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Nukes at Incirlik: Congressional Briefing - Power? Blockade?

I'm having a bit of difficulty accepting the continued fear mongering narrative regarding nukes and Incirlik airbase - What's the real situation with these bombs? What about the blockade? What about the power situation? Took the time to search this morning and from all reports I could find there is presently no blockade of Incirlik. The power has been on since July 23/2016. And the nukes according to a report to congress are quite safe. These nuclear bombs are very cumbersome- 12 feet long and heavy.
The information  below confirms my suspicions that a specific narrative is being created to justify or fulfill an agenda: Destabilizing Turkey:"Roll of the Dice” to Have US Nukes at Incirlik

The latest...

*Document: Brief to Congress on U.S. Nuclear Weapons in Turkey

The following is an Aug. 2, 2016 Congressional Research Service brief to Congress on U.S. nuclear weapons in Turkey.


Excerpts below: Read the report entirely at link provided

"Reports indicate that the security perimeter at Incirlik was upgraded in 2015, and includes double fencing,lighting, cameras, and intrusion detection devices. The bombs are reported to be 12 feet long and heavy. Even if someone gained access to the shelters and vaults, it would be difficult to move the bombs without proper equipment.The bombs are reportedly also equipped with Permissive Action Links (PALs), which prevent the arming and use of the weapons in the absence of an authorization code"
"At the same time, others note that, even if this scenario were possible, the perpetrators would have to achieve this goal while U.S. and NATO forces employed all means necessary, including deadly force, to recover the weapon. In other words, while one can imagine a scenario in which the weapons might be at risk, the probability of such a scenario succeeding is extremely low"
Options and Alternatives
Most experts agree that the weapons at Incirlik are not, at this time, vulnerable to theft or loss of control. But many have questioned the wisdom of the continued deployment of U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe, in general, and in Turkey, in particular"
After reading this report, it would seem most sensible that if any of these bombs went missing from Incirlik, it would be an inside (US) job!

*Turkey Removes Blockade of Incirlik Airbase July 31/2016  

*The Latest: Power restored to Incirlik air base in Turkey July 23/2016 


5:10 p.m.

U.S. officials say electric power has been restored to the Incirlik air base in southern Turkey.
The base had been operating on a backup generator since July 16, when power was shut off at all military bases in Turkey following a failed military coup
 News regarding the blockade of Incirlik and the power outage all dates back to late July

Protest at Incirlik base in Turkey doesn’t affect operations- July 29/2016

The U.S. military says operations were not affected by a demonstration outside Incirlik Air Base, where a large group had rallied on Thursday to protest the American presence at the Turkish facility.
The military was warned in advance of the protest, said to involve at least 1,000 demonstrators.

All reports of Incirlik being surrounded date back to the visit by General Dunford- The power is on. The nukes are very secure and only an insider could gain access to, let alone, move those bombs.

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  1. Same blueprint to the Pakistan nuke transports worries following the mehan airbase raid where us supplied Orions were burned.