Monday, April 17, 2017

Delegitimizing Turkey’s Referendum- Would You Expect Anything Less?

I would not have. Nor am I surprised by today's 5 eyes news reports.
Henri Barkey: " Turks have a tendency to buck the system when they feel that the rules of the game are unfair or that they are being bullied by their leaders. No one should assume that the vote will turn out the way Erdogan has planned"
Henri Barkey is telling us the masses will buck the system- I disagree with that statement- A disappointing reality I've long come to terms with is the majority will go along- They don't think. They merely accept- So the initial part of his statement can be dismissed. It's simply paying lip service- It's an empty platitude.

The more interesting part of his statement is "No one should assume that the vote will turn out the way Erdogan has planned"

I was making the point yesterday that prior to undertaking this referendum there would have been polling and lots of it- In my more naive days I worked on election campaigns- I get the idea of internal polling. Knowing as I do how this game works, it was interesting to me that Henri Barkey said "no one should assume that the vote will turn out---- as planned"
Henri Barkey was correct- the referendum didn't have the results that were likely documented via polls for months in advance. That however doesn't mean any bucking of the system occurred.

Yesterday I watched Turkey’s referendum unfold as it happened. As initial results came in the Yes side was way ahead. And I do mean way ahead. Along that 60/40 polling I had previously mentioned - Then something changed. The no side began to really pick up, in a rather unexpected, to me, way. Let me mention, there was never a time that the no side was in the lead, from my monitoring the two sites mentioned yesterday. Checking repeatedly over about 4 hours time.Yenisafak had an interactive map that was updating regularly. jamesinturkey was live blogging and every time a news post was made there was a ding to notify you of the latest news.

I'm pleased to see the Kremlin spokesperson is suggesting respecting Turkey's referendum result
"We believe that everyone should respect the will of the Turkish people," Peskov told reporters, according to Russian news agency TASS.
He said referendum was internal matter of Turkey.
Of course the 5 eyes media, alt and msm, is hell bent on delegitimizing the referendum- There's even an "activist" video! Of course. There's always an activist video.

The first hint of impending 5 eyes media trouble came via this speculative report
  6.57pm Block results service? by Mike
On CNN Turk, journalist Murat Yetkin says there is speculation that the Supreme Election Commission (YSK) has blocked its results service to some political parties.
Some time later there were claims that ballots were counted which weren’t “official”
Belfast Telegraph
Claim: “The High Electoral Board in Turkey made a late decision on the night of the referendum to count ballots that had not been stamped by officials”
 Response to that accusation “head of that Board, Sadi Guven, defended the process, saying all the ballot papers that were counted were not fake or cast fraudulently”
 Sadi Guven is saying all ballot papers counted were not fake or cast fraudulently-

Considering the response should we accept that the claim is valid or take it as just perception management?
Claim:“Bulent Tezcan, deputy chairman of Turkey's main opposition Republican People's Party, claimed the decision was made after it appeared the "no" votes were ahead of the "yes" votes, and that initial counting of the ballots happened in secret”
An unsupported but absolutely expected opposition comment. However there is no evidence to support this claim-
1-What ballots were counted in secret? He doesn't say. 
2-Where did this take place? He doesn't say. 
A recount would be necessary to even begin to validate such claims-
He has offered no proof to support his statement unless he is relying on the "activist" video posted to social media...  By the way, Isn't that convenient?  

These types of proofs should always be taken with a grain of salt-  We have activist videos galore regarding ‘peaceful revolutions’ ‘chemical weapons use’ and so called "rescues" via white helmets. To be blunt, "they don't mean shit"

These "activist videos" are created for the usage of 5 eyes media in order to promote certain perceptions for the advancement of specific agendas. Via the Daily Mail
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  1. the video means nothing to me- It's not just the language though I would love to know what is being said

    but your supposed to believe this is taking place where?
    In a polling station?
    Why would you?
    What's with the envelopes?
    Where is the context?
    And why is the video so narrowly focused?
    I want the whole picture--
    IMO the video is just another sham activist video

    1. transcript.

      0:00 - Like Isin't there a Judge

      0:01(background) - Come one lets finish and lets go all the others have finished already

      0:12(woman) - Headmaster, I am now recording you

      0:13(male) - Record(Do as you like, I don't care)

      0:13(woman) - You are now applying the mark on votes which didn't have those on them so you can make them valid, this is a criminal act and you have responsibility in this.

      Switches to an other Twitter user Video

      *Could not Understand what they were saying. but in this video it looks like they are applying yes on the votes, the other was applying the mark of the Turkish republic on the votes, to make the valid*.

      The thing with envelopes is how the Votes are cast in Turkish system. You mark your vote on a piece of paper than put it in the envelope and than you seal the envelope and drop it in the ballot box.

      For all the other points I have no idea either, but this also looks like presenting bits to make their point not the whole situation which might either explain that there is more to it or just an act.

      One thing to note, A limited number of votes and envelopes has been printed and after the elections the numbers of printed have to match with the sum of used and not used votes.

    2. Thanks Kaz- I wondered about the envelopes because we don't use envelopes here in my neck of the woods
      Ontario, Canada
      It's always paper ballots but done differently depending on local, regional, provincial and federal- we have way to much government in Canada


    1. Thanks Ally- I read the story

      I'm taking the same stand as all along- this referendum was for the Turks/Tureky

      There is talk among the alt media crowd that a violent overthrow of the Turkish gov is necessary.

