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Trumps Syrian Safe Zones: Trouble for Turkey & Syria / Undermining Astana Agreement

Just to be clear- Any safe zone idea that has previously emanated from the US has always been a negative for both Turkey and Syria- I’ve discussed this previously here at the blog on more then one occasion.  Therefore I've little reason to think a so called safe zone under the Trump administration would be any different..

Troubles With Safe Zones- Sputnik
"Turkey has long advocated creating a safe zone in the border region," said Faruk Logoglu, Turkey's former ambassador to the United States referring to the area where Ankara has conducted its Operation Euphrates Shield. "However, if Trump announces that he wants to create a safe zone in the entire northern Syria, Turkey will face major problems."
"The majority of Syrian refugees are in Turkey. They have also settled in Jordan and Iraq. Clearly the stance of these countries on safe zones in Syria matters, but Turkey's take on the issue is of key importance. However, we have not seen Turkey and the [Trump administration] discuss this issue. Turkey's Foreign Ministry issued a statement calling for a thorough and comprehensive review of this issue and its potential implications. This was a right step, but it has shown that Ankara and Washington have not conducted official direct talks on Trump's initiative," the diplomat observed.
Why hasn’t Washington, under Trump, spoken to Turkey’s leadership yet?

The diplomat also warned that Trump's plan could affect the Geneva peace process. This initiative could to a certain extent "embolden" the opposition, offering an opportunity to delay the talks. Should this happen, "all achievement reached at the Astana talks could be brought to nothing," he said.
Coincidentally, or not, the Geneva Talks have been postponed until February 20/2017
Syria: UN-supported talks delayed until 20 February to give opposition time to unite
de Mistura: He explained that the delay of UN-supported intra-Syrian talks would give time for the ceasefire to solidify, give the Government a chance to consider concessions, and give a chance for the armed groups to come as “one unified opposition.”

Wondering aloud if the UN is waiting/hoping for Astana to fail?

An interesting read from Lawfare
The U.N. Charter and Safe Zones in Syria

Yesterday President Trump spoke to leaders in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates about the creation of “safe zones”—areas of protection for individuals displaced by the conflicts in Syria and perhaps also in Yemen.  According to Politico, President Trump “requested, and the [Saudi] king agreed to support, safe zones in Syria and Yemen.” 
Nevertheless, the hurdles to creating “safe zones” are significant.  Some already have identified policy resistance within the Defense Department, which the White House has ordered (along with the State Department) to produce a plan for safe zones by the end of April. Lawmakers also likely are not enthused about deploying more U.S. troops on the ground in the Middle East, something a safe zone likely would entail.  Yet others have worked through how international humanitarian law treats safe zones and raised a variety of practical questions to ask and resolve before deciding whether and how to proceed.

But none of these actors have noted the serious problem that could arise under the U.N. Charter if the United States or other states tried to establish these safe zones inside Syria without Assad’s consent. I wrote about this previously when the idea of creating a “buffer zone” over a part of northern Syria was on the table in 2014.  If the basic idea this time around is to take over a small part of Syria’s territory to create a protected zone into which refugees could come and be safe from the violence, the states creating the safe zone will almost surely run afoul of the prohibition on the use of force under Charter article 2(4) unless they have Assad’s consent.  Taking control of part of another state’s territory in this context—even for purely humanitarian purposes—is very difficult to justify under a self-defense theory, particularly where the safe zone is not immediately adjacent to the fighting with ISIS. And although the U.N. Security Council conceivably could decide to establish such a zone under Chapter VII over Assad’s objection, Russia surely would veto such a resolution.

Thus, those crafting options for the President should push hard for plans that either create safe zones consensually on the territory of Syria’s neighbors (e.g., Turkey) or that extract consent for the zones from Assad (with the strong urging of Russia, perhaps). Indeed, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has said that safe zones might be possible, but only with Assad’s consent.
The United States should pursue one of these alternate avenues rather than trying to establish a safe zone in Syria without such consent.

One of these alternative avenues? So establish a safe zone in Syria with Assad’s consent?
OR... Create a ‘consensual’ safe zone in Turkey?  And if neither Turkey or Syria consent?

I certainly don't expect Turkey to consent. Syria? Depending on outside pressure? Maybe? Maybe not?

Turkey Faces Two Uneasy Choices in Syria- Neither of them Good for Turkey-An Oped

 Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, in a phone call Sunday with U.S. President Donald Trump, agreed to support safe zones in Syria and Yemen, a White House statement said.

Kurds get more weapons from the US and plan "new phase"

SDF is mostly YPG/PKK so I'm not including the absolute nonsense about this supply going to the Arabs portion of SDF which is just a veneer to cover up US cooperation with PKK terrorists

SDF spokesman Talal Silo said the delivery of the armored vehicles marked a significant improvement in U.S. support and attributed the change to the new administration. Trump says eradicating Islamic State will be one of his biggest priorities.
"Previously we didn't get support in this form, we would get light weapons and ammunition," Silo told Reuters. "There are signs of full support from the new American leadership -- more than before -- for our forces."


The U.S. strategy towards fighting Islamic State in Syria has generated tension with NATO ally Turkey
 The Kurdish military source said the third phase would focus on capturing remaining areas, including the road between Raqqa city and Deir al-Zor. Cutting off Raqqa city from IS strongholds in Deir al-Zor would be a major blow against the group.

RT: Trump Administration sends Armored Vehicles to Syrian Rebels
The shipment was confirmed by Pentagon spokesman John Dorrian, who said it was made "using existing authorities, in the interest of helping protect our partnered force from the (IS) improvised-explosive device threat."
The Pentagon also said that plans to deliver the vehicles pre-dated the Trump administration, but were a sign of its renewed commitment to defeaating IS, which the new US President promised as part of his campaign.
Why didn't Trump prevent the delivery of these new arms and vehicles

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Quebec Shooting: "White Privilege" Identity Politics & Dylann Roof Replay

I ended the earlier post asking which suspect was going to get the frame and blame?
- Mass Shooting In Quebec City- PM Trudeau calls this “Terror attack Against Muslims”

Was it going to be Muslim vs Muslim? Or was it going to be the "privileged white boy" filled with hate- like Donald Trump- as the perp

If you picked the privileged white boy as the one framed you'd have been correct- He was my first choice... So three shooters- one calmly shooting- becomes one 'white racist' mass shooter

Alexandre Bissonnette:

Alexandre Bissonnette is eerily reminiscent of Dylann Roof- First thought that popped in my mind!- Dylann Roof's trial taking place present day

Dylann Storm Roof
 And not only are their appearance strikingly similar- Their stories share an almost uncanny sameness..
 The trial of Dylann Roof was commencing, eighteen months after he shot and killed nine African-American congregants at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church
Dylann Roof killed in a church, house of worship, and so did the privileged white Bissonnette!
 The 27-year-old entered the Centre Culturel Islamique de Quebec and opened fire with a rifle, shooting members of the mosque as they prayed, police and witnesses say.

