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The US is Baiting Turkey

The baiting of Turkey is already a plan in action! But in this case I'm talking about the laying of a trap. Entrapment to lure into a compromising statement or act

Hopin' the Turks are wise to a possible false flag? 
Because the US will engage in that tactic if it benefits them. 
Hell they'll entirely fabricate an incident if it serves them. 
The most recent 'chemical attack' in Syria, comes to mind. I highly doubt anything at all occurred.

Hubby was reading the news this morning and said “it sure looks as if the US is hoping to get a reaction from Turkey” He even mentioned the very scenario Michael Hanna mentions in the Time article which is why I chose that specific article for this post  We are witnessing what was the planned for progression of all that’s been on going in this area- Turkey and the US have not really been allies- more like frenemies- for quite, quite some time.

About 4 days ago Turkey struck PKK/YPG, US allies in Syria
“The collision course is coming. It’s already come in some respects and it’s a question of how badly this deteriorates,” says Michael Hanna, a senior fellow at the New York-based Century Foundation.

“There are U.S. personnel on the ground. In the worst case scenario you’re having Turkey, a NATO ally, a close traditional partner of the United States, could kill American personnel on the ground,” he tells TIME.
Exactly what the US wants. Real or claimed. Doesn't matter.
No questioning of why the US is occupying Syria?
No questioning as to why the US is supporting terrorists who attack Turkey? Odd behaviour for a "close traditional partner" to Turkey? A claimed NATO ally, to Turkey?
U.S. support for the YPG has raised tensions with Turkey for over two years. The YPG are closely linked to another organization, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)

Both Turkey and the U.S. list the PKK as a terrorist organization, but the U.S. insists that its militia partners in Syria are a separate group from the PKK guerillas fighting Turkey. Yet the two organizations have direct ties, and Kurdish citizens of Turkey are among the YPG’s fighters”
 I'd posted stats indicating that about 50 percent of so called YPG Kurds hail from Turkey-  That is they are PKK, based on documented casualty counts- I’ve stated they are one and the same for years- To bad the disinfo msm and alt media championed the terrorist militias cause all along-

Photos appeared on line of US personnel in deep with terrorists- Not that the US really cares about that!

US commander visited Syria's Derik yesterday was accompanied by PKK's armed wing HPG commander Şahin Cilo (1).

Apr 26
Replying to
US commander yesterday was walking with a PKK commander who is responsible for countless attacks against Turkish forces, and citizens
US commander is pictured with Şahin Cilo, PKK founder Abdullah Ocalan's adopted son, also PKK's general commander in Syria for YPG forces
Questions that should be asked, but aren't?

Why is it that the US has always embedded itself with terrorists?

Zbigniew Brzesinski and his “few stirred up moslems” in Afghanistan. Operation Cyclone- Arming and creating AQ.

Richard Holbrooke and KLA Terrorists

US personnel of all sorts embedded with terrorists fomenting terrorism while destroying nations and lives
Not remarkable in the least- But why doesn't the media ask why this is the case? Over and over? It all happens right out in the open, for goodness sakes!

The US is claiming Turkey didn’t give enough notice for the strikes- early reports suggested an hour:Dorrian said Turkey gave the U.S. less than an hour's notice” That’s been altered to claim 20 minutes was all that was given- Less then an hour can be 55 minutes, from my understanding.  I don't know how much notice was given, since the news originally said less than an hour's notice,  it seems the US got about an hours notice and surely more then 20 minutes,

Never mind the whining about time allowed! Why is the US involved with terrorists again and again and again!

US Tanks Roll Onto Northern Syria border to Confront Turkish allies in favour of terrorists who are destroying Syria with an eye to destroying Turkey!
US armoured vehicles were deployed in areas in northern Syria along the tense border with Turkey, a few days after a Turkish airstrike that killed 20 US-backed Kurdish fighters.
Questions that should be asked but aren't being asked!

1- Again the question is why are US troops in Syria at all? (Uninvited)
2- Why are they embedded with terrorists? Again?
3- Why, are they betraying their claimed ally of decades- Turkey?
4-  Turkey's right to defend itself isn't being mentioned at all. Why?

5- What's the point of the US led NATO alliance when the US is openly courting and bedding Turkey's enemy?
6 - If your NATO allies aren’t really your allies what the hell is the point of NATO at all?
As a Canadian that’s a question I ask myself!

How come these questions aren’t being asked by the media?

Saved from earlier this week 

FLASHBACK: US Access to 5, yes 5, Air Installations In Stolen Northern Syria
FLASHBACK: Safe Zones an Inducement to Increase Human Misery

Syrian Kurds Call for No-Fly Zone After 20 Die in Turkish Air Strike

I've mentioned repeatedly this was going to be the case- Readers here will recall me stating this  was the plan on a number of occasions. This will not be the no fly zone Turkey wanted- Turkey's no fly zone envisioned no PKK.  The YPG/PKK will attack Turkey from the safety of a US guarded zone.
 “[Turkey] it has become like a Spanish bull and they see the Kurds with a red color,” Dibo told Syria Deeply. “Basically, we fight alongside against one enemy [in Raqqa] which is ISIS,” Dibo said. “So this requires [the U.S.] to announce a no-fly zone over Rojava and northern Syria.”

