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Post Turkey's Failed Coup: Stratfor's Tweets Confirm Transponder OFF. Yildirim is the man!

Also Dunford's visit to Incirlik, Suspicious Yildirim, Colonel at Incirlik learned about Coup from CNN , Turkeys Spymaster Hikan Fidan- Still on the job? And of course Syria.

I’ve already covered the fire, the outing of certain US generals etc. So here is where we cover some other interesting news items

Wonder if tonight- as the despicable Olympics kick off -  will yet another  attempt to take over Turkey's civilian government take place?
And then there is Syria to consider? The rebels have failed to break the siege. Is the US and Israel going to twiddle there thumbs as the plan to remake the ME falls apart.
Not to be forgotten, there is Iraq, Mosul and the Mosul Dam- I'll get to that later.

July 15 tweets pose questions on 'shadow CIA' Stratfor

We all know about the NBC news story  tweeting a claim that Erdogan tried to flee to Germany, right? How about Stratfor tweeting Erdogan’s whereabouts?

Tweets by U.S.-based firm Stratfor on the Turkish president’s flight to Istanbul from Marmaris on the night of the July 15 coup attempt have drawn attention and controversy worldwide.

On July 15, when Turkey faced a coup attempt that claimed 237 lives, Stratfor’s tweets in favor of the coup traitors and against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan drew widespread criticism.

The number of Stratfor tweets the night of the thwarted coup was prodigious.
When Erdogan's airplane was returning to Istanbul from the coastal resort of Marmaris, where the president had been vacationing, Stratfor tweeted three times about its flight path even as coup-plotters were seeking Erdogan’s location for possible assassination.
In the first tweet, Stratfor showed how Erdogan's jet was over the Sea of Marmara. In the second, Stratfor reported that Erdogan's airplane had been tracked approaching Istanbul and would likely land.
Read that second tweet what does it say?

The second tweet confirms, contrary to the nonsense promoted by the “Erdogan did it " crowd, that his planes transponders were OFF  "Erdogan's airplane transponder back on...."

 Washington's blog- A place I don't trust at all
Erdogan’s flight (the transponder was on all the time, the plane was visible on Flightradar)"
 Not according to Stratfor- the second tweet shown very clearly states ‘the transponder is back on” Which obviously tell us the transponder was OFF- for some or all of the time. I keep in mind that Washington's blog and Zero Hedge (another untrustworthy alt media site in my opinion) were both promoting the 'kick Turkey out of NATO' petition More Contrived Grass Roots/ Petition Signing Opposition to Turkey- Zaman/Gulen/CIA
Grass roots petition pushing the desired Turkish propaganda.. because horrors of horrors Turkey was curtailing Gulen's propaganda outlets and ya know 'freedom of the press' etc- Mockingbird media aside!

Stratfor keeps on propping up a story line
Contacted by Anadolu Agency, Stratfor officials were evasive when asked how they could pinpoint the exact location of the airplane and why they shared such sensitive information on a social media platform the night of the coup.

The same night Stratfor also touted a false report by U.S.-based news channel MSNBC saying that Erdogan was seeking asylum in Germany, attracting more controversy.

In addition to targeting Erdogan the night of the coup, the next day again on Twitter it shared a profile of Erdogan with inaccurate information.
In the profile, touted as “What you need to know about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan,” Stratfor reported that Erdogan had been "arrested by the military in 1999, and served four months in prison for trying to incite violence and religious or racist hatred."

After the tweet attracted a backlash, Stratfor deleted it, but not before it had swayed the minds of some of the public.

Yildirim: I have my suspicions about him and have expressed them a number of times.

As has been mentioned here- Yildirim and the CIA’s John Brenner both blamed ISIS for the Ataturk airport bombing- Nothing to back up their claims

Yildirim and the helicopter crash that took a curious amount of military brass prior to the coup attempt- Link
Yildrim says there will be a thorough investigation but announces it wasn’t terrorism (or sabotage) and it was the weather- No investigation necessary  when Yildrim is on the job!
General Dunford goes to Incirlik and who does he meet up with while in Turkey?