 A second man, Mohamed el Khadir, was previously identified by authorities as a suspect. He was taken into custody near the mosque and questioned, but Quebec Provincial Police said in a tweet Monday afternoon that he is no longer considered to be a suspect. He is now being called a witness.


Bissonnette kills all these people, gets away and then calls the police?
About 17 minutes after the first call of shots fired at the mosque, Alexandre Bissonnette, called 911 to police he felt guilty about what he had done, La Presse reports.
Bissonnette, a 27-year-old Quebec native, told the 911 dispatcher he was going to shoot himself. About 8:45 p.m., he told police he wanted to be arrested.
“He was armed and spoke to us about his acts,” Quebec City Police Inspector Denis Turcotte told the Montreal Gazette. “He seemed to want to co-operate. … The suspect said he was waiting for the police to arrive.”
Police have not yet released details about the suspect’s motive for the shooting. He was interrogated after being taken into custody and police are still investigating what led to the attack.
A source told Radio-Canada that Bissonnette is a student at Université Laval, a French-language, public college in Quebec City. There are about 28,500 undergraduate students and 8,500 graduate students attending the school.

Dylann Storm Roof

Alexandre Bissonnette Identified As Quebec Mosque Shooting Suspect: Reports

All neatly wrapped up in about 16 hours time- wow! Repeating memes aid in catapulting the propaganda-- Yes, people died. But exactly who shot them is the real question- Since all shooters were identified as being masked.. 

Update: Euronews had this headline: " Deadly shooting at Canada mosque was "lone wolf" attack" But, changed it. Original url below- I'm using original headline


Mass Shooting In Quebec City- PM Trudeau calls this “Terror attack Against Muslims”

A few points that bother me:

- How could this incident be immediately labelled as a terror attack?
- Why not some shooter/s on psychiatric meds run amok? Temporary insanity? How about just calling it a crime?
- So the quickness the ‘terror act” label was used is suspicious
- The claim this is "against Muslims"- Is of course, identity politics and was chosen specifically for this presentation- Why not "against Canada"? Against "recent immigrants"?

-Instead we are getting "against Muslims" This suggests to me a specific card is going to be played very soon- it's called the 'shame on all of you card" Linked to the bad Donald Trump meme that was going around all week end. Trump's Refugee Ban is Actually Obama’s Refugee Ban...
- And that's another interesting point- the timing of this incident?
- Cue the tolerance speeches?

I've literally spent hours reading this morning:

 Gunmen attacked a suburban Quebec City mosque as worshipers were finishing their prayers Sunday night, killing six people and wounding more than a dozen others — a horrific assault that government officials immediately labeled a terrorist act.

“The shooting is a particular shock for Quebec City, a quiet white-collar city that reported
just two murders in all of 2015. The metropolitan area has about 806,000 people”
 Just two murders in all of 2015
My first thought this morning. Guns aren’t readily available in Canada. They aren’t readily accessible. There isn’t nearly the same level of gun ownership here in Canada as in the US. Of course there is the illegal/blackmarket gun market-
A spokeswoman for the Sûreté du Québec, the Quebec provincial police, said that two suspects had been arrested.
Two suspects have been arrested and absolutely nothing has been released about them-  No names as of early this morning. Nothing. And this took place hours ago. Presumably the suspects were arrested hours ago also? (There is presently news about the suspects, from about 25 minutes ago present time 10:15 est. I will post that update at the bottom)

"Police provided no possible motive as they launched their investigation"
No names. No motive- But it's known to be terrorism against Muslims?

"But government officials wasted no time calling it an act of terrorism"
Trudeau the selfie PM took to twitter to immediately call this terrorism

outside the crime scene
Police in Quebec City say that at least two suspects are in custody following a mass shooting Sunday evening that targeted people who were praying at a local mosque.
National Observer

At least two suspects? Quebec Police are uncertain of how many are in custody? Could someone have been released already?
"A witness told Reuters that up to three gunmen opened fire on around 40 people"

Three gunmen reported but two arrested. No names. No motives. No nothing.

"Earlier, a witness told news agency Reuters that up to three gunmen fired on about 40 people inside the Québec City Islamic Cultural Centre"
The Telegraph

Of course our selfie/narcissist PM took to social media to spread the official narrative
The Canadian prime minister quickly took to social media to express his condolences.
 "Tonight, Canadians grieve for those killed in a cowardly attack on a mosque in Quebec City. My thoughts are with victims & their families," Justin Trudeau tweeted.
Witnesses said at least two gunmen in hoods or ski masks opened fire on congregants

Earlier reports claimed three shooters- where did the third shooter go?
One of the suspects was arrested 14 miles east of the mosque along the shore of the St. Lawrence River on the approach to a bridge leading to the Island of Orleans. The bridge was closed by authorities. The second suspect was arrested close to the mosque, according to police, who have not publicly identified the suspects.

On suspect was picked up 14 miles or approximately 22-23 kilometres away from the mosque. At what time? How long from shooting to arrest? Other reports have the suspect phoning police to give himself up.
“While describing the attack as terrorism, authorities did not say by whom and for what motive. Nor did they describe the ethnicity or religious identity, if any, of the perpetrators. That left open a wide variety of possibilities, including anti-Muslims or Muslims”

So Trudeau and company have this billed and are in the process of selling this incident as terrorism- with no names- no motives- no identification of perps- Curiously all this comes hot on the heels of the executive order being signed regarding the Trump/Obama Refugee

“Still, the context of the attack was inescapable, coming after a rise in anti-Muslim rhetoric, behavior and vandalism in both the U.S. and Canada and amid a heated debate over President Trump’s executive order temporarily shutting U.S. borders to refugees and migrants from seven mostly Muslim countries”

It appears our perceptions are being manipulated yet again.
Do I believe people died. As of right now? Absolutely yes!
Do I find the timing very suspect? You bet
The missing shooter suspect? Yup
The immediate claim of terrorism suspect? Oh yah!
The disgraceful promotion by selfie PM suspect- Definitely spoon feeding the desired narrative out to the world
- Trudeau should not jump to conclusions, until this investigation has at least cleared up some of what happened and why?

