Thursday, September 8, 2016

Turkey Moving Forward with Refugee Return & Electricity Provision to Syria: A Question That Begs Asking!

There is a round of news stories today concerning the return of Syrian refugees and Turkey providing electricity/water for the refugees. This is exactly the type of action by Turkey I would have expected to see take place. Should of said it here, but, always tell my hubby anyway. And what is being reported is what would be expected if Turkey was creating their long envisioned safe zone.

Turkey has long had a plan to create a safe zone and move refugees back into the area to impede the creation of Kurdistan straight across it’s border. In fact there were news stories floating around last week that Turkey would have implemented it's version of the safe zone last year, but, there was that incident with the Russian jet. The shoot down that sure wasn't to Turkey's advantage...
Also saw a report that Turkey had asked Russia to provide additional ground troops?

 Turkey’s version of the safe zone was covered here last year- then mentioned again a couple of weeks ago: July 25/2015: Turkey: Creating "Safe Zones", Fighting for it's Survival, Turkey's letter to UN

 If you read or reread that post you will understand that nothing has changed all this time with Turkey's claims.
Stated here last year:  Their intent is to return all the Syrian refugees. Thereby preventing the creation of a Kurdistan in Syria- Which will serve as a second base of attack against Turkey.

Turkey's FM: "Syrian refugees in Turkey and in neighboring countries will be able to settle in these safe regions"

So here’s what I said to hubby last week- Turkey cleared one area, then immediately moved westward. I suspected the area between the two points would be cleaned up. Bombs removed, etc and then Turkey would quickly move people in.
Image included in post explaining westward move- post directly below

Turkish Tanks Cross into Syria’s al Rai at Kilis

There are reports that this is exactly what is taking place:

Turkey sends power lines into Syrian town cleared of IS
Turkey has begun laying an underground power cable to supply the Syrian town of Jarabulus with electricity before the commencement of the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday.

Turkey's energy ministry confirmed that work was under way on a 3km cable from Karakamis in Turkey’s Gaziantep province to Jarabulus. It said a 2km stretch of the cable would be on Syrian territory and the rest in Turkey

“With hundreds of Syrian refugees returning to recently-liberated areas across the Turkish-Syrian border, supplying electricity is a crucial step to accomplish that task.”

It is also to prevent the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) from establishing a continuous corridor along Turkey’s southern border.

Turkish authorities reported that Syrian refugees had started returning to areas cleared by FSA fighters.

The electricity will be provided free of charge as part of the Turkish government’s humanitarian relief efforts, according to an official, who requested his name be withheld for procedural reasons.

The plan also involved the provision of potable water to Jarabulus, supplied by the Gaziantep municipality.

Turkey used to provide sections of northern Syria with electricity until October 2012 under a deal with Bashar al-Assad's government in Damascus.

So we have a plan for electricity and water being supplied

Let’s talk refugee return:
Hundreds of Syrian refugees have left Turkey for the Syrian town of Jarablus, according to Turkish officials, in the first wave of civilian resettlement since the launch of an Ankara-backed incursion into northern Syria two weeks ago.

More than 250 Syrians, including women and children, arrived at a sports complex in the Turkish border town of Karkamis for registration early on Wednesday, Turkey's state-run Anadolu agency said.

After the registration process, they went through security checks before crossing into Syria through the border gate at Karkamis, the agency said.

Saif Abu Bakr, general commander of the Hamza Division, a rebel faction affiliated with the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters, told Al Jazeera that "approximately 250 to 300 civilians, including men women and children, were transported back across the border" at about 5pm local time.

"They were all originally from Jarablus," he said, adding that all the returnees wanted to go back home

"There was no pressure from the Turkish side," Bakr said from Jarablus. "They asked to go back to their homes."

Bakr said that all families from Jarablus, approximately 10,000 civilians, were now expected to be brought back to their hometown in the near future.
image included with euronews
Turkish officials say nearly 300 Syrians have gone back to the town of Jarablus; marking the first formal return of civilians since Turkey launched a massive military campaign last month against Islamic State militants.

“We return to the embrace of our country, Syria, our dearest country, and to Jarablus we return. We thank the Turks and the others, may God forgive them. Thank you,” said Omar, a refugee from Jarablus.

Jarablus, which had been held by the ISIL, was the first town captured by Turkey’s army and its Syrian rebel allies; and the relief among residents was clear.

“All the people returned. The people who left came back. The situation is good, but we are suffering from a shortage of services. The main problem is water, bread and electricity,” said market worker Abu Ahmad.

Turkey has urged world powers to back plans for a “safe zone” in northern Syria to stem the flow of migrants but it’s so far failed to win support for the idea.
In advance of that soon to be implemented ceasefire??? Right before an upcoming holiday????