If you said Erdogan you would be wrong. Dunford meets up with Yildirim.
While in Turkey, Dunford will see U.S. personnel stationed at Incirlik Air Base and meet his Turkish counterpart as well as the prime minister.
The Prime Minister- the man with the executive powers- Yildirim

Dunford said Hulsi Akar was pleased with the visit and confirmed that Turkey desires to keep a broad partnership with the United States across a broad range of issues, but especially in NATO and in countering the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
The chairman said Akar assured him that Turkey will continue to provide access to Turkish bases in Incirlik and Diyabakir. These bases are key to the fight against ISIL.
NATO’s partner in Turkey, Hulsi Akar, assures Dunford access to the bases will continue-

Then Dunford, Akar and U.S. Ambassador to Turkey John Bass met with Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim
Erdogan is not mentioned anywhere in this meeting. Again, Yildirim is the man conducting official business with NATO. Same as  Davatoglu, until he resigned.

US Colonel at Incirlik, watching baseball,  learned of the coup attempt from CNN

 Do you believe that tale? I don't. I can't. When considering the use of Incirlik base the night of the coup attemp
 Late on a Friday night last month, Col. David Trucksa sat in his living quarters on the base here, watching a baseball game as he tried to unwind after a long week overseeing American airstrikes on Islamic State militants.
Then one of his deputies called.“‘Sir, you need to turn on the news — there’s something going on in Turkey,’ ” Colonel Trucksa said his deputy had told him.
“So I flipped on the channel to see what did we have — CNN, I think — and there it was: ‘Turkey Coup.’ ”
As Colonel Trucksa and other senior American military officers at the Incirlik Air Base scrambled to figure out what was happening.....
 A Turkish tanker plane from the base had apparently refueled one of the jets that the coup plotters used to conduct airstrikes as they tried to overthrow the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
 So Incirlik base... Pivotal in the coup plot and we're supposed to believe the Colonel  ONLY after being informed by a deputy learns of the coup from CNN????

Hikan Fidan:

He's still in charge- Turkey's spymaster- If Erdogan is such a dictator and has 'the power' why are Akar and Fidan staying? The author makes clear that Erdogan can't make such a decision- "any decision in this regard would be taken later following consultations with the prime minister and others" As I've reported here at the blog on numerous occasions-  Erdogan's position as President is a largely ceremonial one- All the focus by the media, alt and msm, on Erdogan's alleged power etc., is part of the obfuscation pattern of both media misleaders..

If you missed the references to Erdogan's largely ceremonial presidency..

Contained in Comment:  PennyJune 28, 2016 at 9:34 AM., Previous Post  & Last week's posting regarding changes desired needing go to Parliament for a vote, because unlike Obama or Putin, Erdogan has no power to make these changes

His number seemed to be up when he was summoned by Erdogan last Friday and, while he retained his job, the comments by the Turkish leader suggested he had much to do to keep his trust. Erdogan's comments came in the form of a Turkish idiom: “You don’t change horses midstream.”
Erdogan said that both Fidan and army chief of staff, General Hulusi Akar, would stay during what he termed a period of “transition”. He said any decision in this regard would be taken later following consultations with the prime minister and others

UPDATE: hattip rouge k
odd (at least to me )
The major who notified the Turkey’s National Intelligence Agency (MİT) early on July 15 about the failed coup attempt has been suspended from the Turkish Armed Forces
for safety? or
 "The major who notified the Turkey’s National Intelligence Agency (MİT) early on July 15 about the failed coup attempt has been suspended from the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK). The pilot major, identified as H.A., notified the intelligence agency at 2:45 p.m., after which MİT chief Hakan Fidan called Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar on the major’s notice"
Interesting cause I  mentioned Fidan & Akar in this very post..