Gunman 'shouted Allahu Akbar' - eyewitness
"It seemed to me that they had a Quebecois accent. They started to fire, and they they shot they yelled, 'Allahu akbar!
A Quebecois accent? "Pure Laine" then?

 A bit more on the alleged perps:
”the students of a local university, local media reported"
According to Le Soleil newspaper, one of the detainees is a Canadian-born man, while another person is of Arabic origin. The police are conducting searches in the apartments of the suspects”

And what had happened to the the third perpetrator? Or possibly a fourth?  According to CTV reports there are 4 in custody.

Quebec City shooting: six dead, 17 injured, four in custody

Here’s an interesting eyewitness account! Pay attention to what is being stated..
Globe and Mail:
One man, who did not want to give his name, said he was in the mosque after the evening prayer when a man walked in and started shooting “everything that was moving.”

“It was someone who mastered weapons because it was calm,” the man said. “He killed and he killed. It was really horrible.”
"“It was someone who mastered weapons because it was calm”

Update on alleged Shooters: Montreal Gazette ( I  read this  at 9:50 am est)
According to Radio-Canada and LCN, the two suspects in Sunday’s terror attacks on a mosque in Quebec City are Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir.
One of the suspects was arrested at the scene, while a second called 911 himself and was arrested around 9 p.m., just over an hour after the first 911 calls came in at 7:55 p.m., police said Monday morning during a news conference involving the Sûreté du Québec, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Quebec City police and Montreal police.

The suspects, men in their late 20s and early 30s, were not known to police and the investigation into a possible motive continues, said superintendent Martin Plante of the RCMP’s C Division. He would not confirm the identity of the victims.

“We must respect the judicial process, we cannot reveal suspects’ identities yet,” he said, adding that it was still too early to determine what charges the suspects in the case will face.

Only after the suspects appear in court to face the charges can their identities be released.
There are reports of the gun being an AK-47. There are reports that the suspect arrested near the bridge called police and wanted to cooperate.. Looking to clear his name? Interesting?

I am publishing this post at approximately 11:10 am est- I've been reading news since 8:00am
There will be updates later as more information becomes available- unlike the narcissist PM I will exclude nothing- Terrorism? Perhaps? Possibly even State Sponsored Terrorism

Can't exclude- Gladio style 'strategy of tension' operation

JTF2? Quite Possible- Think of them as a NATO Gladio style Operators
In fact it (JTF2)was deployed within Canada twice in the past year – to safeguard the Vancouver Olympics and the G8/G20 summits, where the elite soldiers lurked unobtrusively in sites surrounding events.

JTF2 was also present at the Ottawa Shooting:
 ‘The elite JTF2 military team was deployed to the scene”

Update 12:20 EST-

Montreal Gazette: 

  Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed El Khadir were in police custody after masked gunmen entered a mosque on Sainte-Foy St. and opened fire during evening prayers around 7:45 p.m. Sunday. By noon, only one of them was considered a suspect, police said.
 • There’s no evidence to suggest the suspects worked with a larger terrorist organization, according to an inspector with the Sûreté du Québec.
 Home grown then?  Are we going to getthe usual lone wolf account?
 Will it be the Arab sounding named suspect? Will it be Mr Pure laine?
If they go with Pure Laine-  Bisonnette, are we going to get that public shaming from Trudeau? 

Part 2: The arrest-

Quebec Shooting: "White Privilege" Identity Politics & Dylann Roof Replay

Part 3:  Quebec Shooting: Questions About the Meetings between Debrois & Bissonnette?

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Trump's Refugee Ban is Actually Obama’s Refugee Ban....

Jan.27/2017: Just the facts of the matter at hand!
"How, though, did the Trump administration choose these seven Muslim-majority countries? The truth is it didn't: The countries were chosen during Barack Obama's presidency.
According to the draft copy of Trump's executive order, the countries whose citizens are barred entirely from entering the United States is based on a bill that Obama signed into law in December 2015.
Quoting from Trumps executive order
  • Ban for 30 days all “immigrant and nonimmigrant” entry of individuals from countries designated in Division O, Title II, Section 203 of the 2016 consolidated appropriations act: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen. These countries were targeted last year in restrictions on dual nationals’ and recent travelers’ participation in the visa waiver program.
 These countries, the one that Trump is allegedly banning refugees from, were targeted under the Obama Administration- Signed into law December 2015.
"Thursday’s announcement is an expansion of a law passed late last year, which revoked the visa-waiver status of people who had recently traveled to Iraq, Syria, Iran or Sudan, and who hold dual citizenship with any of those four countries"
The Obama administration expanded on a previous law.. to include Iraq, Syria, Iran and Sudan. Libya, Somalia and Yemen were already included.

December 08/2015: Here's the vote!


(Republicans in roman; Democrats in italic; Independents underlined)

      H R 158      2/3 YEA-AND-NAY      8-Dec-2015      5:18 PM
      QUESTION:  On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Pass, as Amended
      BILL TITLE: Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015


 Understand? The Obama administration's 2015 Waiver Program set the parameters for the Trump Bill.
Obama signed the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act as part of an omnibus spending billThe legislation restricted access to the Visa Waiver Program, which allows citizens from 38 countries who are visiting the United States for less than 90 days to enter without a visa.
Let's follow the link embedded in the above paragraph
It takes us here 

 On January 21, the U.S. State Department began implementing changes to the U.S. Visa Waiver Program. Citizens of 38 countries, including many E.U. states, do not need visas to travel to the United States. But the new measure bars citizens of those countries who are also dual nationals of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Sudan from participating in the program. Those who have travelled to those four countries since 2011 also cannot participate, according to some interpretations.
 The change was first proposed by Congress to make it more difficult for terrorists who hold E.U. or other citizenships to enter the United States. House Resolution 158 passed 407 to 19 on December 8.

