Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Russian Helicopter Shot down by US TOW- Chlorine attack retribution?

I would say, yes, the helicopter was shot down with US weapons. And possibly by NATO special operatives embedded with terrorists. As mentioned yesterday- I'll relink recent related posts at the bottom.
No group has claimed responsibility for shooting down the helicopter. Islamic State fighters are not active in the area, but there are other Islamist rebel groups there, as well as moderates backed by the United States and its allies.

That raises the prospect -- which could cause a major diplomatic incident -- of the helicopter having been brought down by a U.S.-supplied weapon. The United States has equipped some rebel groups with TOW anti-tank missiles, which can also be used against helicopters.
That's a close as we'll get to a msm acknowledgement the helicopter was shotdown with US weapons, given to terrorists- Because the US does support terrorists.

Chlorine Retribution? Nonsense

You can always trust the BBC ..NOT!
Not stated, just implied, because the story is an absurd fabrication
-About 30 people were affected by the attack, which took place in Saraqeb in Idlib province. It is not clear who was responsible. 
-On Monday, a Russian military helicopter was shot down near Saraqeb.

BBC's proof, be outraged, be very outraged
The chlorine story is a fabrication. Completely. Some hazy image of a guy with a mask on his face does not make the case.

Russia denies the claims, but, frankly Russsia’s denial is unnecessary. The story is false

The media in all probability began the chlorine retribution fabrication to distract from the vastly more likely, more fact based news, that a US TOW missile, given to terrorists by the US was used to shoot down the Russian helicopter, killing all inside, verified to have been delivering aid to Syrian civilians.

Russia's Most Advanced Spyplane Deployed to Syria, again

The Tu-214R is the most modern Russian ISR (Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) aircraft.
Equipped with sensors to perform ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) and SIGINT (Signal Intelligence) missions as well as with all-weather radar systems and electro-optical sensors that produce photo-like imagery of a large parts of the ground the special mission aircraft, the aircraft can fly multiple intelligence gathering missions: it can intercept and analyse signals emitted by targeted systems (radars, aircraft, radios, combat vehicles, mobile phones etc) while collecting imagery that can be used to identify and pinpoint the enemy forces, even if these are camouflaged or hidden.
Built by KAPO (Kazan Aircraft Production Association) and flown from the company’s airfield in Kazan, the Tu-214R registered RA-64514, serial number 42305014, the second of the two examples of this kind of aircraft built under contract with Russia’s Ministry of Defense (the other being serialled RA-64511), deployed to Latakia airbase in Syria, between Feb. 15 and 29, 2016.
Interestingly, RA-64514 has not finished with Syria yet: on Jul. 29, the aircraft flew from Moscow to Syria, where it landed at 3.23AM LT, as the Flightradar24.com ADS-B tracking show.
Read the rest at Aviationist link above

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  1. Definitely a US supplied TOW. Or surface to air missle which they provided to their new best friend ex-Al'Nusra terrorist grouping. Possibly not provided directly by the US, more probable via SA or factions within Turkey. When will Russia come to the realization that US will stop at nothing.

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  3. South Front recently reported a number of Syrian and Kurdish tanks were destroyed by TOW Anti-Tank missles fired by the "we're no longer Al-Nusra" US/Saudi allied terrorists. The weapons flood gate is fully opened now that the takfiris are fighting for their survival.

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  5. https://southfront.org/syrian-war-report-august-1-2016-jihadists-attempt-to-break-aleppo-siege/

  6. https://southfront.org/syrian-war-report-august-1-2016-jihadists-attempt-to-break-aleppo-siege/

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  7. Receipt confirmed, though I am at a bit a loss as to exactly what is infered. Or what is being referred to exactly "