Sunday, September 25, 2016

Russia at UNSC: US Decision To Reshape Middle East is the Original Cause of Syria's Suffering

This statement is being cleaned up from the internet- RT headlined their article originally with this tidbit. However, RT has cleansed their news story and headline of this original attributed statement
 I cannot read the article from Fars- It comes up blank!

Above are the headlines as they originally were posted
First via
Second headline
Third is from Fars News Site- blank page

Can anyone help me to find this information? Please and thanks very much in advance
Yes, I am completely aware that the Internet is heavily censored and cleansed of inconvenient facts.
UPDATE!! Robert Browning found the headline and news- as it originated, so check it out!
Thanks so much Mr Browning :)

I'm going to attempt to view the UN meeting on line and gather some more info
Be back!

Ok, here I am!!

Interesting... You all can watch the UN security council meeting here
Mr Churkin speaks at 1 hour 2 minutes into the meeting

Of course,  earlier, I was watching it live. As it happened. Oddly enough, or perhaps not so odd at all, when Churkin began to speak- in Russian- I could not hear the interpreter at all! 
So muted was her audio that not a word could be heard or understood- And then after about 5 minutes of Vitaly Churkin speaking- suddenly, I could hear the interpreter and what was being stated by Mr Churkin! The problem was "corrected". Curiously, as Vitaly Churkin continued speaking, someone behind him informed him that the interpreter was 'unable to keep up' . That's a UN interpreter, unable to interpret? It seemed strange. Churkin paused.

I've taken the time to listen to Mr Churkin's actually wording and this is where the disappearing headline came from. Churkin's opening statement that had been obliterated by the muted interpeter/interpretation, while live. However you can hear it now! Yes, Churkin's statement was paraphrased in the headline, but the meaning of the headlines correlates exactly and correctly to Churkin's state:

Churkin verbatim to the best of my ability:

"This is the sixth year that the Syrian people have been experiencing the terrible tragedy"

"In 2011 Washington and some other western capitals decided to continue the geographical interference in the Middle East and North Africa ah, ah, that UK and US had kicked off with their illegal move into Iraq"

The interpreter is intentionally, IMO fudging Churkin's statement coming up

"And the Syrians (??) were supported their with many terrorists that were given weapons.

More ah, ah, ah. The uhm, uhm, downfall of the country was due to the fact that were many refugees.."

Clearly  Churkin is actually talking about Iraq- where this all began. He is talking about terrorists armed in Iraq when the country was destroyed by US/UK and Israel!

 Listen for yourself. This is a UN interpreter, a person whose job, is to interpret and there is way to much ah, ah, ah or uhm, uhm uhm passing off as interpretation.
That woman should be fired for incompetence or she did this intentionally!

Based on my years of writing this blog, it is abundantly clear,  Churkin is talking about the creation of ISIS and a whole pile of other terror groups including Kurdish terrorists (PKK) emanating from a destroyed Iraq. 

Update September 27/2016: Hattip Kim Wicker 
Full transcript, courtesy of the Russian Mission to the United Nations:
Quoting Churkin's opening statement
"The grave tragedy that befell the Syrian people is in its sixth year. In 2011, Washington and some other Western capitals decided to continue reshaping the geopolitical space of the Middle East and North Africa, which started with the US and UK criminal invasion in Iraq in 2003. Besides, both in Libya and Syria, they continued to “swing an axe”, not shunning away from the support of terrorist groups. The inevitable implications, including break-up of countries and millions of refugees, were written off as an unforeseen “irritant”.
Updated ended

More then two years ago I posted this two part expose here at the blog about the origins of ISIS (including Kurds) created out of the ashes of Iraq
 In 2011, it appeared to me I was the first/ lone blogger aware the destabilization of Syria had been kicked off ! 

March 24/2011:  Western backed Social Media "revolution" coming to Syria

Well done. You seem to be the first person to have noticed what is going on in Syria.

- Aangirfan
And over 1000 posts later covering Syria- I'm still here! -

Vitaly Churkin is stating that which is obvious and has been stated here for so darn long now that I'm sick of stating it! And very frustrated too...

Even worse then what is occuring in Syria, right now, is the reality is this is not just about Syria.  It's about the entire region: Sykes Picot redux. Israel 2.0 aka Kurdistan.

In fact  this is just one part of what is being inflicted on the planet:  It's about destroying Europe/ the Western World and the Middle East/Africa Destroying history & culture. 
Weaponized Refugee Movements. Destruction of families. It's all interconnected.
We should all be against this global gulag being created. Sadly too many of us are not. 
Syria is at the epicentre of this right now- Hence the focus and all the destruction- But it won't stop at Syria. Unless we wake up to reality and stop believing lies. 