 Though outside groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and NIAC Action — the sister organization of the National Iranian American Council — opposed the act, the bipartisan bill passed through Congress with little pushback.
At the initial signing of the restrictions, foreigners who would normally be deemed eligible for a visa waiver were denied if they had visited Iran, Syria, Sudan or Iraq in the past five years or held dual citizenship from one of those countries.
In February 2016, the Obama administration added Libya, Somali and Yemen to the list of countries one could not have visited — but allowed dual citizens of those countries who had not traveled there access to the Visa Waiver Program. Dual citizens of Syria, Sudan, Iraq and Iran are still ineligible, however.
So, in a nutshell, Obama restricted visa waivers for those seven Muslim-majority countries — Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen — and now, Trump is looking to bar immigration and visitors from the same list of countries.

 When this passed under Obama, it was passed quietly- However when Trump passes a bill based on the Obama administrations previous laws it's a big deal? Why? I feel this frenzy is being whipped up by the media to create division and diversion.

Right vs Left. Women vs Men. Refugees vs Citizens. Etc., Typical identity politics garbage!

 It's the DIVERSION that worries me

 Trumps executive order also tasks the secretary of defense to draft a plan for the establishment of safe zones in Syria...
 Establish “safe zones to protect vulnerable Syrian populations.” The executive order tasks the secretary of defense with drafting a plan for safe zones in Syria within 90 days. This would be be an escalation of U.S. involvement in Syria and could be the first official indication of how Trump will approach the conflict there.
 As mentioned the other day:  Updated! Trump to Order Plan for Syria "Safe Zones": Document

Yes, this will offer us all an official indication of how the Trump government will approach the destabilization of Syria! We'll know in 90 days.

Flashback- June 17/2016: US General: We Are Ready To Create a No-Fly Zone in Syria
The U.S. Air Force is ready to create a no-fly zone in Syria, as stated by General David Goldfein, Rosbalt reported.
 Goldfein stressed that the establishment of such a zone will protect civilians from bombing.(safe zone)
Additionally the executive order does this...
Expedite the completion of a biometric entry-exit tracking system for all visitors to the U.S.
Slippery slopes...

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Greece Refuses Turkey's Extradition Request of Coup Plotters

 In my opinion, the Greeks that needed to know  were aware, had advance knowledge, of the plot to overthrow the Turkish government. Additionally it was not a coincidence or a one off that  the coup plotters headed to Greece in the stolen helicopter, escorted by the Greek military. I see a contingency plan in action: a provision for an unforeseen event or circumstance.
Flashback: Turkey’s Thwarted Coup: No Popular Support for Coup. Dead Erdogan desired? Did Russia Provide Intelligence?

A Turkish military helicopter has landed in northern Greece where its crew has requested political asylum.
 Greece’s defence ministry has confirmed seven military personnel and one civilian landed in a Blackhawk military helicopter in Alexandroupoli and requested asylum.
Greek authority's gave direct permission to the helicopters crew to approach the airport and provided all relevant meteorological information and the runway in use. At the same time, two Greek fighter jets took off to accompany the Black Hawk.

Therefore it is not a surprise that Greece will NOT turn the coup plotters over for trial in Turkey. They can make excuses, but, they are only excuses. Greece was complicit and will protect the coup plotters,  themselves and the  wider NATO alliance.
The latest on the refusal to extradite:
Greece's Supreme Court ruled against the extradition of eight Turkish soldiers who fled to Greece ( escorted by Greek military) in July after a failed coup attempt in Turkey, a decision which angered Ankara and further strained relations between the two neighbors.

Greece is playing the same inflame game regarding Cyprus
Greek Minister Responsible for Derailing Cyprus Talks: Obvious Provocation!

The men -- three majors, three captains and two sergeant-majors -- landed a helicopter in northern Greece on July 16 and sought political asylum saying they feared for their lives in Turkey.

Once again Greece, an ally and a neighbor, has failed to fulfill the basics of the fight against terrorism," it said.

"The impact of this decision thought to be made with political motives on our mutual ties, our cooperation in the fight against terrorism and our work on other mutual and regional issues will be subject to a comprehensive review."
Competing Pipelines- Control and Denial of Resources:

Earlier Today: Greece, Israel (Stars Aligned?), Italy, Cyprus to Discuss East Mediterranean Pipeline

Jan 11/2017: Israel-Turkey pipeline hangs on Cyprus peace talks- A Fail Benefits Russia

Jan 16/2017:  Why Russia Might Want the Cyprus Talks to Fail?

 And the post closest to my heart...

GMO apples that never brown could hit stores soon- Mmmmm rotten fruit

 “And as he quite rightly went on to say . . . For man has closed himself up, till he sees thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.” Stephen Harrod Buhner

GMO apples that never brown could hit stores soon- Mmmmm rotten fruit

But hey they’ll look good- and that’s all that matters, right?😲
Yup, bruised, sliced, degraded, old,  lacking nutrition apples- but you’ll never know.
Cause they’ll be as white as the arctic snow - Which is why they are called “Arctic Apples”
Vote with your dollar and don’t buy them!
A small amount of Arctic brand sliced and packaged Golden Delicious apples, produced by Okanagan Specialty Fruits in British Columbia, Canada, will hit the shelves of 10 stores in the Midwest in February and March, Neal Carter, the company’s founder and president, told the agricultural news website Capital Press. Arctic’s website lists the apples as being available early this year in some test markets.
the logo to look for?

Carter said Midwestern stores were the first choice because they seemed like a good fit demographically and in size. He wouldn’t name the stores, stating it’s up to retailers to announce that they’ll be selling the non-browning apples.
Nearly two years ago, the US Department of Agriculture approved the US’s first genetically modified apples.

The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service granted its approval based on “a final plant pest risk assessment that finds the GE (genetically engineered) apples are unlikely to pose a plant pest risk to agriculture and other plants in the United States … [and] deregulation is not likely to have a significant impact on the human environment,” as stated in their report. (Grade A bovine excrement)

I had heirloom tomato seeds saved for years and years, carefully and lovingly selected and saved. Until a neighbour planted a hybrid cherry tomato and it crossed in one season with my heirlooms. Contamination will happen- The USDA is full of sh*t. So much can go wrong, the USDA is full of sh*t-
“There’s nothing technically wrong with an apple that browns. (in the short term there isn't)

It all comes down to oxygen being introduced into plant tissue when an apple is sliced, bruised or bitten”
If you eat the apple immediately- It’s all good- However these GMO apples can have oxygen introduced into them via a bruise or small wound in the skin and they will not brown/rot.

