Friday, March 24, 2017

Raqqa & Mosul To Fall in Unison- Tillerson Accelerating IS Fight

 Day 3 and the news on this war expansion is still amazingly scarce, considering the implications-  

Day 1-  US Launched "Surprise" Attack On Raqqa. Blocking SAA/Hezbollah/Russian Forces

Day 2-  US Attack on Raqqa Updated..
Jaafari says US move on Raqqa illegitimate... And the world media continues ignoring the news and Jaafari
 "Direct U.S. military intervention in Syrian territory as well as arming factions in Syria and encouraging them to challenge the authority of the state does not serve the fight against terrorism," he said
French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian  said on Friday the battle to recapture Raqqa would restart in the coming days.- Clearly doesn't care what Syria has to say
The Trump administration moves forward. Expanding the war on Syria. The US has long, long ago invaded Syria. Arming factions that have not only challenged the central state authority, but with US assistance they have annexed vast swathes of Syrian and Iraqi territory.. Yup, I'm talking ISIS and the Kurds. The story is all in the maps. The geography of ISIS's march from Mosul through Iraq and into Syria- taking territory for Kurdistan- In plain sight
Hey Penny
As you can see at the map below America no longer needs Turkey.
The new "strategic partner" will be created soon.
Divide and conquer.
 I placed the map to the side..

National Post
“This is pretty major,” Col. Joseph Scrocca, a spokesman for the U.S.-led military coalition that is fighting ISIL militants in Syria and Iraq, told reporters at the Pentagon on Wednesday
The United States is deepening its involvement in the war against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant after an unprecedented American airlift of Arab and Kurdish fighters to the front lines in northern Syria, supported by the first use of U.S. attack helicopters and artillery in the country.
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, center, and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, March 22, 2017
U.S. officials said the operation inserted Syrian Arab and Kurdish fighters behind ISIL lines west of Raqqa, subjecting the American personnel to a degree of risk previously avoided in Syria. The mission was focused on recapturing the dam, the nearby town of Tabqa and a local airfield.

By design, the operation is coinciding with a potentially climactic battle for Mosul, the main ISIL stronghold in Iraq. Together, the battles reflect a U.S. strategy of presenting IS with multiple challenges simultaneously.
Readers here may recall my mention that Mosul and Raqqa were intended to be taken or fall together? The US & Israel's Taking of Raqqa Impeded by Intermeddlers

“It is certain the US had desired and originally planned for Raqqa and Mosul to be taken at the same time. Literally, simultaneously.

The taking of the two key cities, Mosul and Raqqa,  is pivotal for the US/Israel plan for Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0. Since their plan has been for one unified Kurdish territory in Iraq, Syria and Turkey”

Better late then not all! Sure there have been delays, but, it’s certain that the US/Israel loves it when their plan finally comes together
NP “The U.S. airlift, known in military parlance as an air assault, marked a new level of commitment to Syria’s Kurds, whose partnership with the U.S. has prompted difficult discussions with Turkey. The U.S.-NATO ally sees the Kurdish fighters as a national security threat because of their links to militants inside Turkey”
 YPG =  PKK (rebranded , think marketing, for Syrian destabilization) = Terrorists proxies of US/Israel.  There are dozens and dozens of posts demonstrating quite clearly the idea of the YPG being 'Syria's kurds' are patently false.
The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces confirmed the U.S. airlift and said their fighters seized four villages south of the Euphrates and cut the main artery between Raqqa and northwestern Syria.
Cutting off SAA & allies- Taking more Syrian territory
Meanwhile the destroyers of Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey plot in Washington
In Washington, the U.S. hosted top officials from 68 nations for a meeting on accelerating the fight against IS in all its dimensions.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (Trump’s secretary of State) told the coalition’s first ministerial gathering since President Donald Trump took office that the U.S. was still refining its strategy, but was clear about American priorities.
Undoubtedly Canada was represented at the meeting?

NP, again
“The Canadian military has begun to study options for an operation in Syria, for the Liberal government to consider as U.S. president Donald Trump hints he may expand the 16-year-old war on terrorism by sending more troops to that country

It is not publicly known whether the Trump government has asked Ottawa to contribute troops or assist in other ways in the war against ISIL in Syria, or to take on other roles in the war on terror. But if there is anything to be taken from the example of the war in neighbouring Iraq, where Canada has been a participant since August, 2014, such a request is possible.

Canadian special forces man an observation bunker, Monday, February 20, 2017 in northern Iraq.

Don’t they mean such an order is a given? Because Canada goes where it’s told to go- Like straight to hell as is the present case! (Canada has turned into a wretched nation)
Canada is one of 17 countries currently assisting Iraqi and Kurdish forces in Iraq. About Canadian 800 troops now involved in what the Canadian Forces calls Operation Impact. About 70 are elite Special Forces from the Ontario-based JTF2. They train, advise and assist Kurdish fighters and when at risk themselves, have occasionally joined the fight.
Canada is already indirectly (that's directly involved) involved in the war in Syria. Since December, JTF2 has been advising Iraqi Kurds deployed near the Syrian border in northwestern Iraq”

Putting JTF2 right in bed with PKK terrorists- shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone given JTF2's ‘counterterrorism’ training- KurdIShIS-

If Canada were to become involved militarily( To become involved? Doublespeak, much?) in Syria again it could send a small number of JTF2 troops there in an advisory role. (They are already there)  Another possibility is that Canada could be asked to provide “boots on the ground” to help protect civilians from violence in safe zones that Trump has said he intends to establish to prevent the Syrian refugee crisis from worsening.

