Sunday, March 26, 2017

Taking Raqqa: Dam, Airport Captured- US Deal with Kurds On Syrian Territory

Day 5: Amazing progress! Dam almost taken + Airport taken + No resistance from ISIS

I've been following this news and collecting information all morning for what would be a very necessary post on the situation taking place presently, concerning the operation to take Raqqa.

The latest two news items first- I'll update with both earlier news and breaking news later today

Sputnik Headline: Syria's Biggest Dam Partially Collapses Due to Fighting

Syria’s largest Tabqa Dam located on the Euphrates river partially has collapsed on Sunday as a result of the fighting between armed units of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and militants of Daesh near the city of Raqqa.

DAMASCUS (Sputnik) — Tabqa Dam, which functions primarily as a hydropower plant, suspended service after its control center was damaged by what could have been an airstrike or shelling, a source told Lebanese broadcaster Al Mayadeen, adding that technical experts could not reach the site due to continuing fighting in the area.
Earlier this week, US and Syrian opposition forces were air-dropped to Syria's Raqqa province to conduct a joint operation to liberate several villages in the vicinity of Syria's northern Al Tabqah town from Daesh.

 As of this moment I don't believe the Sputnik by line at all. Sensationalizing much Sputnik?

2nd source: Fighting puts Syria IS-held dam at 'risk of collapse'
"The dam is designed to hold a certain amount of water and if its floodgates are closed this will increase the water levels and could exceed the pressure the dam can withstand," civil engineer, Mounir Suwaid, told The New Arab.
"The dam has a spillway to get rid of excess water but it cannot discharge all of it," Suwaid said.
He played down the danger that the dam would collapse because of excess water levels, however, he added that the continued air raids could weaken the dam and lead to a disaster.
"The biggest danger lies in the repeated airstrikes and shelling near the dam, which could crack the dam's structure," the engineer said.
IS ordered residents to evacuate the Syrian city of Raqqa on Sunday following reports on its propaganda agency Amaq that the dam "is threatened with collapse at any moment because of American strikes and a large rise in water levels."
This update is being posted at 3:40 pm est:

 There are no reports present time that the dam has collapsed, however  earlier today reports were coming out of Syria that the dam might collapse. SANA has no coverage of this imminent collapse or partial collapse what so ever!

Here's what I suspect... So called "ISIS" made a whole lot of noise regarding the dam and it's imminent collapse for a few reasons..

1- Quick way to displace the populace- of their own volition

 If you were in the flood zone of the Euphrates/Tabqa Dam you would not wait to find out if these reports were true or false!  Because Lake Assad is huge. It's the largest lake in Syria- all artificially created.
The maximum capacity of Lake Assad is 11.7 cubic kilometres (2.8 cu mi) at a surface
Qal'at Ja'batl, an ancient castle now surrounded by the waters of Lake Assad
area of 610 square kilometres (240 sq mi), making it the largest lake in Syria.
 The project included a hydroelectric power station in the Tabqa Dam, and the construction of a vast irrigation network capable of irrigating 640,000 hectares (2,500 sq mi) of land on both sides of the Euphrates.
 Lake Assad is the most important source of drinking water to Aleppo, providing the city through a pipeline with 80,000,000 cubic metres (2.8×109 cu ft) of drinking water per year.
 Nouar Shamout, a researcher at UK-based think tank Chatham House, explained that, with Raqqa under Islamic State, the waters of Lake Assad/Revolution Lake were being used as a tool to “escalate fatalities and migration rates.”

****Bonus for the interlopers (Kurd/Israel/America)- Taking the dam will enable the control of Aleppo city- Being very nearly entirely reliant on pipelines from the reservoir

 2-  Convenient way for ISIS to give it up to the Kurds and Americans-  As they flee the alleged collapsing dam and blend in with the civilians. ISIS has repeatedly, and I mean repeatedly fled when the Kurds came to any town- I've covered this several times. Theatre.

And speaking of  the convenience of ISIS  fleeing

3- It's reported the Americans and their Kurd militia pals took the US desired airport.  

Having all this confusion regarding the dam's collapse could have only been favourable to the usurpers.  Earlier today, let's say about 5- 6 hours ago it was reported the airport was fully surrounded
 Fighters of the YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have encircled the military airport of Tabqa to the south of the Tabqa city in order to take the Raqqa city and Tabqa Dam under control.