While a member of NATO, Turkey is not part of the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Ankara launched its own offensive against the jihadists in August, known as Operation Euphrates Shield, but it had the dual goal of pushing back both ISIS and YPG forces from its shared border with Syria. In March, Ankara claimed it had successfully wrapped up Euphrates Shield.
The US rejected Turkey's numerous offers to help. 
The PKK terror group's Syrian wing the People's Defense Forces (YPG) on Thursday attacked the Turkish military with mortar and missile fire from the Syrian border town of Tal Abyad.
A mortar round landed on a tank stationed near a military outpost located between the Turkish districts of Suruç and Akçakale, facing the Syrian districts of Kobani and Tal Abyad across the border. No damage or injuries were reported on the Turkish side.
Turkish units stationed in the area responded with artillery and tank fire.
Later on the same day, military sources stated that YPG terrorists had attacked 11 Turkish border stations 13 times. The Turkish military retaliated in kind immediately to the attacks, the sources added.
Following Turkey's airstrikes against PKK-affiliated groups, including the YPG in northern Iraq's Sinjar and northern Syria's Karachok towns on Tuesday, YPG militants targeted Turkish military outposts on the border with Syria in southern Hatay and southeastern Mardin provinces a day later.
Turkish security forces, for the first time have seized a surface-to-air missile launcher that was in the PKK's possession, providing clear evidence of the organization's expanding arsenal.

The METIS M1, used for firing anti-tank missiles and surface-to-air missiles, was found in counterterror operations against the PKK in southeastern Turkey in February. Later, images of the weapon along with anti-tank missiles and a large number of munitions were shown to the press.

UPDATE MAY 1/2017:

"American troops have been patrolling with their Kurdish allies near the Syrian-Turkish border" 
That should read American troops are patrolling AT or ON the border with the PKK,  relentless attackers of Turkish civilians, including Turkey's non PKK supportive Kurds/
And there is the wall that Turkey built to keep the US backed thugs out of their country. 
And defend their state. You know, the wall the disinfo alt media never mentions in order to push the agenda on behalf of the globalist remake of the middle east to the benefit of Israel?
Yah, that wall!

Lastly- S400 missile deal between Turkey and Russia

Turkey's ongoing negotiations with Russia to purchase the S-400 surface-to-air missile systems is likely to be concluded in an upcoming meeting between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, scheduled to take place in Russian Black Sea coastal city Sochi on May 3.
Commenting on the issue Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said Friday that Russia and Turkey reached an agreement regarding the purchase of the S-400 air defense systems, and negotiations on the price are underway.

"We agreed in principle with Russia on the S-400 purchases. The negotiations on the joint production and prices are underway," he said.
Turkey and Russia have engaged in talks regarding Turkey's cooperation with Russia in the defense sector since the Russian-Turkish rapprochement in August 2016. However, the negotiations to purchase the S-400 missile system gained momentum in recent weeks.
However, Defense Minister Fikri Işık recently clarified that Turkey will use the Russian systems without integration, noting, "Russia's S-400 missile systems will not be integrated into the NATO system." Işık said on March 15.
On the other hand, Turkey's efforts to develop its indigenous long-range air missile defense system will continue, even after the procurement of Russian S-400s.
"We [Turkey] have already developed short-range ballistic missile 'Hisar' and are currently working on a medium-range missile project. Developments of our own long-range defense system are ongoing and we will be able to produce these systems within the next five to seven years," he said.


Greatest Carrier of Propaganda to the Unconscious: Hollywood # Keep the Promise

OIT- Interview F. William Engdahl- Round Table, World War & Gods of Money

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Greatest Carrier of Propaganda to the Unconscious: Hollywood # Keep the Promise

As the father of modern propaganda, Edward Bernays wrote:
    “The American motion picture is the greatest unconscious carrier of propaganda in the world to-day. It is a great distributor for ideas and opinions.  The motion picture can standardize the ideas and habits of a nation.” (Bernays 1928)      
This explains the "White Helmets" Oscar win very succinctly!

Hollywood’s role in the control/manipulation/shaping of your reality is undeniable- 

Flashback: Hollywood's Military Spook Intelligence Apparatus & It's Insidious Influence
Insidious: waiting to entrap: harmful but enticing -developing so gradually as to be well established before becoming apparent.
Hollywood & the Management of Your Reality
“The motion picture can standardize the ideas and habits of a nation.”
Bernays would surely now say the motion picture can standardize the habits of the global audience.  Hollywood's reach being vastly wider then it was in 1928 making it's influence that much more toxic.

I'd previously mentioned there would be two posts regarding the global standardization of ideas & habits via Tinsel town. This, the first of two, deals with the demonization of the nation state of  Turkey. Undoubtedly with goal of prepping the masses for some claimed necessary action against yet another nation state. A war of choice.

Turkey's Referendum Kicks off the Movie Promotion

The very day of the Turkish referendum was, not coincidentally, the first time I saw advertising for the movie: The Promise. Literally within hours of this comment being left at the blog:
Hollywood anti-Turkish propaganda?

Now if Oscar Isaac was playing a donmeh then we'd start getting a more truthful portrayal...

Well well well isn't that timed just right..

Definite anti Turkish propaganda

Hollywood and the intelligence agencies always thick as thieves-

  The Economist calls "The Promise" - “An unflinching depiction of the Armenian Genocide”

An unflinching "depiction"- Not reality. Just a depiction of somebodies version of reality.

Quoting from the Economist article:
“Due to geopolitical concerns, Hollywood had hitherto left the subject untouched”
What  geopolitical concerns does Hollywood generally concern itself with?
"Because Turkey is such an important ally to the West, neither has America, Britain or Israel.” (has recognized this claimed genocide)
I'll take it then that Turkey's importance as an ally is no longer relevant to America, Britain or Israel? Because this movie has not only been made it's been heavily promoted via all media. Main stream, social etc., The creation of Israel 2.0 aka Kurdistan is within sight. So now would be about the right time to ramp up the anti- Turkey propaganda.

You’ll notice the word ‘holocaust’ was not used to promote this movie? That word has exclusivity. However that did not prevent Hollywood from employing imagery generally associated with the holocaust™ as  most often and heavily promoted by the greatest carrier of propaganda.
 “The Promise” is not for the squeamish. The slaughter is depicted with stark brutality and inarguable cruelty
 Mr Isaac’s character discovers a train full of starving Armenians, a sequence often found in Holocaust films, placing these dreadful events in moral context for the audience.
You just gotta love when Hollywood is providing the masses with their "moral context" Requiring no thinking and certainly no finding out on one's own. Just take it from the mass mind control machine!

