Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Taking Mosul "So far this is easier then Fallujah" What Comes After Will Be Worse, For Iraq.

As has been mentioned ISIS  'lays down'. Melts Away. Disappears. Always. 

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I've noticed the phenomena myself on more then one occasion. Soufan group reported on it more then once also. (linked contained in above posts)

Flashback: Transcript of Assad Interview- Setting Records Straight via Highlights & more
2014:  ISIS = Smoke & Mirrors. Giving cover now for strikes on Syria
 We have to realize that ISIS is the smoke and mirrors to the ME reshape. ISIS is the deception. The distraction. While we are spoon fed the ISIS soma, NATO headed by the US, in cahoots with Israel and the GCC nations reorder the globe to suit their agenda.
The agenda hasn't changed. 


 Iraqi forces moving toward Mosul along one southern front progressed quickly Monday, the first day of the offensive. But the push slowed Tuesday, as forces still miles outside Iraq’s second-largest city regrouped and rested before resuming efforts to encircle it.

On Wednesday, Iraqi military officials ordered a pause to allow one of the Iraqi army divisions operating south of Mosul to make up ground. The division had been delayed in the first two days of the offensive, moving only about half a mile along the 35-mile route to Mosul, an officer of the government’s Emergency Response Division said.

It wasn’t clear why the army division was delayed, the officer said.

The officer said that in two days of fighting to clear villages west of the Mosul-Baghdad highway, his forces had encountered 10 suicide car bombers deployed by Islamic State, and intercepted and destroyed seven.

Although the Sunni Muslim extremist group is still formidable, the officer added, it (ISIS) is employing simpler and fewer defenses than it used in previous battles in the city of Fallujah and elsewhere in Iraq.

“So far, this is far easier than Fallujah,” he said.
Easier then Fallujah? The crown jewel of the Islamic State? Simpler and less defended. Easier then Fallujah?

Kurdish forces
 In the town of Shaquli, Peshmerga troops settled in, their armored vehicles sprouting heavy weapons parked behind freshly made berms.

Some fighters took selfies alongside an abandoned Islamic State truck bomb.
The vehicle had approached the front line, then the driver jumped out without detonating the explosives, the Peshmerga said. Meanwhile, warplanes screeched overhead, and the occasional military vehicle rumbled past, kicking up clouds of dust.
The vehicle approached the front line. The driver jumped out without detonating the explosives.
Why? I thought this was an epic fight? Why did the driver not detonate the explosives? Where did the driver go? Was he killed? Or did he disappear into the advancing Kurdish troops?
Why didn't the Peshmerga  fighter mention the conclusion of the incident? In my opinion, it reads to me as if a truck full of explosives was delivered to the fighters. I assume these fighters are PKK.

 “We’re waiting for orders,” said Qahraman Said Hamed, 38, his face grimy from manning a heavy machine gun during the push earlier this week.

So far, he said, the offensive to retake Mosul from Islamic State, which has held the city for more than two years, was proceeding more easily than expected.
“They’re not like they used to be,” he said of the jihadists. “They’re getting weaker now. They’re in defensive positions and just trying to protect themselves.”
By all accounts the advance is proceeding along very easily. For the Iraqi military, Fallujah, was unsurprisingly a tougher battle- (The reason, in my opinion, for that was mentioned in a previous post)


The Iraqi government does not want the inhabitants of Mosul to flee in order to hold onto the territory- As Iraq's territory. They've been leafleting the area in advance of troop movements.

It is a case where the spoils are going to be more problematic than the victory. Already there is talk in Iraq and the U.S. Congress of turning Mosul and surrounding Ninevah Province into several quasi-autonomous “cantons” along the lines of the Kurdish protected zone created after the Gulf War. This is a terrible idea.

Such mini-states would have no legitimacy in the eyes of the Iraqi government or people. They would likely fight among themselves over land and oil. And their creation could give momentum to a total breakup of the Iraqi state, which would create the sort of chaos that allowed Islamic State to thrive in the first place.

This is why the Iraqi government has to come up with a plan now for a temporary ruling authority to take civilian control of Mosul as soon as the fighting ends. This government would have to allow representation from all the ethnic and religious factions and be committed to religious tolerance and rule of law.
The plan should be made public before the battle ends, which would keep Mosul’s residents calm and eager to expel the terrorist forces. Equally important is avoiding atrocities by Shiite militia members against the Sunni population for alleged collusion with the terrorists, as occurred after the fights to re-take Amerli, Fallujah and Tikrit from Islamic State. Shiite units should be kept out of the center-city fighting entirely.

I've discussed the multitudinous problems with the fall out of Mosul on numerous occasions:
Part 3 (above) also has a part 2 and part 1... 
My first thought was that Obama might want Mosul done as a two year anniversary deal- However, an October surprise always had great potential too!
There's more here on Mosul. Much more..  

