Monday, April 24, 2017

About That, Alleged, Global Rise in Antisemetism?

Never let a good crisis go to waste.  Whining is so advantageous to those pushing agendas and benefiting from an externally induced guilt. Not just a reference to those advancing the antisemetic mind virus.

*Think about the fact that the actions of just one individual could generate,  an abundant, though completely skewed idea/concept, via the media,  that a certain type of activity was  dangerously increasing. Extrapolate that across all commonly promoted media 'ideas'. Then think about what might be the reality of the concept of any commonly promoted 'idea' vs the presentation of that same commonly promoted idea?

 Interesting articles regarding the Israeli jew arrested for all these "threats" causing global consternation and convenient, contrived, but advantageous, spin for that eternal victim meme.
Oh and the alleged brain tumour? I don't know if it's true. So, I'm disregarding it. The writer of the author doubts the validity of the claim also. It reads like just another ploy for pity.
 It's very obvious this young man acted very maliciously, intentionally, as you will read.

 An Israeli teenager arrested for allegedly making bomb threats against Jewish centres in the US is facing charges relating to an online crime spree including thousands of hoax calls worldwide, according to an indictment filed to a Tel Aviv court.
 The 18-year-old, identified by US prosecutors as Michael Kadar, is facing accusations of making threats for financial gain, money laundering and the attempted blackmail of the US senator Ernesto Lopez.
 Details of the charges being faced by the teenager, a joint US-Israeli citizen who lives in the coastal city of Ashkelon, came as it emerged that Israel would probably oppose his extradition to the US, where many of the crimes were allegedly committed.
The Israeli indictment includes allegations that he made threats to about 2,000 institutions worldwide using sophisticated technology to mask his voice and IP address.
"he made threats to about 2,000 institutions worldwide using sophisticated technology to mask his voice and IP address."

Is there some reason this is not being characterized as terrorism? 
Kadar, who has not been named in Israeli proceedings, was arrested last month in Ashkelon, after a joint investigation by Israeli and US authorities, including the FBI.
The threats against targets including Israeli diplomatic offices, schools, shopping centres, law enforcement agencies, hospitals and airlines contributed to fears of rising antisemitism in the US.
"contributed to fears of rising antisemitism in the US."
Let that be a lesson to all those who assumed reality, based on media hype, spin and no facts.
The indictment said that after Lopez, a Republican senator from Delaware, criticised the wave of threats, Kadar called him to demand payment in bitcoin or face incrimination on the internet. When Lopez did not respond, he ordered drugs online to send to the senator’s house.
Kadar is separately accused of threatening to kidnap and kill the children of a former CIA and Pentagon official.
Again, I ask: Is there some reason this is not being characterized as terrorism?
In addition to the bomb threats to Jewish centres, the indictment said Kadar made a bomb threat against an El-Al flight to Israel that sparked fighter jets to be scrambled, and threatened a Canadian airport, which required passengers to disembark in emergency slides and left six people injured.
He is also accused of threatening a Virgin flight that as a result dumped eight tons of fuel before landing, and of threatening a plane being used by the NBA’s Boston Celtics.
Reports in the Israeli media have alleged Kadar took payments for some of the bomb threats from students who wanted exams postponed. He reportedly had almost $500,000 in his bitcoin account at the time of his arrest.
" $500,000 in his bitcoin account at the time of his arrest"
The indictment said he posted set fees for calls to police stations, schools or airports.
The Israeli indictment comes three days after the US Department of Justice brought 32 charges against Kadar, including conveying false information to police, cyberstalking, and making threatening calls to about 200 institutions.
An indictment filed in a Florida court on Friday accused the teenager of making threatening calls – with his voice disguised to sound like a woman – describing in graphic detail how children would be killed in US Jewish centres.
It linked Kadar to at least 245 threatening telephone calls between 4 January and 7 March 2017, many targeting Jewish community centres in the United States.
The US attorney general, Jeff Sessions, described the calls as responsible for “threats of violence [that] instilled terror in Jewish and other communities across this country”.
Israeli media have reported that the country’s justice ministry, which has been involved in talks with US justice officials, would probably not agree to his extradition because of the seriousness of the charges he is already facing in Israel.
His lawyer, Shira Nir, has said she intends to argue that the teenager – who it is claimed has autism and a brain tumour – should not be regarded as legally competent.
 Judging by the actions undertaken by this man, he is not only competent, he is conniving, astute, intelligent and evil. In other words he is no victim!

