Thursday, April 13, 2017

Donald Trump Channels Hillary Clinton While Attacking Syria

Yes, he did. I understand the Trump supporters are angry and betrayed. Now it's time for all the cry baby, Hillary supporters to dry their eyes and wipe those snotty noses. You got your Hillary after all.

 Trump channeled Hillary so implicitly he even hit airfields per her, just hours earlier, suggestion!
 “In her first interview since her stunning presidential election defeat by Republican rival Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton on Thursday called for the United States to bomb Syrian air fields”

The strike on Syria was amazingly effective in neutering both the Trump and Hillary supporters.
With that one action the Trump supporters were disillusioned and the Hillary supporters were elated.
The theatre is over- Both sides have been made inert.

 Forbes oped:

Donald Trump spent the presidential campaign insisting that Washington’s first duty was to protect the American people.

Almost exactly a year ago he gave a major address to the Center for the National Interest in which he criticized nation-building and especially the disastrous Iraq and Libya interventions:  “After losing thousands of lives and spending trillions of dollars, we are in far worst shape in the Middle East than ever, ever before.”

He also promised to step back from confrontation from Russia. “I believe an easing of tensions, and improved relations with Russia from a position of strength [not] only is possible, [but] absolutely possible. Common sense says this cycle, this horrible cycle of hostility must end and ideally will end soon,” he explained.

Alas, less than three months after taking office for President Trump has begun channeling Hillary Clinton on foreign policy.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson initially said “steps are under way” to develop a new international coalition to oust Assad: “it would seem that there would be no role for him to govern the Syrian people,” he announced last Thursday.

Ambassador Haley spewed fire and brimstone while seeming to push aside her nominal boss. Peace is impossible “as long as Assad remains in power,” she insisted: “we’ve got to go and make sure that we actually see a leader that will protect his people.” She allowed that “Getting Assad out is not the only priority”: The U.S. also has “to get out the Iranian influence,” which is necessary “for peace and stability in the area.”

Last week he declared that as president he now has “responsibility” for Syria.
Hillary would have done the same thing- She in fact said bomb the airfields before Trump did.
Both Hillary and Trump are part of the same deep state.
That said, the entire reason of this post was to make the point that both sides ,of this always artificial debate, have been silenced and a change in tactic is required- non participation- it's always been the only way


  1. Chemical weapons scientists at Porton Down, in the United Kingdom, have analyzed samples obtained from Khan Sheikhoun, and these have tested positive for the nerve agent sarin, or a sarin-like substance,"

    North Korea may be capable of sarin-tipped missiles: Japan PM


  2. And you believe anything that comes out from the UK?

  3. I saw the news about Sarin tipped missiles and I thought ok, so Sarin, is the new buzzword

    And was thinking how similar it was to Sauron
    Eye of Sauron
    sarin/sauron- maybe a sort of twilight language?

    "..But two elements of this 'twilight language' are becoming rather clearer as we examine this whole arena. The copycat effect can work through the power and pull over vulnerable and angry human beings through the specific locations where these incidents happen as well as the timing of them. Place and time, locations and dates, milieu and moment are hiding in plain sight."

    Just a thought, but, that word keeps coming up and coming up and it's just strange-

  4. Penny, I get what you are saying about language but ask this simple open question:

    Where is the cleanest, simplest explanation of that theory that can be a seed for further awareness?

    1. Hi Ed(itor) Not sure what that explanation could or would be- It is repetitive, which confirms and reconfirms certain ideas or memories. It similar in that it's a similuacram type situation- where the evil eye of Sauron= death/eradication of life
      and the evil gas of Sarin = death/eradication
      there is just something that would be similar and equivalent- I notice it in this repeating type of memes..