After liberating two villages to the south and southwest of the airport last night, SDF fighters launched an offensive on the military airport.
And just like that! They got it!  Syrian airport "taken back" by US Forces Just like that! Boom! Confusion caused by claiming the dam will collapse and ISIS leaves this most desired airport for the taking

US-backed local forces fighting Islamic State in Syria say they have taken full control of a former Syrian army airport near the city of Tabqa along the Euphrates River.
The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias supported by a US-led international coalition, said in a statement on Sunday they had seized the air base.
Earlier, SDF spokesperson Talal Silo said its fighters had seized "60 to 70 per cent" of the airport but were still engaged in intense clashes with the ultra-hardline militants inside the air base and on its outskirts.
Additional reporting on the taking of the airport:

 U.S.-backed local forces fighting Islamic State in Syria said on Sunday they had taken full control of a former Syrian army airport near the city of Tabqa along the Euphrates River.
US and Friends
Kurds............................. ISIS

This idea that there has ever been any REAL fighting between America/Israel's two proxies is utter nonsense. KurdIShIS

Earliest report:

The Islamic State group ordered residents to evacuate the Syrian city of Raqqa on Sunday following reports that a dam contested by U.S.-backed forces upstream on the Euphrates River could collapse, activists reported.

The militants said coalition airstrikes had weakened the Tabqa Dam, some 40 kilometers (25 miles) west of Raqqa, and that the water level behind the dam was rising
Syrian activists say the Islamic State group has ordered an evacuation from its de facto capital, Raqqa, following warnings that the Tabqa Dam upstream on the Euphrates River could collapse.

The activist-run Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently says civilians are fleeing Raqqa en masse. It says the militants are warning residents that the dam is out of service, weakened by U.S.-led coalition airstrikes, and could collapse. It says water levels are rising behind the dam.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition-run monitoring group, is also reporting the dam is out of service.
How long before Trumps no fly/safe zones are created. This moves looks like a worse case scenario for Syria.Turkey. And, Iran.

Finally! Someone else besides myself and Willy Loman is mentioning there is a plan for Greater Kurdistan. Inside Syria Media Center

According to the documents at our disposal, the U.S. authorities and the Syrian Kurds reached an agreement past week on the boundaries of the Kurdish autonomy in the territory of Syria, which had been guaranteed to Kurds in case of capturing Raqqa and Al-Tabqah (34 miles to the West of Raqqa). This confirms the reports about the U.S. plans to divide Syria.  
In addition, Washington has already defined the boundaries of the new state of the Great Kurdistan on the territory of Syria and Iraq. It is to be created after ISIS defeat and the final collapse of Syrian Arab Republic. According to the U.S. military, Kurds remain the only force capable of defeating ISIS.
In order to strengthen its positions the new U.S. administration announced the upcoming liberation of the so-called ISIS capital, Raqqa. To grease the wheels the Americans resorted to money, their weapon of choice. They bribe ISIS field commanders and increase payments to YPG and FSA units.
 The U.S. government intends to capture Raqqa by April and to eliminate ISIS in Syria and Iraq this summer. The implementation of these plans requires making concessions to Kurds. This is why the U.S. promises them an independent state in case of victory.
This was always the plan. The desired outcome for the US and Israel. The details needed fine tuning but the goal was a creation of a greater Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0.

From Tabqa I expect the move will be towards the city of Raqqa itself, and yes, some water may be let go from the dam to 'encourage' the people to leave.

I'm absolutely amazed at the lack of coverage regarding what is occurring- But then the killing and displacement that has taken place all to create the desired Kurdistan has been hidden in plain site as the "fight against ISIS". And obfuscated by many. This is why Turkey has been so blatantly and abundantly demonized in the msm and alt media-- Because betraying a NATO ally has to be spun just the right way- as I've stated time and time again.

At least I learned, the hard way, which alt media was not trustworthy

5:00 PM EST:  US claims Tabqa dam is not in danger of bursting

U.S.-led coalition forces say the Tabqa Dam in northern Syria is structurally sound.

