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US Led Coalition Plans Two Pronged Attack Against ISIS in Raqqa and Mosul

This is interesting to contemplate, again. AGAIN? Yup!
It's been mentioned previously that moves were being made a few months back, coordinated moves in Raqqa and Mosul

Friday May 27/2016:Leafletting Mosul Ahead of Annexation Operations- Coordinating with Raqqa?
“It appears the US and company are making their move on Mosul!
Clearly tied to coincide with the move on Raqqa, Syria. Or shall we say, annexation of Raqqa? Yah, I'm good with that!  Raqqa home to yet another dam. Tabqua Dam. And it's a big one.”
Tuesday May 31/2016: PKK/YPG Militias Annex More Syria Territory - Heading for Tabqua Dam
"He said the target of the offensive was the town of Tabqa and its adjacent dam on the Euphrates River, which lie some 40 kilometres (25 miles) upstream"
It seemed this two for one attack was a possibility. I surely got to thinking this kind of double pronged attack might be in the works.

Mosul and Raqqa- Two nations. Iraq and Syria. Two Dams. Mosul and Tabqa  Potential for catastrophe? Astronomical!

So naturally this little gem caught my eye:

“The U.S.-led coalition plans to place simultaneous military pressure on the Islamic State's two critical strongholds in Iraq and Syria to thwart the militant group's grip in the region, a top U.S. commander said.
 Thwart the militant groups grip- absurd.. My readers know this has always been about annexing Syrian, Iraqi territory for Israel 2.0 /Kurdistan. I’ve written about this extensively.

Conducting offensives at about the same time in Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, and in Raqqa, the Islamic State’s de facto capital in Syria, will force the militants to choose which city to defend and undermine their ability to control their forces. The plan also calls for coordinating ground offensives in both cities.

“If we’re able to do simultaneous operations in and synchronize the Mosul piece and the Raqqa piece, think about the problem that generates for (the Islamic State),” Air Force Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Harrigian said”
This generates no real problems for IS. This is not a fight against ISIS and it never was. This is a carving up of the middle east and asia-  Sykes- Picot 2.Under the guise of fighting some rebranded, freshly marketed,  version of an older terror group. This is creating Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 a new NATO terror state.
“I think we have an opportunity there,” Harrigian said in an interview this week with USA TODAY, his first since recently assuming command of air operations in the Middle East.

“They’ve been presented with an opportunity to come at the Islamic State from both sides,” said Matthew Levitt, an analyst at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

“It denies the Islamic State the ability to send additional forces from one to the other,” Levitt said. “Having to fight on two major fronts at once is much more difficult for
Baloney. This is just more of the same. Annexation. Displacement. Death. At the hands of NATO and their thug terror militias- Manbij is but a sample of what has gone on all over Iraq and Syria, attempted in Turkey too- While the gullible, witless masses and many alt media persons, I used to think were credible, cheered for the NATO backed terrorists- "the best fighters' against ISIS- the PKK in all their alphabet soup glory. All the while I was derided for stating the obvious.

I'll share this with my readers:

Hi Ozskeptic:
Thanks for the friendly hello 🙂
I've been talking the Kurdish aspect of the destabilization of Syria at my blog-
As you are aware- I was not ever a fan of the US/NATO/Israel backed Kurdish thugs- Ever. That hasn't changed.
The Kurds were the 'best fighters against ISIS' meme was only because they were always the right hand to the ISIS left hand, puppeted by the same bunch of global terrorists- NATO.
Israel 2.0 aka Kurdistan was the goal. And it still is. Will it be successful? Still hoping it's a fail

Thank you
Keep posting.
I think I speak for most of us saying you are always welcome, if you can spare the time.
*(You were proven right in the end, weren't you?)

@ Ozskeptic
"*(You were proven right in the end, weren't you?)"
Yes, yes I was. And not trying to be arrogant, I knew I was correct-
One: there was abundant evidence to link the Kurdish militias to NATO and Israel- I was posting it all at my place as I found it
Two- the vicious manner in which I was attacked, derided and name called was the other indicator that I was correct. And certain interested parties were attempting to shut me down- Stop me from reaching a wider audience.
It worked too- Sadly.
Most people want to attach themselves to that which is popularly accepted rather then facts and truth
I prefer facts and truth as best as can be discerned by my own processes
a commenter left this at my place
"What is a lie? It is to say what is real is not real. It is to deny the existence of what exists"
Peter Nivio Zarlenga"
Sadly Syper had a problem with lies and liars ((hopefully the liars have gone?) who didn't want a wider audience to see that which actually existed
remaking the middle east and asia to the benefit of NATO/Israel to the detriment of all affected nations and Europe, in particular-
thanks for that quotation james :)
Syria: PYD accused of changing demography in Manbij
Syria: PYD accused of changing demography in Manbij

