Monday, March 6, 2017

Manbij: NATO's Fracturing Point, US Troops Parade In Armored Convoys

Flashback to the post from last week:

NATO Fracturing at Manbij? US Reinforces Manbij to Defend From Turkish Attack??

Was I was really the only blogger to have caught the reports of the US being present in Manbij? Obviously signalling flagrant US backstabbing of a NATO ally, Turkey.... As has been posited here for so very long now..

Reiterating the simplistic synopsis:
Necessary background since most people still believe Turkey & the US are lovers. They aren't. Turkey is the betrayed party in the tryst the US is having with Kurdish terrorists. Though Turkey has tried to win back US affection. The US has repelled Turkey in favour of it's new love... (simplistic breakdown) 

Manbij, specifically:
Manbij is a problem, from way back, for Turkey. It's also a source of acrimony between Turkey and the US. Along with the coup
The discord between the US & Turkey over the PKK presence at Manbij has been covered repeatedly here at the blog. Some mentions were relinked in last weeks posting on this topic

RT reporting after Rudaw broke the news- Rudaw has seen at least one of it's reporters abused by the PKK/YPG

American soldiers have been spotted traveling in an armored convoy near the Syrian city of Manbij, with a US spokesman calling it a “deliberate action” aimed at ensuring Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) is defeated.

Oh that is funny! Was the US spokesman going for humour? It was a deliberate action having nothing to do with IS.

The video was filmed amid sporadic exchanges of fire between the Kurdish-affiliated Manbij Military Council (MMC) and Turkish troops in areas west of Manbij.
 Rudaw Twitter
 Rudaw English @RudawEnglish
Amid clashes with Turkish-backed forces, Manbij Military Council published video reportedly of US forces arriving north of Manbij on Friday.

Clearly a message to Turkey

The US-led coalition in Syria confirmed the presence of American forces around Manbij on Saturday, after the MMC published one of the first video accounts of US forces in northern Syria on social media.

The US is sending a clear undeniable message to Turkey- We are allied with the PKK terrorists!
 Nothing new in that message to me or to the Turkish leadership.

Turkey launched Operation Euphrates Shield in August, both to clear IS from areas near the Turkey-Syria border, and to prevent Kurds from extending their control in the region. To achieve the objectives, Ankara wants to capture both Raqqa and Manbij to create a 5,000 sq km “safe zone” in northern Syria.
However, Ankara said on Sunday that it would not oppose the Syrian Army over control of Manbij.
“We do not consider the scenario under which the Syrian Army would enter Manbij, as [a] negative one. The Kurdish self-defense units are leaving the city. The Syrian land must belong to the Syrians,” Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said, according to Sputnik.

Don't miss a truly excellent but difficult interview from Tim Kelly @ Our Interesting Times


  1. There you have it- Directly and indirectly the US is fighting against a so called NATO ally- The alliance is divisible when the US and friends make it so.

    It is entirely realistic that the US special forces were present at al Bab, as had been suggested here previously

    And last week when the PKK made sure to take the bodies of the dead ISIS fighters(?) an action undertaken to hide their true identities...

  2. Turkey is slated for partition. I hope the Turks realize what is at stake, i.e. no riding two horses!

    1. hello anon- Indeed Turkey is slated for partition- no different from Syria, Libya- I too hope the Turks really understand what is at stake. Not just their leadership, but the people themselves need to understand what is occurring.

      I initially began writing about the betrayal of Turkey in 2014-

      Though I had alluded to it before that time

      At that time I mistakenly believed that Turkey was unaware- As more information came to the forefront I realized that Turkish leadership has very likely been aware since 2013 the US/Israel duo is backstabbing them- I'm also of the mind that the propaganda campaign against Turkey has been necessarily extreme because it's a NATO nation..
      And we are supposed to hold all these nonsensical beliefs about what NATO is..

      Only for Defence

      and other rubbish..

      Therefore Turkey had to be subjected to a more rigorous disinfo campaign which seems to have worked pretty effectively.

    2. True. I believed all the crap about Turkey until I started learning about the role of the donmeh and the kurds, i.e. same old manipulation and controlling both sides in a conflict.

  3. I saw somewhere very recently a headline that NATO and Turkey were literally facing each other, and not across a great distance. I can not remember where tho.. sorry

    21st Century site has a post from Minit which conflicts w/ my browser when I pull it us to give you original link

    Here, from 21st Century
    SYRIA: Erdogan and McCain Conspire to Create Drought in Syria

    I'm like Tim Kelly also, he's not an aggressive interviewer and is well informed. I've listened to a number of his interviews w/ E Michael Jones ( link I gave you some time back ) Slaughter of the Cities book review on Youtube.

    You know what they say, Too Many Cooks Spoil the Soup
    My biggest fear since Euphrates Op by Turkey is of such happening.

    I've listened to others also

    1. Hey Karin!

      I think I did listen to some of those interviews..

      I saw an article completely debunking the claim that Turkey was attempting to create a drought...

      Think it was from Al Jazeera-

      That said- The thaw is coming and all dams only have so much reservoir capacity... That is all dams..

      Is Turkey going to flood their own territory to create a drought in Syria?- Seems very far fetched.

      So claims of Turkey doing that are questionable to say the least, wildly speculative, to be kind.

