Thursday, September 29, 2016

Turkey Coup, Part Two? That's One October Surprise Option!

Could this claim be true? Well,  it  can't be discounted that's for sure!
Additionally it reads as very plausible- Making it worth consideration.
Consider the news from yesterday that Putin is visiting Istanbul in October..

Rescue brought news to my attention about a ‘bloody October’ for the Turks

Hey Penny,
You should look into this entire "bloody october" scenario that the US apparently has planned for Turkey.

Henri Barkey, one of the coup plotters, has talked about it.
It involves ISIS attacking Turkey dressed up as the PKK. Many Turks on twitter are very worried about it.
 Took it upon myself to do some searching..

Wouldn’t know where to begin to find this on twitter, being a non savvy twitter user.
If anyone point me in the right direction...... I’ll take the assistance!
Did manage to find this article, which seems to generally fit the bloody October scenario Rescue mentioned.

The second coup in Turkey is coming before November, ex-military officer warns

Of course, October precedes November.....
A second coup attempt in Turkey is going to happen very soon and it will be bloodier than the previous one, a retired military officer said on Saturday.

Speaking to Yeni Safak daily, retired Col. Hasan Atilla Ugur said a second attempt is going to be staged very soon.

“Be prepared against the second attempt. And it's going to happen very soon. This is very certain information,” the veteran said.

On July 15, Turkey foiled a deadly coup attempt organized by the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) that left 241 people dead about 2,200 others injured.

The attempt was the deadliest in the history of the Republic of Turkish. The U.S., CIA and FBI were accused of being behind the coup that aimed to topple the democratically elected government and to kill President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The U.S. has been hosting FETÖ leader Fethullah Gülen, the mastermind of the coup attempt, and is still providing all support despite Turkey's legal demand for his extradition and detention.

Col. Ugur warned that the second attempt could be more dangerous than the previous one. We are all in a euphoria of victory. But I am warning Turkey.”
The threat is not over

“No one should think 'Ok, it's over. Turkey is on track now. The U.S. cannot do anything. FETÖ cannot attack anymore, the PKK cannot do anything more, we have broken the back of these organizations.'”
The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), recognized as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the EU and U.S., has been conducting an armed conflict in southeast Turkey for more than three decades, killing around 40,000 people.

Despite being listed as a terror group, the EU and U.S. continue to support PKK terrorists, providing them with arms and money, allowing terror sympathizers to organize propaganda rallies in the West.

The retired army officer said that there was a preparation for the new coup attempt.

UK working in southeast Turkey for 2.5 months

He stated that the United Kingdom has been working on a huge uprising in southeastern Turkish provinces.

“As I was informed, the Britons have been meeting with all tribes in the southeast, especially Hakkari, Van, Çatak, Slopi and Mardin areas, for last two-and-a-half months.”

He said that the U.K. has paid all bank debts of these tribes that can be summed up as billions of Turkish lira.

“Negotiations are ongoing,” he said, adding that the U.K.'s consulate general is dealing the talks.

“What is the [U.K.] consulate doing with the tribes? The PKK terrorists allow their vehicles to pass the road into the southeast while they don't allow the other vehicles. Why?” he asked.

UK media preparing the ground

He cited a recent news published in several mainstream U.K. newspapers, including Daily Express and Daily Star, claiming that 10,000 British Naval infantry forces are on standby in Cyprus to enter Turkey in case of another military coup, under the pretext of evacuating British holidaymakers from Turkey.
RT reported this same news: British special forces poised to rescue UK citizens if Turkey suffers 2nd coup attempt
The SAS, as well as the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG), are reportedly ready to deploy from RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus should the need arise.
 In case you're wondering Akrotiri, Cyprus is British Territory in Cyprus

 Sovereign Base Areas..
 Akrotiri and Dhekelia (Greek: Ακρωτήρι και Δεκέλεια, Akrotiri kai Dekeleia, Turkish: Ağrotur ve Dikelya), officially the Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia[1] (SBA; Greek: Περιοχές Κυρίαρχων Βάσεων Ακρωτηρίου και Δεκέλιας; Turkish: Egemen Üs Bölgeleri Ağrotur ve Dikelya), is a British Overseas Territory on the island of Cyprus. The areas, which include British military bases and installations, as well as other land, were retained by the British under the 1960 treaty of independence, signed by the United Kingdom, Greece, Turkey and representatives from the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities, which granted independence to the Crown colony of Cyprus. The territory serves an important role as a station for signals intelligence and provides a vital strategic part of the United Kingdom communications gathering and monitoring network in the Mediterranean and the Middle East.
Back to the Coup Two Warning
The Daily Express reported that the missions would focus on areas popular with tourists and that troops would be cleared to use lethal force if the rescue operations were interfered. While Daily Star said, “If there is another coup attempt then civil war will follow. If that happens there will be a major international crisis.”