The trouble with every Hollywood versions of reality are they are always incorrect and greatly exaggerated, but, tragically become real history for many.

 - Did the white helmets winning an Oscar make the lie of their humanitarianism true?

- Did "Zero Dark Thirty" tell us the real truth about Osama Bin Laden and his capture? Or did it just give us a palatable narrative to latch unquestioningly onto?

-How about Argo? Was that reality? Obviously, it wasn't
 Argo has also been criticized for some specific inaccuracies: in particular for minimizing the role of the Canadian embassy in the rescue, for falsely showing that the Americans were turned away by the British and New Zealand embassies, and for exaggerating the danger that the group faced during events preceding their escape from the country

What about The Promise? 

Taking previous movies as a guide? We shouldn't expect this movie to be anything at all like truth, fact or real history. Considering what is written about the movie itself. 
-It's failure to attract attention at the film festivals.
-Use of well worn memes 
-Trauma inducing imagery
We should expect that it will be very memorable, seared into your brain type memorable, but completely counterfactual.

This movie generated no interest at TIFF

"when the film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2016, it did not set the festival alight. Reviews were middling, and no major distributors were interested. Open Road, a smaller company that had shepherded “Spotlight” to a best picture Oscar, picked it up, decided it wasn’t good enough for awards season, and dumped it in the spring"
This middling and uninteresting movie was was picked up by a claimed small studio and saved for a release date that coincided with the Turkish referendum.
 Open Road is not a small player - Open RoadOpen Road- Oliver Stone and a Snowden movie (Snowden is a psyop) As is this movie.

Let's look at the heavy promotion for this middling movie:
via RT:

Heavy Celebrity Promotion via # Keep the Promise Eerily reminiscent of "never again" Now "never forget"?
 Sylvester Stallone called it “a true and incredibly important historical drama” on Facebook.
Barbara Streisand via Facebook: “We are all children of immigrants. I’m Barbara Streisand I vow to keep the promise to never forget, American singer, actress, director, and producer Barbara Streisand said.
 Let’s #KeepthePromise to never forget and to promote human rights wherever we are & however we can,” English singer, pianist, and composer Sir Elton John wrote.
Pathetically there are people that will take Sylvester Stallone, Barbara Streisand, Elton John and Leondardo DiCaprio's word as gospel truth.  

What about the Armenian genocide?

Was it an intentional genocide? Or was it the combination of factors that result in massive loss of life that occurs at times of war? 
The war itself.  The inevitable displacement.  Resulting in malnutrition & disease. All these problems multiply exponentially during war.

 I don't know with any degree of certainty what actually occurred in this time period

 What I do know, with certainty, is a perception managing movie using holocaust imagery and memes is NOT conducive to understanding, nor is it indicative of real actual history.

One consistency runs through the killing of Christians....

The killing of Christians. Armenian Christians Russian  Christians. Middle eastern Christians.   That is the involvement of and myriad interests of the followers/promoters of judaic supremacy. You see, I look for patterns- and that my friends is a consistent pattern. 
Not a coincidence- Mass killings of christians done undercover of deceptive labels to the benefit of not so christian friendly judaics.


Argued similarities with Communist mass killings

The mass killings have been argued to have several similarities with the mass killings under Communist regimes. The "Young Turks" organization which had gained power "was clearly a left-leaning anti-nationalist organization whose slogan — “Hürriyet, Müsavaat, Adalet” (Liberty, Equality, Justice) — would do justice to any liberal party in the modern West." The leaders are argued to have been disproportionately from certain ethnic minorities. One such influential minority was the Dönme (or Dönmeh) religious sect which had Jewish origins. Many of the Dönme had recently been expelled from Christian Greece. As was the case in the Soviet Union, certain other minorities were seen as (potentially) traitorous and subjected to harsh deportations and mass killings. Motivations such as some of the Dönme taking revenge on Christians may also have been important. The most important Young Turk leader eventually ended up in the Soviet Union where he gained the trust of the mass killer Lenin before being killed due to a falling out.[1][2]
Book in PDF form- The Jewish Genocide of the Armenian Christians

Tabletmag: A New ‘Theory’ of the Armenian Genocide
Armenians and Turks aren’t known for sharing a historical perspective on the Armenian genocide—generally, the Armenians support its recognition, the Turkish deny it happened—but a book out this month describes a conspiracy theory that actually has a foothold in both populations. In this version, Jews are to blame for the massacre. According to this counter-history, says historian Rifat Bali in A Scapegoat for All Seasons: The Döonmes or Crypto-Jews of Turkey, the Ottoman Empire’s Jewish bourgeoisie conceived of and carried out the mass slaughter of the Armenians, who (the theory goes) were their rivals for financial control of the region. This idea’s progenitors—who are mostly members of Turkish and Armenian Islamist factions—claim that it was specifically the Sabbateans, or Dönme, followers of the 17th-century Jewish-mystic-turned-Muslim Sabbetei Zevi, who perpetrated the slaughter. (Naturally, the Freemasons helped, too.) An excerpt from the book appears in The Armenian Weekly. If, after that, you still haven’t gotten your fill of Ottoman crypto-Jews, another book on the subject—The Dönme: Jewish Converts, Muslim Revolutionaries, and Secular Turks—comes out this month.

Tablet (judeo-centric) dismisses both books mentioned in their article as  ‘anti-semitic’ theory. Easier to employ an ad hominem/logical fallacy then address the points made.- 

That all said,  if the facts of the matter can be substantiated- then it’s not ‘antisemitic’ it’s just history.

Even the dredging up of this bit of history, at this exact time, is yet another feather in the cap for Israel. How many times has Israel's leadership stated plainly and clearly they are all for a Kurdistan, which necessitates the destruction of Turkey as it is known today.

