Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Syria Shifts Stance Toward Kurds? No. Only Media Narrative Shifted

Syria Shifts Stance Toward Kurds

The WSJ wants you to believe.. Syria has shifted it's stance towards the Kurds- It hasn't.
WSJ wants you to know that Syria and Turkey are in alignment on the Kurdish issue and this cannot be tolerated- victim/kurd meme and all.
wsj in red.
"After years of tacitly allowing the creation of an autonomous Kurdish region in northern Syria, President Bashar al-Assad’s regime is treating the ethnic minority’s growing power as a threat"
Did Bashar al Assad's government tacitly allow the creation of a Kurdish region? Not from anything I've ever read!-
"Syria is now describing the Kurds in terms similar to those used by Turkey, which has been a staunch supporter of Syrian rebels fighting against Mr. Assad.

Forces loyal to the regime have been clashing with Kurds in the northeastern Syrian city of Hasakah for more than a week. The fighting continued on Monday, with Kurds advancing amid failed attempts to broker a cease-fire"
Bear in mind that NATO's ISIS shock troops moved into vast swathes of territory in both Iraq and Syria. Territory, that suspiciously coincided with the NATO/Israel desired Kurdistan.. The US/NATO global terror army then 'fought' ISIS with their besties PKK/YPG who claimed the land as their own- I've discussed this for years now. Tacit approval? I must have missed it? Claims that SAA and Kurds didn't fight one another? False. They sure did. 

Digression---Quotes from Assad regarding the kurds and their annexation. From here and here
 However, he stressed the Kurds “are not allies at this stage, as some suggest."
He then expands on the Kurdish issue at greater length, but, most importantly:
 There are things which would relate to the entire population, to the constitution, and the people should endorse these demands before a decision can be taken by the state. In any case, anything proposed should be in the national framework.
Assad knows what the demands are, yet he states, the entire population/constitution should endorse these demands before a decision can be taken by the state.
Assad again :Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says Kurdish demands in Syria can be discussed after uniting to defeat Islamic extremists, promising he is open to any proposal as long as the country’s territorial integrity remains intact. “We should unite in order to fight IS,
Did the Kurds and SAA unite to fight IS? No they did not! The Kurds united with NATO.

Digression over, back to WSJ 
"Syrian airstrikes on Kurdish areas were rare ( "rare" Says WSJ,  no quantification of 'rare' Once a week? 10 times a month? No explantion of "rare"  However, the use of rare informs us that airstrikes have taken place previously!) before last week. But on Thursday, regime warplanes bombed an area of Hasakah near American special operations forces and fighters from the U.S.-backed and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, who have been fighting Islamic State. The airstrikes prompted the U.S. to scramble jets and issue an unusual warning to the regime.
The regime’s shift comes amid a warming of relations between Turkey and Mr. Assad’s allies Russia and Iran. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow this month followed by a visit by Turkey’s foreign minister to Iran"
There is no shift? The media wants you to believe there was a shift. Assad was not on board with the Kurdish terrorism and had in fact bombed the terrorists on previous occasions. 

"Kurdish leaders see the regime’s new aggression toward their forces as a sign of a rapprochement between Syria and Turkey in a conflict with constantly shifting alliances"
This is what you are supposed to believe- this sudden 'shift' is because Syria & Turkey are suddenly on the same page. Syria was never on board with the creation of a Kurdish state annexed out of Syria- so the bombing in Hasakah had nothing to do with Syria/Turkey rapprochement

"A Syrian army statement that followed the Hasakah airstrikes used rhetoric that was similar to Turkey’s. It referred to the police force of the Kurdish autonomous region as “the military wing of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party”—the separatist group that Turkey has been fighting for more than two decades"
Oh dear, Syria is just like Turkey. Bad, bad, bad!!.... And we all know, 'cause the media and it's liars have informed us Turkey broke the ceasefire with the Kurdish militias- Except they didn't.

Turkey has long accused the main Syrian Kurdish militia, YPG, of being one and the same as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK.
 That's because they are- PKK = YPG
The Syrian army statement said it was determined “to protect the unity of Syria’s lands,” according to state media, an apparent reference to Kurdish aspirations for their own state.