The veteran military officer drew attention to the reports saying that the U.K. is working on a chaos plan in Turkey. “And the main aim of the plan is the invasion of Turkey,” he added.

The big chaos plan

Col. Ugur also shared the plan he received from reliable sources.

“There will be demonstrations in the southeast lead by the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), as they usually do. Undetected pro-FETÖ police and military officers will directly open fire at demonstrators. The incidents will kill between 15 to 20 people. This is certain information. The incidents will take place in Semdinli, Yüksekova and Kiziltepe.”

“If the tribes in southeastern provinces and districts, visited by the U.K. consulate office, rise the bait they would lead the people to the street,” he added.

“An in the western part of the country, some prominent public figures will be assassinated simultaneously either by the PKK or Daesh,” he said.

If they succeed to do this Turkey would find itself in a massive chaotic environment, he noted.

The UK is playing behind the door, not the US

“Everyone will revolt and the civil war, as they [the UK newspapers] described, will be launched.”

He warned that the main attack would be come from the U.K. while everybody is blaming the U.S.

“They bred FETÖ and the PKK for this attack.”

He said that unidentified FETÖ members in Turkey's security forces and intelligence agencies would be mobilized for the attempt.

The second attempt is coming before November
October Surprise Option?
He warned that if no action is taken, the second coup could happen before November this year: “Non-national elements, the PKK, FETÖ, will all work together for the second attempt. All organizations that have been working under U.S. orders in the region, including even the Turkish military, police and bureaucrats, will attack simultaneously. The structure of the attack will not be same as the July 15 coup ... If we don't end this game, the second attempt will come before November.”

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  1. Very worried, do you think that they can foil it?

    1. Hi Ally:

      If this is accurate, it's obvious the man in the article is aware, therefore, it seems sensible that others are also aware.

      Can they foil it? Wish I knew?

      Ally, If you can find out anything from family members let us know here. Have they heard the rumblings? Who are these tribes in the SE? Kurdish tribes? It sounds as if that is the case
      I had also seen an article that HDP party has called for a 'hit the streets' type action. Which would be a perfect cover for an increase in violence..

      A scenario that has played out time and time again, alleged peaceful protests, shooters/snipers in the protest crowd, hit law enforcement- Law enforcement returns fire and the media is off and running

      It's worked flawlessly on numerous occasions

    2. Most Kurds are from tribes. They were originally a nomadic people. The word 'Kurd' means nomad. So maybe they are trying to get one sect of Kurds to rebel, as they can't get them all. 10 Turkish soldiers have been killed this week fighting with PKK. I don't talk with SE family often but will try and get some info. All of this is pretty secretive, so I don't know if the Kurds themselves know about it. What will Russia do? Do you think that they will join in with bombing PKK? Iran and Turkey have agreed to closer cooperation on Syria

    3. I see Turkey has agreed to closer cooperation with Iran on Syria and read that included Russia as well

      Turkey says ready for work with Iran, Russia on Syria

      "Turkey says it is "more than ready" to work with Russia and Iran on a Syrian ceasefire and the delivery of humanitarian aid to the war-torn country.

      Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Thursday he discussed the issues of ceasefire and humanitarian aid with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif.

      "We are discussing the same issues with our ally Russia," he said.

      "We have to try harder for a ceasefire and political resolution. If Russia is prepared to cooperate with us on the ceasefire and humanitarian aid, we are more than ready," he said."

      I suspect the PKK will have to be dealt with by Turkey and Iran and deal with them they had better...


      Akar? Aksakalli?

      The lines are now extended as they push 'deeper'. US special forces flooding in with direct weapons (Russia had them in Aleppo with Russia warning of chemical attack being prepped yestd). Now State Sept warning of Terror attacks in Russia cities. Very Dangerous provocation. Chechnya? Blamed on the death of the nemstov - Trial starts 03Oct.

      IFX: Interaction between Russia, Turkey on Syria enters constructive phase - Russian Foreign Ministry
      Noted the SLBM launches yesterday following the iskander and the S400 deployments to Leningrad region post Crimea deploys.

      Leader of HDP just went to Iraq to meet with Kurdish factions

    5. Recall

    6. Boris Johnson, Britain's FM went to SE Turkey 2 days ago. Visited the PKK

    7. thanks anonymous! I did read some of those comments, for sure, but have more to read

      Ally: Undoubtedly Boris Johnson's visit was much more then public relations..