Link & Link & Link


Does this film shed “light on a part of history that people have attempted to erase” ?

  The shedding light question can easily be answered by reminding readers of the statement made by Edward Bernays.. 

" Cinema is"the greatest unconscious carrier of propaganda in the world to-day. It is a great distributor for ideas and opinions.  The motion picture can standardize the ideas and habits of a nation.”  

Realizing that Hollywood functions first, foremost and always as a tool of cultural shaping and conforming. Hollywood is not known for factual depictions of historical occurrences.

Understanding that what occurred  at that time is still openly and hotly debated

It goes without saying that this film, like those that came before it and those that will follow it, are engaged in the exact same tried and true function. Spreading, standardizing and indoctrinating the unconscious masses with persuasive ideas and opinions that serve specific agendas, not beneficial to the end consumer. ie: the film watcher

Friday, April 28, 2017

PKK calls on US to choose between ‘Kurds and democracy or Turkish government’

And long time NATO ally. 

 Let's not forget how it is was Turkey was cajoled into NATO? With the help of attacking Kurdish proxies.  Reread: West Unhinged Over Turkish Referendum

Reality is Turkey has always been a barely tolerated subordinate, but, ooh how the US likes to spin that all important ally meme along with the indivisibility of the NATO alliance- Bullocks!

So lets get this straight? A terrorist group. Drug and human smugglers are telling the US to choose between them and their ahem‘democracy’ vs a sovereign nation state, it’s people and it government? Terrorists calling on the US to choose between themselves, terrorist drug/human smugglers /extortionists etc and a fully formed, functioning nation state? Sounds about right!  
Terrorist proxies, presented as either good or bad, necessitating US intervention. 'Cause this game can be played both ways!

 - Present day, bad guy presentation we have ISIS
- Previous day,  good guy presentation we had KLA
In both cases the US had to 'intervene' to save "victims"

The PKK are not good guys, nor was the KLA, though the US has worked very diligently to change the global perception of them with a rebrand (YPG) and heavy PR campaign. 

Eaten up by many. Sadly.

Eventually the US will cajole Europe into removing the PKK from the terror/drug smuggling/human smuggling shit list, like the KLA previously,  then they'll crown them king despots of occupied Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0- Wash, rinse, repeat!

Flashback-  Three Cheers for the PKK? 


The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has released a statement condemning Turkish airstrikes on Kurdish forces in Syria and Iraq and called on the US to make a choice on who it supports in the region.

Calling the Turkish government a “fascist alliance” between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Nationalist Movement Party leader Devlet Bahceli, the PKK’s statement said “all-related parties” needed to “declare who they side with.”

“Fascist AKP [Turkish government] officials stated that the attack was carried out with the knowledge of the US, European Union, Russia and KDP. When this is the case, we call on all related parties to make their stance clear and to declare who they side with; either with the Erdogan-Bahceli fascist dictatorship or a Democratic Turkey and Free Kurdistan,” read the statement, published on ANF news agency.

The Kurdish group also said the strikes had started a “new phase” in the region, suggesting that the war between the Turkish army and Kurdish groups would escalate.

Claiming that it had shown “great attention and sensitivity” in its war, the group accused the Turkish government of not reciprocating and international powers of not “standing against the fascist Turkish forces’ de facto invasion of Syria and Iraq.”

In a statement several hours after the airstrikes on Tuesday, the Turkish military had said it had carried out the airstrikes on PKK and affiliates’ positions from where attacks against Turkish forces had been prepared and conducted.

Turkey has vowed to prevent a Kurdish-led autonomous region from emerging in northern Syria and has said it will not allow the PKK to set up bases in Shingal.
Since Europe is having a problem with refugees present day.... A US choosing of PKK against the nation state of Turkey is going to make that situation a whole lot worse.By design, of course, Perhaps the Germans, in particular, had better consider this carefully.

If you missed

OIT- Interview F. William Engdahl- Round Table, World War & Gods of Money

Take the time to listen and read, I've updated the post with additional info

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

OIT- Interview F. William Engdahl- Round Table, World War & Gods of Money

Where to begin with this one?
First of all... Thanks again to Tim Kelley, from Our Interesting Times, who is an excellent interviewer.  A very informative, listen more then once, kind of information packed historical/ present day chat-

This is related to a concept I haven't been able to quite put my finger on, or organize, regarding the Atlantacists, Five Eyes, the Brexit and NATO's attempt to crush Europe. Maybe you all can leave some thoughts?

There's a post from 2014 where I had mentioned the agenda to subordinate Europe by the US/Atlantacist led NATO

Thursday, May 8, 2014 "Toward a Europe Whole & Free" Via NATO global dominance

 This post contains a ton of info-  Europe Whole and Free, is of course, nothing like it reads. In our Orwellian world of doublespeak. Whole and free  is really Europe subordinated to NATO/US dominance.
There is most definitely information related to this interview in that post

 F. William Engdahl returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his heretofore unpublished chapter "A New World Order Built on the Ashes of War." We talk about the intrigues of the secretive network known as the Round Table and the role it played in fomenting the world wars of the 20th century. Later we talk about his 2009 book Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century.

An Anglo elitist union which will leave the EU in tatters. By design.

It’s becoming clear that there is a far more ambitious strategy behind Great Britain’s exit from the European Union, the so-called Brexit. Far from a reluctant government led by Prime Minister Theresa May, forced to listen to the Vox Populi of the majority of voters in 2016 who voted to exit the European Union, signs emerge of a far more devious well-planned strategy at the highest levels of British power, including the House of Windsor and the powers of the formidable City of London financial institutions. Britain is ditching the EU as a failed option, and seems to be intent on building a new English-speaking Union together with the United States and with the nations of the Commonwealth–the former colonies of the British Empire prior to 1914 .
Their decision to join the European Monetary Union in 1992 went against that tradition of staying outside the Continental European fray, a tradition of remaining an Atlantic power, utilizing their Anglo-American “special relationship” that had been built during the war years by Churchill with Roosevelt. When the US circles deliberately destroyed the British possibility to join the emerging Euro through the agency of a “lone assassin” hedge fund operator named George Soros in 1992, it was a clear signal that Wall Street and Washington would not permit the enormous financial power of the City of London, fused with that of Germany, France and the Continental economies, to challenge the hegemony of the US dollar and of Wall Street.

