Thursday, August 11, 2016

Turn On, Tune In, Play Pokemon Go (Drop Out)

Addiction created and exploited

 Pokemon Go gets inside your brain
 Pokémon Go is linked to your GPS, and when you pass near a Pokémon, gym, or pokéstop, it gives you a little buzz. “You’re then rewarded by a new Pokémon or some items,” says Madigan

It’s very basic psychological conditioning.”

Which is disconcerting, but maybe you could use an excuse to get up and go for a walk”
Classical (Psycological) Conditioning and Why It Matters
The most important thing to remember is that classical conditioning involves automatic or reflexive responses. What does this mean? For one thing, that means that the only responses that can be elicited out of a classical conditioning paradigm are ones that rely on responses that are naturally made by the animal (or human) that is being trained. Also, it means that the response you hope to elicit must occur below the level of conscious awareness - for example, salivation, nausea, increased or decreased heartrate, pupil dilation or constriction, or even a reflexive motor response (such as recoiling from a painful stimulus). In other words, these sorts of responses are involuntary.

As the Pokemon player (test subject/victim) is becoming- psychologically conditioned- the responses are captured via the ‘smart’ phone.

Pokémon Go Will Make You Crave Augmented  (UN)Reality

 John Hanke said. Hanke is the C.E.O. of Niantic, which was then a project inside Google
Hanke has long been interested in mapping and the interplay of our physical and digital worlds. He was the founder of Keyhole, a startup that was acquired by Google and renamed Google Earth. During our conversation, he pointed out that Google Earth was made possible by a convergence of digital photography, broadband networks, mapping, and the small near-Earth satellites that emerged around that time. Augmented reality, he said, is on a similar track—powerful smartphones, faster and more robust networks, a new generation of computer infrastructure, and data collection are all converging.

If Pokemon Go is what you need to go for a walk, I’m telling you there is something wrong with you!

If the beauty of our home planet and the gift of you're life is not enough to inspire you to get out for a walk... Or a bike ride.
Grow a garden.  Create something beautiful. Spend time actually talking with friends and family? Then in my opinion your missing the point of being alive and present in the real world

Slavery By Consent

Aldous Huxley was not 'warning us'- He was actively involved in exploring that which we allow to control us

Hans Utter- Pokemon Go and Social Control

Timothy Leary and Marshall McLuhan came up with the phrase to promote the use of LSD/cultural degradation/ perception management aka mind control.


  1. Thought it was about time I mentioned this...

  2. Here's a wonderful antidote! He doesn't have very many videos but what he does have is amazing. His channel on youtube is called 'primitive technology'.

    He also has a blog where he elaborates more. Quite impressive!

  3. You are welcome. I will check out the channel and blog. thanks

    1. Heck, for all I know he may be a CIA cyborg. If so, still very impressive.

      I love that he doesn't speak or use music! He said that he'd decided not to do any of that because it's not necessary. He wanted to make his videos 'pure demonstration'. We don't even know his name. And yes, I believe he said on his blog that his you tube channel is monetized.

      Please don't let me think about this too hard.