A Syrian no-fly zone will save lives and help end the conflict
A no-fly zone would also help dampen extremism by denying terrorist groups like ISIS a key recruiting tool: the West’s perceived indifference to their suffering. Bosnia’s no-fly zone was not a panacea, but it was the first key step in giving civilians hope and humanitarian relief. That relief helped moderate Muslims counter the appeals of radical extremists and it helped preserve the core of Bosnia’s multi-ethnic and multi-religious society. It could achieve a similar feat in Syria.
Finally, a no-fly zone could help force Assad to the negotiating table, much as NATO’s intervention ultimately forced Milosevic to Dayton. By altering the dynamics on the ground, a no-fly zone could change Assad’s calculations and apply the pressure needed to force him to negotiate peace. Of course, there are differences between Bosnia and Syria, three of which are critical. First, in Syria, a no-fly zone alone would be enough to stop the leading killer of civilians – without the need for bombing. This is because, unlike in Bosnia, a no-fly zone operated from the seas rather than the skies would not require military strikes to pre-emptively target Assad’s military assets.
Second, unlike in Bosnia, in Syria human rights organisations have failed to unite behind the need for international protection. Third, the Security Council has failed to back a no-fly zone.
These failures have been used to justify inaction in Syria. They should not. The anniversary of Srebrenica offers a stark reminder of what can and does happen when states abdicate their responsibility to protect. It shouldn’t have to take another Srebrenica for the world to act on Syrians’ behalf.


  1. odd (at least to me )
    The major who notified the Turkey’s National Intelligence Agency (MİT) early on July 15 about the failed coup attempt has been suspended from the Turkish Armed Forces

    for safety? or

    1. hey rougek

      So the guy who notified the intelligence agency about the coup is suspended, but the two people who should have prevented the coup or warned about the coup are still in place....???
      Erdogan can't get rid of them and those that can (executive powers) aren't moving to get rid of them- that's Yildirim for one

      Loyalist vs the Traitors???

      btw: what did you think about the transponder of erdogans plane actually being off?

      How was Erdogan's plane tracked and who tracked it if the transponder was off- According to Andalou when they inquired. there was no response

      And! Is it credible that the colonel at incirlik had no idea that the coup was taking place??

      IMO: Once the coup plotters failed to grab or kill Erdogan it was over. Erdogan is popular in Turkey

    2. hey rouge karin

      I'm going to add that to the post, cause, that's a twist for sure

      But what worries me is the guilty players, the coup elites are still in place in Turkey..

      To my mind the coup elites are Akar, Fidan and Yildirim.... minimally

      Because despite planned changes.. nothing has changed to date.

    3. The farther this goes, the number of oddities are adding up.

      That transponder info being yet another.. and I'm actually shocked at Stratfor tweeting that info.

      I have a bad feeling about yildirim too, but have not found much info on him yet to study.

      Read 2 interesting takes at Katheon earlier and then 2 articles at pro gov Turkey news (more for lay people I think ) website

      This one says We Hate US and Europe too :/ and more or less alerts public to be even more diligent.

      what if.... they came to Erodgan and made a deal.. dump weasel and appoint Yildirim and you keep your job and we bust the coup
      You get hero status and Turkey stays intact.

      who knows :)
      what was also interesting in that article was the strong disdain for Egypt.

    4. The Yenisfak article
      I like this part:
      "US intends to destroy Turkey

      Look at the U.S. administration. Look at the country with which we have partnership in the region in every field. They want to drag a NATO ally into civil war and there is no support or at least moral support from the U.S. administration. They could not even get themselves to say, “We are on democracy's side.” On the contrary, they keep beating themselves up saying, “Damn it, our boys couldn't succeed this time.” From now on, none of our regional partnerships with the U.S. can change the fact that “Washington has a plan to destabilize and destroy Turkey.”

      I would, of course phrase it slightly differently
      They have already began to pull Turkey into a destabilzation, masquerading as civil war. Exactly like Syria- As soon as the PKK ended the ceasefire it was obvious that a destabilization via civil war was the desired outcome.

      Egypt and Turkey have difficulties
      Turkey caught Egypt supporting PKK and Egypt refused to condemn the coup attempt against Turkey

    5. Turkey namely dav hosted a few brotherhood meeting directly in wake of Egypt spirng. Then erdogan went and called for a Turkish style democracy. No love loss between th super states or as Israel might say diplomatic midgets

    6. thanks- Davatoglu was one wily character- And I did not know that!

      diplomatic midgets- Compared to the weight Israel throws around globally, it seems they (Turkey and Egypt) are that!


