Monday, February 27, 2017

La La Land Starring Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

I forced myself to watch the Beatty/Dunaway presentation. There was no mistake made. Beatty and Dunaway were reveling in their joke, on the audience, who are all in La La Land. A state of unreality

 What is La La Land?

La La Land is a very loaded term. It has a number of meanings. A reference to Hollywood. The physical locale. 
 La La Land can be a state of mind - One that is out of touch with reality, choosing instead to focus on fantasies and frivolity. Like the theatre of the Oscars?  La La Land is a place that one needs to break free of in order to be real. To live real.

Addressed to some degree in the post from earlier today: And the Oscar goes to..... The Greatest Unconscious Carrier of Propaganda!

You only need watch the first 40 seconds of the video below to see Dunaway & Beatty in action 

 My take on this?

Beatty & Dunaway as Trump & Clinton. Both of whom emulated Bonnie and Clyde. Both in a dramatic production- Beatty & Dunaway in a movie. Clyde and Bonnie, er I mean, Trump and Clinton in an election campaign.

Not Beatty and Dunaway- It's Trump and Clinton

1st: Beatty and Dunaway as Trump and Clinton

They are both around the right age to represent Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton
Beatty slightly older then Dunaway. As Trump is slightly older then Clinton.
Dunaway is wearing white-  ( Democratic women in the House are planning to wear white in honor of women's suffrage-Hillary Clinton wore all-white pantsuits during big moments in her presidential campaign)

2nd:  Emulating Bonnie & Clyde- Another level of the psyop


Bonnie and Clyde were shamelessly promoted by the media of the day, who distracted the impoverished, depression era, masses with enthralling tales of the star crossed lovers employing a Robin Hood type trope - "In essence, a thief or other kind of criminal, usually of the gentleman kind, who targets people who probably deserve it in order to help the downtrodden"

Robbing banks during the depression must have went over well with the inhabitants of LaLaLand-  So enamored of Bonnie and Clyde ,the masses didn't demand justice for all the bank foreclosures enabled by the government of the day. A great distraction.

Who Were Bonnie and Clyde?
The Real Bonnie and Clyde
It was during the Great Depression that Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow went on their two-year crime spree (1932-1934). The general attitude in the United States was against government and Bonnie and Clyde used that to their advantage. With an image closer to Robin Hood rather than mass murderers, Bonnie and Clyde captured the imagination of the nation.
 Certainly Trump and Clinton have captivated (held hostage) the nation and much of the planet. Both running  two of the most divisive election campaigns I’ve ever seen. Any way you look at Trump and Clinton both were/are presenting themselves as modern day hero/heroine. Trump will allegedly tame the elites/corporations/big business: Make American Great AgainAnd, Hillary?  Ms Social Justice- She will lift the poor, she will stop repression and save a whole pile of victims- She’ll break the glass ceiling- She will Make America Great Again too. Just in a feel good social justice warrior kind of way.  And the inhabitants of La La Land bought the performances of the two candidates.
Not the Real Bonnie and Clyde

Because the real joke is supposed to be on the masses the winning loser had to be La La Land.. Because La La Land is the state of mind most people exist in. And the joke is on them!

In other words Dunaway and Beatty as Clinton and Trump are reveling in the fact they pulled one over on all the inhabitants of La La Land- When Faye Dunaway left the Oscars she was asked about the ‘mistake’- She said talk to Warren. This was Clinton/Dunaway tossing  responsibilty for the bad joke on Trump/ Beatty. Though Fay Dunaway/Clinton was the person who gave us the punchline. Beatty/Trump was equally guilty.

And the masses seeing this as anything but theatre are truly imprisoned in the La La Land of their own making. This was not a flub. Not a mistake. It was a an eye wink, an insiders joke, at the expense of all the inhabitants of LaLaLand


  1. Hollywood always blurs the line between real and unreal..

    Hoping I've made the basic theory clear- in a nutshell- an inside joke at the expense of the masses who inhabit LaLaLand, which is why such a joke can even be made so publicly.

    GC, I thought about this all day today-

  2. Hi Penny:

    Well Done. I wish our existence wasn't so entirely Fake. One of these days...something "real" will happen and we won't be able to process it until it's too late. Perhaps that's the end game.

  3. Hey GC: I had some additional thoughts on this flub- one I've added to the post- Notice Ms Dunaway was dressed in White?- all white- Think of hillary's white pantsuits? I've added a link regarding the dems wearing white at Trump inauguration and women's suffrage


    Worth reconsidering in view of the Euphrates dam re-trending

    Akar back in the spotlight after 5 meetings with dunford

    1. good background read thanks for leaving it-

  5. Do you reckon Fadin' Away is her real name?


    1. Hey Aferris...

      Like Hillary? Fadin' Away?

      Would you be shocked to know that according to her bio- which I looked up- her father is career military- a non commissioned officer who did not earn his rank- what ever that rank was?
      I didn't look to hard, but.. military and hollywood/hand in hand

      Here real name is Dorothy

  6. Had a quick scan of her page - noticed lack of rank and general lack of detail.
    If you write Faye Dunaway geni the 2nd link gives Faye Dunaway deceased. Unfortunately the link won't open for me.