Saturday, September 3, 2016

Turkish Tanks Cross into Syria’s al Rai at Kilis

This entry appeared imminent, had some news items bookmarked from yesterday regarding this impending move:

Turkish army reinforces Kilis as another cross-border operation nears
DAESH terrorists targeted Kilis with more than 50 rockets that landed in the city between January and May, leaving more than 20 people dead and wounding dozens more. The last rocket attack came on Monday when three rockets fired from a DAESH-controlled area in Syria struck Kilis, injuring at least five people.

While the FSA ensures security within Jarablus, the TSK has been clearing bordering villages of mines and handmade explosives left by DAESH. Controlled explosions have been heard since the beginning of the operation. Meanwhile, Turkish F-16 jets bombed some villages of Jarablus that are still under DAESH control

Al-Bab might be another target for the FSA to prevent the YPG terrorist group from connecting its cantons from the east and west.

A commander from a faction of the FSA, Faylaq al-Sham, recently said, "DAESH fighters have withdrawn from several villages on the outskirts of Jarablus and are heading south towards the city of al-Bab."

The strategically located town of Al-Bab lies between the cities of Manbij and Aleppo. If the PYD seizes control of the town, the terrorist organization will be able to connect their cantons to Afrin.
Still don’t get that ISIS and the Kurds are connected?  ISIS would grab the very alternative route/ town that YPG/PKK need to connect their cantons? So convenient.

As expected Turkey’s military has moved: Turkey Premier Says Keeping Syria Intact Is Aim of Operation

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim speaks in Bloomberg interview

Turkey is seeking to prevent a breakup of Syria on ethnic lines with its military operations in the country, according to Prime Minister Binali Yildirim.

“Turkey has had this aim since the beginning,” he said in an interview with Bloomberg in Istanbul on Friday. That, he said, refers to “protecting the territorial integrity of Syria, preventing the dissolution of Syria, keeping all ethnic groups together, ending conflict and forming a government in which all Syrian people take part." 

Point of Entry

Regarding American backing of terrorist Kurdish militias:
Very interesting quote from Yildirim @ Bloomberg

“Yildirim said. American-backed Kurdish fighters in Syria are “PKK terrorists disguised as a different group,"

PKK terrorists disguised as a different group- doubtful that’s the whole quote... Can't assume it means YPG.

“The criticizing parties should be a bit considerate: they don’t get hurt, Turkey gets hurt," Yildirim said, citing a 911-kilometer (566 mile) shared border between Turkey and Syria. "Of course, we are working to find a solution in cooperation with Russia, Iran and coalition powers such as the U.S. Our goal is to ensure stability and peace in Syria in the future."

Today’s report:
Turkish tanks cross into Syria's FSA-held al Rai from Kilis, Daesh positions under howitzer fire

Turkish tanks crossed Saturday into the northern Syrian town of al Rai from Turkey's southeastern Kilis province, as Turkish howitzers pounded Daesh positions during their passage.

Around 20 tanks, five armored personnel carriers, trucks and other armored vehicles crossed into Syrian territory controlled by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) from Elbeyli district.

As Turkish tanks were crossing into Syria, three Katyusha rockets fired from Daesh-held territory in Syria landed in the city center of Kilis. Ambulances, police and rescue units were dispatched in the area.

Since January, Kilis was targeted by dozens of Daesh-fired rockets, which killed 21 civilians and injured dozens. The last rockets landed in the city center on Monday, injuring six people.

A Turkish army convoy drive from the border back to their base in Karkamis on the Turkish-Syrian border in the southeastern Gaziantep province, Turkey, August 27, 2016.

The tanks crossed the frontier near the Turkish village of Cobanbey, the agency said. Cobanbey, is across from Syria's al Rai.
Voice of America reports on "protests" at the Turkish/ Syrian border over the Turkish border wall construction. If you are unaware of Turkey's construction of the border wall, on going for more then a year now... it was covered earlier this week in this post:  Turkey’s Border Wall with Syria
" Yes, Turkey has built a good sized, height and length, wall on it's border with Syria. I've mentioned this reality on several occasions. Turkey began construction more then a year ago..

Where there is no wall, there will be trenches or massive barbed wire fences. Claims that Turkey has done nothing to secure it's borders just don't ring true

VOA reports including video,  available here.

It’s being reported that the PKK/YPG were back at the Turkish border wall at Ayn al Arab, official name vs annexed name of Kobane- They are protesting the construction of the border wall, by Turkey. Again. It was an all male protest- Doubtful it was limited to stone throwing considering the availability of arms to this crowd. The report is from Voice of America- considering that source I am CERTAIN the report will be skewed in favour of the YPG/PKK
Here’s what we know:

The ‘kurds’ attacked construction workers, equipment and troops. Resulting in a melee between the parties. Turkish security forces used tear gas and water cannons (seen in video) to disperse an (alleged) stone-throwing crowd protesting Turkey’s construction of a wall on the border. I don’t believe that there was just stone throwing- it would be absurd to believe this. Look at the crowd of ‘protestors’ and tell me there were no weapons among that bunch? And putting on a white mask, like a prop, for perception management?? Puhleez!
Kurds claim live fire was used. Turkey denies this.

 Turkish military sources told Reuters, "A group approached the border and attacked construction machinery, workers and soldiers on the border with stones. Tear gas and water cannon were used against them. There has been no incident of opening fire."

“Turkey is trying to build a wall of shame and is trying to divide homes,” Kurdo said, “Because of this, people reacted and protested today. As Turkish forces pulled back during the night, tensions subsided.”
In my opinion the YPG/PKK started attacking the Turkish workers with the embedded journalists at the ready to create the video necessary for perception management purposes- The oh so handy, at the ready, presence of 'medical masks' is the tip off!

 Regarding Turkey’s border.

Turkey’s wall. I don’t think anyone could seriously challenge Turkey’s right to border security. Anymore then I would expect Canada to challenge the US right to border security.. A Canadian can’t even cross into the US without a passport or alternative approved ID.
A far cry from how freely Canadians and Americans passed back and forth between nations not that long ago

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Turkey/US: Cat & Mouse. Creating Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 Has Been A Mass Bloodletting

Wow. ISIS Attacks Turkish Backed Rebels- Lucky for the Kurds, eh?

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  1. Dropping this here as it was part of comments very recently and needs 2b updated (?)

    About that Orthodox Christian article allegedly written by US retired Ambassador Hughes..
    It wasn't ! it seems
    Hurriyet OpEd

    The Russian libel against the Ecumenical Patriarch

    Remember my saying I had read a couple of articles from Oriental Review on that issue ? Well..

    the author says
    "I got in touch with retired ambassador Hughes in Washington DC, where he is now on the board of directors of the Foundation for Middle East Peace. “I had nothing to do with the article. I did not write it, inspire it or submit it, it’s a total fabrication,” he told me. In a written statement, he also said:

    and it goes on.

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