Sorry for the rant, sometimes I just gotta vent!


  1. My hubby just said to me 'put it this way'

    Look at this situation like holes all over the place
    You may not be in the hole right now and you're just looking at them all over the place- But then there are so many holes they start to join together into one big hole and you and I are in the hole and not getting out-

    And who is outside of the hole- the elites- outside looking down.


  2. you're kidding, right? Some of are glad to see you DO rant ! ;^)

    1. Ranting feels like an indulgence- but sometimes I am fed up, pissed off and really annoyed and I have to do it
      I'm just one person,sigh....

  3. TEHRAN (FNA)- Moscow’s experience of giving concessions to the Syrian rebels following requests from the US, in the hope of it culminating in a ceasefire has not worked, Russia’s envoy to the UN told the Security Council on Sunday, adding that Moscow will no longer be following these steps.


      WHOOOHOOO! I knew that headline was lurking somewhere
      Much appreciated!
      going to add it to the post- with attribution of course

    2. I left here and went to Fars and looked high and low and didn't see it..

      Yes, indeed. Thanks Mr Browning !

  5. thanks ally and karin, I'll be back tomorrow to reply- wind down time for my 4:30 am wake up

    1. I agree Karin. The US is intent on destroying Turkey because it (Erdogan) wouldn't do as it was told.

      Russia will suddenly turn deaf at just the point that Erdogan thinks they will come to his rescue (again).

      Erdogan's folly (like all megalomaniacs) is to think that if someone helps you it is because they have to and not because they choose to.

      Erdogan no doubt thinks that if Russia has helped him once then they will go on helping him because . ... well, ... because he's Erdogan and obviously he is the most valuable person in the game.

      Delusion only sees what it wants to which is whatever reinforces the delusion. It wouldn't a delusion otherwise.

    2. Oops, the above comment was meant as a reply to Karin/rouge K below at 6:54

    3. Turkey and Russia would do well to cooperate for the survival of both their nations


    Erdogan is negotiating but for who? Turkish troops moment of truth is coming with the latest foreign min declaration of a safe zone.

    1. I still say that sneaky turk is playing both ends in the middle and he's going to be sorry if he plays against Russia.
      Of course, he's yet another tool of Saudi's so that is part of the deal too.

    2. I agree Karin. See comment above :)

    3. re: Xinhua news article

      '"Raqqa is the most important center for Deash. If U.S. will not make PYD and YPG be involved in this business, we can of course join this struggle with the U.S." he said.

      Turkey has been stating the same thing over and over with regard to Raqqa- They will participate with the coalition if NO Kurds are present.

      The US is not going to meet this condition.
      The US AND israel need the Kurds to take Raqqa for Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0

      What Turkey will do when it becomes clear the Kurds are going to Raqqa is unknown.

    4. Article of the Turkish .mil treating Peshmerga in Turkey over the weekend. Reminiscent of the Israeli hospitals when the rebels parked in the Golan buffer circa 12-13.
      Abadi indicated last week needed Turkish troops out of Iraq and Erdogan dismissed it and noted Turkmen will move on mosul. Now rumored OCt 19 operation will be Peshmerga and Iraqi troops. What Iraqi troops. The US has been flooding marines and troops and equipment into the arena for months. No mention of US troops. Recall the Iraqis dismissing US offer of troops and fire support in Anbar operation. Forthcoming anyway. Few more suicide bombings in baghdad and western Iraq. over the weekend. What about the new airbase south of Mosul.

      Turkey is outmanned and outgunned and unwilling to pour forces or so it seems across the border.That, rather than the Aleppo pocket, considering the action in Van and southeast, would appear to be a priority. The question is why isn't it?

      Turkish analyst over the weekend Sputnik called on the Turkish troops to pull back before they go to far. Turkish troops in pressing to cut off the pocket are ironically opening up one of their own.

      Erdogan may be cunning but this appears to be another moment of confusion like the aftermath of the Russian jet shootdown. Lest forget former PM Ahmet Davutoglu claimed, then recanted then claimed weeks ago (his former deputy Gürcan Balık picked up in the coup sweep) it was he and the military who gave the order.

      Does Erdogan once again finds himself on the outside looking in? Only Akar knows. Will the disappeared helicopters will show up in the Mosul fight.

      And those KC135Rs

      All In a throwback to the MIG defection

      And Asgari?

    5. RK,

      I have been attempting to make that point for quite a while. I perceive Erdogan as being most concerned with what is in Erdogan's best interests rather than what is in the Turkish states' best interests.

    6. RK,

      I have been attempting to make that point for quite a while. I perceive Erdogan as being most concerned with what is in Erdogan's best interests rather than what is in the Turkish states' best interests.