UPDATE 5:55 pm EST

  Iraqi Advance Into Mosul Exceeds Expectations
 “The Mosul operation is proceeding ahead of schedule due to the deterioration of ISIS defenses,” Iraqi Army Chief of Staff Gen. Othman Al-Ghanimi said Tuesday.
Islamic State terrorists have destroyed their administrative buildings in the city, including offices containing passports and tax records.
Isn't that amazing? Islamic State is carrying out the same type of action as the Kurds PKK/YPG take when they steal territory. Destroy administrative buildings and of course administrative records- Like land titles and ownership documents..
I've got a post covering this topic relating to the ethnic cleansing of Manbij somewhere here
 “Some ISIS terrorists, dressed in Iraqi forces uniforms and in vehicles carrying Iraqi flags, are moving in areas not yet liberated south of Mosul in order to arrest people who show support for Iraqi forces"
 Hmmm.. who would have provided ISIS with Iraqi military uniforms? That wouldn't be advantageous to the Iraqi military to have done that? Not at all! Good for who ever would be best served by turning the populace against the Iraqi military though? Gee, which parties could that be?


  1. Hey Penny...

    What is sickening and SO in-your-face is the fictional propaganda. As in this: ["an officer of the government’s Emergency Response Division said."]

    What officer?

    ["It wasn’t clear why the army division was delayed, the officer said."]

    ["The officer said that in two days of fighting..."]

    [“So far, this is far easier than Fallujah,” he said.]

    HE WHO??? WSJ and the various media prophylactics. So well know to hire military (yes active) to write their swashbuckling hero fuction. ["In the town of Shaquli, Peshmerga troops settled in, their armored vehicles sprouting heavy weapons parked behind freshly made berms."]

    ["Meanwhile, warplanes screeched overhead, and the occasional military vehicle rumbled past, kicking up clouds of dust."]

    ["...his face grimy from manning a heavy machine gun during the push earlier this week."]

    I've got to give you credit Penny for being able to report is truly sickening. This is the fuctional life many people live in, swallow, and go about their peaceful day. Meanwhile the citizens of Syria, Yemen, Gaza, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and all over the eastern globe are dying for.

    But alas the fuctional Israel and their pretend self made holocaust power, authority and holiness will finally become dust. And that is the truth...

    1. Hey Wallflower:

      Much of the flowery descriptiveness is employed to create an image in the mind of the readers-

      However... the verification of this being easier came from the Iraqi side and the Kurdish side
      with the kurds getting a special delivery of an explosives laden vehicle-- how lucky for them is that?

      And yesterday it was reported the campaign was ahead of schedule- how lucky for Obama and Hillary!

      Considering the might ISIS's willingness to 'live to fight another day' this seems to be smooth sailing..

  2. What does Russia think about Turkey in Mosul?

    1. It seems Putin and Erdogan are in regular contact regarding all that is ongoing.
      from the previous post:

      "Russian and Turkish Presidents, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, exchanged views on the Syrian settlement and discussed the operation to liberate Iraq’s Mosul, the Kremlin press service said on Tuesday after a telephone conversation between the two leaders initiated by the Turkish side"

      I would think Russia understand Turkey's concern for it's territorial integrity and security of it's border- I don't take serious any claims that Turkey is expansionist in either Syria or Iraq.
      They don't have that luxury because they are very clearly a nation under attack- therefore their own security is paramount and on that Russia and Turkey see eye to eye


      I especially point to the last of Erdogan's statements. Still spewing venom on Assad. Who kills his own people. Projection? Erdogan has never been engaged in likewise behavior has he?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Charles: Erdogan, like any political leader has blood on his hands-
      However, that comment is out of context and I searched hurriyet is the only news outlet using this out of context quote. along with others citing hurriyet.
      below is my search

      I really have a thing for complete quotations, in full, not paraphrased or taken out of context.

      Quotes taken out of context can be manipulated to imply anything at all.

    5. I simply refuse to be any sort of apologist for Erdogan. Nor am I willing to to condone the behavior of any leader just because everyone of them is like the other. Things are black or white for me. Gray doesn't exist. I see Erdogan as not good for anything especially for the citizens of his own nation. In light of that, I will refrain from further commentary with Erdogan as the topic.

    6. You don't have to be an apologist for Erdogan?
      I'm certainly not.

      However reality is all these politicos have blood on their hands
      Obama and Saint Justin Trudeau

      No one is condoning anything- we're discussing what we all think is going on in this situation.

      "I see Erdogan as not good for anything especially for the citizens of his own nation"

      I'm quite certain many people say that about Assad and Putin too.

