Sunday, September 25, 2016

US & Lackies Demand UN Security Council Meeting 11:00 EST

Consider this? 

 The UN Security Council Meeting as a 'sleight of hand' Trickery, deviousness
While the world watches the UN Security Council 'hand'- The NATO 'hand' is up to no good.
Keeping an eye on Syrian news as the meeting takes place ....

 I will be updating as new info becomes available!

President Bashar al-Assad’s troops have tightened their siege of Aleppo, after another 24 hours of intense bombardment that left dozens dead and nearly 2 million without water.
The United Nations security council is due to meet at 11am on Sunday to discuss the escalation of fighting in Aleppo, diplomats said, at the request of the US, Britain and France. 
 The attack has left US policy on Syria in disarray, with diplomats pursuing a halt in hostilities even as Assad’s forces on the ground ramped up fighting using Moscow’s air power as back-up.
Policy in disarray means... 

-US thuggery will be exposed to all. (as if it wasn't obvious anyway)
-NATO special ops forces are in amongst the terror crowd. 
-"Heroic" Kurds who are present in Aleppo will be shown as the terrorist they are
-The push to remake the Middle East may be greatly impeded if not stopped entirely
- Undoubtedly Israelis are present in Aleppo and oh boy if some of them get caught there with terrorists.

For those of us who like peace and all it's benefit to the planet, none of those truths being known would be a bad thing :)

  Syrian troops were pressing their advantage and captured the Handarat camp for Palestinian refugees. Deserted, but strategically important, the camp is perched on elevated ground overlooking the key Castello road into besieged Aleppo.

Obviously I've little faith in reports from 'white hat' terrorists. Making most of the Guardian article rubbish save for the few facts posted above.

Can't verify this news item, wonder if it's correct?

UNSC to meet Syrian Prez as troops tighten grip on Aleppo
London [UK], Sept. 25 (ANI): The United Nations Security Council will today meet Syrian President Bashar al-Assad after his troops tightened their siege of Aleppo after another 24 hours of intense bombardment that left dozens dead and nearly two million without water.
The meeting comes at the request of the United States, Britain and France, reports the Guardian.
 Assad to attend UN Security Council Meeting? 

Regarding an outing of the terrorists (mentioned above) - Sputnik  and a little nugget of interesting info:

"To add more fuel to the fire, the SAA is about to defeat a very suspicious Islamist group — Jund al-Aqsa — known to have earlier been supported by the US. Despite the group being relatively small, it possesses modern weapons and even surveillance drones. Jund al-Aqsa was designated as a terrorist entity by the US only four days ago.
 In any event, the possible defeat of Jund al-Aqsa will shed the light on a wide range of questions, especially about the groups drones and the identity of the leader of the group operating under the alias Abu Abdul Aziz al-Qatari,
 Jund al- Aqsa- my first thought? Al Aqsa mosque/Jerusalem- Israel. Israel is all about the drones


  1. So how will the Kurdish militia be exposed? Thanks for the great article btw, you are 1 of the few bloggers I trust. You challenge both msm and alt media

    1. Hi Ally: If Syria can out all the thugs in Aleppo that will include the Kurds that are present there too..

      The exposure of them, for what they are, terrorists, having played a major role in the destruction of Syria since day one should put a stop to the baloney about "heroic" "democratic" kurds- puke!

      Always feel like retching when I have to regurgitate putrid memes-

      Thanks Ally for the compliment :) - I challenge msm and alt because alt just repeats msm with a different twist-

      Me, I run my own think tank here- that's it

      run my own think tank is a homage to another independent blogger I respected quite a lot (Twelfth Bough)

      With my husband as my sounding board and idea bouncer
      And my critical thinking skills honed plus years of experience dissecting news obfuscation..

      from my computer desk in my dining room of all places :))

    2. That's great Penny. I look forward to reading your blog in years to come because there really is no one like you. Korybko and Corbett Report are good but you really dissect the pieces. The Guardian in the UK is the most disgusting propaganda rag. They try and portray themselves as posh and honest but they are worse than the BBC.
      Also, check this out:
      Teachers are also demonstrating in KRG over pay and austerity

