Monday, March 6, 2017

US Sends 500 Additional Troops Into Manbij to “Send ISIS a Message”?

The first article linked directly below is not humour! Though it's contention is absurd.
Clearly the media is opting to spin the overtly confrontational position taken by the US, in support of their Kurdish terrorists, against Turkey, a NATO ally.  This silly spin was mentioned in the first post from today. Manbij: NATO's Fracturing Point, US Troops Parade In Armored Convoys

The media is always managing perceptions- It’s job 1.
During times of war the media is working over time to control your thinking. As Mika Brzezinski states, does their work,"our job", of "actually controlling what the people think"

-The media spins to prevent you from thinking about the US betraying their NATO ally of decades.
-The media does not want you to think about how it is the US is walking alongside the PKK aka YPG. Known and recognized terrorists for decades.
 - And hey, how about the presence of  an additional 500 US boots on the ground in Manbij, Syria?  An invasion and occupation by the US is also glossed over 
 - Instead you are being distracted with ‘sending ISIS a message’- That’s ridiculous!

United States troops are officially on the ground in war-torn Syria to help in the fight against the Islamic State.

That’s bad news for ISIS.

The U.S. has deployed 500 troops, many of them highly skilled special operators, to Syria to “deter aggression and keep focus of defeating ISIS.”

The American convoys were spotted rolling through the outskirts of the Syrian city of Manbij, near the village of Yalanli.

The American flags made it so no one could mistake who the convoy belonged to.

Be safe and give ISIS hell, boys.
Farcical presentation.

France 24 is reporting with a bit more reality
The Pentagon said Monday it has sent additional US troops into northern Syria in a show of strength aimed at deterring rival powers from targeting each other instead of the Islamic State group.

"We have brought in some additional forces to be able to do this reassurance and deterrence mission," Davis said, without giving numbers.

Reassure the PKK/YPG who have annexed Syrian territory with the assistance of the US and ISIS while deterring Turkey a nation that entered Syrian territory in order to clear their border of US backed terrorists YPG/PKK.

The United States is backing a Kurdish-Arab alliance (an arab veneer) called the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to fight IS, and these fighters pushed the jihadists from Manbij last year.
Around the same time, (Actually months after Manbij was passed to Kurds & the US didn't keep their word regarding their retreat. And about 6 weeks after the US backed coup in Turkey) Turkey crossed into northern Syria and joined the anti-IS fight, while also working to keep in check the Kurdish fighters, which it views as terrorists.
"This is obviously a really complicated situation, Davis said.
"We have made visible actions in deploying US forces as part of the coalition in and around Manbij to reassure and deter -- that's to deter parties from attacking any other parties other than ISIS itself."
Visible to who? Turkey? Seems so since the US is embedded with the PKK/YPG
Reassuring to who? It seems it would be the Kurds since the US is right there with them
Deterring who? Obviously Turkey. 

Since Turkey has made very clear they expect the US to keep their word and have the Kurds retreat... And the US does not want Turkey to go to Manbij.. because the US wants their Kurdish proxy terrorist pals to permanently annex &  occupy Syria with an eye to attacking Turkey once the US gets their safe zone on!

 Flashback: Why Does Turkey’s Capture of Syria’s Al Bab Matter?

 Flashback: NATO Fracturing at Manbij? US Reinforces Manbij to Defend From Turkish Attack?? 
  There had been no indication from Erdogan that the Turkish forces inside Syria want to rest on their laurels with the taking of Al Bab.
“The US does not want Turkey to march on Manbij,” said Stein.

It's not that complicated really. It all began in earnest in 2002- When the US invaded Iraq. This invasion set the wheels in motion for the remake of the middle east/north african region

You know it's all just the "birth pangs of a new middle east" 

Who say's women can't kill as well as men?

Condoleeza Rice 2006
RICE: What we're seeing here, in a sense, is the growing -- the birth pangs of a new Middle East. 

RICE: And whatever we do, we have to be certain that we are pushing forward to the new Middle East, not going back to the old one.

The remake, er birth pangs,  I've discussed here for years.  
What complicates this situation is the multitude of lies to cover up for that which is actually occurring.


  1. And when the US tanks roll into other militarily vulnerable and resource rich countries (like Canada) don't say we weren't warned and there weren't any "red flag" precedents in history.

    1. Greencrow: hubby says to tell you

      "don't get me going" lol

      means your touching on a sore subject

  2. What's happening is unbelievable. I'm flabbergasted.
    Its should be said that the US is doing this in cooporation with Russia. They have clearly struck a deal to partition the country. They might even have agreed to connect the cantons. This would serve Turkeys link to the Arab-muslim world, which was an important objective of the corridor in the first place.

    1. Hi Rescue: I'm of the mind that Russia would accept partition in exchange for other benefits- I've mentioned it more then once and have done a couple of posts on the topic.

      Last night after posting this hubby and I were talkin' so what's next?

      500 additional troops alongside how many other troops? Unknown? Additional equipment? Unsure?

      But the thought definitely entered my mind that the US had done this with an eye to possibly connecting the cantons AND creating a safe zone aka an attack outside of the safe zone with impunity and then be sheltered by America and friends

      I can't believe with Israel wanting Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 as badly as they do, along with Golan, that the US is just going to let this fall to the wayside

      Though on the other hand they may settle for a frozen conflict in the short term.

      You said in the other post that SAA hasn't been deployed to the buffer zone? I can't find anything on this news at all other then the news from last week- can you assist- but it would make sense- an attempt to impede them

      I would suspect isolating Turkey is part and parcel of the plan

    2. Penny, you almost sound like you are unaware of "Greater Israel" and to achieve it they need the Kurdish cannon fodder to achieve it and maintain it.

      But then again you can shove it aside since its just, whats was the word again. A Conspiracy theory of sunni Turks to maintain hostile relations with Israel.

      Further more this entire Kurdistan thing is not something new. If anything its more than a century old project.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I've covered the Greater Israel scheme as it relates to the Kurds

      just a very small sampling:

      It's all in plain site so I can't discount it.

      however I like your presentation :)

    5. Hi Penny
      Okay, weird stuff is happening.
      I don't know who screwed whom, but things gave turned out differently than they were reported in the MSM.
      Russia was supposed to have set up a buffer zone SE of Manbij, except TR troops have attacked and captured villages from the SDF, scores of YPG fighters killed, pics a grusome. This means there is no Russian buffer zone and no coop with US to protect YPG from Turkey.
      I cannot tell you how happy I was when I found this out last night.

    6. I think Russia tried to use TR's military threat to gain more land for Assad.
      The US knew that Turkey planned to use Manbij to pressure them to change tactic re-YPG.
      Hence, US asked Russia to set up an SAA manned buffer. This failed. From what I've read, SAA refused to act as buffer between US allies.
      The MSM that reported this clearly celebrate this coop against TR. Stratfor has a video simply about TR's defeat in Manbij. Total disinfo. This tells me it must have ended up as a TR victory.

    7. US has withdrawn from villages into Manbij proper. The entire soectacle really backfired on them, as ppl clearly saw that they were occupying Syria, and have a large troop presence in the country. On twitter they refer to Manbij as "New Texas".

    8. Sorry for all the typos. I'm not well today. :-)

  3. A century ago the British realised the Kurd project was futile, as Kurds are tribal and not united. US will realise the same, IMO.

    1. I don't think it matters to them Rescue.
      Knowing the kurds are tribal makes no difference to the plan- in fact it's beneficial in that it will guarantee infighting as a great distraction.. especially for Israel