  3. What does Russia think about Turkey in Mosul? Extrapolating from what I already know about was taken over by Kurds at one point in the ongoing project of creating the Kurdistan state. So Turks and Kurds not being so compatible....the presence of Turks would likely be a check of some sorts on the Kurds...just thinkin'

    1. GC: "presence of Turks would likely be a check of some sorts on the Kurds"
      Especially on NATO's proxy the PKK/YPG/TAK whatever..

  4. btw: did readers here see this? Perception management extends to organized religion
    Funeral Bells ring for Aleppo

    The campaign started in the parish of Kallio in Finland, the idea of Teemu Laajasalo, a local Lutheran vicar. According to Laajasalo, the project was born out of anger and sadness at the ongoing carnage in Aleppo, where tens of thousands of people have been forced to flee, and tens of thousands more are under siege.

    No anger at the carnage caused by NATO as they reshape the middle east and north africa, killing and displacing millions and on top of that leaving Christians to be killed, making no effort to aid them though it is quite clear Christians are being erased from the area.

    No funeral bells for them- now that type of psyop on the masses makes me sick-

    Cui Bono on that aspect?

  5. I've also updated with yet another news article on how swimmingly taking Mosul is going and ISIS is dressed in Iraqi military uniforms executing people- that doesn't help the Iraqi military or government now does it?!

    1. LOL Penny...

      Just when you said,"Islamic State terrorists have destroyed their administrative buildings in the city, including offices containing passports and tax records."
      I said, "Oh brother, isn't..."
      and you said, "Isn't...that...amazing"!


  6. Weeks after the president of Uzbek dies defense minster down in helicopter with 9 dead. Follows the kyrgyz president evac'd to moscow for treatment and released days ago. Grey wolves

    1. are you the anon that left the article about Saudi Arabia?
      Excellent article and I understand the coup concept- cause it's sure looks as if someone is being groomed for more compliant leadership

      very interesting read- printed it and took the time to read it

    2. Y on KSA.

      Erdogan comment here is almost identical to the 2012 comment son Brazil.

      Both ISIL and the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), the military wing of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), “are pawns that serve the same purpose and are supported by the same powers,” Erdoğan also stated, without giving details.

      Erdogan says same forces behind Brazil and Turkey

      IS this the same 'they' thar are targeting Saudi per Nayef (and presumably Egypt, though it is notable the Russian airborne force are deployed around Suez into the latest US accusation that Iran was behind the alleged Yemen missile firings as USN in the mouth of the Red Sea Choke point.

      Iran recently deployed a few ships donw to patrol the ara after the alleged US incidents (was that Iran Radar the US Tomohawked?) US yemen strikes close to another round of OMAN mediated release of US citizens

      Flashback: Kerry thanked the Russians for helping evac US citizens 14Apr15

      All against backdrop of Turkey hitting YPG overnight

      Just as SECDEF Carter shows up in Turkey 21Oct as Air Force again strikes alleged deal on mosul after reports of air force involved in Raqqa

      What would Lavrov say about the latest Video?

      Flashback days after the russian shootdown

      Interfax 01Dec15: Interior Ministry warns of danger to use migration processes in 'hybrid wars'

      Meanwhile US ToWs still going to rebels


      Would those complicated tasks have something to do with Suez?

    4. thanks anon- just fished that out of spam
      sorry- been under the weather :(

    5. oh and it doesn't appear there is any deal on Turkey flying over Mosul-- there is, there isn't, there is, there isn't but I'm just not coming away with a satisfactory confirm on the whole mess

  7. Replies
    1. could be one angle?- pushing fighters into Syria for the taking of Raqqa- cause if the PKK in particular get Mosul they would need Raqqa for their greater Kurdistan-

      this would embolden pkk fighters sitting outside of Raqqa presently

      I saw talk that there should be an international governance of Raqqa, which I find galling myself

      Josh Rogin WaPo

      "Inside the Obama administration, there is concern in some quarters that the military planning for retaking Raqqa is outpacing the planning needed to make sure that the city does not descend into new chaos or follow-on conflict once liberated. There’s no agreed-upon governance plan, no comprehensive humanitarian response and no consensus on who will provide security for the area once the terrorists are ousted, administration officials told me.

      This is Syrian territory so why would there be a need for international governance other then a plan to extricate the area from Syria

    2. in fact the talk with regard to Raqqa reads a lot like the talk on Mosul- obfuscation of the annexation of Iraqi and Syrian land for greater kurdistan aka Israel 2.0

  8. have to check back on all the comments later. I had an eye treatment yesterday afternoon that put me in horrible pain and bed for 12-14 hours.. much better now tho.

    Seems Good ole Faithful USA is building a military base in israel
    info came orig from janes

    UN is laying down about Golan, and Syria + Russia are pushing the issue. FYI it is Russia via UNESCO (their baby) that has pushed the issue in israel concerning the fake 'wailing' wall' ++ and continued building of settlements.
    Russia's Patriarch went to visit the queen. One wonders what was said.