Turkey views any regional Kurdish ambitions as emboldening the PKK, which both Ankara and Washington classify as a terrorist group.
“The regime has evidently come to the understanding that a Kurdish [autonomous zone] will form a threat to the regime,” Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said in an interview this past weekend, referring to the clashes in Hasakah.
President Erdogan has previously called repeatedly for Mr. Assad to step down and said the Syrian leader should be tried for state terrorism at the International Criminal Court. But Turkey has softened its tone lately, with Mr. Yildirim saying on Saturday that his government must accept that Mr. Assad remains a person of influence in Syria and that he might continue to play a role during a transitional stabilization period.
WSJ admits YPG/PKK connections:
"Many senior YPG commanders have in fact trained and fought alongside the PKK for years. But the U.S., which relies on the YPG as the most effective fighting force against Islamic State in Syria, has sought to distinguish between the two militias.

The YPG along with its political arm have used the war against Islamic State to expand the territories in Syria under Kurdish control, including leading battles in predominantly Arab areas to link up two separate Kurdish cantons"
The establishment of an autonomous Kurdish region was only made possible by Syrian regime forces withdrawing earlier in the war from predominantly Kurdish areas and allowing Kurdish political groups and militias to take over government institutions. The withdrawal was strategic, as the Syrian regime was stretched thin fighting rebels and later Islamic State militants on multiple fronts.
In Hasakah Syria maintained control of government institutions and territory- contrary to WSJ claims. Though the  major withdrawal, was unavoidable due to the multi front attack the US/Israel/NATO brought onto Syria
“The regime’s policy previously was to avoid clashes [with Kurds], since the priority was fighting the [rebel] forces supported by Turkey,” said Ahmad Hisso Araj, a Kurdish spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces.
So the Kurdish spokesperson can be expected to tell us the truth? Or the version of events the Kurds want you and I to have in our minds?  Notice the narrative includes the 'bad turkey' meme? We already know Assad stated explicitly no annexed version of Kurdistan. We know that the SAA had bombed the Kurds on previous occasions- We know the SAA had fought against the Kurds on previous occasions. We know the Kurds have an agenda of their own, alongside their buddies in Israel, should we expect them to tell us the unvarnished truth?

UPDATE: Carnegie Middle East 
 "Mansour argued that Turkey has been attacking Kurdish groups in northern Syria, such as the YPG, as it perceives them as a bigger existential threat than the Islamic State. According to Mansour, Turkey's actions in Syria are meant to stop any Kurdish advancements. He also believes that Turkey could reach out to former foes like Russia or the Assad regime to stop the Kurds from gaining territory. Mansour explained that it is doubtful that President Erdogan of Turkey will change course in Syria as he no longer needs Kurds as electoral allies and that even before the Syrian conflict, Turkey and the Syrian government were in agreement over the Kurdish issue"
Even before the Syrian conflict Turkey and the Syrian government were in agreement over the Kurdish issue...


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    in the past few weeks, corruption accusation in Baghdad as Sadr ramps up his demands for technocrats yet again

    “The Iraqi army and Sunni tribesmen will be spearheading the offensive, with Peshmerga and Turkmen forces bringing up the rear. Coalition air forces will provide air cover. The Peshmerga said they would not enter the center of Mosul arguing because it just won’t be right for Kurds to take control of an Arab city,” Helgurd Hikmet said. He also said that said that Americans didn’t

    Human rights campaign around Kurd in Iran 26Jul16

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      Now a picture of him being taken down in the Ministry?


      Russian convicted in Armenai of the killing of 7 family members yesterday
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      Crimea suing Ukraine for looting?
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      Kyrgz former president calls for reunification for EEU states

      China sending troops into Syria serves the Eurasia nexus. Kurdistan only exacerbates the problem. Would Brzezinski or Morrell kill Chinese covertly too?

