Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Understanding this Weekend’s Kurdish Terror Attacks in Turkey and the Wave of New McCarthyism

Excerpting from a very good post done by Scott @ Willy Loman
It covers much ground- pipelines/greater kurdistan and the many attacks on Turkey in 2016

Understanding this Weekend’s Kurdish Terror Attacks in Turkey and the Wave of New McCarthyism

The greatest threat to the well-being of the United States and the rest of humanity is the out of control and desperate post 9/11 “Capitalism’s Invisible Army” (CIA) armed with their proxy mercenary armies (Kurds and Kurd”ISIS”), “moderate” terrorists (Free Syrian Army), al-Qaeda off-shoots (al-Nusra) and seemingly endless piles of unregulated cash (thanks to congress and all that heroin we are cultivating over in Afghanistan).

Contrary to popular belief, the Greater Kurdistan project is not dead on arrival. The recent defeat of Hillary Clinton (and her minions of global instability) in the recent U.S. presidential election caused ripples of concern throughout the ranks of the CIA’s “moderate” terrorist cottage industry in the Middle East. However, these animals didn’t’ crawl away to lick their wounds. Instead, like wounded predators, they are pressing forward in a fevered pitch to rundown and feast on their prey before they become to weak to accomplish their task.
What’s happening in Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran is quite simple. One graphic makes it all very clear.
Qatar, our closest ally in the Middle East and financial backer of many of the “moderate” terrorists looking to force a regime change in Syria (interesting: Trump’s latest Sec. of State contender, Exxon CEO, has a vested interest in the Qatar LNG pipeline question as Exxon is the leading foreign investment partner to Qatar’s state-own LNG industry) along with Saudi Arabia have a very serious reason for wanting Assad to go and a more friendly regime to be installed in Turkey: total global hegemony in the future LNG market.
Finish reading @ Willy Loman's: Understanding this Weekend’s Kurdish Terror Attacks in Turkey and the Wave of New McCarthyism

 Scott gets into the situation with Turkey- The recent very deadly terror attack there and more.
  I will be talking Turkey tomorrow, myself

Pipeline Politics

 I've learned much much more about this area and it's politics, so much so that after rereading all three parts, I was certain if I wrote them today, they'd be different posts.
Decided to leave  them as is, since there is plenty of basic information contained within.
These pieces connect to and expand on Scott's article

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  1. Oh yeah and France is turning off the lights at the Eiffel Tower 'for Aleppo' so very imperial of them

    I'm putting my lights on for the liberation of Aleppo and the bravery of the Syrian people- we should all do that.
    Make a day and time and turn our lights on for Syria :)
    meanwhile mine are going on-

  2. Great article, and yh, there have also been protests in the UK over Aleppo. Like you wrote, Penny: useful idiots

  3. Penny:

    Curiouser and Curiouser. See a reason yet ? .................

    " ISIS seized weapons in Palmyra, US might strike them if Russia doesn’t – US general "

    1. U.S. air strikes destroy last Euphrates bridges in Deir Ez Zor


      Manpads denial days ago

    3. Mieszko I: It looks as if Syria is gaining the upper hand in Palmyra- from what I've read in the news that is... so I hope it's all correct

      thanks anonymous!

  4. Qatar bought into Rosneft days ago with Glencore . The Chinese are rumored to be looking at buying Gulf Keystone and its Kurdistan properties. Eni just sold Russia a piece of the Egypt field. If the new Lebanon gov gets seated the offshore auctions will be pushed which will create an almost contiguous offshore Russian footprint from North Africa (Egypt) up through Cyprus/Greece (Russian base rumored in Cyprus and another rumored Russian pipe in Greece which along with the Balkan extension of the Silk Road foretelling more instability in the Balkans and the Albanian minorities). Who is the new US ambassador in Greece? Ukraine's Pyatt. And with Turkey and Russia detente, Turkey gets its energy hub and Russia gets the gas / growing LNG footprint (including the Israeli off take deal).

