Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Putin to Visit Turkey October 11/16

 Will the US give up Gulen? I don't think so, but, apparently Turkey will find out "in a few days"
Reports that Turkey will have their wall completed by or in February next year
    After stumbling across both the Gulen and Turkey wall news, articles appeared in my news feed regarding Putin visiting Turkey:

    1st News Item:

     Kremlin Spokesman doesn’t rule out Putin’s visit to Turkey in October

    YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 28, ARMENPRESS. Russian President Vladimir Putin may visit Turkey in October, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, reports TASS.
    "We do not rule out such possibility," he said. "When all the preparations are completed, we will make a relevant announcement," Peskov added.
    Earlier on Wednesday, the President of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey Rifat Hisarciklioglu said at a meeting with Russia’s First Deputy Minister of Economic Development Alexey Likhachyov that Turkish government was expecting the official visit by the Russian President to take place in the beginning of October. 
    "It is a great pleasure for us and we are looking forward to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s official visit to our country, anticipated for the beginning of October. We expect that during this visit, major projects such as the Turkish Stream and a decision on lifting some restrictions imposed on Turkish businessmen in Russia, will be discussed" Hisarciklioglu said.

    2nd News Item:

    Putin due in Turkey on Oct 11 - UPDATED

    Baku – APA. Russian President Vladimir Putin will pay a visit to Turkey on Oct. 11, marking his first visit to the country after relations between Ankara and Moscow were put back on track following a crisis last year, Kanal 24 has reported.

    The Russian president is scheduled to visit Istanbul on Oct. 11, the channel said.
     One item from Armenia and one from Azerbaijain-

    Which seems oddly synchronistic to:

    Arevordi HRR Excerpt: Turkey/Russia/US: Coups and Conflicting Interests

    By the way.... Locally, speaking. The squirrels are getting their winter fur!! Saw a fox yesterday and it too was looking much fluffier then when I had last seen one mid summer- It's may just be an early winter here in southern Ontario.

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      What are Erdogan, the Turks and ZIO/US/NATO syndicate actually up to? We'll see soon. For myself, I still believe up to no good for Syria. Putin's visit should be interesting. If the agenda includes discussions on Syria and the Turkish occupation of sovereign Syrian territory it will be very interesting. We'll see who's zoomin' who?

      1. Turkey has wanted a safe zone for way longer then that author(Salman Rafi Sheikh) is letting on- I wrote about that last year.

        Their stated intent was to put Syria's refugees back into Syria and impede the Kurdish/Israeli state from being created.

        It didn't change from this to that- Operation Euphrates was/is part of the plan to create the safe zone.

        I wrote about this July 2015- realizing you weren't a reader then Charles-

        here's a link back to that post:

        Their claimed intention then is the same as now:

        "Syrian refugees in Turkey and in neighboring countries will be able to settle in these safe regions"

        So the author is unaware or deceptive- which is it, I don't know? However his opening contention is flat out wrong.

      2. What is the risk that with Turksih troops in elements move to drive deeper creating the rift with Russian/Syria which opens the NATO door?

      3. There is a risk in every move being made that's for sure...on every parties part.

        All parties are calculating risk

        The NATO door is open, always, so I'm not sure what you mean- There are NATO bases dotting northern Syria and special forces in them all

        More then 700 from the US
        plus france and britain
        plus the Kurds
        plus mercenaries of all kinds

        Turkey (civilian government) need not be a factor at all, really, when it comes right down to it.

      4. Thanks for the link. Unfortunately their stated intention, in my opinion and I may be completely wrong, is a crock of manure. The refugees, again in my opinion, are at best a secondary consideration. Once beautiful Syria is toast. When the Turkish forces move back into their own borders I may change my opinion. I do not see it happening any time soon; possibly never.

      5. Hi Charles :)

        They had already moved refugees back and to my knowledge- via media reports- they've moved more since the initial transfer

        "More than 20,000 Syrians have returned to Jarabulus near the Turkish border, weeks after the Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) liberated the northern Syrian town in Aleppo province, a regional official said."

      6. Penny,
        Just to let you know, though I was not a reader here, I was fully aware that Erdogan began speaking of the safe zone over 5 years ago. I didn't dispute the fact of relocating refugees. What I stated was the refugees are a secondary consideration. A smoke screen of sorts to provide cover for their real intentions. I also know I am not an expert or mind reader, so as said I may be wrong. Just expressing. Know I value your judgements and thoughts immensely.

      7. Hi Charles:

        So far Turkey has expressed the same plan for a safe zone, for as long as I can recall. Same back then as now. Nothing has changed in their statements

        Could be a smokescreen, agreed, but, all I have to go on is media reports.

        No problem with the expressing of opinion here Charles :)

        It's appreciated, greatly, that you value my opinions and I always offer contributors that same courtesy. None of us see eye to eye here, all the time, and that is ok with me.

        bye for now charles
        got to get back to after supper clean up!

    2. Cruise missile tests Barents days ago
      Iskander launches days ago
      SLBMs today

      Nuclear-powered sub hits targets at Kamchatka range with 2 Bulava ICBMs - Russian Defense Ministry

      Debate questions was specifically structured to give Clinton an opening on Russian Hack - FBI launches investigation on alleged Russian cell hacking today.

      Clinton in debate even mentioned the Kurds (Rojava).


      1. Yah, GC posted that Hillary mentioned her good buddies the Kurds- or did she call them allies- whichever
        the relationship is there- with the PKK- terrorists

      2. If anyone is interested, Ally, you asked?
        I detest both candidates for President, their both pathetic and have long ago forecast a Hillary win

      3. Thanks, and just take a look at this:
        I was reading about the 1988 Halabja Attack and it most likely wasn't Saddam who did it. Do you have any information on this topic?

      4. Hi Ally:
        It's interesting you've brought that topic up.
        I've mentioned that incident twice here and I do not believe the Halabja attack had anything to do with Saddam. I suspect we are looking at a typical PKK attack on dispensable Kurdish persons.

        The author of that piece blames Iran.. doubtful
        The halabja attack gave the US the justification it wanted to strike Iraq, with no evidence Hussein was involved, and America/Israel had been involved with the Kurds for a very long time
        Cui bono? Tells us the perpetrator

        Look through this post and it's links

        I have another post, way back, with a book embedded in it- can't find it- It too discuss Halabja and the likelihood it was kurd vs kurd

    3. I watched the "debate" for a laugh. I lasted about 10 minutes. A disgraceful exhibition between two completely detestable morons. Trump possesses the vocabulary and speaking skills of a second grader. As for Clinton, if her smugness coupled with lies upon lies wasn't sickening enough her insanity and delusion are frightening. The thought of either having their despicable finger on the nuclear trigger makes one shutter.
      It was more contrived reality TV than a debate among statesmen/women.
      This is what passes for presidential caliber individuals in the US. I can imagine Putin and Lavrov watching and choking with laughter until the disgust sets in. Vote? For what?

      1. It's terrible. We have the same issue here in Canada
        Low quality candied dates- pun intentional
        sugar coated fruit ain't good for anyone!

      2. That is a great one. Going on my office board of quotes.