Thursday, August 18, 2016

Updated! :Syrian Airstrikes on Kurd Terrorists (NATO backed) in Stolen/Annexed Syrian Territory

Early reporting, but, if anyone can assist?

Of course the NATO media is calling this "kurdish held", which is misleading and intentionally so. The REALITY? It's all Syrian territory.
The "kurdish held" is illegally and unlawfully ANNEXED territory- Stolen Land.
Belonging to multitudes of displaced ethnically cleansed persons-  Annexed by Kurdish terrorists supported by NATO bombing campaigns under the guise of fighting "ISIS"

Here is your obfuscated news....

"Syrian government aircraft bombed Kurdish positions in the divided northeastern city of Hasakeh on Thursday, the first such strikes against a Kurdish-held area of Syria, a monitor said.
At least six Kurdish positions were hit, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.
An AFP correspondent saw government aircraft target several Kurdish positions in the city, which has seen heavy clashes between Kurdish fighters and pro-government militia since Wednesday"

Also: This is not Syrian Kurdistan- no matter what the terrorists who stole the land and ethnically cleansed the persons living there call it! In fact it acknowledged this is north/eastern Syria right in the ekurd article

Airstrikes in "Syrian Kurdistan"
 "Syrian government warplanes bombed Kurdish-controlled areas of the city of Hasaka in Syrian Kurdistan [northeastern Syria] on Thursday for the first time"

SOHR and ekurd fail to mention this was a response to an attack by the Kurdish terrorist militias.. so I'll mention it right below: 

 hattip to Charles and anonymous!


And now the Kurds are making trouble in the north-east of Syria:
 "Al-Hasakah, Syria (3:00 A.M.) Intense clashes broke-out in the provincial capital of the Al-Hasakah Governorate tonight after Kurdish police (Asayish) attacked the National Defense Forces’ (NDF) positions near the city-center. 

No reason was given for the surprise Asayish attack on the NDF; however, the former decided to arrest a large number of pro-government fighters and civilians after storming their positions"

It should be very, very clear why the moniker KurdIShIS has been used here for oh, so long.

KurdIShIS, KurdIShIS, KurdIShIS- US Backed Kurds Let ISIS Leave Manbij

 Kurds/ISIS= the right hand vs the left hand of the same string puller (in Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran does not necessarily apply to North Africa)

                                                               NATO Global Terror Entity
Kurds ................ ISIS

Digression: Tomorrow is "World Humanitarian Day"?
“Tomorrow is World Humanitarian Day, but in Syria we witness conflict, attacks, barrel bombs, chlorine gas, air strikes and suicide attacks,” de Mistura told reporters in Geneva on Aug. 18.
Perhaps August 19th would be a good day to consider abolishing the UN- the shiny happy face of NATO/Global Corp? That would be very, very beneficial to all humans, 'cause from where I'm sitting the UN hasn't done one bit of good in this world.

Digression ended back to the airstrikes on Kurdish terrorist positions
 "The Kurds, who control much of northeastern and northern Syria along the Turkish border where they have proclaimed an autonomous Kurdish region, recently demanded that the pro-government National Defense Forces disband in Hasakeh.

A government source in the city told AFP that the air strikes were “a message to the Kurds that they should stop this sort of demand that constitutes an affront to national sovereignty.”

While the YPG is a key U.S. ally in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Turkey considers the group as a terrorist"
Clearly Syria isn't looking to fondly on the NATO backed Kurdish thugs either!


  1. Read this couple of days ago. It's lengthly, but informative
    NED the Legal Window of CIA

    Russia just branded McCain's NGO IRI undesirable and it's mentioned in that expose and helped me remember to drop it off.

  2. Iraq has granted Russia use of their airspace


    Latest. Syrian airforce boms kurdish terrorist positions. Escalation continues on all fronts.

  4. Posted the above because there are embedded videos. Not to be redundant.