Friday, August 12, 2016

Failed Turkish Coup Attempt- Putting the Turkish/Israeli Detente at Risk?

Well, well, well....
Readers here will recall when the big Israeli Turkish rapprochement was announced I was less then enthusiastic. In fact it could be stated I was downright suspicious. The deal was a total dud for Turkey.

Digression.....Let's go back to the June 27/2016 post- Take note this alleged kiss and make up took place a bit more then two weeks ahead of the failed coup (about 19 days ahead of the coup)
As I  stated in this very  post: Turkey & Israel’s Illusory Rapprochement? Appearances ARE Deceiving !! If you didn't read it then you may want to read it now?
After paying particular attention to the news of Turkey and Israel making nice to one another. I’ve come to the conclusion that whoever did the negotiating for Turkey- negotiated AGAINST Turkish interests. By Turkish interests I am referencing the nationalist state of Turkey
This one sided agreement greatly benefits ISRAEL!

An unnamed public official from Turkey is cited repeatedly. I cannot verify if the official is actually from Turkey. Or NATO. There is no information what so ever on the unnamed individual alleged to be from Turkey. While Benjamin Netanyahu is mentioned as is John Kerry
 The deal won’t end the tight controls Israel imposed on Gaza’s borders in 2007 to hold Hamas militarily in check—a concession Turkey had demanded.
A concession Turkey demanded but failed to have granted!

Then the gift of all gifts was granted to Israel!

 Turkey to drop it's objection to Israel being officially a part of NATO
The agreement on normalization obliges Turkey to promote integration of Israel into the international organizations where the Turkish side has its membership, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu  stated, RIA Novosti reported. He particularly indicated that the rapprochement of two countries has already led to the fact that Ankara withdrew objections against opening of an Israeli Mission to the NATO headquarters in Brussels. Last month, Israel has received Alliance’s proposal to open permanent mission in Brussels and accepted this invitation.
 As of right now, I believe no one negotiated on Turkey's behalf

Digression ended, now to the latest:

Keep this thought in mind as you continue to read: Was the reconciliation between Israel and Turkey made/planned/cemented in advance of the planned coup? It appears so. According to the author of the piece directly below- the failed coup has jeopardized the make up

Yossi Melman for Middle East Eye
 Yossi Melman is an Israeli security and intelligence commentator and co-author of  Spies Against Armageddon.
"The failed coup in Turkey and subsequent events are having a strong effect on Israeli-Turkish relations, namely they have put a complete freeze on the reconciliation process between the two countries.
Externally, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is preoccupied in increasing its war against the Kurds and mending his relations with Russia’s Putin. His limited span of attention is excluding Israel. 
“Nothing happens on our front for good and bad,” I was told by a senior source in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
“At least we aren’t any longer bashed by Erdogan as he used to do. And unlike the accusation levelled by the Turkish-controlled media against the US and the EU, Israel isn’t accused of any plots and involvement in the revolt."
According to the source, “the relations are on hold and the agreement is not implemented, but on the other hand, we keep getting messages from Ankara that nothing has changed and that they are committed to agreement”.

Turkish needs

"The reconciliation agreement contains diplomatic, economic and security-related topics. The most annoying clause from the Israeli side is the readiness is to pay $20m to the Turkish families of the victims.
Just for the perspective, Israel reluctantly paid relatively less to the victims’ families of the USS Liberty, a spy ship of the US’s National Security Agency which sailed near the Sinai Peninsula coastline during the 1967 war. The Israeli Air Force mistook the Liberty for an enemy ship, attacked it and killed 34 crewmen"
 Poor Israel and those annoying reparations to those they have killed. Boohoo. Doncha know reparations are supposed to go one way and one way only!
"However, Turkey needed the agreement much more than Israel did"
 I think Israel needed this agreement much more then Turkey and someone made sure that Israel got it
"Another important success for the Israeli government is the fact that the siege of Gaza has not been lifted. Unlike Erdogan’s claims and boasts, Turkish humanitarian aid to Gaza will be sent via the Israeli port of Ashdod.
There it will be inspected, making sure that indeed it is only humanitarian in nature – food, medications, toys – and transported by Israeli trucks like all supplies to Gaza. One such shipment was sent by Turkey after the Rome agreement and days before the military rebellion.
There are also other security benefits for Israel which have been ignored or barely reported"
Except for here, by me. I noticed no other coverage of Israel's gift of NATO inclusion via who ever agreed to this from TurkeyAnd, yes, It was Israel that needed this agreement. Here's where I really think  about F. Gulen and the Gulenist cult followers in Turkey & their condemnation of the present day civilian government of Turkey along with their sycophantic attitude towards Israel.

Yossi continues "Turkey has also promised not to oppose the inclusion of Israel in NATO events and in other international forums"

Yup, as mentioned in the June 27th post!
 Mossad officials met regularly with their MIT colleagues either in Ankara or Istanbul or in Tel Aviv. During some of these sessions, senior MIT officials in charge of monitoring the PKK even felt at ease and close enough to ask their Israeli counterparts if they would be willing to help them to assassinate Kurdish terrorists.The Israelis listened politely, usually didn’t comment and ignored the requests.
If these types of conversations actually took place ( doubtful) it was not due to any superior morality on the part of Mossad  that they ignored the  alleged requests- It was because the PKK and Israel are besties- Partners in crime.

Yossi thinks the coup fail is bad for Israel. Interesting, no?


  1. If Israel admits that the failure of the coup is 'bad for Israel' it indirectly reveals what the coup was meant to achieve.
    "Turkey may finally be 'accepting the inevitable' in Syria"

    1. Hi WizOz

      yes, it does wizoz- It indirectly reveals that the coup, if succesful, would have been very beneficial to Israel.

      In fact I'm wondering if this deal with Israel was not concocted in anticipation of a successful coup

    2. yes, Penny, that suspicion crossed my mind also.

      btw PKK strikes again
      Ruling party official kidnapped, killed in Turkey's southeast

      killed a leader of AKP

    3. BUZZFEED does full page pics of kurds + a 'few arabs' LIBERATING (barf) Manjib

      one huge Kurd Commercial.. women crying, kids laughing Kurds kissing foreheads, hugging each other in victory, and Yup , even carrying little children ( woman appeal)

      meanwhile, yesterday Erdogan said he was counting on US keeping to their promise of removing Kurds from "West of Euphrates"
      or else ?

    4. I think that entire photo session was staged. The photographer was from Reuters, which we all knows what means.
      Hundres of women & children were massacred in Manbij in vicious bombings, 2000 civillians were kidnapped by ISIS when they left. I will bet there are no Arabs left in that city, what happened there was ethnic cleansing.

    5. I thought of the 2000K that had been kidnapped after I wrote that. Yes,
      I've stayed away from all stories ( which is bad, I know) of their(SDF kurds) operations mostly and even if I read them at Farsnews, I never tweet anything positive about kurds period.

      Yes, Reuters ( now officially called Thompson Reuters- Thompson is Canadian and an extremely rich woman indeed. I could go into why I suspicion she is jewish, but not knowing if anyone cares or not, I won't waste the effort )
      Anywhere bad things happen, it seems Reuters have an inside line.

  2. The source? What source? Turkey may finally be accepting the inevitable in Syria? How very profound? Considering the sorce, business insider? A charter member of the anglo-zionist controlled mainstream media. The reality being: Who don't know that? Their target audience? Thank god for blogs as your own. Truthfull information, provided before the manipulation of the message occurs.

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