      21st century wire could and should do better then engage in wild speculation.

    2. If water is being employed as a weapon I would look at ISIS aka KurdIShIS aka US proxies controlling Euphrates Dam (Tabqua)

      Is 21st Century Wire mentioning that the US has damaged the dam- plus mismanagement as "ISIS" wields control- plus negligence

      "Tabqa Dam has already been damaged by ISIS militants who have deliberately destroyed infrastructure, and in coalition airstrikes carried out in support of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) battling ISIS on the ground in northern Syria"

      If we go back to this AJ article

      "As the consequences of heightened production at the dam came to a head at the end of May, the Islamic State group began a campaign of blaming Turkey for the drastic fall in water levels. On a number of online forums belonging the group, the Islamic State group claimed that Turkey had intentionally cut off the flow of the Euphrates River into Syria as a tool of war.

      However, data provided to Al Jazeera by observers measuring the river's inflow on the Syrian side of the border refute such claims.

      In the month of April, Turkey released more than the minimum 500 m3/second of water to which it is committed under a 1987 agreement. In May, the Euphrates' flow into Syria dropped to 222 m3/second, but the bulk of the cut-off occurred over three consecutive days at the end of month.

      This drop alone is not enough to have led to such a drastic water decrease, and it is also not unusual for such cuts to appear periodically when Turkey undertakes repairs on its own upstream dams. By early June, water flow from Turkey into Syria was steadily climbing.

      A mechanical engineer from al-Tabqa, who didn't give Al Jazeera his real name but used the pseudonym Hassan, who has working knowledge of the conditions at the dam, asserts that up until July 2013, when the Islamic State group took control of the dam, levels in Lake Assad were stable."

      So 21st Century Wire is spreading the same meme as ISIS- blame Turkey- Not exactly confidence inspiring to me..


      sorry link for the article above

    4. I'm not a big fan of either one of those sources.
      Minit Press did the Palmyra / Aleppo archeological series of article (written by not one of their staff) and I appreciated that, but after surveying other news over there, I didn't even keep their link

      21st Century Wire is out of Arizona, Phoenix to be exact ( zio + McCain territory). I used to like the head guy when he was at British UK Column but he sort of moved on and started that sige in US..
      made me very skeptical, but gave it a chance. That article was tweeted to that link, or I would not have seen it probably.

      As you know ( gave you the link ) I didn't like the tone of Turkey dozing some areas in Syria with the possibility to flood large areas and farmers out not far away.

      I, like you, don't like Erdogan but look at the big picture when it comes to their role, not only in N Syria, but beyond into the ME.

      nice catching up w/ you. spending less time and more personal time decision about a month ago.
      Clear my mind more :)

    5. Hey karin:

      I saw and read it, but, I had done a post on the dam situation and one of the other commenters had left the aj link- so I knew there was other pov out there- and it had been reported that ISIS was flooding out land in Syria from a variety of sources-

      As for the link regarding drought- reservoirs hold only so much water- Turkey couldn't hold back enough water to cause a drought without damaging their own dams and flooding their own territory.

      Generally I've nothing good to say about any politicians, anywhere- Not even our own PM Trudeau, but, leave for the most part criticism of political leaders to their own constituents

      Don't blame you for spending less and less time on line- there are times I feel it's very frustrating and somewhat toxic- thankfully I have a very good hubby and solid outside real world interests.

      It was nice chatting with you too karin :)

  4. "Was I was really the only blogger to have caught the reports....?"

    Speaking for myself, yes, but then that's why I read/scan widely, knowing that you and others will catch things I don't or didn't. Some bloggers are specialists; some have a narrow focus; some are wide generalists; some (like me) follow their noses into the topic of the moment and then bounce on to something else (right now I'm following up on books and videos about the OKC/Murrah event).

    We have to all be in this together, bound however loosely, respectful of each other's unique p.o.v. and identity, and frequently back-checking, frequently conversing, and perhaps even having some kind of what Gabriel Garcia Marquez called a "tertulliana". We have to have some way of coming together to talk and share notes and analyses without rancor or ego or one or more of us going off in a huff with our underwear in a knot because we're not all seeing something the same way. That's why we all maintain long blogrolls and why we cull them and update them.


    1. "We have to all be in this together, bound however loosely, respectful of each other's unique p.o.v. and identity, and frequently back-checking, frequently conversing, and perhaps even having some kind of what Gabriel Garcia Marquez called a "tertulliana"

      Am I being admonished? Not sure?
      It's just an expression of surprise at lack of coverage.. two NATO nations staring each other down in close proximity is pretty amazing,no?

    2. No, you are being applauded. I'm sorry the clapping wasn't loud enough.

  5. Several years ago... maybe three or four... a neighbor said the son of a friend was entering the army and that after training he was going to Syria. I thought that the friend must have been mistaken about Syria. It was supposedly part of a undercover operation.

    1. Hi Rick B!

      Sadly not a mistake- The US has been operating in Syria for years now. Stay tuned for the newest post- because it appears the US has sent 5oo additional special forces into Manbij- claiming "this doesn't necessarily mean" it's additional troops- but then again it could be!

    2. It also seems the US also wanted to prevent the city from being handed to Assad. The SAA has not deployed to bufferzone either.