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Trump To "Supersize President Obama's Strategy to Defeat Islamic State"

Yesterday, while viewing various news sites, I happened across an article from Arutz Sheva, but was unsure what to make of it.... After searching using different terms,  reading at different sites,  the picture became a bit more clear- Not fully because I can't get a full article from Wall Street Journal- However, I can piece together enough to make the necessary point. President Trump is going to expand the war machine in the region of Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey. Most probably greatly expanded it- globally as is reported below!

We've already had clues to that being in the works with Trump claiming "he's going to absolutely do safe zones in Syria"Updated! Trump to Order Plan for Syria "Safe Zones": Document Then the additional movement of thousands of troops. 400 Marines. A contingent of Army Rangers and then  2,500 additional troops to Kuwait, ready to fight in Syria and Iraq.  I was surprised at how quietly this news came and went..... Is it because so many want to believe Trump is different? The US Military Dives Deeper into Syria, Hunkering Down for the Long Haul

 Let's start at Arutz Sheva first- Retrace my path from yesterday, ok?

Defense Secretary Mattis is Cutting the Syrian Gordian Knot

excerpt written by Mark Langfan

 Today, the US Secretary of Defense under the command of President Trump is on his way to cutting the Gordian Knot of Syria.  The vague outlines of SecDef Mattis’ strategy are apparent.

Critically, it is clear SecDef Mattis is not only on his way to solving the Syrian conundrum, but is setting the structural foundation for a Pan-Sunni/Israeli/ (Sunni) Kurdish regional mutual defense against Iran.

  Trump really wants Iran defeated, and understands Syria is where their dreams of absolute Persian hegemony over the Arabs and their oil can be defeated. AKA, with Trump, the gloves are off when it comes to defeating Iran, and defeating it badly.  Militarily, ISIS is really the easy problem.  It’s Iran that’s the more difficult strategic puzzle to solve.

 It’s clear Turkey has to come to grips with the reality that the United States is not going to betray the Kurds.

An aside that comment reads much like the comment made here last week
 And as candidate Trump has admonished, President Trump is not going to publicly announce his strategy.  Trump is going to execute it, and destroy ISIS, and Iran first, and then talk about it later.  So, you’re not going to see me remotely explain what SecDef Mattis is doing.  All I’ll say is I believe SecDef Mattis is unfolding a brilliantly planned strategy.

Secretary of Defence Mattis is "unfolding a brilliantly planned strategy" 

Let's talk about that very briefly. 

Late February/early March  Mattis unfolded his brilliantly planned strategy while everyone was focused on eitherTrump's distraction of the day-  (Donald Trump's Major Policy Shift Regarding Undocumented Immigrants?? or  the Oscar "flub" that wasn't a flub. La La Land Starring Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton  we missed the unfolding of the brilliant plan, However, In early March it was the Manbij situation, mostly ignored, and the movement of all those troops- you can find all posts from that time frame embedded in one post  Manbij Dead Lock: Russia, Turkey, U.S. Hold "Surprise" Military Talks)  that clued us in to the brilliant plan in action.

* Mattis presented the White House with an ENTIRELY classified plan to defeat ISIS

 "Defense Secretary Jim Mattis presented a classified plan to the White House Monday for the rapid defeat of ISIS that was reportedly an updated version of the Obama administration's strategy of relying on local forces to carry the brunt of the fight"

Recall my post regarding the continuity and expansion of the US foreign policy from Obama to Trump? Did Trump Really Pull The Trigger on Obama’s Raqqa Plan?
 "This Washing Post article is working hard to present an idea that there is some change between Obama and Trump in the remake the Middle East/North Africa agenda.
So far I only see continuation of policy. Same as occurred when Bush changed to Obama.