      I can't support that. I couldn't and wouldn't support the overthrow of Assad, Gaddafi, fellow in Ukraine (name escapes me) didn't support that coup. Kinda disgusted about it all- so much for the anti war anti imperial anti authority alt media

    2. Same, they have gotten too bogged down with the cult of personality/simplistic memes and can't see that it is just a replay of what happened in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria and everywhere else!

  3. the Turks living in central and northern Europe swung the election, in Austria +70% voted yes, they will be a huge backlash against the Turks for wanting an Islamist life style but want to live and use Austria secular system and generosity.

    1. If you would care to elaborate, how exactly did central and northern Europe swung the election. In Turkey there is a difference of '1.379.934' votes in favor of the change, These are the votes which are in Turkey those not in Turkey are not included in that number.

      Worldwide there are '1.424.227' votes used and the difference in favor of yes is worth '255.843' votes.

      So if the votes from worldwide were left out. Than it still would have been a 'yes' with '1.379.934' votes different.

      Now correct me if I am wrong, but in order to swung the election the votes cast worldwide outside of turkey has to compensate with the loss in turkey and end up with a positive right ?

  4. Um, there are many peoples in Australia - have no idea if refugees and migrants from Turkey have any "right to vote".

  5. Hello Penny,

    Thanks for enlightening us all about the election. As a Turkish citizen who lives in Denmark but visits Turkey many times a year, and have been in Istanbul and Ankara through the election as well, the bias and "hate" - that's what I call it, as the criticism about Turkey is getting less constructive and more destructive - in the Danish and Western media is wearing me down psychologically. My father was an observer at the elections in Denmark done in the consulate and we know how the ballots are numbered, as well as listed on every citizen and taken to account. It's not an easy process, but the media is using the all means to create the perception of a "fraudulent election" and a "failed democratic state". With this perception could there be a motive of legitimizing an invasion later on? The dictator stamp is already used regarding Erdogan...

    1. Hi Sid:

      You are welcome! I did my best to be unbiased and cover as accurately as possible.

      "the criticism about Turkey is getting less constructive and more destructive

      I would agree and sadly have seen that exact transitioning take place a number of times, via the media, and it's never been a good indicator

      "My father was an observer at the elections in Denmark done in the consulate and we know how the ballots are numbered, as well as listed on every citizen and taken to account"

      Sounds much like the process here in Canada.

      "the media is using the all means to create the perception of a "fraudulent election" and a "failed democratic state""

      I'm aware. Sadly, aware. It's been getting worse over the past three years- Noticeably worse

      "With this perception could there be a motive of legitimizing an invasion later on?"

      Sid, that is exactly how I see it. If not an invasion definitely some sort of action against Turkey will be legitimized. Sigh.

      I actually have the opinion the choice made by the PKK to end the ceasefire and begin attacking civilians in Turkey- including but not limited to digging large trenches and rigging homes with explosives- targeting police and military is the beginning of that move against Turkey- sorry to say that :(

    2. Thank you for your quick response Penny! :)

      Yes, sadly I have that opinion too. What I wonder is why there is an interest by the "big bosses" to bring Turkey down? What is the reason of this negativity towards the country? Is Erdogan the problem - because of his rhetoric against i.e. the EU and Israel? Is there an economic/strategic interest as in Iraq for example?

      Turkey is a country full of potential and I am sure that if there wasn't the terror problem and a neighboring country at war, Turkey's growth and stability would make it powerful in the Middle East at least.

      What do you think?

      btw: I'm fascinated by your blog :) keep up the good work :)

    3. Hello Sid!

      "I am sure that if there wasn't the terror problem and a neighboring country at war, Turkey's growth and stability would make it powerful in the Middle East at least"

      There's the problem- you may not have realized it- But there it is- Players with vested interests do not want Turkey strong, stable or remotely independent and sadly Turkey's been showing a bit too much independence-

      For example..

      *Turkey owes no money to the IMF- so to immerse Turkey into war would force Turkey and the Turkish people into debt servitude

      *Then Turkey controls access to the Black Sea- if down the road the intention is to balkanzie Russia as well then, you would want to be sure that that access to the Black Sea is in very friendly/malleable hands

      *Then there's the desired creation of a Israel 2.0 aka Greater Kurdistan which would be a servile to Israel/US state- fully occupied and heavily involved in trafficking of all sorts

      * Then there is the intention to rewrite all of the history of the region- and displace the populace in the process- (Replay of Israel)

      *Destroy the cohesion of the nations that exist present day in the region- think of Syria and it's very long history- and make them easy picking for predatory capitalists and banking scum

      *Then there is the move to destabilize Europe- which is linked to targeting Russia

      I could probably go on, but, hope you get the idea?

      Glad you enjoy the blog- My newest post is my 4000th post, published in 9 years and two months of having this blog It's a labour of love, really.

      Learning is a life long practice/joy and this is where I both practice and enjoy the ability to learn about many things- I like the area around the Mediterranean because this is where my roots begin- My dad came from Italy- so one side of my house is wonderful warm and expressive- I see this in the people of the region in general. And I love it!!

      Finally...I thank you for stopping by here and sharing your thoughts- between you and I, it's simply unbearable to think of yet another nation state being destroyed- it causes so much harm and that harm lingers for generations-

      The displacement my Dad experienced after WW2 haunts me to this day- I wonder about the family I still have in Italy?- I've only met a few of them that came to canada. I never knew my Grandmother (Nonna)-

      These types of things are hurtful to me- they leave me feeling full of questions and a bit hurt, about who these people were and who I am in relation to them- I feel a loss for not knowing them :(

      I truly hate to think of this occurring on the scale it is today.

      Bye for now Sid :)