And a question? A question that begs asking?

Much ado has been made about the speed with which ISIS was cleared from Turkey’s border by the Turkish military... Most of what I've read has been nonsense.  Speaking for myself... It  has much to do with the two combined allies of the US/Israel fleeing from a real fight. Yes, I’m referencing KurdIShIS. And have demonstrated on numerous occasions the symbiotic relationship between the two- When faced with a real fight vs theatre- the puppets fled.

A much bigger question that begs asking and no one else has asked, choosing to spin very, very Israeli sounding propaganda instead, is this one:

How or why did  the U.S.-backed YPG fighters and the entire U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition, of at least 50 countries, fail to clear ISIS from northern Syria even though they have allegedly fought and bombed the area for more than one and a half years??

Looking for answers from readers as to how  thousands of airstrikes (50,000 bombs on ISIS) and the ‘fiercest fighters on the ground’ failed to clear the border of the baddest scariest threat in the entire world in well over a year and a half !

This is why I am still sticking with my KurdIShIS symbiosis. It fits. It quite nicely explains the failure to clear ISIS. Clearing ISIS was not a goal. Ethnically cleansing and displacing the populace to remake the ME was always the agenda. ISIS the pretext- Kurd fighters part of the false/contrived good vs evil dialectic.


  1. after turkey 'total' war comments in a clear rebuke to Assad interview now a power line in a replay of the Crimea bridge. The irony of Russian and Turkish cooperation surely not lost on Lavrov especially during the Crimea and Caucuses exercises

    Meanwhile all the talk of the US - Russian negotiations, which SECDEF Carter all but dismissed yesterday in his speech, ignore reports of Assad re-imposing a siege on Aleppo.

    Now reports of a joint Turkey and US operation in Raqqa after the special forces coordination in Jarabulus?

    NATO-Ankara meeting forthcoming: Hulusi Akar, Special Forces commander, Lieutenant General Zekai Aksakalli

    1. "Even if Turkey reaches consensus with Assad, this will not affect the Kurds. I don't think it will throw us back. I doubt that Turkey will be able to come to terms with Assad. But even if they do, this will not affect us, because we do not depend on anyone's support. We stand on our own feet. We do not act against Turkey relying on the Syrian regime, nor act against the Syrian regime relying on Turkey. We rely on the strength of our people. We have a federalization project which is making progress every day."


    2. saw the reports of a possible 'joint' exercise..
      As long as YPG is out of the picture

      "Turkey supports a planned operation to drive Islamic State out of its Syrian stronghold of Raqqa but the Kurdish YPG militia should not be the ones at the core of it, Turkish Defense Minister Fikri Isik told Reuters on Thursday.

      "What Turkey focuses and insists on is that instead of solely the YPG forces, the operations must be conducted, as the core of the operatives, by the local people of the region, instead of the YPG," Isik said in an interview in London.

    3. Is the US going to go along with the YPG being excluded?
      Will turkey be involved to block YPG advances?

    4. Will Assad make good on his promise?

      Syria’s northwestern city of Aleppo will become a graveyard for the regime of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan where his "dreams and hopes will be buried," Syrian leader Bashar Assad told the country’s parliament on Tuesday. "The fascist regime of Erdogan focused its attention on Aleppo as it was crushed in Syria and this is the last hope to implement its Muslim Brotherhood Islamist project," Assad said. "Aleppo will become a tomb where all dreams and hopes of this butcher will be buried," the Syrian president said.

      Existential moment for the Russians also approaching, quickly?

    5. 19May Interfax: Russians apparently knew this too..
      Al-Assad's opponents may be trying to create "security zone" in northern Syria on border with Turkey - Russian Foreign Ministry


      Assad's entire statement--

      and yes, it does look as if Turkey is making a security type zone, for it's own security.

      They made that clear when I posted on it last year--
      "Existential moment for the Russians also approaching, quickly?"

      Clarify- not sure what you mean by this? Not sure?
      I just can't see how they don't.
      Do you think Russia doesn't know what's going on?

    7. Like Minsk, how do you do an deal by yourself?


    1. I wish Syria would go back to how it was- but have come to accept that's not going to happen- even if there borders remain intact- the displacement of persons, the destruction will render Syria changed :(

    2. Hi Penny:

      Overall I have to say What a Miracle! Syrians being allowed to go home and rebuild their trashed homeland. The Iraqis and Afghanis should be so fortunate. And it's all due, IMO, to the brilliant Grand Chess Master.

      You raise some important questions. Like the question of why the Ziofascists always cut and run rather than fight. My theory is that they have behaved for time immemorial like's a metamorphosis. First the grub (infiltrate and thrive on host) , then the chrysalis (dormant while changing into active phase) and finally, the active moth (fly away and breed in another place) be repeated over and over till the end of time. They are now in their final phase.

