Anyway it seems I'm booted off the Internet after about half an hour or so.


    1. Shouldn't you be enjoying your holiday, Greencrow? The marina might be doing you a favour! ��

    2. Turkey looks to be taking the heat from all sides right now...
      The Biden visit is going to be interesting, telling, I'm sure of that.

  6. @Greg No one in their right mind trusts the Turks.
    If the MIT didn't answer Erdogan the night of the coup, what is the head of MIT sending a deputy to Syria for?
    Turkey's MIT Deputy Chief Visits Syria

    Some strange reports coming out of both Russia and Iran over last 36 hours concerning their using air base in Iran.

    I've got a hunch UknowWho is making threats and I wouldn't put it past them to use Gaza or Golan as blackmail either.
    I've seen nothing of state dept or even Nato making reference to Rus using Iran airbase. Only Kahal

    1. and of course Israel launched airstrikes on Syria..

  7. GC: It's hard to get away from this stuff isn't it?
    It's like a tornado sucking you into the funnel and where will it all end up?