 It wasn't enough that the US killed untold numbers of civilians by bombing them to smithereens
According to local sources, PYD forces set ablaze civil registry and land registry buildings in Manbij, shortly after capturing the city from Daesh group with the support of the U.S.-led coalition and the U.S.-backed Syrian Arab Coalition.
The sources, who spoke anonymously due to security fears, told Anadolu Agency that the PYD was setting the land registry and civil registry buildings on fire in an alleged attempt to change the demographic structure of the city.
In addition, the PYD has also been allegedly repelling Sunni Arabs and Turkmen residents who want to return to their homes in Manbij on the pretext that Daesh has planted mines inside the houses.
Manbij fell to the PYD and the Syrian Arab Coalition -- both of which fight under the umbrella of what is known as the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) -- after some two and a half months of fighting.
There was little to no fighting. Only killing and displacement. As has been the case all along. In town after town, in Iraq and Syria-

BBC's:  blah, blah, blah blah, blah, pretending to be news: Straight up logical fallacy; An alliance of misfits? Who says? BBC says.

Russia and Turkey: An 'alliance of misfits'?


  1. Soon the MSM will start to refer to Russia & Turkey as Magog & Gog. I've seen it already in comment sections on so called christian websites.

    1. which 'christians' one must ask themselves in the US. and that is so unfortunate and planned ://

    2. Haven't seen the gog and magog reference yet, myself, but don't doubt it's out there...
      gotta appeal to every audience..

    3. I've seen it on twitter too. Its by christian Zionists, of course.


    Forensic report confirming the use of mustard gas by Daesh in Aleppo. Chemical agents supplied from Bulgaria through Jordan into Syria. Supplied from NATO, through Empire's puppet regime in Jordan into Syria for use by US/NATO Daesh proxies for use against the SAA, the legitimate government and the populace. Gag!

    1. I saw this morning there are 7K trained on Jordan border ready to cross into Syria :/
      I had forgotten just how long that border is till I saw the map again. One damn long border :((

    2. hey charles and karin

      recall my jordan post?- the UN craning in supplies to 'refugees' in the berm- what a load of shit!!
      you know those were fighters the terror infrastructure of the UN/NATO was prepping-

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    Commentary from Alexander Kustenov @ Strategic Culture you may find interesting?

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  6. Penny, If it's any consolation, you aren't the only kurd-pariah. :^) But hey, we are big kids and can take the shunning to show the truth. Many before have had to do the same.

    1. karin: were you made into a kurd pariah too?!

      Doesn't it speak of high levels of brain washing and intolerance?

      The shunning didn't stop me- I didn't curtail one bit my outing of the despicable kurdish militias- and I figure I'm better off not reading or admiring unworthy alt media sites- Sure I felt disillusioned at first but I got over it :)

      It got me thinking about all the baloney about bullying... bullying is perfectly ok as long as you bully those that it's acceptable to bully- like people thinking for themselves

  7. There is a relevant aspect of the situation that is undeservedly paid little attention to by Western mass media. The US has significant military presence on the territory of Syria in violation of international law. It never asked neither the Syrian government nor the United Nations for permission.

    The US military has set up air bases in the oil town of Rmeilan in al-Hasakah province and southeast of Kobani, straddling the Turkish border – all in the Syrian Kurdistan.

    The French also are constructing another base. Both us and french have significant numbers of boots on the ground, in violation of UN charter and international law. The empire and its vassals do as they wish when they wish to.
    It does not cease to amaze me that the Russians continue, in spite of the
    empire's stated goal of destroying Russia economically, destabilizing and breaking up of Russia, and killing Russians that their leadership continues to seek a partnership with their us/nato partners (actually enemies) when it comes to fighting Daesh. Is it a case of keeping enemies closer? Or blindness to the fact that every break in the action regarding the "good"terrorists* is an opportunity to rearm and reinforce?

    1. Hi Charles: Yup, I covered the two US bases and one French base a couple of months back-

      Amazing isn't it?
      I think Russia has to keep going... just like Turkey this has become a fight for survival

  8. This is all a useful reminder of the double standard, hypocrisy of United States and countries aligned with Washington with regard to Syria. America operates military bases on foreign territory clearly taking sides in the conflict while calling for resumption of UN-sponsored Geneva peace talks and pretending to be an impartial actor. It is calling on Russia to leave civilians in Aleppo to their fate, while mercilessly killing innocent people in Manbij and Mosul. The US believes its position as the exceptinal nation allows it to do and say whatever it wants, for instance shifting the blame on others for their own evil deeds.

    For the US, crimes are those that others commit.