    3. Pentagon said Aug. 15 that it is committed to conducting the Manbij operations against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) “in accordance with commitments made between the United States and Turkey.” “We have been clear with all elements of this operation that the aim is to defeat [ISIL] in Manbij and return it to the control and governance of the local population,” Pentagon spokesman Adrian Rankine-Galloway said. Çavuşoğlu stated Aug. 15 that he expects Kurdish forces contributing to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to pull back from the east of the Euphrates River upon the completion of the Manbij operation against ISIL, as promised by the U.S.

      US .mil communications made clear that it wasn't responsible for those ISIS escapees, rather those decisions were made by local Kurd commanders

      Davutoğlu deputy arrested

    4. anonymous link person thanks I've been reading and bookmarking myself so...
      some of that info I am familiar with but will look at the rest

  3. Don't know if you saw it yet, but Katehon says Russia approves Turkey operation in Syria

    1. isn't that interesting..

      I wondered also if Turkey hadn't moved today because of the Biden visit- a sort of flippin Joe the bird

      I saw some video of Joe Biden talking and I don't know him all that well- however- I wondered if he was medicated or intoxicated?

      he seemed dull- other times I have seen him talk he was more animated and lively- just an observation

  4. What is happening in Turkey today? Erdogan meeting with Biden and Barzani on same day. Tanks crossing into Syria to back Free Syrian Army. They are saying the Kurds need to get back on other side of river which appears to be the line of Greater Kurdistan. Very bad news in my opinion. I wrote about this today. what do you think? (and why is this thing not recognizing my name (willyloman)?)

    1. Hey all and willy too!
      Erdogan met Barzani yesterday, to my knowledge?

      I'm following the news on Turkey's move and I'm not certain it is as presented..
      Plus I'm freezing tomatoes and doing other work including baking a cobbler- then the lawn needs cutting...
      It's on my mind though, I'm telling you, it's on my mind..


    The poor, poor kurds as victims again. Made me gag. Accussing Turkey of illegal aggression while the kurdish thugs ally themselves with the US/NATO terror organization who are illegally in Syria in violation of every principle of international law. Sick..

  6. Ally? If you are about and can assist would you let us know what is going on in Turkey right now- What are the sentiments?
    General talk wrt this move into Syria?
    Anything that might shed a different or more broad perspective on the situation?
    Much obliged Ally!

    1. It seems that idiot Erdogan has bern conned. He could have asked Assad for permission for the Turkish army to enter Syria & prevent Kurds from taking the north. He couldn't do that as he would lose face infront of his village idiot supporters.
      Instead he send a bunch of jihadis to Jarablus, SDF/YPG refuses to withdraw, despite US warnings, Turkey say they will take necessarry action if they don't. Ergo, this will end in a massive war, bloodbath, between Turkey & YPG. Turkey will be cast as the bad guys, & a now fly zone imposed on them. Erdogan has killed the Turkish Republic with his actions today.
      Had he been wise, he would have worked with Russia, Iran & Syria to find a solution, but now doom awaits Turkey.

    2. There is reporting that Turkey's intelligence guy went to Damascus- so perhaps they did discuss this move with Assad?

      Oh to be a fly on the wall sometimes...

    3. Assad gave Turkey the nod to invade Syria, all statements coming from Syria are just to save face. Intelligence guy Hakan Fidan went to Damascus the day before to talk to Syrian officials. There also hasn't been any statements from Russia and Iran condeming Turkey-Erdogan informes Russia as well. Turkey and Syria are just giving face saving statements.
      Not much Penny. People are just worried that this war is spreading to Turkey. Everyday there are PKK bombings and sometimes Isis. People are more worries about Erdogan bombing the Pyd as he can't even deal with the threat in Turkey. They are ok with him bombing Isis but the Kurdish issue is much more dangerous as it has the potential to start wwiii

    4. They have been wantinf him to bomb isis for ages, but the Jurdish militias is more worrying as they are very strong and have a lot of support

  7. All of this twisting and turning just to hide that World Jewry's fantasy of an Eretz Israel is coming true.

    If you haven't read Oded Yinon's plan to expand the Israeli empire, then all should.