Read the rest at the above link... This confirms some sneaking suspicions I have about just what our five eye nations are up to.

And for some very interesting and also related information read all the pages of the article linked below- It's lengthy so print it up and read it entirely including the extensive foot notes! 

I will include the first 5 paragraphs and suggest again the essay warrants a good read.
This is an alternative perspective to commonly known history regarding Britain and Germany- And, in my opinion shines a light on what is occurring present day.  Mr Engdahl talks about some of this history which definitely piqued my interest!

A Reevaluation of Cockburn's Clivedon Set
Claud Cockburn, founder and editor of The Week (a pro-communist British weekly periodical), coined the term the "Cliveden Set" in late 1937, when he accused a group of politicians, bankers, ship builders, newspaper editors, and other wealthy aristocrats of conspiring to influence the policy of the British Government.1 Cockburn, a communist himself, wanted Britain to rearm and issued several warnings in his paper for Britain to wake up to Hitler's intentions while the "set" was busy appeasing Germany. His articles went unnoticed until he labeled a story "The Cliveden Set" on 22 December 1937; the story exploded.2 Unfortunately, due to deficiencies in Cockburn's argument, a majority of historians dismiss most of the charges he made against this group. In spite of this censure, it remains difficult to believe that everything he wrote was false. In fact, Cockburn was very accurate when he reported the "set's" pro-German intentions. Not only were they pro-German but, as Cockburn hypothesized, they attempted to influence the British government towards an amicable relationship with Germany. It was this intent which separated the "set" from other appeasers, and the reason why Cockburn's thesis should not be dismissed.
The members of this "alleged set" actually had their beginnings as a group in South Africa in the early 1900s, where they were part of a handpicked group of about 23 to 30 intelligent and highly regarded young men on Lord Alfred Milner's administrative staff after the Boer War.3 (Their task was to reconstruct South Africa's economy, and reconcile and unite its warring peoples under one government.)4 Lord Milner, High Commissioner of South Africa, fueled these men - Philip Kerr (later Lord Lothian), Geoffrey Dawson, Edward Wood (later Lord Halifax), Lord Bob Brand, Lord Hichens, and Lionel Curtis - with his ideals, training them with the "vision of [creating in South Africa a] self-governing people under the British flag."5 This body of assistants (essentially the heart of Cockburn's "set") became known as "Milner's Kindergarten."
Lord Milner himself was part of the great British Imperialist Cecil Rhodes' Secret Society founded in 1891. The purpose of this society "was to devote itself to the preservation and expansion of the British Empire."6 Lord Milner was Rhodes' chosen successor to lead this society to its ultimate goal of a federal union. Both Rhodes and Milner, "sought to unite the world, above all the English-speaking world, in a federal structure around Britain."7 This would be done according to secret political and economic influence aided by the "control of journalistic, educational, and propaganda agencies."8 When Rhodes died, Milner took over the society and continued towards its goals by recruiting bright young men who he believed could be easily influenced, and had enough power and ambition to be influential in spreading their ideals.
By 1910, "Milner's Kindergarten" achieved the Union of South Africa, and most of them returned to England. Upon returning to England, Lothian, Dawson, Brand, Hichens, and Curtis rejoined Milner, secretly becoming the Milner Group. As a group, they continued to pursue the ideals of Milner and Rhodes by launching their famous Round Table Review of Commonwealth Affairs in November 1910. This quarterly, founded and edited by Lothian, was "designed to keep open lines of communication around the Empire, a function that might later be performed by official representatives if federation became a reality."9 As imperialists, they were alarmed for the future of the Empire, and used the Round Table Review as a propaganda tool.
Curtis and Brand played larger roles in the group as it expanded in size and outlook. Curtis was seen as the motivating force in the group for much of the 1910s,10 while Brand, Lothian's immediate chief in South Africa, introduced the wealthy Waldorf Astor (his friend from New College who would later become a Lord) into the group in 1910. Astor, as well as Abe Bailey, became the chief financial supporters of the Milner Group.11
Dawson and Lothian also played important roles at this time. By 1912, Dawson had become editor of The Times.12 He later served as secretary of the Rhodes Trust (1921-22), and editor of the Round Table Review (1941-44).13 His influence on these publications and foundations was tremendous and was in line throughout with the Milner Group aims. Besides being the founder and editor of the Round Table Review, Lothian was secretary of the Milner Group (1910-16 ), served as secretary to Lloyd George (1916-22), and finally the Milner Group's leader (1925-40). He was also Secretary of the Rhodes Trust (1925-39), and became a Lord (1930).14
Lord Astor's financial contributions brought him into the group. His father, William Waldorf Astor, owned the Pall Mall Gazette, and in 1911, bought The Observer at Waldorf's insistence. James Louis Garvin, editor of The Observer, was retained as editor for both of these publications and was brought into the group by Waldorf as another means of influencing the public to their aims. Waldorf's wife, Nancy Astor (and later known as Lady Astor, the first woman in Parliament), had a big influence on Brand, Curtis, and Lothian. She attracted these men by being outspoken, yet willing to learn. By the 1930s, the Astors were not just financial contributors, but played a larger role by hosting meetings at Cliveden or one of their other homes.

The Berlin to Baghdad Rail line: Link
I learned something new in that regard, so, I'm adding a bit of info regarding that German challenge to British hegemony..

