Saturday, September 17, 2016

Breaking: Russia Wants Emergency UN Security Council Meeting

Russia convened an emergency UN Security Council Session on US-Led coalition airstrikes against the Syrian Army which Moscow fears will undermine the breakthrough ceasefire agreement that just went into effect earlier this week.

On Saturday, Russia convened an emergency session of the UN Security Council to discuss the US-led coalition airstrikes that the Syrian Army Command says killed at least 62 Assad regime soldiers. The US admits that they inadvertently targeted the Syrian forces, but claim that in a statement by the US Central Command claim that they warned Russia prior to the bombing.
The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the United States and the coalition failed to provide any warning to Russia prior to the bombing attack at Deir Ez-Zor carried out by two American F-16s and two American A10 ground attack aircraft.
The Syrian Foreign Ministry joined in the calls to the United Nations saying calling on the Security Council to officially condemn airstrikes by the US-led coalition of Syrian Army positions. Syria has long argued that American airstrikes in the country's airspace are illegal because the Assad government has not invited the United States to intervene.
The attacks come only five days into the breakthrough ceasefire agreement orchestrated by the United States and Russia with Moscow saying in a statement that they believe that the US is responsible for the imminent breakdown of the agreement. Nonetheless, the failure by US forces to appropriately target highlights the necessity of the ceasefire arrangement which called for the US and Russia to ultimately coordinate their strikes.

Reports: 80+ killed in US-led airstrikes in Syria

UN Security Council Meeting 7:30 PM EST

 At the request of Russia, the United Nations Security Council is set to convene at 7:30PM ET, only a matter of hours after a US-led airstrike killed 80 Syrian Army forces paving the way for a major Daesh offensive.
 "Russia’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakhavrova said of the attacks, "If earlier we had suspicions that the Nusra Front is protected this way, now after today’s airstrikes on the Syrian army we come to a really terrifying conclusion for the entire world: the White House is defending IS (Islamic State or Daesh)."

In case you are unaware of the situation ongoing situation:

US Airstrikes Hit Syrian Arab Army to Support ISIS - Intentionally! 62 dead, 100's injured.


  1. These guys just dont give up.

  2. Yet another in the long line of "Tarnak Farm Incidents"....i.e., deliberate, cowardly sucker punches of unsuspecting targets...followed by flaccid and limp excuses with tongue firmly in cheek.

  3. Carter speech at Oxford was a dead giveaway.

    Wapo reprise


    More BS from the empire.

  5. Interfax had it this AM that the Russian had protested a US Recon plane approaching their base in Syria.

    13.03 U.S. Navy reconnaissance plane again approaches Russian bases in Syria - radio observation data. Again 13.14

    Russia comes to conclusion that US defends IS — Foreign Ministry



    A "Who don't know that" moment? Interesting comments follow the article. Does anyone not in a comatose state need more to be convinced that the US is the parent of ISIS?

  7. Web TV.. UNSC had closed door meeting.. Powers has already LAUGHED and gave her talk.. you can watch it tho I think

    Churkin giving his talk now

  8. Barack Obama is like a mass murderer. The 80 victims is not important for his dirty soul. He will go to hell, the devil is waiting for him.
    Libya 130.000
    Syria 350.000
    Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan about 40.000 (drones)
    What a successful and fruitful presidency! "Hope and Change" LOL

  9. As someone pointed out on VT, its time to declare a no fly zone.
    Where are the s 400's ?
    What cowards they are. The Americans have a million men in arms dotted around a thousand bases thought the world .These young soldier have little or no combat experience, a lot of them may not know what country they are in.
    So they pay the proxy armies to do their fighting, as is now really very aparrent, the proxies don't use body bags
    Vladimir needs to seize the day....

  10. The barrel bomb in New York was set off by the "usual suspects" as a distraction from Churkin's speech at the UN and the UNSC emergency meeting.

  11. The intentional airstrike by the "coalition" on the SAA is not the first occurrance in the area of Deir Ez-Zor, in support of an attack by ISIS. A similar, yet far less deadly and destructive "coalition" attack took place in Dec. 2015. Also in question is the "why there suddenly". The only viable reason is simply to support the ISIS advance upon Deir Ez-Zor.