Monday, September 5, 2016

Putin- Turkey's Syria Operation Not Unexpected

Quoting Putin : Turkey’s operation in Syria was not something unexpected for us. Foreign Affairs and Intelligence exist so that we face fewer unexpected developments. We understood what was going on and where things would lead.”

Connecting this statement with two previous posts:

 * Turkey's Move On Syria- Why now? Broken Promises, Coup Fall out, US Elections & Chemical Weapons Meme, Again!

 “Turkey appears to have secured the approval of several of its other neighbors before launching  Wednesday’s intervention, including apparently Russia. Presidents Erdogan and Putin met in Moscow on 9 August”

*Turkey/US: Cat & Mouse. Creating Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 Has Been A Mass Bloodletting


  1. Not surprised at all there is no way Turkey would have done this without getting permission from the others excluding Amerika.

    Thanks Penny I hadn't seen that statement yet.

    1. Hi jo :)

      I think America was out of the loop on this one..

      But, Russia, Iran and Syria were not.
      Apparently there is information from Sharmine Narwani regarding the specific agreement between Turkey and Russia but I haven't seen it yet, but intend to look for it today

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    3. Sorry, but I cannot accept that the US was not "in the loop". I cannot trust Erdogan's game nor his intentions. I cannot accept the meme that Turkey is looking to the east.

      I will refrain from further comment concerning what I call "source wars". However, my gut feeling remains fully in the Erdogan cannot and should not be trusted camp. His anti-US/NATO smoke screen I believe is just that. I do not accept that the Turkish populace will continue to be supportive for a whole lot longer.

    4. Charles, the US has put so much time, energy and money into propping the Kurdish militias in Syria and everywhere else. How 'in the loop' is the US? I have spoken to some Syrians and they say that Erdogan can't completely cut off the support to the terrorists, he must do this slowly so as to not upset the US, Saudi and Qatar because they will cause trouble for him with their terrorists. A few weeks ago, some Syrian 'rebels' attacked Turkish troops near the border, killing 15 soldiers. There are also many Saudi/Qatari terrorists who will be sent to Turkey to cause trouble. One of the terrorists a few months ago was a Saudi who attacked in Istanbul because the Saudis aren't happy with Erdogan. His main priority right now is unfortunately, not the support from his people but doing the safest thing for his country. Also, cutting support to the terrorists quickly will have worse consequences for Syria as their attacks will increase because they are under pressure. Erdogan cannot think about public support right now but doing the most sensible thing after the mess her helped create!
      Relations between Syria and Turkey improved the most under Erdogan-he lifted visa requirements for Syrians and established more trade/economic ties. He was reluctant to get involved at first because the people loved Assad (he came to Ankara a lot). Erdogan and Assad were very close. I think that Erdogan now will start to change and go back to supporting Assad as it is the only option he has in preventing a Kurdish state.

    5. Putin direct quote was rather curious. what he didn't say. We coordinated. Wat he did say Intel and the foreign service were fully aware of the moves and where it was going. The same would almost certainly be said of the Turkish coup. As for the Saudis the UK independent is catching up to the Iran kurd insurgentsin the wake of the haartez editorial on MEK leaked tapes.

      Side note nusra and east Turkmen in kyrgz chian embassy hit. This as rand asks about preemptive wa with china.

    6. Hi Charles: By out of the loop, I don't mean they didn't know.. they knew, because they can know-

      I think Turkey didn't fully inform the US themselves
      and you feel free to share your thoughts

      It's not trust for me wrt Erdogan, because quite frankly, I don't trust any politician anywhere- and that goes for Putin too

      Every last one of them will play every situation to their own advantage, (what ever that may be) cooperating if necessary and not cooperating if it's advantageous to not cooperate

    7. anonymous:It's just one quote- and I included it for the reason that it demonstrates prior knowledge not knowing afterwards

      Put the quote acknowledging advance knowledge
      with the meeting earlier in the month and the fact that there was no reaction from Russia and it becomes clear that Russia knew and according to Putin, knew the direction the action was heading

      "We understood what was going on and where things would lead.”

    8. Ally:

      "Relations between Syria and Turkey improved the most under Erdogan-he lifted visa requirements for Syrians and established more trade/economic ties"

      when the Syrian destabilization first began, there was a regular Syrian commenter here from Aleppo
      he confirmed, at that time, good relations between the two nations, and it's people.
      He mentioned the flow of traffic back and forth on a daily basis as continuous and heavy

    9. Ally,
      I guess we'll need to respectfully disagree on Turkey and the game Erdogan is playing. Stating some Syrian rebels attacked Turkish troops has little validity without knowing who are the "some".
      As for the safest thing for his country, in Erdogans case, I believe he is most concerned with what is safest for himself.

      I wholeheartedly agree with you concerning the basic fact politicians, Putin among them, are primarily concerned with what is most beneficial for themselves and their interests. I may be perceived as some sort of Putin groupie. I can assure all I realize what he is first and foremost. Though seldom mentioned I grew up with a very political environment due to my father being active in politics at the local and state level. My eyes were opened when quite young to the machinations of politicians.

    10. i figured this out on the second day,there is no way doggy would have been crazy enough to pull such a stunt in syria specially after all the ass kissing meetings he did with putin,i was certain both syria and russia knew of it and gave the permission,this way doggy makes nice and looks tough but it keeps Assad's hands clean of the much needed backstabbing kurdy purge and lets these idiots kill each other and remain busy as welkl as put turdgay at odds with the yanks,i predicted 2 years ago that the kurds would be used by the US as there new moderates and possibly create a real civil war,i said they would become more of a problem than than isis(ppl bashed me for that) but that plan has now flopped ths to this good chess move,i also later found articles that support my analysis on this stunt being coordinated with russia and syria,here are some
      also please share this one US Peace Council returns from Syria: Reports country fighting an 'invasion by the most powerful country in the world'
      ,,question is how will they get rid of turdgay from syria later? unless doggy made binding promisses

  2. Thanks so much about notifying readers about the truth. The msm/alt media just don't get it at all. Hope you are ok in Canada. Bit cold here in the UK

    1. Hi Ally:

      It's been warm summer. pretty much the norm, however it's been really humid but dry.

      We're supposed to be in for a brutally cold winter
      last winter was mild thanks to el nino
      the two winters prior to that were horrendously cold
      with lots of snow- with the great lakes very nearly freezing up!

      I'm near to the great lakes- closer to Erie then Ontario