 While the apple may be white, it will still be degrading. (To lower in quality or value; To undergo degradation; decompose)   Loosing it's nutritional value- that's what keeps you healthy people- good nutrition! I would expect this company has studied this which is why they are not touting the nutritional value of these apples as a selling point.

Rotting/Decaying is  one of many visual cues we understand.  Visual Cues are a  non verbal form of communication that informs you about the nutritional quality and safety of consuming this or any food.  

Just as you take visual communication cues from other living beings, unless your abilities are so degraded from interacting with a glowing screen, you take take the same types of cues from putrefying meats and rotting vegetables

 “Nature does nothing uselessly.”

Arctic Apples: their goal as stated: From the horse's mouth... or should I say ass?
“Arctic® apples aren’t slow browning. They aren’t low browning. They’re nonbrowning! By silencing the enzyme that causes apples to brown when bitten, sliced or bruised (damaged) popular apple varieties like Golden Delicious and Granny Smith can be enhanced with the Arctic Advantage™. 
It's just silencing one enzyme that's all folks, as if that one enzyme is in a vacuum and not interacting with other chemical components of the fruit in a system known as "apple"
How out of touch are we with our food? Apparently very! 
Our goal? To help consumers eat more apples by making them more convenient, and reducing food waste while we’re at it!”
Convenient apples for busy lifestyles- oh really?!

Their real goal?- Make lots and lots of money as their GMO apple proliferates, among the superficial masses who think looks are everything- and contaminates other plants- Food control.

Put some lemon juice on your apples and/or eat them fresh!- Food is about nutrition and health- deal with it! The fresher, the better.

From earlier:

Greece, Israel (Stars Aligned?), Italy, Cyprus to Discuss East Mediterranean Pipeline

Greece, Israel (Stars Aligned?), Italy, Cyprus to Discuss East Mediterranean Pipeline

We've talked about the pipeline previously here at the blog. Most recently (I'm certain there are more  posts then the two  below)..

Jan 11/2017: Israel-Turkey pipeline hangs on Cyprus peace talks- A Fail Benefits Russia

Jan 16/2017:  Why Russia Might Want the Cyprus Talks to Fail?

Later today I hope to get to the reports of Greece's refusal to send Turkish Coup Plotters back to  Turkey.. All of this is interconnected.

Natural Gas World

Government representatives from Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Israel plan to meet in February to discuss a natural gas pipeline from the east Mediterranean fields to Greece and Italy, according to a report in Globes, a business daily.
Israel energy minister Yuval Steinitz has already met Enel CEO Francesco Starace (pictured below) to discuss possible gas deals with the Italian power generator as production in northern Europe is declining. Enel also buys gas from Algeria.

An EU-sponsored survey last year found the 2,000-km pipeline would cost $5.7bn. The project will connect the Israeli Leviathan gas field, the offshore Cypriot Aphrodite gas field and possibly other gas fields to buyers in southern Europe.

A map on the European Commision's website shows a line starting east of Cyprus and running to Crete and from there up the west coast of mainland Greece to the Adriatic and then to Italy.
Pipeline route - Cyprus via Crete to Greece and on to Italy- Israel
The pipeline would have a 12bn m³/yr capacity and the idea is for the project to be built by private-sector companies without public funding (lie, the public funds the wars that make the areas usable..), although with the moral support of the European Union.
There is always public funding for big oil. What the heck does everyone think the carbon tax is really about?
Gas experts, however, are not convinced that the project can be achieved. An Israeli expert who was asked about the project's feasibility said the chances were zero as the project cost calculations were far too low and the project is just a PR stunt.
I've read this elsewhere also- unsure of the actual reserves-  high, high costs. But there is all that public funding (debt enslavement) tohelp keep costs down- for big oil
Russian oil major Rosneft has also talked about piping gas from Egypt to Europe, an idea unlikely to meet with the same degree of support from the European Commission given the strong position Russia already holds in gas supplies. Egypt's own gas demand is also growing.
 A key part of ensuring secure and affordable (?) supplies of energy to Europeans involves diversifying supply routes. This includes identifying and building new routes that decrease the dependence of EU countries on a single supplier of natural gas and other energy resources.
The pipeline is reported to be 2000 kms long, under the sea and in a major war zone- Affordable? Let's define that? The deal between Russia and Egypt is covered in the two previous posts (re-linked at the top)

Israel sees ‘stars aligned’ for new gas pipeline to Europe- The Guardian via The Cypriot Puzzle

From 2014:
Israel and Cyprus have launched a new push for EU funds to build a pipeline that could bring about 10 billion cubic metres (bcm) of their natural gas to Europe annually, and ease the continent’s energy security anxieties. 
But Palestinians are warning that without a broader resolution of regional disputes, the pipeline risks becoming a source of conflict.
The Cyprus-centred project could be the world’s longest pipeline if built, stretching up to 1,530km, and passing through depths of up to 3,000m.
The Israeli energy minister, Silvan Shalom, raised the issue at a ministerial conference in Rome last week and held talks on the margins with the EU’s vice president for energy union, Maros Sefkovic, Israeli sources say.
Israel, Greece and Cyprus expect a formal meeting with Sefkovic to discuss ways of actualising the project, on the fringes of an EU energy ministers’ summit on 9 December.
“The three countries involved intend to raise this issue [on the 9th] as it involves funding from the commission,” an EU diplomat said. Israel, as a non-EU member, will depend on its partner countries’ powers of persuasion.
With energy diversification and security both rising up Europe’s political agenda, “it looks like the stars have aligned in one position now and that might be good for our timing,” Guy Feldman, an advisor to Shalom told the Guardian.
But the Palestinian Authority cautioned the EU against signing any contract until territorial gas disputes with neighbouring countries such as Lebanon were resolved.
“The objective of energy security starts with a clear cut boundary of all the gas fields,” said the PA’s energy minister, Omar Kettaneh. “Otherwise instead of being a source of security the pipeline will be a source of conflict.”
In 2010, the US Geological Survey (USGS) estimated that the Levant Basin, could hold more than 3,455bcm of gas, which is comparable to Iraq’s reserves.
But until now, political instability has hindered its exploitation, with Israeli and Cypriot claims to overlapping gas fields contested by Lebanon and Turkey, respectively.
In 2012, Israel, Cyprus and Greece signed a deal to promote exports of their gas to the EU through an eastern Mediterranean corridor.
The planned offshore pipeline, which diplomats say could transport between 8-15bcm of natural gas annually, has already been selected for “project of common interest” status by the EU. This potentially gives it access to a €5.85bn fund, and preferential treatment from multilateral banks.

