Friday, September 16, 2016

Lavrov: Russia Hopes No One In US Trying To Shield Terrorists

And you know darn well they are!

Sergey is one of the best diplomats in my book- His use of language is most excellent!

The US is stalling on its promise to separate moderate rebel groups in Syria from terrorists, who are not subject to a shaky ceasefire and are a legitimate target for Russia and Damascus, the Russian foreign minister said.
Under the peace deal signed by the US and Russia last week, the Americans must “separate the opposition groups that cooperate with them from Jabhat al-Nusra [Al-Nusra Front] and the likes of them,” Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with Sputnik radio in Kyrgyzstan on Friday.
The top Russian diplomat said US progress in delivering on the promise is slow. He expressed hope that “this delay is not caused by someone in Washington trying to shield terrorists from being targeted.”
  Russia says many armed groups in Syria, which Washington insists on not labeling terrorists, have allied with Al-Nusra Front or Islamic State on numerous occasions and do not differ from them ideologically.
“Not long ago, the Americans at last sent us a list of organizations which they consider to be part of the ceasefire and which should not be targeted. In one of the first positions there is Ahrar al-Sham,” Lavrov said.
 “It seems the Americans are listing a part of a terrorist structure, which is recognized as such by the UN, as an organization loyal to them,” Lavrov remarked.
 Lavrov is clearly stating the US is supporting terrorists! 

The Russian military skeptical of the US intentions:
The Russian military, however, is more skeptical, saying that the outcome of the US-Russia plan is still up in the air.
“So far all attempts by our American partners to demonstrate that ‘their’ opposition groups in Syria are controllable have been futile,” remarked Major General Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry.
He added that, according to Russian intelligence, only the Syrian government has abided by the conditions of the deal so far.


  1. earlier in the week, possibly 2 or so days after the signing, Russia stated that the agreement should be published.
    Carter almost had a fit

    Late today, at Tass, Lavrov stated again.. Russia wants the agreement published, but will / would EU or US media state such? of course not.

  2. Hi Penny, hope you are ok. Great, informative articles btw, especially the one about the video games. Love those 'side' articles you do that aren't about the ME. How's Canada and your PM Trudeau? He is portrayed as a 'cool guy' and 'feminist' here.

    1. Trudeau is an idiot- He is portrayed as many things and he is none of them-

    2. My annoyance with Trudeau aside, I'm ok and thanks for asking :)
      How are you?
      Back at school?

  3. Why am I NOT surprised that the US does not want the details of the fraud "ceasefire agreement" published? Obviously they want to lie and cover their asses when they break the deal (which they have been doing from its onset) ...

    The reality is the Russians and Syrians have again been played the fools to agree with evil such as the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal... There can be no deals with the devil ever, and the good guys would be better off saying screw the "deals" and finish the job by finishing off the US fraud "terrorist" groups once and for all....

    1. Possibly the Russians and Syrians are acting the stooge all the while exposing the troika for what they really are for the entire civilized world to see. There's more than meets the eye.
      The Syrian Airforce is still striking, the Russian Air and Space Forces continue to attack the takfiris. They even utilized the long range heavy bombers yesterday and likely today. The SAA continues attacking, holding, and reinforcing position, and redeploying divisions where most needed. They've beaten back assaults consistantly. I wouldn't judge them so harshly yet.

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  4. September 18's election results in Russia may have an impact on future actions in Syria. The results will be interesting. Many in the military believe working with the americans is an exercise in futility. Although it is obvious there's more than meets the eye behind the smoke screen of cooperation in fighting against the takfiris.

  5. And I agree with you that Justin Trudeau is an idiot... I prefer moron...

    Watch how Trudeau will now come back to Canada and get his cherished "Climate Change" bill passed to fleece the Canadian people once again through the fraud of "Carbon Taxes"... And yes, that swindle on the Canadian people is coming...

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  7. NTS says "I prefer moron..."

    I prefer "le dauphin" as in

    "In Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck encounters two odd characters who turn out to be professional con men. One of them claims that he should be treated with deference, since he is "really" an impoverished English duke, and the other, not to be outdone, reveals that he is "really" the Dauphin ("Looy the Seventeen, son of Looy the Sixteen and Marie Antoinette")."