Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Manbij Dead Lock: Russia, Turkey, U.S. Hold "Surprise" Military Talks

Some media outlets are reporting these talks as "surprise talks" That's just silly. Given what has been occurring in Manbij as of late a meeting seemed absolutely necessary. 
I will relink the posts covering this very tense and dangerous situation at the bottom- 

The latest via Bloomberg:
 The top military officials from Russia, Turkey and the U.S. met on Tuesday in a bid to defuse escalating tensions outside a strategic Syrian town.

The meeting follows Turkish threats to attack the northern town of Manbij, which is controlled by Kurdish groups seen by the U.S. as key allies in the fight against Islamic State. The U.S.-led coalition said on Saturday that it had deployed troops outside the town to “deter aggression,” a day after Russia announced that Syrian government forces would be stationed near Manbij.

U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford, Russian Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov and Turkey’s Chief of the General Staff Hulusi Akar are discussing “joint issues related to regional security, including Syria and Iraq,” in the southern Turkish city of Antalya, the Turkish military said in a statement on its website.
Joseph Dunford, left, Hulusi Akar, center, and Valery Gerasimov, March 7.
Source: Turkish Military Pool Photo via AP Photos

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said his country seeks a “trilateral mechanism” to clear the area of “terrorist groups.” In Manbij, “the U.S. is raising a flag, Russia is raising a flag nearby, things have turned into a flag competition,” Yildirim said in an interview with ATV television late Monday.
Erdogan, Putin

The mounting strains around Manbij have emerged as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan prepares to visit Moscow on Thursday accompanied by his defense minister for talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Russia has taken the diplomatic lead in seeking to resolve the war in Syria after its military intervention in 2015 succeeded in bolstering President Bashar al-Assad.

Turkey sent troops across the border into Syria in August, backing Free Syrian Army rebels in battles against Islamic State. The army has also clashed with Kurdish groups that the government in Ankara regards as terrorist organizations with links to separatists in Turkey, and which took control of Manbij after expelling Islamic State from the town just before the Turkish incursion.
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Turkey has sought the support of the U.S., its NATO ally, to lead a ground offensive against Islamic State’s main Syrian stronghold of Raqqa that would advance through areas controlled by Kurdish fighters, a Turkish official said last week. The U.S. views the Kurds as an essential element of the battle against the radical Sunni group that’s waged a global campaign of terrorist attacks from its self-declared caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

The U.S. has moved 500 soldiers to the outskirts of Manbij, according to Ilnur Cevik, chief adviser to Erdogan. The U.S.-led coalition “has taken this deliberate action to reassure coalition members and partner forces, deter aggression and keep the focus on defeating ISIS,” spokesman Col. John Dorrian said on Twitter.
The US acknowledged they moved 500 additional troops yesterday- check re-linked posts at bottom
There’s a high risk of a Turkish assault on Manbij, said Anton Lavrov, an independent Russian military expert who follows the Syrian conflict closely. That could provoke a bigger crisis as “both the U.S. and Russia want to maintain the status quo and keep the Kurds in control of the territory they hold.”

The U.S. deployment was “a clear signal to the Turks not to go down that road,” said Abdsalam Ali, a Syrian Kurdish representative in Moscow. The Kurds are hopeful that Turkey “will be forced to stand down,” he said.
The Kurdish thugs should stand down- But like their Israeli allies they think annexing territory is their right- They will applaud when Israel takes Golan completely, that will suit them just fine... It will see them that much closer to their allies.

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  1. Just an fyi:

    I had mentioned a relink would be included in the post dated
    March 02/17- Safe Zones an Inducement to Increase Human Misery

    It is now there- the post where I first mentioned the PKK as a stay behind army beholden to NATO

    From November 2014:


    "The YPG/PKK have committed acts of terrorism on many occasion in Turkey. Hence the designation.
    In reality the PKK appears to have always functioned as a stay behind army. A NATO Stay Behind army. Always at the ready to keep Turkey in check.

    PKK as Stay Behind Army Checklist

    1-Keeping Turkish leadership in check- Yup

    2-Involved in bombings etc., to terrorize the population and leadership into compliance- Yup

    The PKK continued to demonstrate its nationwide reach with typical tactics and techniques that included ambushes of military patrols in the countryside, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) along known military or police routes and bombings of both security and civilian targets in urban areas.

    It seems terrorism does have it's rewards. At least for the PKK. So, what does that suggest to us about the backers of the PKK?

    3- The leader of the PKK stinks to high heaven of a CIA/NATO asset. The man at the forefront of the PKK stay behind has always been Ocalan- He has been ensconced safely in the embrace of the Turkish deep state and the CIA- Imprisoned but influential still.


    “The PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan was captured by the Central Intelligence Agency and Turkish security forces in 1999. He remains in prison but his influence over followers, including YPG fighters, is unbroken.