Canadian Brig.-Gen. Dave Anderson, who heads the coalition’s strategic advisory team in Iraq, told Postmedia in an interview late last year that discussions were already taking place then about how “we — that is, the Iraqi security forces — can not only take Mosul but hold it afterwards.”
A bit of slip from Gen. Dave Anderson with the “we – that is, the Iraqi security forces” We  indicating the deep and full  involvement in taking Mosul undoubtedly occupying it afterwards

Canada’s Iraq mission could be extended indefinitely as part of that effort.
The potential ask for Canada to extend or expand its role in the region comes as Ottawa undertakes an open-ended commitment to lead a NATO battalion in Latvia from this June, and continue training missions in Poland and Ukraine

Canada, wretched nation. Any questions?

NPR-Big Changes And Major Dilemmas Loom In Next Phase Of ISIS War In Syria

Next phase of war. War expansion. No lack of clarity on the Trump administration plans
“The way ahead for the Trump administration amounts only to a " 'supersize' of the Obama plan," says Jennifer Cafarella of the Institute for the Study of War, which laid out a blueprint last week for the way ahead in Syria. But that isn't enough, she argues”
One last item of interest.. The destabilization of the ME/NA looks very nearly to be an US/UK/Israeli operation.With France/Canada/Germany/Norway playing smaller roles of support
“Even as Washington continues to figure out how to deal with Turkey, another big question involves its Arab allies.
The United States has long pressed for Arab states to participate in the anti-ISIS campaign, but has never been satisfied about their commitments. Jordan has sent some troops into Syria along its shared border, and Saudi Arabia has promised to send ground troops — but has not delivered.”

I just don’t think the US is that concerned- This is their plan. And Israel’s.  And they keep advancing it! It's been interesting to observe the recalcitrant/reluctant behaviour of the aforementioned nation states, vs private players/NATO inbreds, to be involved with a regional remake that will see the demise of the said nation states. In other words- Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan haven't been willing to participate in their own destruction. Which has not really bothered the US or Israel one little bit. They had the PKK in their back pocket all along and those three parties had everything to gain. Think of Libya? Same/Same. The US was the biggest player in destroying Libya.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu recently sent a clear message about his country's stance on the Syrian Kurds. "We do not wish any of our allies to stand with terrorist groups," he said.
From Al Qaeda to ISIS and back to Al Qaeda again

Another progression or regression in narrative I’ve noticed the past little while is, as ISIS shrinks, AQ grows-  In Iraq AQ morphed into ISIS- Which is reversing present day.

Emmanuel Goldstein / Goldstein Emmanuel only to become Emmanuel Goldstein again?

The switcheroo probably has some relation to a move towards Africa. Might just be time for a rebrand too?  After all it’s been years since ISIS emerged.  I'm in my tenth year of blogging and when PFYT began in 08, it was all AQ, all the time.

Examples below:


  1. Hamas says Israel assassinates one of its leaders in Gaza

    Us refuses Moscow afgan peace talks invite as surge 3.x underway

    1. Yah, I see the news of a surge in Afghanistan-
      missed the Israeli assassination news though-shall go look- thanks

  2. Looking at the map of what might well be a new Kurdistan, it appears that the Turks, will be loosing quite a lot of territory. Is this a prelude to throwing Turkey to the wolves.?.Their army has been neutralised in Syria. Maybe they can finish the wall in time.huh!

    1. Has their army been neutralized in Syria?
      Would you like to share how it is you know that?

  3. Coordinated damascus attacks: Syria said to preempt follow up attack last night

  4. Western coalition is unlikely to take over al-Raqqah in Syria soon - Russian Defense Ministry

    1. I'm hoping that Syria had some 'feet on the ground' in Raqqa.. Hoping?

      Of course it will take time for the US and Kurds to ethnically cleanse the area

  5. Penny:

    This development seems to greatly reinforce your theory, about both cities falling in unison. Otherwise, why would they stop the attack now, when they're this close to victory ?

    " Iraqi forces halt Mosul operation over concern for civilian casualties – security forces spokesman "

    1. Hey MieszkoI:

      It makes sense that the two cities need fall in near unison for the creation of greater kurdistan aka Israel 2.0

      I suspected as much last year- the national post reporting verified it and yes the concern for civilians in Mosul, which of course is not real concern, does play right into this.

      The UN is playing it's elitist globalist servile roll in making hay out of the deaths in Mosul- while ignoring those elsewhere- like Raqqa where it appears there have been hundreds of civilians killed
      in recent days- including at a school hit by the Americans.

