Friday, August 26, 2016

Sputnik: "I Mediated Secret Talks Between Turkey and Syria"

It appeared as if Russia, Syria and Iran were all aware that Turkey was going into Syria. As was the US.  From earlier today: Erdogan & Putin Agree to Accelerate Delivery of Aid to Aleppo

In an interview with Sputnik, Ismail Hakki Pekin, former head of the intelligence unit of the Chief of Staff of the Turkish army, said that he took part in five behind-the-scenes meetings with representatives of the Syrian intelligence services. He did not conduct formal talks, but instead served as a mediator between Turkey and Syria.

"I took part in five meetings involving representatives of Turkey and Syria. We held the talks to assess the situation in general and determine whether bilateral relations could be restored," he said. "Much in the same way that Turkey held negotiations with Russia."
Two of the meetings took place in 2015 and three were held this year, he added.
 "At that time we had no information regarding any official talks between Ankara and Damascus. If they took place, [President Bashar al-Assad] or someone from the Syrian intelligence services would have told us."
Why would he think that he would be informed of official talks? That's his opinion, might be accurate, might not be. What's most important is that Syria and Turkey were holding talks equal to those held between Russia and Turkey

The informal meetings primarily revolved around the situation in Syria at the time and security measures, he added.
"We talked to representatives of the Syrian intelligence services. They told us about what was happening in Syria, about the prospects of restoring relations between Turkey and Syria, about working on a joint security concept. We discussed possible steps that Ankara and Damascus could take towards each other," he explained.
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  1. Yes, there more going on behind the curtain then lame stream press will carry.

  2. I always thought Ria was a good source of news in Russia, and Sputnik is the 'new' Ria.
    Recently I found out they are 5th column as is RT who I stopped trusting a good while back.
    They are merchants of cultural marxism to the inth degree.

    Russia Insider not really
    Doran nope
    I don't even give page hits to the 2 above.

    Sputnik is banned in Turkey and trying to get back in. I take them, and RT, with a grain of salt
    Just saying :)

  3. Is the Greater Kurdistan Project Dead? Kerry and Lavrov Declare “Kurds must remain a part of the Syrian state”

  4. Penny, Seems Turkey is pulling multiple legs with their Euphrates shield ploy ?

    fars - yes, I know :)
    thought I had figured out why Russia keeps insisting Kurds be in on the talks
    possibly to establish w/ 'coalition' and US/EU In Writing that no 'kurdistan'state' will be declared and no dividing up Syria territory and sovereignty (?)
    then again, maybe I haven't ;)

    1. Given lavrov quote yesterday about the inability of the us to sort through moderates and non moderates, surely Russia isn't holding out much confidence in a promise of no declaration. Pristina beckons.


      Aker again, this time the Russian postpone a visit.