  2. Hi Penny, just a quick message as I'm a little bit in a hurry. I read yesterday an excellent article on a french website
    The title in english: How Putin checkmated Obama's coup in Turkey.
    It is a damn interesting read, very plausible and filling some plot holes. I will only list 2 of the interesting infos that I haven't seen covered elsewhere yet (even here)
    - Aleksandr Dugin was in Turkey shortly before the coup to brief some higher ups (Melih Gokcek major of Ankara p.ex) with intelligence allowing to see the coup coming. Because of the coup rumors the plotters were forced to act or else they would lose even the opportunity to start it.
    - One of the reason always invoked for the Erdogan auto-coup is that the F16 that had his plane ready to be shot down didn't, which, sort of, would prove that the pilots were complicit with the fake coup. Thhe article states that, in fact, Russia had all planes over Turkey targeted by at least 7 fighters and the S400 batteries is Syria and that they would shoot down everything flying over the country if anything happened to Erdogan's plane.

    I don't know where that guy has got his info, but it is really interesting. What's troubling is that the site this is on is some kind of conspiracy nut page with really ridiculous pages (alien contact and stuff), but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It's quite common that disinfo works by putting real news gems among a flow of bullshit to discredit by association.

    1. Hi Gallier:

      WizOz mentioned the presence of Dugin in Turkey (in a comment) I was unaware of his visit at that time

      It's possible that Russia had assisted with planes.. they are in the neighbourhood- we had touched on that ,again in comments, but it was quite speculative so I didn't use it in a posting

      s400's eh? could be, I have to read the article
      merci mon ami

    2. Why would Russia ever take credit for anything? What do they gain? The Russians are delicately balancing their strategic interests one of which as putin has reminded over the past few years is to not get dragged into a nuclear exchange. It is notable that Ukraine is suddenly flaring up and Croatia is also seeing tensions mount. As for the fighters it was reported in Turkey media that the planes didn't shoot erdogan down because they ran out of fuel. Curiously the stories day of had two tankers flying out of the nato. Base. ??? As for the transponders the us turns them off in the Baltic and presumably the Russians have down so as well. Russia made an overture to nato. Specifically about transponders today. And yet this recon andfighters still managed to get picked off repeatedly. It does raise an interesting corollary issue: if stratfor knew where erdogan plane was do they know where mh370 is? And if Russia did have lock on, recall the Russian pilot in the first turkey border collation specifically said he was locked on by an unnamed SAM (patriot?) what do they know about the Sinai metrojet downing? Presumably those same radars extending from the caspain across Mena plus satellites are not talking.


    Breaking news about battle for Allepo. The empires armaments are flowing to the takfiris full on.

    1. ty charles- gotta head out a pick tomatoes right now, but, when I'm done that's my next read

  4. Gallier2, good info. You beat me to the punch on the scrambling of SU30's and the locking on by the S400 batteries. Which was stated on a Russian site that concentrates on military matters. Thanks for mentioning it.

    1. * Important* Charles there is a message for you here from..

      I need to delete it asap- Leave a reply either way for BoM- If you need help you can both leave me an email, back in an older post where it won't be published. And I can pass them through
      Up to both of you and your individual comfort levels

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  6. And! Is it credible that the colonel at incirlik had no idea that the coup was taking place??


    “So I flipped on the channel to see what did we have — CNN, I think — and there it was: ‘Turkey Coup.’ ”

    Notice that phony pause, a need to think for a moment. What broadcaster did I turn to? Thinking, thinking...Oh yes! CNN. That's who had the news. CNN has been the propaganda launcher and BS peddler for well nigh thirty-six years now. The first twenty-four hour "news" caster - meaning we can saturate more people over more hours with whatever manipulation of the masses is called for.

    So, I say pfftt! He did so know about the coup before he saw it on the "news".

    1. Hey Gwen;

      I liked the part where he said he was watching a baseball game... wonder if he was eating apple pie too?