    7. I agree. Erdogan is playing both sides. His main priority is himself, & staying in power. He still want's a slice of Syria. Also, I actually doubt that Erdogan is apposed to the Kurdistan project, he is a muslim brotherhod islamist, & they aren't as hostile to the PKK/Kurdistan plan, as Turkish nationalists.
      Although, I think he respects Putin, & if Putin wants an alliance in Syria with Turkey, instead of the one sought with the US, then Erdogan will chose Russia as an ally.

    8. Regarding Erdogan:

      He is not as much an issue for me as for others because he is more figure head then power house in Turkey- Lots of power sharing in the Turkish government- therefore I hold the opinion that he is less influential then he has been presented to be.

      Additionally he does not want to be the man that is remembered as the one that let Turkey and it's long history be erased- If he has the ego it is claimed he has this would be extremely important to him.

      Also being MB does not necessarily mean he is not a nationalist personally

      There is also, on my part, the tendency to not be caught up in the 'cult of personality' presentation of all leaders. Erdogan, Assad, Putin etc
      Cult of personality is a distraction from what is really going on in Turkey. An active destabilization, multi level and Erdogan this and Erdogan that serves as a distraction from the real target which is the populace.

      Here in Canada, all we get is cult of Trudeau personality..which also serves as a distraction from what is really going on in Canada.

    9. Hi Penny,

      Glad to be back.

      Some very good points, there.
      Ereasing the populace by refering to the country simply by the name of its leader, is usually the first step to overt agression.
      I realise Erdogan isn't that powerful at all, its really the Prime Minister that makes the decisions. Although I do believe that Erdogan is more powerful than other Presidents in the same position before him.

      I do not believe that Turkey will be broken up or destroyed, the Turkish people are a very though people, who can take a lot. I believe the US has miscalculated in the case of Turkey.

      One of the reasons I tok a break from this blog, is that I find it very pessimistic & that leaves me in a bad mood.
      I do not mean to be offensive at all, this blog is brilliant.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. Hey Penny,

      You should look into this entire "bloody october" scenario that the US apparently has planned for Turkey.
      Henri Barkey, one of the coup plotters, has talked about it.
      It involves ISIS attacking Turkey dressed up as the PKK. Many Turks on twitter are very worried about it.

    12. It's important to note, that the Kurds are not going to take Raqqa anytime soon. They continue to refuse it. Turkey doesn't want to do it either, they are only trolling & exposing the US by saying so. Nobody is going to Raqqa right now, its all hype.

    13. Hi Rescue:
      Bloody October scenario? Wow, where can I find info on this?

      Going to look but, if you have anything let me know?

    14. Rescue: Although I do believe that Erdogan is more powerful than other Presidents in the same position before him.

      I would agree- He has enormous personal popularity in Turkey- to my understanding

    15. Hi again Rescue- went off to do a quick look around on this scenario- came across an article about another coup being planned for November?!

      After the election in the US?
      bookmarked to read later, but, any help to find info on what it is that has the Turks worried would be terrific and greatly appreciated

    16. Well, it was all over Turkish twitter, nationalists sites etc. I talked to a young Turkish women about it. She told me that basically it is a Kurdish rebellion, colour revolution, terror attacks, riots, insurgency etc. & that Henri Barkey talked about Turkey being attacked by ISIS dressed up as the PKK. Gülenists are allegedly talking about it & planning it, she told me they also talked about a coup in july, before it happened. Part of the plan is also Demirtas & his pro-Kurdish Soros party.
      Yeni Safak, the Turkish tabloid, also talked about Henri Barkey & his role in the coup & the destabilization of Turkey.
      I don't know if this will happen, but it seems likely.

  7. Full transcript, courtesy of the Russian Mission to the United Nations:

  8. thanks Kim! Now I can make sense of what Churkin actually said

    1. Hey Penny

      Speaking of Churkin...I can't understand why he did not speak in English! He speaks perfect English and it would not have allowed any transgression(s) on the part of a translator. BTW, I want to echo a comment made to Greencrow in that after listening to Sam Powers I had an overwhelming desire to bitch slap that liar. As for the rest of the biggest show on earth (except Syria and Russia)...there was the deepest desire for a nuclear bomb to be dropped on them for good (to include the second one dropped over DC,PENTAGON,CIA and IS). The US/Nato/Israel is ripe for karma. Then we can all say in truth..."One small step for (hu)man...and one giant step for (hu)mankind".

    2. "after listening to Sam Powers I had an overwhelming desire to bitch slap that liar"

      Know exactly what you are saying! I said to hubby, while watching and listening to her "I wish I could just fast forward through her part, she's making me sick"

      I suspect Churkin spoke Russian because he is speaking to the Russian people.. as their representative at the UN. Not sure if that's accurate?