    The article is a rather simplistic view of the Syria struggle considering the ceder revolution, Hariri circa 2005 and even the recently invoked 1988 alleged Halabja chemical attacksby Smaantha Powers at the US which invited a stinging response form the Russians. There is no question that the Russian move in Tartus and the undersea sonar systems are related to growing offshore interests also. Insofar as the LNG markets are concerned, Qatar started marketing long term deals years ago anticipating the supply cliff set to hit the gas markets especially with trump doubling down on export terminals and fracking. barring peace breaking out, a BTU booster and a global Marshall plan, LNG prices are going nowhere. Presumably Qatar which just merged its top gas companies as the Asia premiums collapse and is pushing into products and a diversified economy understood this a few years ago.

    Long planned South Pars pipe with possible interconnect in Azeri

    as the Israelis are reported today to be re-engaging Azeri over "exports"

    1. US diplomat compared the situation in Aleppo to notorious crimes against civilians, including the 1988 Halabja chemical attack against the Kurdish people in Iraq (estimated to kill between 3,200 and 5,000 people), the 1994 Rwandan genocide (estimated to kill ·up to 1,000,000 people) and the 1993 Srebrenica massacre (left over 8,000 people dead). "Please remember what country you represent. Remember your own country’s track record before you start opining from the position of moral or any other kind of supremacy. The history and the God will judge who is guilty of what," he said.

  5. This is not about pipelines. This is about a client-state called Kurdistan that will be created for Israel. Kurdistan must be weak (without sea borders). Kurdistan must seek protection (Israeli bases on Kurish soil). This is the real (master)plan.

    A pipeline to Europe would not be economically viable, according to an analysis by National Iranian Gas Export Co. (NIGEC). "From South Pars to the border with Turkey it’s almost 1,800 km, so the transportation costs from South Pars to the border of Turkey is almost $2/MMBtu," Alireza Kameli, who stepped down as managing director of NIGEC several days ago, told Interfax Natural Gas Daily.

    "To reach any European market we need another 4,000 km pipeline so it means another $4/MMBtu on top of the other $2/MMBtu," he said. "Total transportation costs would be $6/MMBtu, not including [a fee for Turkey.] Currently the price of gas in Europe is $5/MMBtu, so it’s not economical."

    Iran is not prepared to subsidise Europe’s gas diversification strategy, said Kameli. "We are not supposed to secure the European market [at a cost to us]," he said. "If [European countries] want to diversify they have to pay for that. We are not supposed to construct a pipeline at a cost of $6/MMBtu and then sell at a discount. There is no justification for this project."

    1. Yes Asia not Europe is where the LNG premiums WERE, especially post Fukushima in the spot cargo. At the moment the price wars are between Saudi and Iran competing on oil prices to lock of Asia refining deals. Should be good for product markets in 2017..

  6. To clarify- no one here or at Willy Loman's is saying this is solely and only about pipelines-
    I couldn't imagine any long term reader here would suspect that?

    blue river "This is about a client-state called Kurdistan that will be created for Israel. Kurdistan must be weak (without sea borders). Kurdistan must seek protection (Israeli bases on Kurish soil). This is the real (master)plan"

    I am very, very, very well aware of that.
    Been writing on it for years now?
    Truly thought I was alone in the wilderness until someone let me know Scott was writing about it also
    And since finding scott's work I've yet to come across much other discussion or writing about this..particularly in the so called alternative media, whom one would think would be right on it! (particularly the self identified left)

    I would also add it's about banks and debt enslavement
    and weaponized refugees and the destruction of culture and the warping of humanity- (there is a name here that escapes me??? ) drug trafficking/human trafficking

    It's a bit bigger then both Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 and pipelines

    1. Hope you can give more info on that, Penny. You are a very intelligent blogger and know a lot. You are probably the only blogger I trust since everything you have written about so far has turned out to be true. I am hoping that Syria will stay as 1 piece and that all refugees can return back soon. Hope you are ok. :)

    2. Hi Ally;
      keep in mind this blog is a learn as I go blog too.

      And it helps to have gracious commenters who help to inform :)

      I'm ok, just a bit tired-

      I've always hoped Syria will stay intact and that here citizens can go home if they like.

      My dad came here from italy- to him italy is home
      I have friends here from Central America to them home is where they were born- no matter how long they've been here (like my dad)

      Syrians born in Syria will always feel that is their home