Monday, October 3, 2016

UN council weighs measure to impose Aleppo ceasefire- No flights over Aleppo!

Keeping in mind that it was the US that ended the ceasefire with their heinous attack on SAA 

US/Israel/NATO are very concerned their losing their terror army!
From earlier today:  Mohammed Alloush of Jai(y)sh al-Islam: Assad is the Enemy, Not Israel.
The UN Security Council on Monday was considering a draft UN resolution imposing a ceasefire in Aleppo and putting an end to all military flights over Syria's war-battered city.
The French-drafted text obtained by AFP on Monday was circulated to the Security Council at the weekend and a vote could take place this week, diplomats said.
The measure was the latest bid to pile pressure on Russia and its Syrian ally to halt the air campaign in Aleppo, which has triggered global outrage, in particular over the bombing of hospitals.
It also is aimed at giving new impetus to US-Russian efforts to cooperate in ending the five-year war in Syria that has killed 300,000 people and driven 12 million people from their homes -- half of the country's population.
Why would anyone cooperate with dishonest, conniving US/Israel/NATO?
Aleppo has been under a near-daily barrage of air strikes since the Syrian army announced an offensive to retake the rebel-held east of the city on September 22.
Under the draft text co-sponsored by Spain, the council threatens to take "further measures" if the sides fail to comply, but it does not invoke chapter 7 of the UN charter, which allows for sanctions and the use of military force.
French Ambassador Francois Delattre told AFP that "it's our responsibility to do everything humanly possible" to try to unite the council behind an effort "to end the martyrdom of Aleppo."
Drama Queen!
Expressing "outrage over the unacceptable and escalating level of violence," the draft resolution calls on all parties to immediately implement a ceasefire, allow humanitarian aid and ground all warplanes over Aleppo.
The text calls on UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to quickly present options to set up a monitoring mechanism of the ceasefire with help from the 23 countries backing Syria's peace process.
- Ending bombardments -
The draft "demands that all parties to the Syrian conflict, in particular the Syrian authorities, immediately comply with their obligations" under international law.
All parties must "implement and ensure full implementation of the cessation of hostilities ... including an end to all aerial bombardments," the draft resolution said.
Under the proposal, the council would take note of the US-Russian ceasefire deal and welcome the intention of the two countries "to undertake joint efforts to stabilize the situation in Syria, with special measures for the Aleppo region."
It urges Russia and the United States to "ensure the immediate implementation of the cessation of hostilities, starting with Aleppo, and to that effect, to put an end to all military flights over the city."
The proposed measure also refers to a UN probe of chemical weapons attacks in Syria and asserts that those responsible for the use of toxic gases "shall be held accountable."
France distributed the text to the 10 non-permanent members of the council following talks on Friday with Russia, the United States, Britain and China, the veto-wielding members.
The idea is "not to push Russia to impose a veto but to try to overcome the impasse of mutual accusations" between Moscow and Washington for the collapse of the ceasefire, said a diplomat, who asked not to be named.

This is being undertaken as part of a propaganda campaign against Syria and Russia- The US wants to save it's terror army, but, cries humanitarian R2P- The 'liberal" types will eat this nonsense up!

Last 24 hours:

No one's mentioning the US bombardment of Mosul- save for me?

Mosul’s Citizens, Under Bombardment, Face "a level of savagery that no human should have to endure"

spin via the eCFR 

Allegedly: US offers Turkey support to set up safe-zone in exchange for halting clashes with YPG


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    1. Erdogan had an interesting comments did nayef during the Erdogan turkey meet up. It was that both were being who unsaid. Deputy crown prince and jubeir have gone quiet after thier whirlwind tours. Erdogan also said one way or another turkey will be in the mosul fight and will not sanction pkk forces taking part going back to the peshmerga barzani and talibani loyalties. Erdogan demands will no doubt fall on deaf ears but with the leaks tody about a netanyahu strike on peres death bed and the PAK stalinesque commander threats to Tehran there isappears to be a haiyan like storm heading for kurdistan. Mosul is a permiter operation. Russia just put a new ambassador in baghdad.


      like the memo 17Jun16

      Given the Carter and Kirby statements of late appears to be the 09Aug16

  2. The UN is the long arm of the USA.

  3. The entire Alleppo situation as reported by mainstream and alt sources of propaganda is a lie. The areas in east alleppo is habitated by mostly terrorists. Those there not among the terrorists are trapped there by them. The fairy tales about intentional bombing of hospitals by the Syrian/Russia alliance is complete bs. The truth concerning the anglo/zionist ,nusra lies is easy to find if one makes a lttle effort. The Asaad led government has made monumental efforts to keep those hospitals in operation. Going so far as to treat the takfiri wounded.

  4. It is a staple tactic of propagandists to project onto others their own sins and attitudes. How else could we explain "80 countries slam US for habit of bombing hospitals"

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