The Islamic State group claimed Sunday that coalition airstrikes had locked the dam's gates, causing Euphrates River water levels to rise dangerously behind the structure. The group warned the dam could burst.
The coalition denied the report in a letter to The Associated Press, saying U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish forces were in control of a spillway north of the dam "which can be used to alleviate pressure on the dam if need be."
The U.S. has provided substantial air and ground support to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, who are closing in on the IS capital Raqqa, 40 kilometers (25 miles) upstream from Tabqa Dam.
The coalition says the dam has not been structurally damaged, to its knowledge, and says it has not targeted the dam.
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  1. nice find. I'll look into the dam situation tomorrow. thanks

    1. hey willy; I just updated with more- the US is denying the dam is collapsing or close to collapsing- this is one dam that the US/Kurds need to keep a death grip on Syria-

      It's really a shame :(

  2. I wonder if this will be were Syria, Russia, Iran finally comfort Amerika and it's proxies. If so will Amerika blow up the dam, that is there normal game. Thanks for the update.
    A commenter at Ziads gave credit to you for following this story for a long time;)

    1. Really jo? At Ziad's place?

      I stopped going there quite a while back so I didn't know that at all.(All the bashing got tiresome)

      thanks for letting me know, though and thanks to who ever it was!!!

  3. Very goos article, Penny.
    What you mis is that this pseudo Kurdistan is landlocked. Either the US will have to force Assad to accept partition and cooporate, (they hold all the ressources so they can do that) or the US will need assistance from Turkey. Turkey controls the water flow to all the dams in Syria from their side, and can use it as leverage.
    Regardless, the US has carved out a piece of land, surrounded by hostile entities. They can threaten, yes, but this is not a good position.

    1. Hi Rescue: Yes, they are landlocked- for now
      The US can definitely force Assad's hand now via the Kurdish annexation they've worked on since ISIS came to Syria from Iraq (ISIS = PKK)
      That area is resource rich and with the dam they control a whole lot of electricity and can deny water to millions-

      The water can be used as leverage to some extent but not entirely- the dams can only hold so much water.. anywhere- If Turkey held back too much water they'd risk flooding their own territory or damaging their dams- so that type of activity has it's limits and shortcomings-

      Trumps points man is heading to Turkey March 30th (Tillerson) then he is heading to NATO HQ

      I suspect this will be a critical meeting and will be watching the news on it like a hawk

    2. Tillerson is an unimportant person, Trump has gutted the state department even further. Its the Pentagon, military bureaucracy, that sets foreign policy now, and they are extremely anti-Turkish, pro-PKK.

    3. Tillerson is looking to be quite effective in his position- he held a meeting last week with all the allies- NATO's going to hold up some meeting for him to be there

      In my opinion, rumours of trump gutting the state dept are greatly exaggerated- feeding into this idea of Trump "incompetency" and Washington being in a mess- none of that appears true

  4. conspiracy theoristMarch 27, 2017 at 4:13 AM

    This is also interesting:
    "The partition of Syria is finally materialising with the United States Special Operation Forces (SOF) landing, in a joint operation with the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF), near al Tabqa dam. These forces aimed to control the dam, and in consequence the flow of the Euphrates from Jarablus to the city of Raqqah, and closing the road on the “Islamic State” group (ISIS) from the northwest..."\\

    1. Hello conspiracy theorists:

      I mentioned the US move completely cut off Syrian and allied Troops March 22/17

      "When I first started to assemble this post.. I was thinking, of course, about the further appropriation/theft of Syrian sovereign territory. The further confiscation of Syrian vital infrastructure. Then I realized that the US also moved to block Syria and her allies from their move towards Raqqa"

      As for the partition of Syria, it's all I've talked about here for years and years now.. because it was all taking place right in plain sight

      Did I get attacked, derided, shouted down and shunned for it- I absolutely did! However I persisted because I knew that I was correct, because it was all so obvious, so easy to see. The plan was being carried out in real time undercover of a lie.

    2. conspiracy theoristMarch 28, 2017 at 6:02 AM

      Hey Penny
      Immoral plans require silence but now more and more people see what is going on. The US decided to destroy two coutries because of Kurdistan. And this is not the end yet. One thing is still unclear for me: the role of Erdogan in all this. Either he is a traitor or they fooled/bribed him.

      Washington's Greater Middle East Project 'Aims at Creating Kurdish State'

      Double Standards: Americans Seek Raqqa Liberation to Split Syria?

