Friday, March 3, 2017

Who Orchestrated the White Helmets "Tribute" Pop Up Performance?

What party "orchestrated" the performance? Who requested this take place? How did this come about? Which persons or agencies (alphabet and otherwise) made the arrangements for these musicians and singers to  appear and actually spread war propaganda in favour of these drug addicted murdering, rapists, beheaders, organ eating killers? 

Thankfully there were a few persons present who are actually in touch with reality


A pop-up music concert in New York’s Grand Central station, promoting the work of the Oscar-winning Syrian “humanitarian” group White Helmets, was disrupted by anti-war protesters.
While a full orchestra and choir, some wearing white helmets, pounded out Beethoven’s Ode to Joy against the backdrop of Grand Central Station in Manhattan on Friday, about a dozen anti-war activists protested the group’s presence.
Standing among the orchestra, anti-war activists held aloft signs that read “White Helmets are US Propaganda,”“No US bases in Syria,” and “This is US war agenda.”
Several activists carried a massive white banner with red lettering stating “US out of Everywhere,” and as the orchestra stopped playing, video shows activists chanting “US out of Syria.”

Speaking of controlling the narrative ? Let's get a dose of reality regarding so called "safe zones"

Safe Zones an Inducement to Increase Human Misery

The pathetic Oscar award for so called "white helmets' must not have been quite enough-  After the Nobel fail


  1. Thanks for posting that. Love the woman in blue...she's my alter ego in NYC! Who DID organize the pop up concert? Three guesses...and the first two don't count.


    1. Glad you enjoyed the video... I read through some of the twitter stuff.. not too much though
      some people really are true believers--shakes head

  2. Is Russia behind the rojava peshmerga following the kurd istan offtake agreement with rosneft? Ypg and rojava peshmerga reported fighting? Barzani ordered puk out of sinjar months ago and threatened to evict with force by "peshmerga" (iraqi). Bad news if it is the case for Ypg and raqqa. North south east and west. Iran annd Iraq talking kirkuk pipe coincident. Barzani?

    1. Rival groups race for control of Syria's Raqqa. The fighting erupted when Peshmerga Rojava forces deployed towards the border with Syria, encroaching on territory controlled by a local affiliate of the Kurdistan Workers' Party. (PKK).The Peshmerga Rojava force is made up of Kurds from Syria and was formed and trained in Iraq with the backing of Masoud Barzani, the president of Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan region who enjoys good relations with Turkey.

    2. Russia's Rosneft to Buy Oil for Refineries From Iraqi Kurdistan in 2017-19

    3. A senior figure from the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has said the group will withdraw its forces from the Sinjar district near Mosul in northern Iraq. Murat Karayılan, a senior PKK figure, said the group is currently in negotiations with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) over the issue, Rudaw reported. “The PKK presence is preventing people from returning to their homes. They are hesitating to return for fear of renewed conflict, out of concern as to what uncertain future awaits them and not because, as some allege, that we are the ones stopping them from reclaiming their lives, their homes. We share their concerns, and this is why we strongly believe that the PKK must leave Sinjar,” Barzani had told internet news site Al-Monitor in an interview. Upon a question on whether Barzani would resort to military force to push the PKK out of Sinjar, he said he would.

    4. “I would like to reassert that no goals will be achieved through violence. Therefore, the Islamic Republic of Iran and opposition groups are better to negotiate and find a peaceful solution,” the Kurdish president said.
      “I should also mention that we are not responsible for the policies implemented by other parties, and we cannot impose our policies on them.”

      Iranian faction among Kurds trained by US against militants . The group,known by the Kurdish acronym PAK..

    5. Is Barzani for sale?
      Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi, a top military aide to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, reminded the Iraqi Kurds of their Aryan origin and their Iranian roots, urging them not to forget that they are indebted to Iran. Safavi said that the Iraqi Kurds are helping the Saudi consulate in Iraq to supply weapons to Iranian anti-revolutionary forces and he warned them in this regard as they should know that they owe their existence to Iran


    7. Anonymous:

      "The Peshmerga Rojava force is made up of Kurds from Syria"

      I can see that being the case because to my understanding probably most Syrian kurds, real Syrian kurds, went to Iraq- fleeing the PKK

      It's something that has been covered here previously

    8. Interesting about the Roseneft deal and thanks for mentioning the melee in Sinjar- I'd seen the news but didn't cover it specifically though I have covered repeatedly all the discord among the divergent Kurdish groups- too many want to pretend their unified- they aren't. Part of that reason is due to their tendency to prey on one another- Part of that reason is due to them allowing or choosing to be used by outside parties- no victims when they side with the US, Israel, whoever, what ever party or persons- they are willing participants when they knowingly choose to participate in the tug of war between the multiple interests at work

      Yah, I'm aware of the Iranian kurds being in Syria.. it's been covered here too

      but there is more news regarding Iranian kurds involved in Syria

    9. Is Barzani for sale?


  3. Wow. Thank God for the protestors! Love the woman walking in in the midst of the group with the sign "This is US propagand," raining very effectively on propaganda event.

    Who Orchestrated the White Helmets "Tribute" Pop Up Performance? That's a rhetorical question, right?

    Jews and jewish money arranged that pop up propaganda event.

    Great post. So glad I caught it.

    1. Hi Rick B

      Not exactly a rhetorical question- When I post questions here I do it with the intention of having a reader think beyond the presentation. Most people don't do that, ya know? They just accept what is put right in front of them and that's it.

      I'm glad you understood that, because by your answer you named the party that is the big benefactor in the Syrian destabilization making them the likely orchestrator-

      I suspect that some group, definitely tied to Israeli interests, so yes a jewish special interest group, arranged for this performance-- thinking of how very much the destruction of Syria benefits Israel and the heavy handed interference of Israel in the Syrian destabilization since the it began in 2011