In 1872, Wilhelm von Pressel, a German railway engineer, was retained by the Ottoman government to develop plans for railways in Turkey. However, because private companies would not construct the railway without subsidies, the Ottoman government was forced to reserve part of its revenues to subsidize its construction, thereby increasing its debt to the European powers.
By the late 1800s, the Ottoman Empire had become the "sick man of Europe," beset by debt and thus the recipient of cheap imports from industrialized Europe. As a result, the Empire's finances fell under the purview of the Ottoman Public Debt Administration, comprised of and answerable to the Great Powers. Consequently, the Europeans saw enormous potential to exploit the resources of the weakening empire, principally the vast amount of oil known already to lie in the region.
Indebted and compromised, primed for exploitation- what a familiar ring in general
BUT! Turkey, present day, has no IMF debt... Making them less malleable- Uh oh!
At the turn of the century, the Ottoman Ministry of Public Works received competing bids from Russia, Britain, and Germany to complete the railway to Baghdad.
Germany's Deutsche Bank having submitted the winning bid, the other countries of Europe paid scant attention to the construction of the railway lines until 1903, when the Ottoman government granted permission to the Ottoman company, Baghdad Railway Company, which was controlled by a few German banks, to build the railway line from Konia to Baghdad.

Britain, France, and Russia soon began to recognize the implications of the German plan, which was that linking up Berlin to the Persian Gulf would provide Germany with a connection to its southernmost colonies in Africa.
Ultimately, the Entente Powers (as Britain, France, and Russia were later dubbed during the Great War), feared that the railway would eventually strengthen the Ottoman Empire and its ties to Germany, thereby shifting the balance of power in the region.
As noted above, although Britain was initially supportive of the railway, as Germany was a major trading partner, the country eventually realized that the railways would be too close to comfort to their oilfields in Persia. Additionally, the British worried that the Ottoman government (by then ruled by the Young Turks) would be able to block off essential oil supplies to the Royal Navy.
By the eve of the First World War in 1914, the railway was still 600 miles away from its intended objective. Had it been completed earlier, the Berlin-Baghdad railway would have facilitated transport and trade from Germany via a port on the Persian Gulf, from which trade goods and supplies could be exchanged directly with the farthest of the German colonies and the world. Additionally, the travel back to Germany would have given German industry a direct supply of oil.
This access to resources, with trade less impacted by British control of shipping, would have greatly benefited German economic interests in trade and industry, and posed a significant threat to British economic preeminence in colonial trade.
Additionally, the railway threatened Russia, as it was expected to expand Germany's economic sphere of influence towards the Caucasian frontier and into north Persia where Russia held a dominant share of the market.
In early 1914, a contract was signed between the director of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company and the Baghdad Railway Company, which forced the German government to recognize southern Mesopotamia, as well as southern and central Persia, as the exclusive field of operations of the Anglo-Persian Company.

The British Are "Just In Time"

The British were just in time. Following the outbreak of war on July 28, Britain's majority stake position in the Anglo-Persian Oil Company assumed central importance.
 read entire article at link.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Vegetarian Diet? No Panacea for Environment or Health- Meat Lies Told To Justify Meat Tax

Sorry folks, a vegetarian diet is not a panacea for you or the planet. No matter how many lies the managerial classes tell on behalf of the elites. Take that Steve Paiken- Saw the promotional for this show- Didn’t watch it. Paiken is a member of the managerial class.

People go vegetarian for lots of reasons, says the University of Alberta’s Timothy Caulfield: Animal welfare. Personal branding. The “health halo.”

It just won’t prolong their life, suggests a large new study.

Researchers who tracked nearly a quarter million adults aged 45 and older in New South Wales found no significant differences in all-cause mortality, meaning the likelihood of dying, of any death, between those who followed a complete, semi- (meat once a week or less) or pesco- (fish permitted) vegetarian diet, and regular meat eaters.

Caulfield, a Canada Research Chair in health law and policy and expert in celebrity health trends, said the study (in which he played no role) fits with an emerging body of evidence that vegetarian diets don’t reduce the risk of premature death.
Out of 16,836 deaths in total (6.9 per cent of total), there were 80 deaths in vegetarians (5.3 per cent) and 16,756 deaths (6.9 per cent) in others (which includes pesco-vegetarians and semi-vegetarians.)

After adjusting for other factors, such as age, smoking and alcohol consumption, and a history of ever being diagnosed with high blood pressure or conditions like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke the researchers found no evidence that any of the variations of vegetarian diets had a protective effect on early death.
The article discusses the air of superiority ‘vegans’ have. Because they aren’t killing animals. (I’ve heard this on many occasions) Truth be told being a vegetarian doesn't guarantee a halo.

Plants take in Carbon Dioxide and give off oxygen

Vegetarian and healthy diets 'could be more harmful to the environment', according to new report

According to new research from Carnegie Mellon University, following the USDA recommendations to consume more fruits, vegetables, dairy and seafood is more harmful to the environment because those foods have relatively high resource uses and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per calorie. Published in Environment Systems and Decisions, the study measured the changes in energy use, blue water footprint and GHG emissions associated with U.S. food consumption patterns.
Bacon and Lettuce
“Eating lettuce is over three times worse in greenhouse gas emissions than eating bacon,” said Paul Fischbeck, professor of social and decisions sciences and engineering and public policy. “Lots of common vegetables require more resources per calorie (that's energy) than you would think. Eggplant, celery and cucumbers look particularly bad when compared to pork or chicken.”
However, eating the recommended “healthier” foods — a mix of fruits, vegetables, dairy and seafood — increased the environmental impact in all three categories: Energy use went up by 38 percent, water use by 10 percent and GHG emissions by 6 percent. 
“There’s a complex relationship between diet and the environment,” Tom said. “What is good for us health-wise isn’t always what’s best for the environment. That’s important for public officials to know and for them to be cognizant of these tradeoffs as they develop or continue to develop dietary guidelines in the future.”
Indeed there is a complex relationship between diet and environment-

Vegetarians tend to consume soy- Abundantly. Contributing to an increase in herbicide use.
“However, the study did find evidence that both maize and soybean farmers increased herbicide use during the last five years of the study, indicating that weed resistance is a growing problem for both groups”
Contributing to an increase in herbicides, which kills everything-Increased herbicide use for gmo crops isn't an inducement for halos

Affecting human fertility negatively- Link
Seeking healthful foods, Americans are eating more soy than ever. But recent research with animals shows that consuming large amounts could have harmful effects on female fertility and reproductive development.