      I understand Putin is offering free land in Siberia.

    3. Aargh, but that would put them to our north,yikes

      it's bad enough the number of ziofascists here in canada!

      Yah, I'm still hoping someone will answer the question I posed- why after 50,000 bombs damaging infrastructure galore... the so called NATO 50 + couldn't clear ISIS out of northern syria
      With their fierce fighters leading the charge..

    4. A very interesting statement from NATO days ago: should we read something into it set against the Russian and Chinese anti-revisionism protests

      NATO not involved in Syrian crisis; war against ISIL fought by Allies - source‎

    5. Why commands a very blunt and simple response. Why, because they did not actually want to, nor did they ever intend to cleanse the area of the murderous takfiri savages. Considering the influence (control) the world's foremost sponsor of state terrorism has upon the US and other western states and israels support for ISIS because they serve the zionist agenda as proxies ISIS is a bf not an enemy. One last thought: the anglozionists, US/NATO/ISRAELI terror syndicate are the birth parents of ISIS and their alphabet soup off springs.


      Same for ISIS.

    7. Iraq and Syria have been so thoroughly damaged by warfare, sectarian conflict and killing that it is unclear they “can be put back together again,” CIA Director John Brennan said.

      second time in as many months.

      Kurds pushing autonomy in weeks.

      We have decided to convene a meeting of the founding assembly of the federal system at the start of October, and we will declare our system in northern Syrian,” Hadiya Yousef, who chairs the assembly, said in an interview. “We will not retreat from this project. On the contrary, we will work to implement it,” she said. “The Turkish intervention will not obstruct us

      Iraqi police clash with militia after days ago militia arms depot exploded

      US training Iranian kurds PAK

      Keeping in mind the mossad role

    8. Charles:
      "Why commands a very blunt and simple response. Why, because they did not actually want to, nor did they ever intend to cleanse the area of the murderous takfiri savages"

      Short sweet and to the point Charles, I like it!

    9. anonymous: yah, I've bookmarked the news regarding the kurds being undeterred in their push for autonomy

      and mentioned the Iranian kurds just the other day

      ty for the links :)

  3. wanted to leave a link for this- my reference to a ceasefire and a holiday

    ANKARA, September 7. /TASS/. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has told reporters upon returning from the G20 summit in China’s Hangzhou that he plans to hold talks with Russian and US leaders on a ceasefire in Syria’s Aleppo.

    "In China, we told Russian President Vladimir Putin that there is a need to immediately achieve a ceasefire in Aleppo. But this depends to a certain degree on talks between the Turkish, Russian and US chief diplomats. The top envoys will hold a trilateral meeting," Erdogan told the Haberturk TV channel.

    Erdogan added that he would have a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama on this issue.

    "We said that we want peace in Aleppo before the holidays begin (Eid al-Adha on September 11). Our partners are positive about this prospect. Putin affirmed that the result may be achieved within two or three days," Erdogan said.

    Erdogan said that "at the moment there are no great problems with refugees in northern Syria but there are serious difficulties only in Aleppo now."

    At the G20 summit in China, the Turkish leader discussed the ceasefire regime in Aleppo when meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama. The issue is also actively being discussed by all three top diplomats, he said.

    Ankara expects that the halt in hostilities will enter into force ahead of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha and will last for at least several days during the holiday. Turkey hopes for a lasting ceasefire in Aleppo.

    I will put the link in the post

  4. "....I'm still hoping someone will answer the question I posed- why after 50,000 bombs damaging infrastructure galore... the so called NATO 50 + couldn't clear ISIS out of northern syria
    With their fierce fighters leading the charge.."

    Simply put. The "NATO" bombing mission was a success....according to the priorities of the bombers:

    1) Destroy Syrian infrastructure as means of regime change;
    2) Cause mass migration to weaken European culture, economic and political stabilithy
    3) Clear out a land base for Ziofascist expansion "From the Nile to the Euphrates".

    1. Hey GC: I agree for them it was a success- and you've laid out some of the goals for that successful mission

      I could add more to the list, but, not one of those reasons has to do with and actual war against terror or terrorists

  5. Penny, more evidence regarding Putin's role in saving Erdogan:

    1. Very interesting Ally- thanks for leaving it!

  6. Very interesting link, Ally. I might just include it in a future post on my blog. It supports what I said right after the attempted coup....that the reason the coup-meisters did not fire on Erdogan's plane was because it was being protected by Russian jets. One more chink on my blogger belt!!

    1. Hey GC: that was a good thought too..
      Recall all the claims that Erdogan was flying around with transponders on.. but then that was just another lie!

      so much bullshit spread so liberally by so many