Sunday, March 5, 2017

Tim Kelly (OIT) Interviews George Webb: DynCorp Harvest: Killing is Good Business

I like Tim Kelly. He does very interesting, fairly in depth interviews, considering the time constraints everyone of us deals with."Our Interesting Times" will be perma- linked in the sidebar. 

 Just got to hear this interview today and it is a MUST LISTEN interview, the perfect partner to the post covering the fallacious concept of safe zones as anything having to do with safety. 
 It's not an easy interview- but it's better to understand the reality of warfare as a business model. Including the creation of safe zones to exploit, cannibalize and profit from misery intentionally forced on humanity via the capitalist war model.

If you missed it?   Safe Zones an Inducement to Increase Human Misery
After you listen to this interview you will have a better understanding of exactly why it was I made the statement below, in the post relinked above!

"So called 'safe zones' are created for this specific reason, to up the misery level for civilians. There is nothing humanitarian or "safe" about them-  They will not stem the refugee flow- A simply absurd claim. The authors cite incident after incident- Known outcomes- same every time. Which suggests quite clearly this is the desired outcome- no matter what nonsensical assertions made.
 This is how the drug/organ/human trafficking is expanded exponentially- This feeds the black markets. The black budgets and covert ops- Only a moron, habitual liar or complete psychopath would extol the virtue of 'safe zones' as anything but inducements to increase human misery"

Tim Kelly & George Webb

 George Webb returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his open-source investigation DynCorp Harvest: Killing is Good Business. We discuss evidence of a global human trafficking and organ harvesting network hiding under the cover of various humanitarian, military and national security operations



  1. Ok so "Our interesting Times" is there now- I've been listening to him for a while now so this inclusion was long over due on my part- You will find the link under Fave Websites@

    I need to do more cleaning up in that area, but... like Tim .... time constraints
    enjoy the interview- it really jibes with what I've read and learned over the 9, soon to be starting my tenth year of running this blog-

  2. Penny - Glad that you are featuring George Webb's open source investigation. I've been following it since early on. It's a wonder he hasn't been harassed. His work gives me hope, thanks for all you do.

    1. Hey Dharma; I found the interview very good- it was the first time I'd listened to this man- Mr Kelly alluded to a previous interview which I want to track down and listen to also
      It's such an awful subject though?
      Really disgusting and heartbreaking-