      Look at the fighting around Sinjar- PKK VS KRG
      This is the control for the area that joins the two zones into one and is a fight for control before the two big cities fall-

      Then we'll be looking at 'boots on the ground'
      an occupying force
      And no fly/safe zone
      This is why the US wants the airport and the dams
      airport for operations- dams for water and hydro electric plus resource control/denial

  6. Did you see the Tass statement, I see the mention, but not link. I don't count on rt , I never go there either. Just my personal preference over the last 2 years, especially

    here's the link if you like and have not read his whole statement.

    I read your post earlier today :)

    1. thanks karin

      "These rosy slogans about the encirclement and speedy victory of the (US-led) coalition in Iraq’s Mosul have ended up with heavy casualties among Iraqi forces and a growing humanitarian disaster," he added. "Even the biggest optimists have stopped hoping that Mosul will be fully recaptured from Islamic State this year. It is evident for any military expert that liberation of Raqqa will not be an easy stroll for the international coalition."

      Raqqa may be retaken in case all the forces that fight against terrorism will join efforts, he said.

      "Tangible results and deadlines for the operation will directly depend on the understanding and readiness to coordinate their actions with all the forces fighting against international terrorism in Syria," the defense spokesman said.

    2. The preparations come amid fears the terror group is plotting an attack somewhere around the world from inside the city.
      Carter told reporters at a NATO meeting in Brussels that getting troops in place for the siege of Raqqa would be undertaken within weeks but declined to offer more specifics. The plan "has us generating those forces in a matter of weeks ... generating them and positioning them for the isolation of Raqqa," Carter said.

      That was October 2016

    3. 'constantly bragging and boasting like israel
      I'm used to that with Oil Field where my husband works fixing leaks in ancient pipelines.
      He will call and start saying 'they say' and I stop him and tell him 'They always do that and in 15 years it's never that way' :)
      I'm used to it and never base my plans on what 'they' say.

      All Nations boast to a degree, but 'west' has them all beat.
      Here are some short statements by Zakharova on the new sanctions. I read what Kremlin and Lavrov and Heads of defence say very carefully. Their thinking is much different than west and they still stick to old school diplomacy.

      US is too young to learn that yet. Far too young.

  7. It seems that ISIS will be finished in 1-3 months. This "brand" is completely compromised. But what about ISIS fighters? I think many of them will join other rebel groups. Amercia doesn't really fight against terrorists, America uses terrorists as a tool.

    "The taking of the two key cities, Mosul and Raqqa, is pivotal for the US/Israel plan for Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0. Since their plan has been for one unified Kurdish territory in Iraq, Syria and Turkey”

    Turkey is the hardest part of the operation. The USA can't openly attack NATO's member. Something big must happen. It can be another color revolution, a conflict between Turkey and Iran, an earth quake in Istanbul (if the HAARP exists) or somthing else. Of course the best case scenario from America's point of view would be Gulen and a deal rather than a civil war. Time will tell... Notice also that the Kurds are pawns in the whole game. It is obvious Israel wants Kurdistan only in order to safeguard its selfish interests. Kurdistan is planned as an Israeli zone of influence, there wil be no freedom or prosperity. Just another poor Kosovo where the CIA (in this case also Mossad) along with local agents are the bosses.

    If the Kurds want to establish their own country a Scottish-style referendum would be a better option than weapons and advisers from America... I don't know if the time is ripe for such referendum but the sooner not always means the better. Kurdistan isn't very similar to Palestine. Palestinians are harassed by Israel on a regular basis, their houses and farms are stolen by Jws. Maps of Kurdish regions show rather something different, their population in Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran still grows and their areas still expand. There are some tensions between governments and Kurdish minorities, even violence and military actions, especially in Turkey against PKK guerillas, but no ethnic cleansing or something like that. So, they have a choice. South Sudan, Eritrea and Kosovo are examples that sometimes sweet dreams about independence turn into a nightmare. Kurds, Turks, Syrians, Iranians, Shiite and Sunnis should keep in minds that America always sows discord among people and nations. This twisted country is behind almost every single revolution in the world including the three mentioned above.

    1. greenvalley- "Kurds are pawns in the whole game. It is obvious Israel wants Kurdistan only in order to safeguard its selfish interests. Kurdistan is planned as an Israeli zone of influence, there wil be no freedom or prosperity. Just another poor Kosovo where the CIA (in this case also Mossad) along with local agents are the bosses"

      Some Kurds are already pawns- and fodder- but not all of them- I can't give a pass to the terrorists of PKK/YPG/TAK etc
      They went into this with eyes wide open and fully on board with Israeli influence- They abused the other kurds terribly, and the arabs and christians
      They will gain from having a safe, entire country to run their heinous smuggling ops from and they will be shielded from prosecution for those crimes in the same way that Kosovo and Israel have been
      Win/win for them

      I've said it for years here- the KKK
      Khazars, Kosovars and Kurds- I suspect once the US and co moved the war towards Russia, and they will, the KKK nations will be in place to further profit from all the misery

      So yes "sweet dreams about independence turn into a nightmare"

      but not for everyone