    3. yah, the guardian is pretty despicable
      but then they all are- great obfuscators-
      Much is going on there in Iraqi Kurdistan- I see the hdp guy from Turkey was meeting with the leaders of KRG rivals.... looking to unify
      And my mind went right back to m y post 'one ring to rule them all' barzani being pushed out- something like that- Interestingly i suspect Barzani may be attempting to save his own ass and stick it to PKK- will he be successful? I don't know

  2. And what do you think about the recent Soros-funded BLM protests in the US?

  3. nothing at Syria or Al-Manar in Lebanon online about Assad and UN meet up

    For later reading, it's only the last 6 paragraphs of
    Moallem's UN address
    He confronts the israel + terrorists / Golan problem head on.
    in case you didn't see it already

  4. farsnews says US has deployed special forces to 7 'bases' in N. Syria
    hundreds of them

    1. all in annexed Syria territory embedded with their kurd terrorist cohorts- ty

  5. I for one don't care what the meeting about, no more cease fires. Go Syrian People and SAA and friends.

  6. I certainly hope that President Assad doesn't go to NYC in person to attend the UNSC meeting. Gawd knows, he might be arrested for forcing himself on a hotel maid...or some such.

    Video conferencing would be good, tho.

    1. "he might be arrested for forcing himself on a hotel maid"

      that made me laugh!!!

  7. There is no more evil, lying entity on the face of the earth than the lying BBC. Check out their latest head lie.

  8. The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history. Two of them, journalists William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer, say it's possible.

    This is a war of an elite. [Tom] Friedman laughs: I could give you the names of 25 people (all of whom are at this moment within a five-block radius of this office) who, if you had exiled them to a desert island a year and a half ago, the Iraq war would not have happened.

    All one has to do is to change Iraq with Libya, then Syria and this news story stays current.


    1. Ally, of course

      Ceng Sagnic, a researcher with the Tel Aviv-based Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, told ARA News that Iranian Kurds are trying to gain a new foothold.

      “It [increase in clashes] is mostly because Iranian Kurdish parties are seeking for a renewed foothold in regional politics while Iran’s influence is growing rapidly,” Sagnic said

    2. I know, terrible. They cause trouble not only to the Iranian security services, but also for ordinary Kurds who have been living in peace for a long time. Groups like this want to create sectarianism, just like in Yugoslavia - the KLA there also used the same tactics.

    3. just like in Syria and Turkey- creating sectaranism

      Iranian Kurds seeking a renewed foothold.. shakes head

  10. from Tass news
    Churkin statement (at, after? or what? I don't know)

    Russia will agree on no more unilateral steps to cease hostilities in Syria - UN envoy

    "Restoration of peace in Syria has become a literally impracticable task, Vitaly " Churkiv said

  11. Hey Penny,

    Thanks again for updates. In case you haven't read these two articles please do. I wanted your readers here who had comments about the BBC, GUARDIAN, and other lying mouthpieces to be educated (like I was) after being more enlightened about the deep state.

    Thanks to you, Greencrow, NTS and your links...stay true for as long as possible. The Internet is about to change...

    take care

    ps...President Assad is an honorable man. Super smart and cunning are the credentials one needs to withstand such evil. Blessings to Syrians...stand your sacred ground. If only the west were so lucky to have him, Putin, and the silent aid of courage from Iran. It truly is amazing to groan for what the underdog has stood against while maintaining honor. He has my respect.

    1. wallflower: "Thanks to you, Greencrow, NTS and your links...stay true for as long as possible. The Internet is about to change..."

      I intend to stay true as long as possible. Couldn't live with myself any other way- I have some crazy moral code that appears to be lacking in most other people, sadly.

  12. I haven't posted here before, but found your blog through Syper and maybe MofA. Now I always check here as well. Amazing Penny that you are able to be so perceptive and in touch from your dining room table! It goes to show that the world can be deciphered by level heads with a plug into the group mind. It gives me faith that things can at some future time be sorted out and people held accountable. I can only dream :) Thanks for all you do, Penny. You're lucky to have a supportive spouse.

    1. Hi Dharma: thanks for commenting :)
      Not my dining table, my desk in the corner of the dining room. Level headed? Yah, pretty much.
      Honest to a fault, too.

      The World could be sorted out, if people would stop relying on others to do that which should be done by them, themselves.

      Make sense?

    2. Oops and Dharma you're welcome, I'm glad you appreciate what I do :)

      "You're lucky to have a supportive spouse"

      Yes, I am. And I appreciate his support a great deal

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