Friday, September 30, 2016

2nd October Surprise Possibility - Taking Mosul. Dam of Mass Destruction.

Exploring October Surprise possibilities that could factor into the US election.

I suspect Aleppo will stay as it is, for now.
Yesterday we talked Turkey Coup, Part Two? That's One October Surprise Option!
A coup, if successful, could be spun into a win for democracy, freedom and the American way.. 
Mosul would be a feather in Obama's war making cap and a boost for Hillary.

A first glance at a Mosul victory being an October Surprise:  Could a Mosul Victory be an "October Surprise"
“The term “October surprise” refers to a political event that has a last-minute effect on November elections and that is what some are calling the Mosul operation”
  To my way of thinking Mosul doesn’t qualify as an October Surprise, in the sense of coming out of the blue. Taken by surprise. Shocking. Startling.  Etc., However, since the masses are oblivious to the fact that NATO and assorted sundry militias have been continuously attacking Mosul, advancing towards the city centre for months now it's entirely possible the eradicating of ISIS from Mosul, Iraq may come as an October surprise to many.

Mosul’s taking would be a boost to Hillary... A few of the latest tidbits regarding Mosul, Iraq:

1-Pentagon Deploying Still More Troops to Iraq

The Pentagon is to send as many as 600 more troops to Iraq as Iraqi security forces (ISF), Kurdish Peshmerga, and US personnel continue to shape an operation to re-take Mosul from Islamic State fighters that captured the city in 2014, defence officials confirmed on 28 September.

The total authorised US military personnel for Iraq is now around 5,250 troops, but hundreds more are understood to be operating there on a 'rotational' basis through temporary duty assignments. The number has been steadily increasing since US forces returned to Iraq in August 2014.
Roughly 6,000 American troops in Iraq

2- UN is Working to “Pre- position Aid” around Mosul prior to Military Operations
"We are concerned at the possible humanitarian ramifications of the fight. And that is why we are working with our Iraqi counterparts and trying to pre-position as much humanitarian aid as possible," Dujarric stated.
This prepositioning of aid isn't going all that well, as you will read.

3- 700,000 will need aid once Mosul offensive begins: UN
4-UN Prepares for Mass Displacement of Iraqis as Battle Looms to Retake Mosul
Preparations to assist potentially hundreds of thousands of displaced Iraqis are hampered by a lack of funds. While the operation is expected to cost $196 million, Geddo says the UNHCR has received only $63 million, or 33 percent of what it needs.
In plain talk the UN's humanitarian assistance is not in place and it will not be in place.

 We're talking mass displacement of nearly 1 million people.- If the UN can accomodate 150,000 or so it will be a miracle.  But don't worry the media will be preparing all sorts of feel good spin for the true believers everywhere.

5- Putting pressure on the Barzani government

“If fighting starts in Mosul, hundreds of thousands could flee the city as they did in 2014. Refugee agencies estimate 700,000 could be heading towards neighboring Erbil and Duhok in the autonomous region of Kurdistan.

The UN’s refugee agency (UNHCR) is working with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to prepare, but they have raised less than 40% of what is needed to prepare the necessary infrastructure for refugee camps; reportedly, authorities were seeking €253 million. That means there will not be enough tents in place”
Given low oil prices, the KRG is stretched financially. Nonetheless, there is apparently political will to welcome hundreds of thousands of refugees from Mosul, many of whom will be Kurdish.
We've talked weaponized refugees previously here
There will also be security considerations. Amidst the hundreds of thousands of refugees, KRG authorities fear there may be ISIL members. That means refugees cannot be channeled directly into cities before they are screened and checked for weapons.
And then there is Mosul Dam? 

The Americans said flat out stated it was not a matter of if it would collapse, it was only a matter of when it would collapse.  The words of US Officials! Could the Mosul Dam be hit, accidentally on purpose, to clear Mosul without all the fuss and muss of dropping bombs etc.? Maybe just some of the fuss and muss.  It's possible.

Mosul Dam collapsing would make a real nice October Surprise... An act of God. Not!
People displaced, not because of American war making, no, just a random circumstance. That the US warned and warned and warned about.... all for naught. Obama and Hillary can go and hand out food and feign concern.. 

So can Angelina Jolie, if she's not too busy, with whatever twisted garbage she is up to with her cronies in the CFR.

  Lindsey Lohan can visit all the displaced persons too. (Yes, she been in the news doing that lately)
Lindsey Lohan should be kept away from children

I’ve written on a number of occasions  about the possibility that a weaponized Mosul Dam collapse could be employed against the populace-  I'm using the word weaponized, in this manner: convert/employ to use as a weapon rather then as ordinarily used. A collapsing dam certainly be considered a weapon of massive destruction!


You want possibilities for an October surprise? A second coup in Turkey. The taking of Mosul.
I don't see Aleppo being a situation that can be manipulated, at this time, to the benefit of team America

If you have any scenarios that could present themselves to skew the outcome of the American election, manipulating the voters, feel free to share some thoughts.

From Earlier Today: 

No Meme Kurdish News- Iranian Kurds as Syrian Kurds? Hive Mind & YPG Abuse

 Cause toxic mind viruses will make you very sick


  1. Note the water Threat in pakistan which is starting to look a lit like syria...or is it india?

    1. I'm not up on what's going on in that area
      but leave something for readers and myself

    2. Pakistan is getting close to Russia and China. India is getting closer to the West.

    3. India is still a part of the british commonwealth, so feel free to call it a british colony, now as then.


    All while the US creates another shit storm to the west in Syria. Can the Turkish leadership be any more clueless?

    1. I would have actually suspected at some point in time Turkish troops would have to be employed..

  3. The criminal empire terrorists launched it's third airstrike in Deir Ezzor destroying another bridge, a bridge was destroyed recently, for no other reason than destruction of infrastructure. The airstrike has zero effect upon the takfiri"s who are utilizing boats to cross the river in order to reinforce/resupply. Who are really the barbarians here?

    1. Sadly, very sadly, destroying infrastructure is part of war making- big money in rebuilding contracts

      and in those contracts.. money paid can be direct towards other, secretive, covert operations- It was done in Iraq

  4. I knew they were training in Jordan, BUT I sure didn't know about the new NATO base in jordan KASOTC

    only certain people can write these travel brochure sounding articles on military bases of death

    "Only half-an-hour drive away from the city center of Amman, Jordan, a state-of-the-art center of excellence meets you in a secluded location on a vast terrain surrounded by high hills, specially equipped for the training of Special Forces and military units, particularly from Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries.

    1. oh.. I forgot the title, which is in itself (that word I hate) :D


      Saturday,October 1 2016, Your time is 9:18:40 AM
      NATO, Iraq seek long-term partnership upon Baghdad's demand

      Last word is a LIE IMO

    2. Definitely the 'demand' word is bogus.

      This is NATO forcing their will on Baghhad- plain and simple

    3. Penny,
      You know what hit me when I came back to read this?

      the wall
      all those refugees from Iraq, can't go through the wall. Given my suspicious mind, wondering if that isn't another reason Turkey has / is building it.
      IF so, then that means they've known for some time.

    4. hi karin!

      you'll have to explain,to me, what you mean?
      I'm not getting what's on your mind?

      The wall runs the length of the Syrian/Turkish border... not sure how this affects Iraq's migrants?

      Who won't go to far.. And have already flooded into Erbil..

      can you clarify karin?
      thanks :)

      image link for reference: