Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wow. ISIS Attacks Turkish Backed Rebels- Lucky for the Kurds, eh?

Can you say KurdIShIS? I can! And, just did. :))

An opposition monitoring group and a news agency linked with the Islamic State group say a suicide attacker has targeted Turkish-backed rebels in northern Syria.
Another lie bites the dust. Turkey as an ISIS ally. It wasn't true, you were just supposed to believe it was true as part of the demonization of Turkey. As all my readers should know by now, there is abundant information to demonstrate that NATO has turned on it's  inconvenient ally: Turkey

The Islamic State group's Aamaq news agency says the "martyrdom" attack occurred in the village of Kuliyah, west of the Syrian border town of Jarablus.
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says Wednesday's attack was carried out by a North African IS member. It says casualties were inflicted but did not give figures.

Turkish troops and Turkey-backed rebels have been fighting Kurdish-led forces and IS since Turkey's incursion into Syria on Aug. 24.



  1. I actually laughed because one thing I so like about Russians is their sarcasm.
    Russia 'urges' Turkey to AVOID strikes on Syria Kurds :D

    and Russia says they got a main player in Aleppo today
    #2 to bagdaddy (as I lovingly call him)

    1. Oh, I love word usage sooooooo much!

      Not "stop" them?

      Just avoid them.. If at all possible?

      I like this... "the most important task is to present a common front with all parties concerned and to fight against the terrorist threat."

      Since Russia is watching and standing by as Turkey moved in.. what common front, with all parties is she referring to?

    2. I'll just stick stuff I find back here so as not to interfere w/ comments on newer posts.

      Tony (land destroyer- who I gave up on abt 6 +/- months ago)
      claims the kurds are just VICTIMS !

      couple of links to older articles too in that post. To top it off, as I read through, I had a feeling he's trying to hint that poor israel is, as always, a victim of US interests also.
      what am I saying, of course he is :))
      enjoy your break
      ps Been meaning to get some info to you, but recent issues have predominated our time.
      Soon I hope I can do so. Has to do with the bigger picture.. aka Great Game

    3. Yah the kurd victim meme is really big... nice bit of mind control- what about all the people displaced by this kurdishis game- what about all the orphans and the children of arabs and christians- I guess there not victims- just kurds
      I'm sick of it!
      I was thinking today- where are all the anti war people?????? no where!!

    4. It makes me sick too. Its become insane since the US's alleged betrayl of Kurds, when Biden said they must withdraw. Of course they havn't & no betrayl has taken place.
      Yet the left particularly just loves the Kurds & turn into insane warmongers to advance their cause. I saw a famous leftist on twitter, who's bio simply says "anti war" demand that Erdogan (i.e. Turkey) needed a bombing leason, for ther attempt to prevent their beloved Rojava. The loony left believe that a communist heaven will be a reality there, once all the horrible regressive Arabs & annoying christians are removed. Again, these are ppl who would go gaga if white ppl said they wanted a state such as the one the Kurds are building.
      I was surprised to see The Wall Street Journal, of all outlets, write an article about just how horrible PYD's rule is in Northern Syria:

  2. Kurds in central America 13 K in one place
    Nashville Tennessee

    I'm more and more bothered about Gulen schools in US also and that US is 'openly' training jihadists in Virginia And this, too- why have the jews opened kindergartens in black low income parts of DC and teaching the children Hebrew.

    just voicing concerns