    The slogan of YPG fighters translates to “there’s no life without the leader,” referring to Mr. Ocalan. A large poster of him hangs at the command center here, next to a photo of Kurdish fighters at a military parade”

    So influential that he actually threatened Turkish leaders regarding Kobane/i

    Link and quote - Ocalan- "Should this massacre attempt succeed (in Kobane), it will both bring an end to the ongoing process of resolution and lay the foundations for a new coup that will last long,”

    Pretty bold threat for a man alleged to be imprisoned- but then it was the CIA that arrested Ocalan and obviously keeps him safely ensconced spouting rubbish to his cult- need I say more

  2. "The U.S. deployment was “a clear signal to the Turks not to go down that road"

    So Yanks had to choose between Kurds or Turks and the Kurds are winners. The Turks are shocked and they try to pretend that everything is fine, America still is their ally. But when they are looking through the window a big Kurdistan is looming on the horizon.Turkey is alone. Nobody likes Turkey because Turkey betrayed Syria. Now the Turks also know how a ruthless betrayal taste. The US blatantly betrayed them.

    I think the US knows that Turkey needs more time to accept Kurdish independence but at the end of the day Kurdistan will be established. Iraq and Syria seems to accept the fact. Turkey is on the same path. Keep calm guys, this is probably inevitable.

    1. It's odd to read someone suggesting "keep calm" as an entire geographic area is remade to benefit only certain parties while entire masses of persons are killed, displaced, trafficked and used for profit- so certain parties can manipulate entire regions of the planet- while destroying the environment, communities, families and rewriting history.

      "I think the US knows that Turkey needs more time to accept Kurdish independence'

      Why exactly should Turkey accept that? You don't explain that? So they should just accept their destruction for the creation of some kind of terror state ordained by NATO's tyranny?

      This is Israel and Palestine replayed and we all bear witness to how swell that's going!
      This will not result in peace..

      "Turkey is on the same path" So they should be destroyed like Iraq and Syria and that's all good?

      I'm not understanding where your coming from at all.

      Keep Calm seems a bit callous

      Where ever it is you live, can I come and forcibly remove you and all your neighbours, - keep all your property and belongings as my own entitlement and you should just "keep calm" as your children are forced into prostitution or have their organs trafficked

      Would you keep calm?
      Would you just accept that?
      I look forward to your answers.

  3. Good response to "Keep calm", Penny. These entities have been pushing for Kurdistan through balkanization of Iraq, Syria, and Turkey for more than a decade now. It's part of their DNA and part of their religion.

  4. The great part of this as that the US betrayal of Turkey is now clear for all to see.
    The MSM's endless stories about the US balacing act between Turks & Kurds turned out to be BS.
    I wouldn't put it past the Pentagon to actually attack Turkey. TR doesn't have an air defence, and the US could take out their air force easily. This would make sense, as the US could then control TR's skies, and thereby their sovereignity, which is what the US want's. They want to put Turkey on a tight NATO/Imperial leash.
    Trump has handed all power to the Pentagon, practically demolished the state dept, and more wars will be the result.

    1. Hey Rescue: I've noticed the narrative via the media has changed wrt Turkey...

      Sadly, only a few will realize :(

    2. The US doesn't actually want to lose Turkey. Framing this as choosing between Turks and Kurds is not quite right. They want both.
      The US want's Turkey on ther knees, totally humiliated. Only existing to serve their empire. Which they havn't done sufficiently since 1991, particularly in 2003. (Although, during Erdogans rule 2003-2013 they acted as the perfect US puppet.) Unfortunately, because of the anti-Turkish propaganda, many will celebrate this. The anti-imperialist west, most of all.

  5. Penny, you should write about how Russia has betrayed Syria. It is quite clear they have a deal with the US to partition the country.
    The SAA is now forced to act as shields for the SDF in Manbij, while the SDF is annexing Syrian land. Its almost unbelievable what's happening.

    1. Hi Rescue- I have actually mentioned at least twice that Russia was ok with the balkanization of Syria- neither times was my contention well received-

      From a practical point of view for Russia- they don't need Syria to remain as it was to benefit their political aims and goals- Russia is more limited in how much they can involve themselves in saving Syrian sovereignty.

      That all said when they acquiesce on one front they weaken their own stance when the time comes for Russia and it will come for Russia.

    2. one time in this post:


      there is another one.. from late last year??
      can't find it but it's here- there may be another one still

    3. I have read that, but thanks.
      The Putin worship is suffocating. Some celebrate that Russia is going to save Syria from US imperialism, that is not what they are doing. RUS wants a piece of the pie, instead of left totally out.

    4. The way Syria is being partitioned, will actually make Assad's Syria unsustainable. The US and YPG have captured all the furtile land, most of the oil fields, and water ressources. Assads Syria will also be under an embargo, it will be like Iraq in the 90's.
      Russia hasn't condemned thousands of US troops being deployed to Syria, nor them building bases. But lets all talk about evil Turkey.

  6. A Turk told me that Russia believes the PKK ultimately will ditch the US, and chose Syria and Russia as allies, therefore they don't mind them taking land, as they believe they will give it back to Assad.
    I believe this is wrong. The PKK will definately ally with the US over anyone else.

    1. The PKK will definitely ally with the US (and Israel) over anyone else- Absolutely anyone else.
      I believe that Turk is mistaken also