Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Syria’s Failing Cease-Fire, and Vladimir Putin’s Opening

 A Kremlin spokesman said Tuesday that the likelihood of restoring the cease-fire the U.S. and Russia recently negotiated is “very slim.”

Even before as many as 21 people were killed in the strikes on the humanitarian-aid convoy Monday, the Assad regime had said the cease-fire recently negotiated by Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was over. It had been holding only tenuously at best.

Mr. Putin seems to have seen an opportunity after U.S. and coalition airstrikes over the weekend mistakenly killed at least 62 Syrian government soldiers and wounded a hundred other people–instead of hitting intended Islamic State targets in the Deir Ezzour area in northeastern Syria. Russia had said on Friday that Washington’s inability to control regime opponents was derailing the cease-fire. In the wake of the errant airstrike, Moscow called for emergency consultations at the U.N. Security Council, which led to unusually harsh statements from U.S. and Russian officials. Moscow accused Washington not only of criminal negligence but also of supporting ISIS. The Assad regime, eager to build on this conspiracy theory, echoed the charge.
It's always a conspiracy theory, unless put forth by the state and/or promoted by the media.
That said, since ISIS & the US both wish to destroy Syria and overthrow it's government they do support one another- Via promotion of the same agenda and that is not conspiracy theory- it is conspiratorial ( two or more parties cooperating or colluding) fact!

Moscow and Damascus have treated this incident as effective permission to ignore their commitments under the cease-fire agreement. Mr. Kerry has said that Syrian forces were “evidently” responsible for the strikes that hit the U.N. aid convoy west of Aleppo on Monday. The Assad regime had already struck Aleppo on Sunday.
Earlier today: 

An "Airstrike"on the UN Humanitarian Convoy in Syria- Not Bloody Likely!

The US blatantly ended the ceasefire
Of all the parties to the cease-fire deal, the only one showing any urgency toward changing the status quo is the U.S.
Well that's true- They didn't want to sign the ceasefire agreement and they sure didn't want to seperate the moderates from the radical terrorists- because they couldn't! They were never going to! Since there are no moderates! Plus it would out Kurdish involvement!
The U.S. had made errors in military strikes before, and the Syrian battlefield remains messy and complex: Had the cease-fire held, the next step would have been joint U.S.-Russian targeting of ISIS fighters and groups aligned with the al-Qaeda affiliate formerly known as the Nusra Front (now Fatah al-Sham). Mixed among the radical Islamists are rebels of a less extreme orientation. These groups have been warned but may not separate themselves from Fatah al-Sham because they view it as an effective military ally against the Assad regime.

 The strike on Syrian army was no mistake- it was intentional to end the ceasefire- The US was the sole beneficiary of the non separation of moderates from extremists- There can be no separation because they aren't separate- the ceasefire agreement put the US on the spot!


Lavrov: Russia Hopes No One In US Trying To Shield Terrorists

Russia’s history of disregard for civilian casualties ( ????) means that the U.S.–now linked to joint military operations with Moscow–would bear responsibility and blame for the deaths of non-combatants.
Because the US never, ever, anytime anywhere targets civilians- Nor sireeeee....
Mr. Putin has invested heavily in fortifying the Assad regime and projecting military power in Syria. His success has left President Barack Obama little choice but to move toward Russia’s position–shifting U.S. focus away from aggressive steps to remove Mr. Assad from power and toward possible joint military action against a common enemy, Islamist extremists–if Washington is to succeed at reducing the violence in Syria. Mr. Obama needs Russia, and its resources in Syria, on board to stabilize Syria even somewhat before the end of his presidency. But Mr. Putin’s refusal to restrain Mr. Assad and Russia’s combative attacks show that he doesn’t feel that he needs Mr. Obama.
 So you see it's all Syria's fault. And Russia is guilty by association. And the US is a poor victim nation being brought along for the ride.....


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      Wednesday’s double-header with the Federal Open Market Committee concluding its meeting and the announcing something — although no one knows what for sure — has potential to rock markets, write Jefferies analysts in a Monday note.

      Chief Financial Economist Ward McCarthy doesn’t mince his words:

      The market is in a dangerous place, jammed between the BoJ and the FOMC. Fed expectations control the front-end, while the BoJ and global QE expectations drive the long-end.

      The BoJ is potentially the more important market moving event despite a history of under-delivering on expectations. Were the BoJ to break with history and deliver on backing away from QE to foster a steeper curve, the bear steepener will resume in the Treasury market.

      Think the uncertainty will fade once the week is over? Maybe not, since the granddaddy of all uncertainties still remains. McCarthy writes:

      Once the BoJ and FOMC meetings are in the rearview mirror, the market focus will shift to “all election, all the time” mode.

      Here’s what he expects from the Fed:

      We do not expect the FOMC to raise rates at the upcoming meeting, but we do expect the FOMC to leave the door open for a rate hike before the end of 2016. The FOMC will try to balance the hawkish possibility of a 2016 rate hike with the more comforting message that rate normalization will be patient and deliberate, with the path of rates being “much flatter than we’ve ever experienced historically” as Dallas Fed President Kaplan recently stated.

      Are you suggesting some type of attack to distract from the erratic market? as a possibility?

  3. The US did not want the terms of the ceasefire made public as well. As for the suppossed airstrike on the humanitarian convoy, as stated numerous times, there is more than adaquate means of electronic and satellite surveilliance in Aleppo and its surrounding area to determine if those were the result of an arial bombardment or an artillery barrage. How stupid do western media believe we are?

    1. "How stupid do western media believe we are?"

      It seems they think the masses are pretty darn stupid, the way they present everything sure makes that apparent, at least in my opinion.

      Thankfully some of us have our heads pulled out of the sand!