So we're dealing with a perception change promotion- which the media is happy to deliver. And those that self identify as leftists/liberals/progressives are happy to believe. These same dupes stayed quiet as the Obama administration wantonly bombed and droned, globally  but are now so incensed about Trump- It's the theatre of the absurd with an audience of the dull and dumbed down"

 "The plan called for the involvement of "all elements of national power" in what Davis called a "trans-regional approach" to defeating the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
 McMaster had been at the Pentagon last Friday to be briefed on Mattis' proposals which Davis described in general terms as a "broad plan. It is global. It is not just military. It is not just Iraq-Syria." Davis said Mattis intended the plan to require choices by the president and his team "but it's not a "check-the-block, pick A or B or C kind of a plan."
It's global? So like a one world tyranny kind of global?
"Last week, Army Gen, Joseph Votel, commander of U.S. Central Command, told reporters traveling with him in the Mideast that the U.S. might provide artillery support to the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces now closing on the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa.
At the Brookings Institute last week, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford said that the U.S. was looking to the possibility of a long-term presence of U.S. troops in Iraq following the ouster of ISIS from its last remaining stronghold in the northwestern Iraqi city of Mosul"
What Mattis exactly proposed is classified- However Mark Langfan thinks it's great!

 Now we're going to read the Jerusalem Post together:A new strategy against ISIS

" His special forces teams increased their operational tempo to such an extent that they carried out 300 raids per month, dismantling al-Qaida cells one after the other.
 That presence will probably will be reflected in increased activity of special forces, mainly from JSOC. The current commander of JSOC is Gen. Austin Miller, who just like McChrystal began his career as a paratroopers officer (82nd Airborne Division), served in the Rangers and commanded a contingent of Delta Force operators in the Battle of Mogadishu (and was awarded the Bronze Star). The most significant operation so far carried out the during his term as commander of JSOC is the raid carried out by the Navy SEALs on an al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) headquarters in Yemen. The operation, the first commando raid authorized by Trump, turned into a shootout in the midst of the village because the force was compromised before hitting its objective. Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens was killed and three others were wounded. 14 AQAP fighters were killed in the raid, some of whom were also terrorist network leaders and facilitators"
Recall his widow and Trump paying homage to her- Lots of crying and praying involved?
The Jerusalem Post op ed implies that the special forces will increase activity in the area as part of the new strategy- this already seems to be the case.

AEI- America's Way Ahead in Syria
-To protect American interests, President Trump’s goal cannot be a quick end to the war in Syria
 A global war certainly won't end quickly will it? 
-The US must stop bringing a counterterrorism strategy to a counterinsurgency fight.
-Current US strategy empowers al Qaeda. The US has prioritized defeating ISIS before turning to al Qaeda. This has allowed al Qaeda to strengthen its own insurgency in the background.
This implies a type of bait and switch tactic will be employed to expand and extend the fight- The wagging of AQ harkens back the the creation of Sunni Councils in Iraq after the invasion- which is mentioned in all this planning- I've written about the fraud of these Sunni Councils previously-
- Iran’s strategy in Syria is designed to prevent America from protecting its interests. Iran is doing so with a functioning, interoperable, and deployable coalition of its proxies and with Russia’s help.
 -US leadership is needed to drive a multinational strategy that rallies regional powers capable of building the moderate Sunni Arab resistance essential to defeating the ISIS and al Qaeda insurgencies.
-The US must act soon in Syria if it hopes to destroy ISIS and al Qaeda and prevent their reconstitution.-The first phase of a series of multiphase campaigns should prioritize seizing and securing a base of operations in southeastern Syria to create a de facto safe zone in the region. Success will depend on US forces fighting alongside, recruiting, and training local Sunni Arab forces to conduct an immediate offensive against ISIS and future operations against al Qaeda. Subsequent phases will require establishing a no-fly zone in southern Syria
 Below are the first three paragraphs of the WSJ article hosted at AEI also- Written by the Kagans-Frederick and Kimberley
The Trump administration is set to supersize President Obama’s strategy to defeat Islamic State, sending more American forces to the region and lifting restraints on direct participation in combat and when to use armed force. Yet any victory under the current approach will be ephemeral. Even if American proxies, backed by U.S. military forces, wrest Raqqa, Syria, and Mosul, Iraq, away from ISIS, success will be fleeting.
The most important error is the near-exclusive focus on Islamic State at the expense of serious efforts against al Qaeda. Destroying ISIS is necessary but not sufficient. As the Obama administration turned its attention toward ISIS, al Qaeda learned from its failures. It has temporarily deprioritized spectacular attacks on the global stage and focused on embedding itself within Sunni communities in Syria, Yemen, North Africa and elsewhere to develop long-term strength and resilience.
Al Qaeda also has become more cautious in imposing its radical version of Shariah. It now indoctrinates populations over years rather than forcing immediate compliance with strict Islamic law. It does not demand that fighters place themselves formally and publicly under its command. Its affiliates in Syria do not even insist that local groups accept its ideology as long as they fight common foes. Al Qaeda today introduces its beliefs slowly and carefully, and the false message that it is more moderate than ISIS resonates around the world.