      I'll think on it and if you have any suggestions feel free, I'd appreciate it

  5. Hi Penny
    Chemical weapons scientists at Porton Down, in the United Kingdom, have analyzed samples obtained from Khan Sheikhoun, and these have tested positive for the nerve agent sarin, or a sarin-like substance,"
    So in 10 days the poms have extracted samples from a terrorist area in Syria, transported them to the UK analysed them, found them to be exactly what the Observatory for Human rights in Syria has said from the beginning. Really???. It appears Fecal Matter has replaced Grey Matter not only in the US, also in the UK. Wondering how the condition is transmitted,,,, The condition is terminal.
    On a happier not, hope you are having a great Easter Penny, regards to you and yours.

    1. Hey Gordon:

      I would expect nothing less- with all the contrived claims coming out of Syria.. Since the inception of the deception "peaceful revolution"- It's always the same lies, built on lies, with more lies on top

      I was going to write about that yesterday but am having a painful back episode and was quite grumpy and uncomfortable so it didn't happen.

      As of this moment, I'm in agreement with Assad's contention- that there has been no real evidence that anything occurred at all

      The movie/ tv industry fakes death and destruction regularly and we all know that cinematographers are gainfully employed in the region- the white helmets employ one of their own- so fakery is the norm.

      I'm sure the holiday will be lovely, quiet and a bit uncomfortable- but we'll make the best of it.

      Hope you enjoy them too :)
      and thanks for stopping by

  6. PART 1
    G'day Penny,
    The rhetoric by President Trump and his Administration needs to be considered in context and after full exposure of the facts including that Judea Inc and the US Deep State are determined to impeach and/or kill Trump.

    Apart from needing to neutralize the narrative that Judea, Inc maintains in the US Congress, judiciary and political systems about Trump being a ‘puppet of Putin’, he has to disarm Judea Inc's use of the charge that he's an ‘anti-Shemite’ who ‘hates Jooz’ and wants to bring about another Hollerco$t. See eg:

    "The fact that he has just launched almost 60 cruise missiles at the cost of about 80 million dollars at one of Israel’s oldest and most hated enemies–the Assyrians–takes the black magic out of the charge which Netanyahu and his people will undoubtedly use against Trump once he starts putting the screws to Israel over the creation of a Palestinian state. In Israel itself, where the bulk of the people are delusional and suffer from full-blown Jtosis ... what will be achieved is that Israel–complaining that Trump is out to ‘destroy’ the Jewish state–will have a tough case to make in the aftermath of this latest bombing and by trying to make this case, will paint themselves as the clearly irrational player in all of it.

    ... Netanyahu and his people–despite smiling before the cameras and cheering the strikes–are seething underneath, because in this case, Trump has out-Jewed the Jews by taking away from them the baseball bat they intended to use in beating him to death–the charge of being a ‘Russian spy’.”

    Clearly nothing is as it seems in this episode but if any Syrians were killed as a result of US missile impacts this elaborate ruse will still tend to reflect negatively on Trump despite its vital covert purposes and his efforts to eliminate human casualties by warning Russia (and hence Syria) of the attack.

    As always, the publicly available information on this saga and on the "threats" to North Korea is deliberately conflicting and confusing. Arguably Trump has no intention of causing a direct conflict with Russia, Syria, North Korea or China, or their allies. Moreover, the warning given to the Russians and the largely symbolic damage actually inflicted by the US missiles evidences that Trump did not intend to damage Syria’s ability to defend itself from the West’s terrorist proxies.

    One likely outcome of the missile "attack" on Syria is that it has ensured that Russia will arrange for Syria to becomes a “No Fly Zone” which will exclude the US and its Coalition, and Turkey. That would hasten the defeat of ISIS and of all the terrorists in Syria. If the US ceases to be able to fly air cover for the US military in Syria it will be unable to ensure their safety or that of their Kurdish allies. As the US military cannot fight effectively (and probably will not fight) without air cover, the result could well be that the US military will withdraw from Syria and the plan to assist the Kurds to evict ISIS from, and assume control of, Raqqa will be aborted. That eviction function would then be left to the SAA and its allies. DITTO re Deir Ez-Zor and north eastern Syria generally. Syria could then become a unified, sovereign nation again and Trump could not be blamed for that outcome since it would be the result of the missile attack which the terrorists and all of their US and covert nation state supporters connived at and demanded. In other words Trump has reversed the effects of the terrorists' False Flag "gas" attack and silenced his 'Russian puppet' critics so that he can now get on with furthering the Pedogate and Susan Rice 'unmasking' and Clinton treason allegations etc.