That's how the EU claims the funding is "private" the funding is done through the banksters with the people on the hook for repayment

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Updated! Trump to Order Plan for Syria "Safe Zones": Document

Does "safe zone" No Fly Zone
This is a familiar theme....

Admittedly this has me concerned:

President Donald Trump is expected to order the Pentagon and State Department to produce a plan in coming days for setting up “safe zones” for refugees in Syria and neighboring countries, according to a document seen by Reuters, a move that could risk escalation of U.S. military involvement in Syria’s civil war.
The draft executive order awaiting Trump’s signature signaled the new administration was preparing a step that Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama long resisted, fearing the potential for being pulled deeper into the conflict and the threat of clashes between U.S. and Russian warplanes over Syria
"The Secretary of State, in conjunction with the Secretary of Defense, is directed within 90 days of the date of this order to produce a plan to provide safe areas in Syria and in the surrounding region in which Syrian nationals displaced from their homeland can await firm settlement, such as repatriation or potential third-country resettlement," the draft order said.

Creation of safe zones, if Trump decides to do so, could ratchet up U.S. military involvement in Syria and mark a major departure from Obama’s approach. If Trump decided to enforce “no fly” restrictions over such areas, it would require increased U.S. or allied air power. It could also demand some type of ground forces to provide security.
Still, the document gave no details on what would constitute a safe zone, exactly where they might be set up and who would defend them. Jordan, Turkey and other neighboring countries already host millions of Syrian refugees.


When I posted the above item, yesterday, the news was literally ten minutes old- It seems in the last several hours Mr Trump has confirmed the report:

 Trump says he will 'absolutely do safe zones' in Syria
 "I'll absolutely do safe zones in Syria for the people," he (Trump) added, without giving details. 
 Times of Israel:
 In an interview with ABC News later Wednesday, Trump said he will “absolutely do safe zones in Syria” for people fleeing violence there.
“The safe zone mandate was tucked into the text of a draft version of a White House executive order, which bans refugees from Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and other conflict zones from emigrating to the United States,” the Washington Times reported on Wednesday.
 From earlier:

Jared Kushner’s Name Scrubbed From Pro-IDF Group Board

Jared Kushner’s name has been scrubbed from the national board of the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, apparently following questions from the press about his continued involvement in the group.

Ha’aretz had asked Kushner’s spokesman about his affiliation to the organization, given President Donald Trump’s desire that his son-in-law help him negotiate Middle East peace in his new role as senior White House adviser. Kushner’s links to FIDF might have clouded his ability to seem an honest broker between the two parties.

Despite Kushner’s withdrawal, FIDF is still a pet cause of his family, influential Orthodox Jews who own a tristate area real estate empire. According to Ha’aretz, the foundation of his parents Charles and Seryl Kushner has donated $325,000 to the organization through the years.

From Earlier:

"Snow Washing" Canada the Tax Haven & the Panama Papers

"Snow Washing" Canada the Tax Haven & the Panama Papers

After all the fuss about “bad” Russia/Putin & the Panama Papers.....
Now that no one is paying attention any longer... Canada's snow washing for tax cheats is seeing the light of day.  Of course, Canada’s snowy white image (innocence) has nothing to do with reality.  As you will read Mossack Fonseca isn’t the only company promoting Canada as a tax haven.
Far from the palm-fringed beaches of the usual offshore tax havens, Canada has quietly become a go-to destination for international tax cheats eager to exploit the country's twin benefits of a sterling reputation and rules that allow private companies to keep their ownership secret.
One of Canada's advantages as a tax haven is the fact it doesn't have a reputation as a tax haven, unlike the Cayman Islands, for example.
A joint investigation by CBC/Radio-Canada and the Toronto Star has found dozens of cases where tax advisers around the world are touting shell companies in Canada as a way to help mask a client's assets and business dealings.
While Canada prides itself on being a law-abiding country (lol)with a rigorous regulatory regime, several factors are making the country ripe for the kinds of machinations normally found in offshore tax havens:
   - Federally and provincially incorporated companies don't have to register the names of their real owners and operators. Instead, they can list figurehead directors who often do nothing more than provide their names on paperwork.
    -A certain type of company allowed in some provinces, known as a limited partnership, doesn't have to pay tax in Canada if its owners don't live here.
   - Canada's clean reputation in the global financial world means corporations registered here are less likely to attract attention from the prying eyes of governments, law enforcement and tax authorities abroad.
'Snow washing'
Unlike a tax haven where the wealthy park their fortunes, Canada is used as a place to develop a cover story, complete with a paper trail, to hide where cash actually gets moved.

"They're doing what I call snow washing," says Toronto tax lawyer Jonathan Garbutt.

"Because you got this entity that's in Canada, banks or other parties in other countries are going to presume that it's legitimate and OK because it's Canadian — pure as the driven snow of the Great White North … they are trying to pretend that it's Canadian when it's really not."
Banks are the greatest money laundering operations- globally
Jonathan Garbutt.
The country's role in offshore tax schemes is the latest revelation to emerge from the Panama Papers, the massive leak of data from a Panamanian law firm that was obtained by German journalists in 2015 and shared with select global media outlets through the U.S.-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

'Operacion Canada'
Records from the leak show law firm Mossack Fonseca promoted Canada as a "good place to create tax planning structures to minimize taxes" and charged offshore clients thousands of dollars to set them up with shell companies.

Normally, any corporation based in Canada would have to pay tax on its income, but a Mossack Fonseca managing director wrote a pair of emails to colleagues in August 2010 describing a way shell companies get around this.
"Every single year, [they] just submit the annual return and annual income declaration with false information, just writing that the Canada company DID NOT HAVE ACTIVITIES," he wrote.

"In other words, they cheat a bit ... It is impossible for the Canada revenue governmental system to look into such information for every single company."
This exact tax-dodge scheme, employing a Quebec-registered shell company, was sold to a South American mining firm in 2012 to help its owners avoid taxes, according to Mossack Fonseca's internal records.