Soy is ubiquitous in the American diet. Over a quarter of all infant formula sold is made with it, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration promotes it in foods to reduce the risk of heart disease. School lunch programs across the country are even adding soy to hamburger patties.

Many of soy’s health benefits have been linked to isoflavones—plant compounds that mimic estrogen. But animal studies suggest that eating large amounts of those estrogenic compounds might reduce fertility in women, trigger premature puberty and disrupt development of fetuses and children.

 Eating plants also kills the plant. In other words vegetarians are consuming death- plant death- and insect death. Pollinator death. Etc. That's one of the memes regarding meat consumption- "You're eating death"There is no consumption for survival, by any living creature, that does not depend completely on other life being lost. Period.
-Birds of prey kill all kinds of animals. From small animals to other birds.
-Cats eat mice.
-Possums eat grubs.
-Birds eat worms and insects.
-Coyotes kill deer
-Fox hunt ducks
-Aardvarks eat ants.
-Fish eat other fish
Etc., etc.,

Cows eat greens  (not gmo corn in factory farms)- we consume cows

Reality is just so.... real. Sigh.
Then there is the “big lie” regarding meat  (Real actual facts vs politicized spin science )
Science stands in the way of meat tax agenda

"High on their list of policy goals is a tax on meat, akin to tobacco and alcohol “sin taxes.”

The theory is that meat, especially beef, is disproportionately responsible for greenhouse gas emissions and if we were able to change how people eat, primarily in wealthier countries like the U.S., we could take a significant bite out of climate change.

A blueprint to achieve the meat tax is laid out in a November report by Chatham House, a London-based think tank. The group concedes that the issue is “complex.”

Yet it advises governments to push for the taxes through publicly funded public relations campaigns which make the matter appear clear-cut, because “public respond best to simple messages.”
This is an unusual recommendation for a group known for promoting open debate.
Chatham House 'suggests' that governments fund PR campaigns employing simple messages to convince us all that meat should be taxed. Think tank pushing the elite agendas. People like Steve Paiken (managerial class) deliver. And of course they can brainwash children beginning in school... Teachers being the managerial classes also
For radical animal rights groups and puritanical health crusaders, promoting vegetarian diets is, well, a red-meat issue. But the environmental case against meat is a stretch, requiring fuzzy math and politicized science.

Those backing the taxes cite the United Nation’s Global Livestock Environmental Assessment Model, or GLEAM, which concluded in 2013 that livestock, including beef, milk production, and poultry, accounts for 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

However, the model was not developed as fodder for anti-meat campaigns, but rather as a tool to guide the livestock industry toward more sustainable production.

Using GLEAM as scientific evidence to argue against meat consumption is as far-fetched as it would be to fight organic agriculture because it relies on manure, a source of methane and nitrous oxide, both greenhouse gases. No wonder advocates want to keep their messaging simple.
The idea that reducing meat consumption would make both humans and the earth healthier is challenged by consideration of the environmental impact of alternatives.
For instance, almonds, a darling of health food advocates, are highly water-intensive. The U.N. hasn’t yet calculated the water-footprint of your almond milk-based smoothie.
The lesson: if you want to advocate for meat taxes, follow the advice of the experts and keep it simple (for the simple minded) Otherwise, the science will get in the way of your agenda.
Yup a meat tax- Like a sin tax!
The impetus for this post which has been on the back burner for quite a while appeared just the other day

LIE: Could a tax on meat help us save the planet?- NO! NO, no, no, no.Nadda
More Lies

Can we please stop believing lies presented to us as 'simple messages' appealing to our emotions?

Italian Prosecutor: NGO's Collaborate With Human Traffickers

This is obvious. Human traffickers, organ traffickers and NGO's move in the same circles.
War is big business. And business is good for the vile subhumans that profit from this heinous crime against humanity What better way to commit evil then in plain sight. Evil lurks, under cover of goodness.

Here's an Italian prosecutor stating that fact:

The Italian prosecutor in Sicily yesterday accused migrant rescue organisations of colluding with human traffickers in Libya.
“We have evidence that there are direct contacts between certain NGOs and people traffickers in Libya,” Carmelo Zuccaro told Italian newspaper La Stampa.
 We do not yet know if and how we could use this evidence in court, but we are quite certain about what we say; telephone calls from Libya to certain NGOs, lamps that illuminate the route to these organisations’ boats, boats that suddenly turn off their transponders, are ascertained facts.

Personally speaking I have ZERO doubt that the human traffickers and No Good Organizations work hand in glove. Hand in Glove.

Migrants are seen at the Salerno harbour in Italy on October 5, 2016
Zuccaro leads a group of prosecutors investigating the trafficking and exploitation of migrants.
The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Catania, Sicily, has opened an investigation to determine who funds the organisations and for what purpose.

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency said in a report published in December that there is “possible collaboration between human traffickers and NGOs migrants rescue boats that roam the Mediterranean”.
Some of the organisations involved in migrant rescues include Doctors Without Borders, Medecins Sans Frontieres, SOS Mediterranee and Save the Children.