    Peace and Blessings,

  7. PART 2

    The Pentagon already knew that Russia’s S400 air defence systems and its electronic jamming systems are totally lethal and that is almost certainly why the US “cleared” their missile assault with the Russians before it took place. The fact that a majority of the US missiles failed to reach their target combined with the fact that Russia has cancelled its co-operation and co-ordination agreement with the US Coalition AND has indicated that it will strengthen Syria’s air defences has placed the US military on notice that Syria’s air space is now out of bounds, ie Syria is now, de facto, a “No Fly Zone”. Russia and Iran have also stated publicly that they WILL respond WITH FORCE to ANY future breach of Syria's "Red Lines".

    All in all, this much ballyhooed US “strike” appears to have been a ‘smoke and mirrors’ exercise which the Western mainstream media and Trump critics everywhere will be unable to admit now that they have publicly endorsed it so vehemently. And those who have criticised Trump for this missile attack may eventually have to revise their views of what actually occurred and why.

    Bix Weir has sussed out some of what president Trump is up to. See his recent vids including: (the first 20 minutes)AND other.

    Arguably, if US boots are allowed to remain on the ground in Syria they will do what Trump says they will, namely help eradicate ISIS (which actually means ALL terrorists in Syria.
    IMHO the Ugly Truth gets it right. See eg:
    'ed note–now that this thing has been put into motion with the recent missile strikes, the only way to avoid it escalating to the next step which Judea, Inc is demanding is something along the lines of what took place recently with the high-profile arrest of the wannabe terrorist in Israel sending the bomb hoaxes, and this is more than likely what is coming, where some player–probably not Putin and definitely not Trump, comes forward with a slam-dunk conviction that the recent gassing of Syrians was not Assad’s doing but rather that of the Israeli/Western backed terrorists. Trump will be forced to eat crow and apologise for the made-for-show missile strikes on an empty airfield, and then–VOILA–Israel will have yet another of her poison darts–the use of WMDs by her terrorist proxies–taken out of her blowgun.' See:
    See also

    The Joos' motto is" by deception you shalll do war. BUT, two can play that game.

    There are wheels within wheels in geo-politics and God moves in mysterious ways.:)
    Peace and Blessings,

    1. Thanks for all of that Ron- I've read both parts of the comment entirely- and will have to look at the external links

      I get the deception part, believe me..and agree two can play at that game- However, I don't 'see' that scenario but time will tell for certain.

      Peace and Blessings to you to Ron and thank you also

  8. The Brutal Consequences of Uganda's Infamous Anti-Gay Law

    Chechnya clumsy

    U.S. has no proof of Syrian army's role in Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack - Russian Defense Ministry
    Trump decided to remind of such U.S. foreign-policy argument as demonstration of force - Ozerov on use of superbomb in Afghanistan
    Putin, Erdogan discuss Syria, call for objective inquiry into Idlib chemical attack - Kremlin

    **ECHR verdict on Beslan as the Chechnya allegations float.

    Interfax21Mar: Kadyrov planning to visit Syria - MP Delimkhanov
    Interfax24Mar: Six Russian National Guard servicemen killed repelling militants' attack in Chechnya - agency. Putin sees attack on Russian Guard facility in Chechnya as 'serious incident', calls for joint efforts to fight terrorism
    Islamic state claims responsibility for national guard base attack in chechnya

    1. anon would you be able to leave links to this information?


    Did the Russians already demonstrate something with those missing tomohawks?