I did manage to get the article and print it- I can't link to the entire piece at all- However I can share a little more below
 "The U.S. has no meaningful presence among the Sunni Arab tribes in Iraq and Syria (lie) that ISIS, al Qaeda and others are vying to control. This appears to confirm al Qaeda’s claim that it is the only effective armed force dedicated to protecting Sunni populations from a combined assault by all the world’s powers. That message may win out if Washington does not rapidly change its approach America’s backing of Kurdish-led forces to take Raqqa exacerbates these problems and offers little gain. (except for Israel?) Raqqa’s fall will represent only a tactical victory— and al Qaeda, Iran, the Assad regime and the Kurds will compete for the spoils. Sunnis will lose, diminishing the chance of forging a strong Sunni leadership opposed to ISIS and al Qaeda.
The key is finding new Sunni partners and taking the fight to new terrain, specifically, southeastern Syria, where ISIS leaders have refuge. American military forces will be necessary. But the U.S. can recruit new Sunni Arab partners by fighting alongside them in their land. The goal in the beginning must be against ISIS because it controls thelast areas in Syria (this benefits the sunni muslim kurds)where the U.S. can reasonably hope to find Sunni allies (they already have the Sunni Kurds?) not yet under the influence of  al Qaeda. But the aim after evicting ISIS must be to raise a Sunni Arab army that can ultimately defeat al Qaeda and help negotiate a settlement to the war.
The U.S. will have to pressure theAssad regime, Iran and Russia to end the conflict on terms that the Sunni Arabs will accept. That will be easier to do with the independence and leverage of a secure base inside Syria. America should also liberate itself from the troublesome reliance on Turkey(As stated here repeatedly- the US has betrayed Turkey) by shifting its base of operations south, where a reliable ally, Jordan, is fully committed to fighting Salafi jihadism.
Both these moves would give Washington access to Sunni partners not heavily infiltrated by al Qaeda. No single military operation can achieve victory in Syria. But an operation against the enemy’s heartland, freed of the constraints imposed by problematic proxies, would change the assumptions of America’s friends and enemies. President Trump should break through the flawed logic and poor planning that he inherited from his predecessor.He can transform this struggle, but only by transforming America’s approach to it.
Nice spin in the article's final paragraphs- The plan continues on unimpeded by whichever President or political party is holding the managerial position in the US

Recall?   Trump's Presidency: A Dangerous Deception
Might be time to revisit that one?

Last time the betrayal/taking down of Turkey was discussed:  West Unhinged Over Turkish Referendum


  1. Hi Penny:

    Lots of valuable information here. At the moment...I'm trying to unlock the Yemen puzzle and will be incorporating some of your quotes above in a post on that today.

    1. GC: If you would like a copy of the wsj article I can scan and email it to you.. Got the whole thing printed up- let me know?

    2. Not necessary but thanks. My take is regarding the strategic Island of Socotra...and the post is already up : )

    3. Hey GC: according to all the information I read today- North Africa is a part of this whole picture- as has always been stated here anyway- Yemen is mentioned by name, so of course it has not been a separate occurrence, but rather a part of the entire remake process that is being engineered, intentionally
      I look forward to reading your post!