Despite efforts to mask the source of the calls, police investigators in New Zealand and Australia were able to identify the IP address of the computer used as being inside Israel. According to some reports, the equipment used included a large antenna and unusually sophisticated computer hardware. The caller also used technology to alter the sound of their voice.

And we're to believe he's incompetent? No way! He knew exactly what he was doing, how to do it and what tools were needed to carry out his crime spree.  He knew how to use his tools. He had amassed 500,000 dollars- He is not incompetent! 
I'm lost on how this is not being considered terrorism.  This individual threatened to kill many people- what the hell?  Wondering exactly how long he was engaged in this behaviour?


  1. DISORDER IN THE Warren Zevon

    "we've let the demons loose"....

    Talmudic Judaism is all about "letting the demons loose"

    not all demons live in the ((((JEWISH STATE))))

    some are in NEW YORK, Some in HOLLYWOOD...

    1. Interesting: I had an interview here with Gilad Atzmon and Dr. Robert Faurisson

      It was very interesting and that poor man, Faurisson, he has suffered horrendously at the hands of the crazed jews- awful stuff

  2. Penny:

    This is an obvious intelligence operation, with a plausible denialbility patsy to boot. What kind of sophisticated equipment was it ? Where did he get it from ? How was he hiding his IP address ? Where did the money come from ?

    Your answer will come when the ZioAmericans wont ask for his extradition. He'll mysteriously disappear into the Israeli "justice" system, and will be free in a few weeks.

    He provided a valuable propaganda service for the world Jewery overlords.

    1. Mieszko I:
      I would agree with you- It hadn't occurred to me initially but your contention makes perfect sense

      The spin about him having a brain tumour and all that is telling IMP that he will be able to walk free..

      btw Mieszko?

      I wanted to share this with Ziad- but I can't find his email anywhere!

      And can't leave the blog link either
      Anyway he was always promoting Patrick Hennigsen's work - but I find him to be a wolf in sheeps clothing. And likely zionist shill

      You can read clearly from the data compiled by Janes that it is SAA and allies that are the MOST effective fighting force on the ground in Syria

      "The U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a majority-Kurd coalition of Arabs and ethnic minorities, accounted for (ONLY) 17 percent of the action against ISIS"

      That's because ISIS conveniently melts away as has been stated here repeatedly.

      "43 percent of ISIS's battles between April 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017 were fought against the Syrian military and its allies, which include Russia, Iran and pro-government militias"

      Yet, Patrick Henningsen states and I quote : "only the Kurdish forces have a proven track record of fighting – and winning – against ISIS"

      that's the big lie! I've linked back to where he makes the statement- And worse he's said and written that type of crap several times!!

      I cannot understand why Ziad features his work. He promotes the same lie as the the Zio/American's

    2. IMP- goof up! should be IMO- in my opinion
      sorry about that

    3. Penny:

      Ziad is strange, desperate, creature who is in denial about the future of Syria. I almost cant blame him, as it must terrible to see your nation dismembered like that, although strangely, he chose to move to the US. Wonder why that is ?

      He was also for Trump, before he was against him, among other people. This probably explains his latest affinity of Patrick. I'm not sure if Patrick is a disinfo shill though. I've heard his shows before, and he supports the Palestinian cause. It more likely that he has a superficial understanding of the Syrian conflict, and just fills his shows with whatever he can find.

      I said early on , that Ziad's offer to post your articles was B.S. , as it seems he hasn't bothered to contact you. Posting links , to your site, on his page is blocked. Wonder why ?

    4. Hey Mieszko I:
      yah it does have to be hard for Ziad, I agree. It's heartbreaking for me to read and fully understand what is being done to Syria- so I can just imagine for him--- terrible

      No he hasn't been here at all- quite frankly I'm not that hard to find :(
      And I still can't leave links there- I don't know why

  3. Israeli students to get $2000 to spread state propaganda on Facebook

  4. Gilad suspects the game is up for the Masters of Discourse...

    "However, some dissident voices, myself included, do believe that this celebration is now coming to an end. This family business has become too transparent."

  5. An ambush by the militant Islamic State group killed 10 soldiers in western Iraq town of Rutba, a remote outpost on the road to Jordan, where federal and other forces recently ramped up an anti-jihadist offensive. Pro-government forces have since retaken most towns and cities in Anbar, but the jihadists still control some areas near the Syrian border and have desert hideouts from which they harass federal forces

    Rebels being reinforced with heavy equip via Jordan per Assad two weeks ago

  6. Another fine upstanding young Mossad recruit. And we thought Amdocs was bad! ROFL