In fall 2012, the CEO of AK Drilling International SA flew to Panama to meet lawyers with Mossack Fonseca, also known as Mossfon, to discuss moving money out of its Peru operations to its parent company's accounts in Switzerland.

"We want to investigate the legalization of … payment through a Mossfon-managed consultancy services contract," AK Drilling International CEO Steve Petrovich wrote in an email.
After the meeting, Mossack Fonseca launched what it called in internal correspondence "Operacion Canada 2012." At its core were two wire transfers.

The first, in December 2012, involved AK Drilling International wiring $700,000 from Peru to a Mossack Fonseca trust company in the Bahamas. Mossack Fonseca deducted a nine per cent commission and wired the remaining $637,000 to AK Drilling International's accounts in Zurich.
Then, in the following months, Mossack Fonseca employees created what they referred to in emails as a "story" to "justify" the money transfers, fabricating email threads, contracts and invoices between a variety of shell companies.

By April 2013, Mossack Fonseca put the finishing touches on the story by creating a phony invoice for close to $700,000 from 9203-9619 Quebec Inc. for "fees for research on strategy implementation, distribution and marketing procedures." The firm backdated that invoice to December 2012, when the money actually moved to Switzerland.
The elaborate arrangement hid how AK Drilling International shifted its money overseas by creating the illusion it wound up in Quebec. But the Quebec shell company didn't report the $700,000 as income, and there's no evidence in the Panama Papers that tax was paid on the money in either Peru or Canada.

Neither Mossack Fonseca nor Petrovich responded to repeated requests for comment.
The Panama Papers contain 16 other nearly identical contracts from 9203-9619 Quebec Inc. tied to $3.1 million in business with other companies in South America.
Mark Morris, an independent tax consultant based in Zurich, says many companies are making the switch. 

"It's like the ultimate tax haven entity in the world,"  he said. "Everyone loves Canadian [limited partnerships] because they're not viewed as a tax haven."

The website of a Polish firm says "the main difficulty in using an offshore company is often the negative exotic image presented when the company is created on a remote island. This is not the case in Canada."
More difficult to get a library card
Forensic accountant Peter Dent of the watchdog group Transparency International Canada said he often hits a wall when trying to trace these kinds of money trails because of the anonymity permitted by Canada's corporate registries.
Peter Dent

He said police and tax authorities run into the same problem.
"Anonymous companies or shell companies afford a person the ability to do just that. We know that Canada is one of the most opaque jurisdictions, globally, in terms of identifying corporate ownership."
Dent wants an overhaul of the country's corporate registries.
"It's more onerous to get a library card in Canada, in terms of having to be able to prove who you are."

Also:  Deals Canada signed to catch tax cheats allow billions in taxes to escape

Any deal Canada made to "catch" tax cheats was surely created to help them escape.  That's the true reason these types of deals are made.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Israel Advises Citizens in Egypt's Sinai to Leave

Worth mentioning..
A general view shows Israel's border fence with Egypt's Sinai peninsula (R), as seen from Israel's Negev Desert February 10, 2016. REUTERS

"Israel on Tuesday advised its citizens in Egypt's insurgency-hit Sinai peninsula to leave the region, warning of the threat of an imminent attack.

Israeli holidaymakers are often warned of the risks they face in Sinai, which borders Israel, but the "Level 1" alert issued by the anti-terrorism directorate is its most severe warning. 

It described the threat as "very high and concrete"

"The directorate warns of the possibility of attacks against tourist sites in the Sinai area in the immediate term," a statement said.
 The anti-terrorism directorate said that while there was a "constant high threat" in Sinai, Jan. 25, the anniversary of the 2011 revolution in Egypt, was a day that had witnessed attacks in previous years"

An attack or a false flag perpetuated by Israel?
A good day to launch a pre-emptive move?

History repeating.. ??????

CIA Documents Confirm Yom Kippur War Was An Act of Agression By Israel

 "I was notified that the Israeli's have what they consider to be hard information..."  

"Urgently communicating with the Israelis, Warning them against any pre emptive attack"  

And Egypt expected an Israeli provocation..

Astana: Joint Statement by Iran, Russia and Turkey regarding Syria

Astana: Joint Statement by Iran, Russia and Turkey regarding Syria

In a joint statement issued following the talks, Russia, Iran and Turkey reiterated that there is no military solution to the Syrian war and that only a political process can resolve the crisis.

The states also reaffirmed their commitment to the independence and territorial integrity of Syria.

Following is the full text of the statement:


The delegations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Russian Federation  and the Republic of Turkey, in line with the Joint Statement of their Foreign Ministers made in Moscow, on December 20, 2016 and the UN Security Council resolution 2336;

Support launching the talks between the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic and the armed opposition groups in Astana on January 23 24, 2017;

Appreciate the participation in and facilitation of the above-mentioned talks by the UN Secretary-General Special Envoy on Syria;

Reaffirm their commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic as a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, non-sectarian and democratic State, as confirmed by the UN Security Council;

Express their conviction that there is no military solution to the Syrian conflict and that it can only be solved through a political process based on the implementation of the UN Security Council resolution 2254 in its entirety;

Will seek, through concrete steps and using their influence over the parties, consolidation of the ceasefire regime established pursuant to the arrangements signed on December 29, 2016 and supported by the UN Security Council resolution 2336 (2016), contribution to minimizing violations, reducing violence, building confidence, ensuring unhindered humanitarian access swiftly and smoothly in line with the UN Security Council resolution 2165 (2014) and protection and free movement of civilians in Syria;

Decide to establish a trilateral mechanism to observe and ensure full compliance with the ceasefire, prevent any provocations and determine all modalities of the ceasefire;

Reiterate their determination to fight jointly against ISIL/DAESH and Al-Nusra and to separate from them armed opposition groups;

Express their conviction that there is an urgent necessity to step up efforts to jumpstart the negotiation process in accordance with the UN Security Council resolution 2254;

Emphasize that the International Meeting on Syria in Astana is an effective platform for a direct dialogue between the government and the opposition as required by the UN Security Council resolution 2254;

Support the willingness of the armed opposition groups to participate in the next round of negotiations to be held between the government and the opposition under the UN auspices in Geneva as of February 8, 2017;