  2. Penny,
    Want to thank you for providing all this very important information and analysis; you truly are one of the leading sources on this very crucial topic. I was aware the US was not going to give up, and waiting for their next immoral move and here we are. I hate to wish bad things on people but as I read each one of the scum you name in the article believe me I was wishing more evil on those indiduals than even they could come up with. When my children see me reading this, they ask why are you so angry? It's so disheartening to know that there really is no reason for any of this. The grand masters try so hard to make us not believe reality, but it is them that are the ones not living in reality.
    Cheers Rachel

    1. Rachel- thanks for the kind words- truly I appreciate them- it's not easy researching, reading and writing these posts up on a daily basis- I get angry and disheartened too..

      Your right there really is no reason for this- Other then for those we should not allow to lead us to grind us down- for profit- of course there is more to it- but that's certainly a large aspect of it

      We, the masses are the real threat to the elites, but they control our perceptions through the media, impoverish us with their money games and destroy our families near and extended with their war/refugee games- It's despicable to the nth degree-

      I want so often for everyone to stop believing- stop participating- and work towards another way..

  3. Another great post.
    The Langfan piece is propaganda, more wishful thinking. There is no doubt the US will use Kurds against Iran. They are now training KDP-I as a terror army to attack Iran. However, new reports indicate that Mattis is trying to "placate" Turkey. Of course TR knew US wouldn't betray the Kurds, the fact is just that the US knows it can't break up Syria without TR support. Flynn, who realised this, is now a demeaned Turkish agent, the propaganda is almost extraordinary.

    1. Thanks Rescue :)

      The US are already using the Kurds- and have been since last year- The US has never betrayed the Kurds, IMO, everything in it's time and place- The Kurds were fully on board (militias and political leadership- not every single Kurd)

      The propaganda is extraordinary and it's been very well applied especially wrt Turkey-

  4. I have a horrifying feeling Trump will be far, far worse than Bush and Obama. Trump admin. is looking like an oil company with an army. The Pentagon has been given a free hand to do what they want.

    1. "I have a horrifying feeling Trump will be far, far worse than Bush and Obama"

      It always works out that way- one worse then the other because they build on each others foundations-

  5. Yes, the bottom is falling out of the Trump hope boat. He was always seen as flailing around in all directions...but at least SOME directions were good. Now most of the good platform policies have been eliminated...and we [and more importantly, the Russians] are faced with horrific realities on the ground. The sad part is...I don't even know if Trump ever knew what he was doing.

    1. GC: " The sad part is...I don't even know if Trump ever knew what he was doing"

      I wonder that myself,sometimes,(other times not) but either way it's his Presidency.

  6. Trump surrounded himself with banksters and warmongers; he has always been surrounded by Zionists, from school to "business". He father was pictured setting up some institution devoted to the Talmud. Trump is a self-declared Zionist. I silently mouth the word crypto -- that's what I think.

    1. I saw more Goldman Sachs men appointed by Trump

      Despite his railing against others in the theatre of elections

      "But as president, Donald Trump is far less apprehensive about the firm, having now appointed a fifth Goldman Sachs alum to a powerful post in his administration.

      Jim Donovan, who’s worked at Goldman for 20 years, has been appointed to the position of Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Department. He reports to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who also worked for Goldman Sachs."

      He's certainly tight with the bankster crowd

    2. Ok, Trump looks like not bringing anything new concerning NWO. With HRC it would have been probably not much different. At least the advantage of Trump is that if people who voted for him for the real change begin to realize that they were cuckolded, they will turn againt him. Meaning, he will lose completely the support of the people. Any demoncrat in the WH would have been worse, as he would always get unflinching support from the sheeple.

    3. bonjour gallier2

      with hrc it would have been exactly the same-

      re: the turning against him?

      I worry about that actually occurring- even though I would like to see all people turn away from all leaders because none are worthy of their following.

      The turning away will be manipulated- I worry that we can already see those seeds being planted with all the very whiny sjw and their eternal victim memeology- (not sure if that's a real word, but, it works for me) When everyone is a victim- they all neeed a caretaker(s)
      That's the scary thought because it opens the door to even more pervasive big brother "security for safety" type of evils perpetrated against the masses-