      That's an all American colonel for sure ;)

  7. Am just following the news as it happens

    BBC is reporting the terrorists made a move on Syrian forces in Aleppo- SAA says it was a fail

    "The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based monitoring group, said part of the base had been taken.

    But the Syrian army said it had repelled the assault, inflicting heavy casualties on the rebels"

    And John Kerry is going to Turkey

    Secretary Kerry’s trip, which is planned for Aug. 24, will be the first visit by a US official since Turkey’s military coup last month.

    1. Azeri Iran and russia meeting coming befor the erdogan and putin meet st Pete. caspian deal as kerry drops into eurasia pushing counterterro and trade deals?

      Now this:
      Ukrainian sabotage group suspected of attempt to kill self-proclaimed Luhansk republic head - source interfax


    Bad news on this Saturday morning. And vehicles loaded with IED's being utilized to open lines of defense? How damned long have the Syrians been engaging such tactics? The SAA command structure seem to be deficient in many ways? Putting it mildly.

  9. Take a look at the link I left in comments at your previous post regarding the capture of fleeing populace from Kirkuk.

    Hope the tomatos were delicious, btw. My wife and I grew specialty produce for markets and restaurants for a number of years in southern New Jersey prior to selling our home and property. Yep, NJ does have rural areas and the best soils for tomatos and much more ever. I miss those tomatos very much. It's wonderful that you grow your own.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.


    More bad news. Better news coming.


    SAA reinforcements amassing for counter offensive at seized military base. Russian and Syrian Airforces beginning massive bombing. Disgusting overall as the entire city of Aleppo is being systematically destroyed. The number of non-combatants being maimed and killed will mount.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. For a chuckle at the look on US Ambassador John Bass's face and his repeating how "shocked and dismayed" he is about allegations. I laughed at how weak it sounds.

    Last paragraph is interesting:
    “I’ve spent a lot of my time over the last couple of weeks talking to U.S. companies about the investment climate here, about the climate for Americans in Turkey, and I’ve been hearing from a lot of companies about their concerns that this upsurge in anti-Americanism potentially will have an impact on their businesses,” he said.

    This trend will continue. Turkey is now the enemy and escalation will grow of financial 'fall from grace'
    Bad economy means angry, hungry citizens.

    Textbook "how to make a revolution" tactics..
    over the centuries, even the French Revolution.. same interests.
    This is how they broke up Europe . The smaller the 'countries' the easier to control After the Treaty of Versailles ( strongly recommended research ) they had set everything up for WWII, Lloyd George even make a statement saying as much.
    Divide and Conquer.
    There were 19 jewish 'advisers' at that months long session in Paris who basically wrote the Treaty.

    1. RK,
      There is an article at Press News quoting the us ambassador on the complete innocencce of the empire in promoting and/or organizing the coup. He states empire would gain no benefit by being behind the coup and essentially destabilizing Turkey. GAG! How the likes of he, kerry and obama manage to keep a straight face as they spew such hog-wash is amazing. Got to be the drugs?

    2. Go backand read the transcript of his confirmation. Bass that is.


      Interesting background the former ambassador. Hastert was also known to be close to turkey.

    4. Pipe juust exploded in Iran bushehr

  15. North Africa World News:
    Air Algerie flight AH1020 declares mid-air emergency on journey from Algiers to Marseille ‘then disappears from radar’

    Busy day in N. Africa and ME.

  16. Penny, Read this the other day and luckily I saved it
    Think you might glean a little on background from a couple of points he makes on Gulen, kurds, Fidan etc ?

    Gülen and the claim of ‘moderate’ Islam

  17. They only say from a newspaper (source) in Turkey
    Paper: Erdogan is after NATO's 'Secret Army' led by US & UK that stages False Flags
    I use this source some, it's pretty credible and anti 'west'

  18. Oh boy, do I have catching up to do today!
    thanks everybody
    yesterday was one of 'those days'


    It's something all of your readers already have surmised. Confirmation though.

    1. Thanks Charles. Yet another piece of information that points to US involvement