Friday, September 2, 2016

Kurds "Vacate" Strategic Area? Regroup & Attack Likely. US "recognizes" Iranian Kurd Struggles...

Yup, the US recognizes Iranian Kurds and their struggle and of course the struggles of other dissident groups too... Cause the US is all about "freedom"

First: Kurds Vacate? 

This WSJ article is loaded with manipulative language. So I'll cut to the chase
"Syrian Kurds battling Islamic State have heeded U.S. calls to vacate an area of northern Syria under Turkish assault but reserve the right to operate anywhere in the country they choose, their political leader said Thursday"

The so called Syrian Kurds aka PKK, many of them Turks, Iraqis and Iranians, have ZERO right to "operate" aka terrorize, ethnically cleanse or kill anywhere at all in the nation of Syria. 
The Kurdish forces, known as the People’s Protection Units, or YPG, are no longer fighting around the border town of Jarablus, said Saleh Muslim, co-president of the Democratic Unity Party, speaking in Brussels after a news conference at the European Parliament.
Saleh Muslim, speaking in Brussels at the EU parliament- No friends but the mountains, eh? 

 Mr. Biden said Kurdish forces had taken more territory in northern Syria than had been agreed after the offensive to dislodge Islamic State from Manbij.
Who agreed that these terrorists could take any Syrian territory- And these are terrorists!

While declaring Thursday that the YPG had complied with the withdrawal requests from Ankara and Washington, Mr. Muslim insisted Thursday that the YPG was entitled to intervene across Syria.
What entitles these terrorist militias to intervene across Syria? Who bestowed this entitlement upon them? US. Israel. NATO. That's who!

 During his visit to Brussels, Mr. Muslim also pushed for European and U.S. recognition of an autonomous Kurdish region in northern Syria, one mirroring the Kurdish regional administration in neighboring Iraq.
Israel will recognize their partners in crime and killing.

2nd- Reports of supplies entering Syria via Iraq.  Same method of delivering supplies I've mentioned on numerous occasions...

 About 50 trucks (plus a previous 25) crossed coming from Iraq’s Kurdistan region towards the west of al-Qameshly

oh look the kurds and their NATO supplied White Toyota (smeared with mud as camoflauge)--same as ISIS. same as special forces

 Yes, it is SOHR. But this report fits the situation to the tee!
Al-Hasaka Province, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:
Reliable sources reported to the Syrian Observatory for Human rights that about 50 trucks carrying four-wheel drive vehicles as well as other cars, while five trucks of which -at the least- were fully covered, the sources confirmed that the trucks are coming from Iraq’s Kurdistan region  (PKK/USA)and the license plate are of Erbil, and they crossed al-Qameshly city heading towards the west, the sources confirmed that about 25 trucks had already crossed the same area coming from the same destination and carrying machines, but the Observatory was not able yet to check the destination of these trucks or what they are carrying.
Heading right in the direction of the YPG fighters..

Because we all know NATO has lots and lots of people on the ground in northern Iraq.
Including diplomats. Diplomats like Jeff Mazur.

 On Wednesday, Jeff Mazur of the US Consulate in Erbil visited the PDKI office in the Kurdistan Region to exchange views on PDKI's struggle against the Iranian regime, PDKI media sources said.

According to a statement published on PDKI media, Mazur was received by Hasan Sharafi, the Deputy General Secretary of the PDKI.

The US delegation exchanged views with the PDKI officials about the role PDKI plays in Iranian Kurdistan [Rojhelat] and the relations between the PDKI with other Kurdish and Iranian oppositions, Tishk TV announced.
ah yes the kurds and other iranian opposition groups.. Like the MEK!

 Attack on Baghdad: Attack on Camp Liberty- MEK Terrorists aka Dissidents

Related to: The Puzzle of the US Multi-Base Deal with Iraq's Kurds- One On Iran’s Border

Kurds on the Attack in Iran- As Predicted ......

 From August 2015 : P5+1 is a distraction. Early Seeds of Iranian destabilization cross the Turkish border

and a few other posts informing readers this was exactly the plan... 

ALSO: 3 American YPG terrorists killed, bodies sent to US

 "Jordan MacTaggart, William Savage and Levi Jonathan Shirley were among the foreign fighters who joined the ranks of the YPG, the armed wing of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Syrian-affiliate of the PKK, which is listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S., EU and Turkey. A border official of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) told the Iraq-based Rudaw that the corpses of three Americans were transferred to KRG-controlled Northern Iraq through the Semelka border town"

Alleged American Journalist Arrested in Turkey - Spook:
An American journalist has been arrested in Turkey and charged with "violating a military zone" after she returned from war-torn Syria, US officials said on Wednesday.
US State Department spokesman John Kirby said Lindsey Snell was detained on 6 August and that US consular officials had been able to visit her almost three weeks later on 26 August.
Snell's Twitter biography identifies her as an Istanbul-based video journalist who has contributed to several western networks and news organisations including MSNBC, Vice News and ABC.
"She was detained in Turkey. As I understand it she journeyed to Turkey from Syria," Kirby told reporters in Washington. "She is currently being held at a prison facility in Hatay province.
"What we understand is that she has been charged with violating a military zone, but I can't speak to her reasons for being in Syria and travelling there," he added.
Hatay Governor Ercan Topaca told national media outlet Anadolu Agency: "A US journalist was captured while she was trying to cross the border illegally; she was taken to court and remanded. The trial phase is ongoing. For now, we do not know if she is a spy or not."


  1. added a couple more items of interest..
    the arrest of the 'journalist'
    3 americans killed fighting alongside YPG/PKK - their remains handed off in northern iraq

    1. Journalist picked up in Hatay same spot as the other US operative who sent out distress signal.

      Israeli Haartezt providing the backstory to the MEK on recently released tapes...

    2. thanks for that- worth reading especially as iran's situation becomes more heated

    3. "The MEK says it renounced violence in 2001. The State Department removed the group from its list of terrorist organizations in 2012"

      hardeeharhar- if they renounced violence the US/state department would have zero use for them..
      have a post here on when hillary removed them from the list..


    Bloomberg Video
    Putin discussing the improving Turkish Relations & Syria
    If I could embed it, I would!

  3. i think both china and Iran have issues on the path Russia is taking wrt Aleppo and Syria in general, Khorossan plays a big part of Zionist Israel, will be used to destabilize Iran, Uzbekistan.

    Leader's Top Advisor: Iran, China Tightening Cooperation on Syria

    1. ty: I've talked Khorosan previously and just knew they'd be back!