Urge all members of the international community to support the political process with a view to swiftly implementing all steps agreed on the UN Security Council resolution 2254;

Decide to actively cooperate on the Astana platform on specific issues of the UN-facilitated Syrian-led and Syrian-owned political process so as to contribute to global efforts to implement the UN Security Council resolution 2254;

Express gratitude to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, His Excellency Nursultan Nazarbayev, and to the Kazakh side in general, for hosting the International Meeting on Syria in Astana.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Finks: How the CIA Tricked (?) the World’s Best Writers

This is a book  that want's you to believe this type of manipulation is all in the past. To say it’s in the past is yet more media obfuscation.  It's not in the past at all!  The CIA manipulates your perception via the media. All forms of it. And there are more venues for manipulation now then ever!
Books, Magazines, Tell a vision. Radio. Facebook. Twitter. Etc.,

  Manipulation via the media- all forms of it has never ended. Including in book reviews, such as this one- where the book reviewer desperately employs the guilt by association logical fallacy to involve Russia. This book is not about Russia. It’s about cultural deceptions/manipulations the CIA used in the past.  Present day manipulations, such as the pussy hats march, aren't addressed.

Addressed here at the blog, of course:

Madonna and the Pussy Hats..

A personal indulgence- Perception management, memes and catapulting propaganda

Deception/manipulation in cultural context. I’ll cut to the chase as always:

G&M Arts & Amazon.

“Joel Whitney, in his new book about America’s own insidious control of domestic and foreign journalism, identifies as “the traditional adversarial role of media, a role that at least theoretically checked government power and guarded against overreach.” But what Whitney’s Finks makes astonishingly, harrowingly clear is that such affronts are a matter of course in the United States as well, where intellectuals, editors and self-styled belletrists were employed as CIA stooges during the Cold War. (And still today) Sometimes they have had plausible deniability. But in many more cases, they collaborated all too willingly”
As a central study, Whitney looks in depth at the history of The Paris Review. The quarterly literary magazine was founded in Paris in 1953 by George Plimpton, Harold L. Humes and Peter Matthiessen, an undercover CIA agent. As described by Whitney, such highbrow magazines were devised as part of a larger government initiative to trump up U.S. culture during the Cold War

As he puts it, “Many policymakers felt that Western Europeans were being softened to the horror of Communism thanks to towering Soviet and Russian cultural achievements. Americans, in a word, needed to become boosters of their high culture.”

High Culture? Or degraded culture?
Judging by the Pussy hats, Pussy Riot, Gloria Steinam, Hugh Hefner an over abundace of No Good Organizations- Obfuscating media- including so called edgy stuff like "Vice", the answer would be degraded, profiteering/war making culture

Enter the Congress for Cultural Freedom, an anti-Soviet arts advocacy group underwritten by the CIA. The CCF toured the Boston Symphony Orchestra around Europe and funded abstract expressionist art exhibitions. As Whitney writes of the CIA’s covert funding of seemingly liberal, abstract art, “the paint splashes of Jackson Pollock did not lend themselves to a Marxist or anti-imperialist narrative.”

Jackson Pollocks: “Art”? More like an offence to the senses. As was intended. “meant to be the unmitigated will of a human being, blasted onto a canvas " Really? Perhaps if you’re a human mess?

Gizmodo: How the CIA Spent Millions Turning Modern Art into a Cold War Arsenal

Reports from former agents acknowledge what was always a tall tale in the art world—that CIA spooks floated pioneering artists like Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, and Robert Motherwell, to drop an aesthetic nuke on Communism. What seemed like natural popularity of certain artists was, in part, actually a deliberate attempt at psychological warfare, backed by the US government.
Finks Review Continues...
Where older conservatives might balk at funding and promoting works of art comprised of dribbles and streaks of paint, the CIA and the CCF adopted a more nuanced, “keep your enemies closer” approach. A lighter, diet-pop version of Western-sponsored socialism was ultimately preferable to the looming spectre of whole-hog Sovietism.

When the CIA wasn’t endowing would-be cultural combatants, they were keeping a chary watch of them. Paris Review editor Peter Matthiessen was tasked with spying on American expats living in the French capital.
CIA fronts funded foreign literary publications such as Spain’s Mundo Nuevo, and covertly published Russian-language editions (terribly translated, apparently) of Doctor Zhivago, a novel deemed by Russian publishers as anti-Soviet.
CIA appendages also underwrote (still do to this day) Hollywood films that were censored and rewritten to prune out seemingly anti-U.S. themes – the legendary director John Ford proved a willing collaborator, requesting government propaganda booklets in order to better express the CIA’s cultural mission of “militant liberty.”
Even George Orwell, one of the 20th century’s savviest political writers and outspoken critics of authority, found himself the punchline of a bad CIA joke when the 1954 film adaptation of Animal Farm was revised to serve the Cold War agenda.

Where Orwell’s story ends on a melancholic idea that the capitalists (the humans) and communists (the animals) were ideologically indistinguishable from each other, the movie made the animals seem the clear villains, flattening Orwell’s original satire into plain ol’ pro-capitalist, pro-U.S. propaganda.

Indeed, there’s a depressingly Orwellian tenor to many of the revelations packed into Finks, from doublespeakish concepts such as “militant liberty” to the grander, and seemingly paradoxical, program of “fostering cultural freedom through routine acts of censorship.” Impressive in scope, depth and its marshalling of declassified documents, Whitney’s book proves that sophisticated cultural propaganda campaigns are by no means the exclusive province of looming totalitarian regimes.

 Finks also offers a reminder that it’s not one or another government, but the totality of government power itself that proves illegitimate – even if some forms of power seem more illegitimate than others.

You can also read about this type of manipulative activity in the Mighty Wurlitzer- How the CIA Manipulated America This is one of many books that sit in my home library- read it years ago- likely mentioned here at the blog at that time

You might also be interested in this Gnostic Media Presentation?

Psychedelic Intelligence – The C.I.A. and the Counterculture 

Yup, I was reading the Mighty Wurlitzer at that time!

Now I am  just getting started on the perfect companion book to Laurel Canyon, other then Dave's previous book  Programmed to Kill, which by the way is also great. Difficult, but great. The other perfect companion to both these books is 'The Mighty Wurlitzer" Which, as mentioned,  I am now reading Phew!


This is not in the past. Always keep that in mind.