Save the Children receives funding from Bill and Melinda Gates

Big Pharma figures large in their corporate sponsorship  

36 percent of their revenue comes from the US government

Doctors without Borders = Rockefeller Medicine  

Flashback: Tim Kelly (OIT) Interviews George Webb: DynCorp Harvest: Killing is Good Business
 George Webb returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss his open-source investigation DynCorp Harvest: Killing is Good Business. We discuss evidence of a global human trafficking and organ harvesting network hiding under the cover of various humanitarian, military and national security operations
More then a year ago

Flashback: April 12/2016- Update: Bloomberg Reports Italy's Refugee Arrivals Double in Just a Month

 As stated: The movement of these ethnically cleansed persons has been a NATO op from inception to, the not as of yet, completion

 Flashback: March 30/2016 -NATO Op: Destroy Culture, People & History via Chaos- Moved to Italy

As stated:  Hopefully readers here read the news regarding the closure of the established people moving aka ethnic cleanser operators/operations in Greece?  I'm certain readers here would not believe that news indicated the end of the ethnic cleansing of the Middle East and Africa resulting in the weakening destruction of Europe? 

Of course Doctor's without Borders is mentioned in both posts. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

About That, Alleged, Global Rise in Antisemetism?

Never let a good crisis go to waste.  Whining is so advantageous to those pushing agendas and benefiting from an externally induced guilt. Not just a reference to those advancing the antisemetic mind virus.

*Think about the fact that the actions of just one individual could generate,  an abundant, though completely skewed idea/concept, via the media,  that a certain type of activity was  dangerously increasing. Extrapolate that across all commonly promoted media 'ideas'. Then think about what might be the reality of the concept of any commonly promoted 'idea' vs the presentation of that same commonly promoted idea?

 Interesting articles regarding the Israeli jew arrested for all these "threats" causing global consternation and convenient, contrived, but advantageous, spin for that eternal victim meme.
Oh and the alleged brain tumour? I don't know if it's true. So, I'm disregarding it. The writer of the author doubts the validity of the claim also. It reads like just another ploy for pity.
 It's very obvious this young man acted very maliciously, intentionally, as you will read.

 An Israeli teenager arrested for allegedly making bomb threats against Jewish centres in the US is facing charges relating to an online crime spree including thousands of hoax calls worldwide, according to an indictment filed to a Tel Aviv court.
 The 18-year-old, identified by US prosecutors as Michael Kadar, is facing accusations of making threats for financial gain, money laundering and the attempted blackmail of the US senator Ernesto Lopez.
 Details of the charges being faced by the teenager, a joint US-Israeli citizen who lives in the coastal city of Ashkelon, came as it emerged that Israel would probably oppose his extradition to the US, where many of the crimes were allegedly committed.
The Israeli indictment includes allegations that he made threats to about 2,000 institutions worldwide using sophisticated technology to mask his voice and IP address.
"he made threats to about 2,000 institutions worldwide using sophisticated technology to mask his voice and IP address."

Is there some reason this is not being characterized as terrorism? 
Kadar, who has not been named in Israeli proceedings, was arrested last month in Ashkelon, after a joint investigation by Israeli and US authorities, including the FBI.
The threats against targets including Israeli diplomatic offices, schools, shopping centres, law enforcement agencies, hospitals and airlines contributed to fears of rising antisemitism in the US.
"contributed to fears of rising antisemitism in the US."
Let that be a lesson to all those who assumed reality, based on media hype, spin and no facts.
The indictment said that after Lopez, a Republican senator from Delaware, criticised the wave of threats, Kadar called him to demand payment in bitcoin or face incrimination on the internet. When Lopez did not respond, he ordered drugs online to send to the senator’s house.
Kadar is separately accused of threatening to kidnap and kill the children of a former CIA and Pentagon official.
Again, I ask: Is there some reason this is not being characterized as terrorism?
In addition to the bomb threats to Jewish centres, the indictment said Kadar made a bomb threat against an El-Al flight to Israel that sparked fighter jets to be scrambled, and threatened a Canadian airport, which required passengers to disembark in emergency slides and left six people injured.
He is also accused of threatening a Virgin flight that as a result dumped eight tons of fuel before landing, and of threatening a plane being used by the NBA’s Boston Celtics.
Reports in the Israeli media have alleged Kadar took payments for some of the bomb threats from students who wanted exams postponed. He reportedly had almost $500,000 in his bitcoin account at the time of his arrest.
" $500,000 in his bitcoin account at the time of his arrest"
The indictment said he posted set fees for calls to police stations, schools or airports.
The Israeli indictment comes three days after the US Department of Justice brought 32 charges against Kadar, including conveying false information to police, cyberstalking, and making threatening calls to about 200 institutions.
An indictment filed in a Florida court on Friday accused the teenager of making threatening calls – with his voice disguised to sound like a woman – describing in graphic detail how children would be killed in US Jewish centres.
It linked Kadar to at least 245 threatening telephone calls between 4 January and 7 March 2017, many targeting Jewish community centres in the United States.
The US attorney general, Jeff Sessions, described the calls as responsible for “threats of violence [that] instilled terror in Jewish and other communities across this country”.
Israeli media have reported that the country’s justice ministry, which has been involved in talks with US justice officials, would probably not agree to his extradition because of the seriousness of the charges he is already facing in Israel.
His lawyer, Shira Nir, has said she intends to argue that the teenager – who it is claimed has autism and a brain tumour – should not be regarded as legally competent.
 Judging by the actions undertaken by this man, he is not only competent, he is conniving, astute, intelligent and evil. In other words he is no victim!

Despite efforts to mask the source of the calls, police investigators in New Zealand and Australia were able to identify the IP address of the computer used as being inside Israel. According to some reports, the equipment used included a large antenna and unusually sophisticated computer hardware. The caller also used technology to alter the sound of their voice.

And we're to believe he's incompetent? No way! He knew exactly what he was doing, how to do it and what tools were needed to carry out his crime spree.  He knew how to use his tools. He had amassed 500,000 dollars- He is not incompetent! 
I'm lost on how this is not being considered terrorism.  This individual threatened to kill many people- what the hell?  Wondering exactly how long he was engaged in this behaviour?