    3. I don't see Erdogan as a traitor- Erdogan has not gone along for years now- I've covered it extensively- years and years-- look at how it is Erdogan has been demonized- and as of late? Even worse- Erdogan and Turkey can do nothing right. And this referendum has the West in absolute knots
      They US tried the coup, the Reyhanli bombing because they wanted the Turkish army to invade Syria and it didn't fly- Turkey is building a massive border wall- Financial war is waged against Turkey

      Way to much that has gone on has been ignored
      So no not a traitor, and not bribed

    4. posted before finished,

      Perhaps though the US whispered sweet nothings into Erdogan's ear- at the beginning.. but I'm convinced that since 2013 Turkey was fully onto the betrayal agenda

    5. conspiracy theorist- thanks for the links- WL left the first one in my newest post, but, I have to read the second one

    6. Erdogan is both, he was fooled and he is a traitor.
      Erdogan was promised the leadership of the new ME. He would lead an ME dominated by sunni islamist goverments inspired by the "Turkish model", Erdogan and Turkey was promoted everywhere at that time, he was on the cover of Time.
      He is a traitor because he betrayed Turkey. He gambled the nation for his own ambition. He's an uneducated and ignorant person, who continues to make things difficult for Turkey.
      I remain convinced he would partition Turkey if the west offered him a nice deal. That's who he is. Fortunately, Turkey has other power centers who would prevent that.

    7. With all due respect, only 2 kinds of people have to right to make these statements. Historians and clairvoyant people. Since he is still in the game, Its early to act as Historian Especially since you would need to go trough all the secret documents of all government parties, which you cannot do since they will not be public for another dunno minimum of 25 years. Neither are all the biographies of people who worked with Erdogan. And since no man or woman is clairvoyant this option falls off too..

  5. Found it and now I need to prune some fruit trees.



    Actually Penny from Pennyforyourthoughts blog has been saying this for years, she was always shouted down, including mildly by Ziad. She has been right, also about the Euphrates Dam, the current standoff in Mosul. read her blog it is very informative,.

    1. thanks for bringing that her jo- it's really nice to read and hans... thank you for recognizing my effort over all these years :)

    2. oops that's bringing it here jo- typos
      and what trees are you pruning?
      I know farmers have been pruning the fruit trees round these parts- so fruit trees?

    3. Pruning apricots right now then plum, cherries, and nectarines. I'm way behind the apricots have already bloomed and have small green fruit as do the plums. The cherries are in bloom but I only need to cut the sucks off the bottom of the trees.
      I have four of each that provide more fruit than I can eat, freeze, and dry. They sure taste good during the winter.
      The fava beans have some small beans started with lots of flowers and the garlic should be ready in a month. I planted some horseradish last yr now I need figure how make it.

    4. Horseradish is easy, just grind it and add enough vinegar to bind it together, so it's a thick paste- put it in jar and pop it in the fridge
      the Polish people make a beet/horseradish spread same idea- it's good too- (not made it but I've eaten it- (sandwiches and eggs)
      not sure about freezing or anything like that
      we have horseradish in our garden- watch out because it takes over like crazy.

      nothing like cherries or nectarines will be going on here for a while- certainly no blossoms until maybe june?

      I know the apple tree have been pruned because the farmers are now selling the applewood- excellent for pig roasts and bbq's

      yum, yum

    5. Beets and Horseradish sounds great and put some beet seeds in the ground tomorrow. Mine in redwood planters on the back yard wall.

      I use wet cherry wood for my bbq's


    4 horseman

    1. why the 4 horseman?
      Italy, sadly, has been knee deep in the destabilization of the region- it's as sad for me as Canada.. :(

      Israel, Italy, US, UAE- joint air exercises

      "Act with awareness" what the hell?!

  7. This is why I never trusted Russia's surprising partial stand down order in February 2016 before Aleppo was fully liberated.

    It is also why I didn't fully trust the explanations for the sudden loss of Palmyra again (I find it hard to believe that Russia did not see "ISIS" forces gathering for the attack).

    It is also why I never trusted the Russian's cosying up to the Syrian Kurdish fighters, e.g. opening a Syrian-Kurdish diplomatic office in Moscow; praise-worthy documentaries on the female PYG fighters in Syria; the federalism promoted in the suggested constitution by Russia; Vitaly Churkin publicly rebuking Assad when he legitimately stated he was going to free ALL of Syria.

    Russia insisting on towing the West's line on "ISIS" -- it is a fake organization and anyone with a brain can see that it is a Western mercenary brand. So why does Russia persist in the fiction?

    Final point: if Russia allows the partition of Syria then Russia is yet another Zionist satrapy. This has always been my position. I hope Russia does not betray the Syrian people and their allies.

  8. Because any fiction, when told properly gains you support.

    1. shall check it out tomorrow- just put up a new post and that's it for computer time today
      thanks kaz

    2. Its nothing special, just a 4 min cut from a political anime , which pretty much sums up why everyone will continue doing what they are doing right now.