Friday, September 2, 2016

Tim Kelly Interviews William Ramsey on the Legacy of Aleister Crowley

Insightful Interview!

William Ramsey joins to the show to discuss the legacy of Aleister Crowley. We talk about Crowley's philosophy and his connections to the British establishment as well as his influence in shaping the modern world. 


  1. Aleister Crowley was a British Intelligence Agent (besides being probably insane).

    "Secret Agent 666 - Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence And The Occult"@

    'Occultism' was part and parcel of the British Secret Service since its inception by Sir Francis Walsingham and John Dee, the spymasters cum magicians/astrologers of the 'Virgin Queen'. Occultism and espionage go hand in hand. The black art of espionage is about obtaining secret information and witches, psychics and astrologers have always claimed to be able to predict the future and know about things hidden from ordinary people. Gathering intelligence is carried out under a cloak of secrecy and occultists are adept at keeping their activities concealed from sight. Like secret agents they also use codes, symbols and cryptograms to hide information from outsiders. Occultists and intelligence officers are similar in many ways, as both inhabit a shadowy underworld of secrets, deception and disinformation. It is therefore not unusual that often these two professions have shared the same members. The truth is that the Rose-Croix, Freemasons, Theosophists, pseudo-Templars, Wicca, etc., all have been excreted by the 'British Occult Secret Service', spying, fomenting revolutions (Crowley had traveled to Moscow on the orders of British intelligence 'to spy on revolutionary elements in the city' - actually to establish contact with these groups in preparation of the incoming War and Revolution), coups, psi-ops, wars, perverting minds, promoting sexual perversions, inciting to crime.

  2. crowley was part of winston churchills black team, dion fortune wrote in her diaries she hated the man and winston churchll and he were both 33rd degree masons and pedophiles, churchill loved ginger haired small boys
    and his secretary john colvile grumbled he would be sent out during the blitz to bring churchill these boys

  3. thanks but what I was really interested in is the influence of Crowley's sickness on our modern society
    the links between crowley and the degenerate Kinsey

  4. Very informative interview, Penny. William and Tim detail how we are attacked spiritually and what form that attack takes.

    If after that anyone needs some upliftment, as I certainly did, then you can't go past this music of Jean-Luc Ponty - lyrical violin against a driving and infectious African beat
    Mouna Bowa and other tunes