    8. He visited the White Helmets, which is just as bad.

  2. Penny, If I see them on twitter, I have a couple of long time followers in Turkey and I'll ask if they have any wind on this coup2

    Iran and Turkey made a deal on Syria ?

    "Iranian-Turkish agreement on “cooperation” for ending the crisis in Syria and sending humanitarian aid to it"

  3. Now we know why Putin suddenly scheduled a visit to Turkey for mid October. Like the UK having soldiers at the ready to "rescue" British holiday seekers, the Russians can have soldiers at the ready to rescue Putin should there be any "chaos".

    Ergo, Putin is going to Turkey to foil any attempted Coup II.

  4. a red herring,the trouble spot is the Khorosan,the SL who is the commanderin chief of the Iranian armed forces reviewed the armed forces and gave the order to be battle ready. lots happening in October, the Renminbi becomes part of the SDR which Rothschild do not as yet control, Duetsche Bank might go bankrupt, Merkel has gone on record as saying it will not be bailed out.

    1. but I can respond to hans- what the heck is with blogger sometimes!

      Not a red herring, just one option of many
      Like Mosul- yet another option.
      The SL? Not sure what that is hans, can you enlighten me?

    2. SL is Supreme Leader of Iran

  5. hey gc: blogger's not letting me respond to you
    Yah, I find both the timing and just fact that Putin is going to Turkey, in October, quite interesting. We have news of Turkey and Iran cooperating on Syria along with Russia
    so... lots to consider

  6. Yikes, I just wrote that Erdogan had chosen subservience to the west, apparently not when this is being planned.
    I have never believed in a second coup. I believe we will see a colour revolution or overt NATO aggression & invasion against Turkey. It seems this has been chosen. This is colour revolution 2.0. Where protests are parred with hard power. Like in Ukraine or Syria.

    The HDP leaders are threatning Turkey with rebellion & civil war, in western publications, almost daily. Their two leaders a courting arrest in order to kick it off.

    A Turkish women I often talk to on twitter, & who informed me of the bloody october scenario, told me that usually when Kurds rebel against the state, tribes massacre each other. She gave me the Kobani protests in 2014 as an example.
    The Kurdish rebellion seems very likely, but I doubt it will be large. I have a hard time seeing how Britain will get away with invading Turkey. The Turkish army would fight them. Another coup attempt will be likewose unsuccessful. Caos in the SE, yes, but this idea that there is going to be civil war all over Turkey & total caos is simply not likely. The Turkish state too strong, & the ppl, including Kurds, too united. My Turkish friend tells me that the PKK is disliked among most Kurds & that they wont stand for it.
    Regardless, a Kurdish rebellion with MSM screaming about evil Turks, could start calls for a NATO intervention, under some R2P crap.
    Let's wait & see. :-(

    1. Rescue: I was also not a fan of the concept of another coup- if it didn't work once, it's an idea best discarded.

      What this man has described is more like a colour revolution, great observation. Very much like Ukraine recently.

      I saw the HDP were making comments antagonistic to the government and the civilian population

      Kurds massacring one another- so very typical..
      And when I first started writing about the reality of the kurds vs the common memes about them a lady from Turkey came here and told me the first refugees out of Syria, when the Kurdish militias came through were.. you already know it... kurds!

  7. I just wanted to add:

    I believe that MIT will know all about this, like they did the last time, & have planned for what to do.

    The last nationalists & kemalists in the military has proved very loyal to the goverment. I think a substantial majority of the armed forces will fight & defeat an invasion.

    The holiday season is over in Turkey, so another excuse has to be made, R2P most likely.
    A new move with Christian Bale about the Armenian genocide is coming out, which will serve the R2P agenda.

    1. Great comment Rescue. I agree that the public, regardless of politics and ethnicity are quite united in condemning the coup and will be against another 1. The PKK also admitted to killing the Kurdish lawyer Tahir Elci last year and blaming it on the state-to stir up a bigger rebellion.

    2. Hollywood is such a perception management machine is just blows my mind!

      That was surely created and intended to put Turkey in a bad light!

      Just like the Cascades Mall shooting- every eye witness id'd the shooter as hispanic- americans can surely identify hispanic people correctly and yet...
      some zombified Turkish 20 year old get's arrested more then 20 hours later- He himself was not the perp described by eye witnesses- Apparently the car he was in was 'seen at the mall' dam vague
      I found the switcheroo suspiciously convenient

    3. Ally:
      1. The PKK also admitted to killing the Kurdish lawyer Tahir Elci last year and blaming it on the state-to stir up a bigger rebellion.

      I had my suspicions about that incident
      Also the bombing at the rally timed right before the election to manipulate voters had to have been a PKK/Kurdish operation